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expekti — (zwo) expect me bu he expekti vidi yu — I did not expect to see you expekta

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expekti(zwo) expect
me bu he expekti vidi yu — I did not expect to see you
expekta(kwo) expectation
sobre expekta — beyond expectation

experimenta (kwo) experiment
experimentale(kwel) experimental
experimenti(zwo) experiment

experta (kwo) expert
experta-ney (experte) — (kwel) expert

expiri (zwo) expire (to come to an end (of time), terminate)
expira(kwo) expiration (coming to a close, termination)

expliki (zwo) explain, explicate
explika(kwo) explanation, explication

explori (zwo) explore; reconnoiter, scout
explora(kwo) exploration; reconnaissance
explorer(kwo) explorer; scout

explosi(zwo) explode, detonate
explosa(kwo) esplosion
explosive(kwel) explosive
explosika(kwo) explosives

exploti (zwo) exploit (to get the value out of; to employ to the greatest possible advantage; to make use of selfishly or unethically)
explota(kwo) exploitation

exponenta(kwo) exponent (math.)

export, exportation
Ant.: importi

exposi(zwo) expose (to subject or allow to be subjected; to set in public view, introduce to, exhibit)
exposi a riska — expose to risk
exposa(kwo) exposition (act or example of exposing; a public exhibition or show, as of artistic or industrial developments)

expres(kwo) express (smth quick, e.g. a means of transport, such as a train, that travels rapidly)

expres-kursa — an express course

expresi (zwo) express (convey meaning)
expresa(kwo) expression
expresive(kwel) expressive, full of expression

extas(kwo) ecstasy, rapture

extend, spread, stretch (cf. “stiri”)
lu extendi-te gambas — he stretched out his legs
extendi nayu on pan — spread bread with butter
extendi tel inter dwa stolba — stretch the wire between two posts
extenda(kwo) extension, spread

externe (kwel) external
Syn.: ausen-ney
Ant.: interne

extirpi(zwo) extirpate, uproot; destroy wholly, eradicate, weed out

extrakti(zwo) extract, draw from/out
extrakta(kwo) extract

extreme (kwel) extreme, extremal
extremem (komo) extremely

fa1) (syao-gramatika)
"to get, to become"
tume "dark" — fa-tume "grow/get dark, darken"
rude "red" — fa-rude "redden"
gran "big" — fa-gran "get bigger, enlarge"
fa-nocha — the night is coming
fa-dey — it dawns
2) optional marker of intransitivity
astoni "to astonish" — fa-astoni "to be (become) astonished"
3) (kwo)
F (mus.)

fabrika(kwo) factory, plant, works
fabriki(zwo) fabricate, manufacture

fabula (kwo) fable; fairy-tale
fabula-ney(kwel) fabulous (of the nature of a fable; unhistorical)
fabulalik(kwel) fabulous (incredible)

fadi (zwo)

fah(kwo) field of knowledge, province, speciality

samaji swa-ney fah — understand one's business
bu es suy fah — that is out of his province, that's not in his line
lu es master de suy fah — he is an artist/virtuoso
lernifah(kwo) subject (course of study)
forjifah(kwo) blacksmithing

"to do, to perform action connected with" (only in combination with nouns or adverbs)
fai interes om koysa — to take an interest in smth
en-fai interes om koysa — to become interested in smth
defai interes om koysa — to lose interest in smth
fai kasam — to make (take) a vow
fai sukses — to succeed
Me bu mog fai sin dumi om to. — I couldn’t help thinking about it.

fail(kwo) file (computer)
faildan(kwo) folder (computer)

faine(kwel) fine (very small in size, weight, or thickness; refined; subtle)
faine gusta — a fine taste

fakir (kwo) fakir

fakta(kwo) fact
fakta-ney (fakte) — (kwel) factual, actual
fakta-nem (faktem) — (komo) in fact, actually
pa fakta = faktem

faktor(kwo) factor

fali(zwo) fail, miscarry, not to succeed
fali-ney — failed, unsuccessful
brek fali — brakes failed
motor fali — the engine failed
fala(kwo) failure; fiasco
sin fala — without fail, surely (syn.: zaruu)
pistola fai fala — pistol misfired
mah-fali(zwo) derange, foil, frustrate, wreck, bring to naught
nofalibile — certain, definite to happen
(kwo) unlucky fellow/person

