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fo(konekti) 1) for (the object, aim, or purpose)
Es fo yu. — This is for you.
Me ve lai fo vidi ela. — I shall come to see her.
fo ke — in order to (see also "dabe")
2) for (duration or a specific time)
Ob me mog pren yur kitaba fo kelke taim? — May I take your book for some time?
Nu he aranji sey mita fo klok dwa. — We have arranged this meeting for two o'clock.
fo manya — for tomorrow

fear, be afraid
foba(kwo) fear, fright
prefoba(kwo) misgiving, apprehension
fobisi(zwo) frighten, scare, intimidate
rasfobisi — scare/frighten away
fobisa(kwo) intimidation
en-fobi(zwo) take fright, get frightened
foba-ney(kwel) terrible, frightful
fobisi-she(kwel) frightening
fobishil(kwel) timid, timorous
fobnik(kwo) coward
sinfoba-ney(kwel) fearless, intrepid
-fobista — -phobe


fogetishil(kwel) forgetful

seal (animal — cf. “sigla”)

fon1(konekti) from; of (from among)
Me zai go fon teatra — I am going from the theatre.
Me he resivi se fon lu. — I have received this from him.
fon kapa til pedas — from head to foot
fon sabah til aksham — from morning till evening
un fon nu — one of us

fon2(kwo) phone, telephone (shortening of "telefon")

Hu-ney fon zai baji? — Whose phone is ringing?

fonda (kwo) background (but not person's experience, training, or education)

fonetika(kwo) phonetics
fonetike(kwel) phonetic

fonologia(kwo) phonology
fonologike(kwel) phonological

fontan(kwo) fountain, jet, spout
fontani(zwo) fountain

for(syao-komo) further, on (continuing an action)
fai for — continue, go on
Treba gun for! — One should work on!
Hao for-gunsa! — I wish you good luck on your further work.
Me bu yao resti hir, me sal go for. — I don't want to stay here, I am going to go on.
e tak for (etf.) — and so on
for-ney(kwel) further, following
lo for — what goes further
in lo for — in what follows

fora(kwo) furrow
See also: ruga

forji(zwo) forge (metals)
forjer(kwo) forger, smith
forjidom(kwo) smithy, forge

forma(kwo) form, shape
formi(zwo) form, shape
forming (kwo) forming, formation (act or process)
formitura(kwo) formation (result)

formale (kwel) formal

format(kwo) format (of publication; of data)
formati(zwo) format
formati-ney (formaten) — (kwel) formatted

formula(kwo) formula
formuli(zwo) formulate
formiling (kwo) formulation

forna(kwo) stove, furnace; kiln

gas-forna(kwo) gas stove
el-forna(kwo) electric stove

forsa(kwo) force
forsi(zwo) force; compel
forsi-ofni dwar — force a door open
forsi-ney (forsen) — (kwel) forced
forsen smaila — strained smile

forte(kwel) strong
mah-forte (fortisi) — (zwo) strengthen, make strong or stronger
fa-forte (fortifi) — (zwo) grow strong or stronger
fortitaa(kwo) strength

fortesa(kwo) fortress

fortuna(kwo) good fortune, good luck
pa fortuna — fortunately, luckily
fai fortuna — have luck, be in luck
fai nofortuna — have no luck, be unlucky
Hao fortuna! — Good luck!
nofortuna(kwo) misfortune
pa nofortuna — unfortunately, unluckily
fortuna-ney (fortune) — (kwel) fortunate, lucky
fortunnik(kwo) lucky one
nofortunnik(kwo) unlucky one, luckless

fosfor(kwo) phosphorus (chem.)

foto(kwo) photo
foti (fai foto) — (zwo) photograph, take a photo
foting(kwo) photographing
fotoaparat, fotika(kwo) photo camera
fotoguan(kwo) photographer's (studio)

foxa(kwo) fox
yunfoxa(kwo) fox cub

fragile(kwel) fragile, frail

fragmenta(kwo) fragment

frai(zwo) fry
fraier(kwo) fryer; frying pan

frak(kwo) (evening) dress coat, swallow-tailed coat

frama(kwo) frame (framework as of a machine, as of a picture; context); spectacle frame, spectacle rim

in frama de koysa — within the framework of smth
windaframa(kwo) window-frame
frami(zwo) frame, set in a frame

franja(kwo) fringe (decorative border)

franke(kwel) frank (open in expression, straightforward; manifest)

franko(kwo) franc (unit of currency)

Frans(kwo) France
Frans-jen — inhabitant/citizen of France

franse(kwel, kwo) French (relating to ethnicity, language or country); French (person of French ethnicity); French language

fransyum(kwo) francium (chem.)