falkon(kwo) falcon

false(kwel) false; fake
falsitaa(kwo) falseness; falsity

falsifiki(zwo) falsify, counterfeit, forge
falsifika(kwo) falsification, forgery, counterfeit

falta(kwo) lack, shortage
falti(zwo) lack
ta falti kuraja — he/she lacks courage

fama(kwo) fame, renown; repute
fama-ney(kwel) famous, renowned
dusfama(kwo) ill fame, notoriety
dusfama-ney(kwel) ill-famed, infamous, notorious
dusfamisi(zwo) defame, discredit, besmirch

familia(kwo) family
familianam(kwo) family name

fan(kwo) food
akshamfan(kwo) evening meal; supper
deyfan(kwo) midday meal; dinner
fanshop(kwo) food store, grocery
fantabla(kwo) dinner table
sabahfan(kwo) morning meal, breakfast

fanata(kwo) fan; fanatic, zealot
fanatike(kwel) fanatical
fanatisma(kwo) fanatism

fantasia(kwo) fantasy (creative imagination; imagined event, fiction)

fantastike(kwel) fantastic
fantastika(kwo) fiction

fantom(kwo) phantom (ghost, apparition; illusion)
fantom-ney tunga — phantom pain

fanus(kwo) lantern, light
el-fanus — electric torch
fanusyuan(kwo) lamplighter

fara(kwo) headlight

farad(kwo) farad

Farenhait(kwo) Fahrenheit

petshi gradus do Farenhait — 50 degrees Fahrenheit

farfari(zwo) snort, sniff

farina(kwo) flour
farini(zwo) dust with flour

farka(kwo) difference
gro-farka — great or obvious difference, contrast
farka-ney (farke) — (kwel) different
farka-nem (farkem) — (komo) differently
farki (zwo) differ

farmak(kwo) medicine, medicament, drug, pharmaceutical preparation
farmakguan(kwo) pharmacy, drugstore
farmakista, farmakyuan(kwo) pharmacist

farmakologia(kwo) pharmacology

farna(kwo) fern

farting(kwo) farthing (coin)

farwa(kwo) fur
farwaklaida — fur clothes
farwapalto — fur coat

fas(kwo) face

fasa(kwo) phase

fasada(kwo) facade, front

faseta(kwo) facet

fasia(kwo) 1) sheaf, bundle
luma-fasia — shaft of light
ray-fasia — sheaf of rays
kula-fasia — cone of bullets
2) fascia (connective tissue)

fasile(kwel) easy, taking little effort
bu es mushkile, es ga fasile — it is not difficult, it is quite easy
fasilem(komo) easily
fasilitaa(kwo) easiness
mah-fasile(zwo) facilitate, make easy or easier

fasol(kwo) haricot (plant or its bean)


fasta(kwo) fast (abstaining from food)
granfasta — Lent
fasti(zwo) fast

fata(kwo) fate, doom (cf. “kisma”, one’s lot, destiny)

fatale(kwel) fatal

fatigi(zwo) get tired; make weary
fatiga(kwo) tiredness, weariness, fatigue
fatiga-ney (fatige) — (kwel) weary, tired
fatigi-ney (fatigen) — (kwel) tired, fatigued
fatigi-she(kwel) tiresome
sinfatiga-ney (sinfatige) — (kwel) tireless, indefatigable

fatom(kwo) fathom (a unit of length equal to 6 feet)

fauha(kwo) smell, odour
fauhi(zwo) smell (to have a smell; to sense a smell)
, fauhisens(kwo) sense of smell
(kwo) fetor, stench, stink
dusfauhi(zwo) stink, reek

faula(kwo) bird
yunfaula(kwo) baby bird

faulafobika(kwo) scarecrow
Origin: faula+fobi+ka

favor(kwo) favour (an approving attitude, good will; an act performed out of good will, generosity, or mercy)
pregi koywan om favor — ask someone for a favour
favor-ney(kwel) favourable
(zwo) favour (treat or regard with kindness, befriend)

favorite(kwel) favourite
favorita(kwo) favourite

fax(kwo) fax
faxi (fai fax) — (zwo) fax

feble(kwel) weak, feeble
feblem(komo) weakly

mah-feble (feblisi) — (zwo) weaken, enfeeble, make weaker

fa-feble (feblifi) — (zwo) weaken, become weaker
febli(zwo) weaken (tr./intr.)
feblitaa(kwo) weakness

feble-menta-ney(kwel) weak-minded, feeble-minded

febra(kwo) fever
febra-ney (kwel) feverish, febrile

februar(kwo) February (also mes-dwa)

federasion(kwo) federation
federasion-ney(kwel) federal

fek(kwo) feces, excrement
fekale(kwel) fecal
feki(zwo) defecate
feking(kwo) defecation
Syn.: kaka

felda(kwo) field
felda de akting — field of action
magnetfelda — magnetic field
feldakin — glade, clearing
(cf. "agra")

felise(kwel) happy
mah-felise(zwo) make happy
felisitaa(kwo) happiness

felta(kwo) felt

femina(kwo) female
femina-ney (femine) — (kwel) female
feminasexu(kwo) female sex
feminum(kwo) feminine gender (gramm.)
feminisma(kwo) feminism
feminista(kwo) feminist

fen(gramatika) forms fractions
un (de) trifen — one third
sem shifen — seven tenths
tri stofen — three hundredths
pet otfen — five eighths
charfen, charfenka — quarter
charfen (de) ora — a quarter of an hour

fendi(zwo) split (lengthwise), slit, cleave

feng(kwo) wind
gro-feng(kwo) strong wind, gale

fengi(zwo) blow (about wind)

sedey fengi gro — there is a strong wind today
fenging(kwo) air current, draught
befengi(zwo) fan (blow air on)
befenger(zwo) fan (cooling device)

fenomen(kwo) phenomenon
fenomenale(kwel) phenomenal

fenshan(kwo) customs, manners, morals

fenshu(kwo) mark, grade (assessment)

fer(kwo) iron
ferka(kwo) an iron thing; piece of iron
ferdao(kwo) railway
(cf. “yunda”)

feri(kwo) ferry, ferryboat

ferma(kwo) farm

fermenta(kwo) ferment (as yeast, leaven)
fermenti(zwo) ferment
fermenting(kwo) fermentation

fermyum(kwo) fermium (chem.)

ferose(kwel) fierce, ferocious

festa(kwo) holiday, celebration, festivities
festi(zwo) celebrate
festike(kwel) celebratory
festing(kwo) celebration
festachia(kwo) feast

festival(kwo) festival

fet(kwo) fat; grease
fet-ney(kwel) fat; fatty; greasy
swina-fet(kwo) lard
fet-baka(kwo) fat(ty) tail (of certain breeds of sheep)
feti(zwo) fatten

feya(kwo) fairy

fiasko(kwo) fiasco, complete failure
fai fiasko — have a fiasco

Syn.: fala


fibra(kwo) fibre, fiber

ficha(kwo) playing piece: chip, token, fish, counter

fidele(kwel) faithful, staunch, loyal
fidelitaa(kwo) fidelity, loyalty, staunchness

fidi(zwo) trust, confide in, have faith in; rely on
fidi sol a swa selfa — rely only on oneself
fida(kwo) confidence, trust, faith
nofida(kwo) distrust
nofida-nem (nofidem) — (komo) with distrust, distrustfully, mistrustfully
fidival(kwel) trustworthy, reliable, dependable
fidishil(kwel) trusting, trustful

figa (kwo) fig (bot.)
figabaum(kwo) fig-tree

figura (kwo) figure (outside form, shape of a body; appearance, representation; also geom.); chessman, chesspiece
figuri (zwo) figure (to be pertinent or involved, appear — cf. “kalkuli, konti”)

fiktia(kwo) fiction (imaginative creation, fabrication, invention)
fiktike(kwel) fictitious; fake, sham

fikus(kwo) ficus

fila (kwo) row, line, string; queue, file (a line of persons or things)
fai fila — stand in line (in a queue)
formi fila — form a line

filma (kwo) film (medium used to capture images; motion picture)
filmi(zwo) film, shoot (record)
filming(kwo) shooting
See also: kino

filosofia(kwo) philosophy
fai filosofia — philosophize
filosofike(kwel) philosophical

filosofier(kwo) philosopher

filu(kwo) thread

fin 1) (kwo) end
al fin — at the end
pa fin — finally, in the end
til fin — up to the end
ob es fin? — is that all?
fin-ney(kwel) final; finite
fin-nem(komo) finally
nofin-ney(kwel) endless, infinite
nofintaa(kwo) infinity, endlessness
(zwo) end, be over; finish
olo kel fini hao es hao — all is well that ends well
fa-fini pa — end up:
Nu fa-fini pa draki. — We ended up fighting.
befini koysa — finish with smth, do away with smth
finika(kwo) ending (gram.)
2) (syao) "to the end"
lekti "read" — finlekti "read to the end"
chi "eat" — finchi "eat to the end"
zwo "do" — finzwo "finish doing, complete"

final(kwo) final (last contest), finale

finansa(kwo) finance, finances
finansa-ney(kwel) financial
finansi(zwo) finance
finansing(kwo) financing

findi(zwo) find
findi swa(zwo) find oneself
ta he findi swa sole — he found himself alone
finda (kwo) find

finga(kwo) finger; toe; digit
bay finga nok — by fingertips
granfinga(kwo) thumb
dikifinga(kwo) forefinger
midfinga(kwo) middle finger
halkafinga(kwo) ring-finger
syaofinga(kwo) little finger
pedafinga(kwo) toe
on pedafinga — on tiptoe
fingadan(kwo) thimble

Finikia(kwo) Phoenicia

firma(kwo) firm (business or company)

fish(kwo) fish
fish-sup — fish soup
fishi(zwo) fish
fisher(kwo) fisherman
fishing(kwo) fishing
fishistik(kwo) fishing rod
fishika(kwo) fishing tackle

fishgina(kwo) mermaid
Origin: fish+gina

fisika(kwo) physics
fisike(kwel) physical
fisiker(kwo) physicist

fiti (zwo) fit, be of the right size; suit (to accord with — see also "godi")
palto fiti hao — the coat fits well
mah-fiti(zwo) make fit, adjust

fitil(kwo) wick, fuse

fixi (zwo) fix, fasten
fixing(kwo) fixation
fixika(kwo) fastener
fixi-ney(kwel) fixed, fastened
fixi-nem (fixem) — (komo) fixedly, steadfastly
kan fixem — stare
fixifi (zwo) become fixed; lodge, get stuck

flaga(kwo) flag
lifti (fai uupar) flaga — hoist/raise a flag
flagastanga(kwo) flagstaff
flagakin(kwo) small flag, pennon, pennant, bannerette

flai(zwo) fly
flaisa(kwo) flight
al flaisa — in flight, in the air, on the wing
en-flai(zwo) fly up, take off
en-flaisa(kwo) take-off

flakon(kwo) flacon, vial, phial

flama(kwo) flame, blaze
flama-lisan — tongues of flame
flama-ney(kwel) fiery
flami (zwo) flame, blaze
flami-she(kwel) flaming

flaming(kwo) flaming, blazing

flamisi (mah-flami) — (zwo) kindle, ignite, blaze up, produce flame
flamifi (fa-flami) — (zwo) ignite, catch fire, burst into flames, take fire, blaze up
flamiser (kwo) igniter

flamingo(kwo) flamingo

flani(zwo) hang around; loaf, loiter about
flaner(kwo) loafer

flanke(kwel) side, flank, lateral
flanka(kwo) flank, side
montaflanka — mountainside
a flanka — sideways
flankem(komo) sideways
flanken(konekti-komo) at the flank or side (of)
es flanken — it's at the flank
es flanken dom — it's at the side of the house

flasha(kwo) flash (blaze)
foto-flasha — photo flash
bliza-flasha — a flash of lightning
flashi(zwo) flash, flare

flat(kwo) flat, apartment

flauta(kwo) flute

flecha(kwo) arrow
arku e flechas — bow and arrows
indikiflecha — pointer index
flechadan(kwo) quiver (container for arrows)

flesh (kwo) flesh (the soft parts of the body; the physical being)

flexi (zwo) bend, curve, flex
flexa(kwo) bending; bend; flexion
flexitura(kwo) bend, curve (result of bending)
flexibile(kwel) flexible

flirti(zwo) flirt (play at courtship)
flirta(kwo) flirting

fliti(zwo) whisk, flit, dart, slip (expresses a sudden quick movement)

flok(kwo) flock, lock; flakes

lignaflok — shavings, chips

flok de tuman — ribbons of mist

flor(kwo) flower
flori(zwo) flower, bloom, blossom
floring(kwo) flowering, florescence, blossoming, blooming
flordan(kwo) flowerpot

flora(kwo) flora

flot(kwo) fleet

floti(zwo) float (be afloat; drift)
flotika(kwo) float (something that floats)

flotilia(kwo) flotilla

flui(zwo) flow
fluisa (kwo) flow
hwan lif floti nich fluisa — yellow leaves floated down
flui-she (kwel) flowing, fluent
flui-shem (komo) fluently

fluor(kwo) fluorine (chem.)

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