frasa1) phrase;
2) (grammar term) clause

frasa-yuan — (grammar term) part of a clause

fraula(kwo) strawberry

fregata(kwo) frigate (naval vessel)

frekwensa(kwo) frequency
banda de frekwensa — frequency band

frenta(kwo) forehead
frentahar(kwo) fringe (part of the hair that hangs down over the forehead)

freshe(kwel) fresh
freshenesa(kwo) freshness
rifreshisi (rimah-freshe) — (zwo) refresh, freshen up

frikasee(kwo) fricassee

frikti(zwo) undergo friction
frikta(kwo) friction
(cf. "froti")

frima(kwo) hoar-frost, rime

frisa(kwo) hairdo
(zwo) dress the hair
friser(kwo) hairdresser, barber, coiffeur

frisiguan(kwo) hairdressing saloon, barber's (shop), hairdresser's

frivole (kwel) frivolous, light-headed

fronta(kwo) front (battlefront; field of activity; group or movement — cf. "avana", "frenta")

frosta(kwo) frost (intensely cold weather)
Opa Frosta — Grandfather Christmas
frosta-ney (froste) — (kwel) frosty (cold, chilly)
frosti(zwo) freeze
sedey frosti — it is freezing today
frosti-ney (frosten) — (kwel) frozen
Me sta frosten. — I am freezing.
defrosti(zwo) defrost, unfreeze
froster(kwo) freezer

frostisela(kwo) freezer compartment (in refrigerator)

froti (zwo) rub
froti okos — rub one's eyes
froti handas — rub one's hands
(kwo) rubbing, rub
(cf. "frikti")

fruni (zwo) frown (wrinkle the brow, as in thought or displeasure); wrinkle (the brow)
ta zai fruni — he is frowning
fruni brovas — to knit one's brows
Ant.: smaili

fruta(kwo) fruit
fruti(zwo) fruit, bear fruit
fruting(kwo) fructification (process of producing fruit)
fruti-she(kwel) fruit-bearing, fructiferous; fruitful
frutishil(kwel) fecund

fugi(zwo) flee, run away
fuga(kwo) flight, escape
fuger(kwo) fugitive, runaway

fujur(kwo) depravity
fai fujur — indulge in debauch(ery), lead a depraved/loose/dissolute life

fuki(zwo) blow (produce an air current)
fuka(kwo) waft, whiff, puff, breath
fukiflor(kwo) dandelion


fule(kwel) full
fulitaa(kwo) fullness, plenitude
fulem(komo) fully
fulifi (fa-fule) — (zwo) become filled
fulisi (mah-fule) — (zwo) fill
fuli(zwo) fill (tr./intr.)

fulfil(zwo) fulfill (carry out, bring to completion, satisfy), come true
hay may yaosa fulfil! — may my wish come true!
fulfilsa(kwo) fulfillment

fum(kwo) smoke
fumi(zwo) smoke
fuming(kwo) smoking
fumilok(kwo) smoking-room
fumtuba(kwo) chimney

fundamenta(kwo) foundation (that on which anything rests; groundwork, underpinnings; (fig.) basis, ground)
fundamentale(kwel) fundamental

fundi(zwo) found (establish, base)
funda, funding(kwo) foundation, establishing (cf. "fundamenta")

fundu (kwo) fund, foundation

funduk(kwo) hazelnut

funga(kwo) mushroom

funksion (kwo) function
funksioni (zwo) function
funksioning (kwo) functioning

fupi(kwo) bran

furaja(kwo) forage, fodder

furgon(kwo) van, wagon

furia(kwo) fury, rage, frenzy
sta pa furia — be furious
furia-ney(kwel) furious, frantic, frenetic
furisi(zwo) infuriate, enrage
furiavati(zwo) rage

furka(kwo) fork

senufurka — pitchfork
daofurka — road fork

furmi(kwo) ant
furmidom(kwo) anthill

furni(zwo) furnish, supply
furna, furning(kwo) supply, furnishing

fusi(zwo) melt, fuse, smelt
fusi-nayu — melted butter
fusa, fusing(kwo) melting, fusion
fusika (kwo) fuse (electric safety device)

fut(kwo) foot (unit of measure)

futbol(kwo) football
futbol pleier, futbolista(kwo) football-player

futur(kwo) future
in futur — in future
futur-ney(kwel) future

fuy(exklami, syao) fie (disgust, repugnance)
fuy-ney — nasty
fuy-jen, fuynik — a nasty person
fuyka — ugly thing

ga(komo) quite, entirely, completely
ga hao — quite good
ga fogeti — quite forget
Yu es ga gande! — You are completely dirty!
German (ganz, gar)

gadari(zwo) betray, give away
gadara(kwo) betrayal, treason
gadarnik(kwo) betrayer, traitor
gadara-ney (gadare), gadaralik(kwel) treacherous, perfidious, traitorous

gadle(kwel) turbid, muddy (not bright or pure, not clear, cloudy; lacking luster, dull)
gadle akwa — turbid water
fa-gadle(zwo) grow turbid/dull

gadolinyum(kwo) gadolinium (chem.)

gaf (kwo) gaffe, lapse
fai gaf — to make a gaffe

gai(sta) (one) should, (one) ought, supposed to; befit, become

Gai bi honeste. — One should be honest.
Yu bu gai lanfai. — You should not be lazy.
Sempre gai zwo olo tak kom gai. — One should always do everything as needed.
Gai sempre tayari leson bifoo skola. — One should always prepare one's lesson before the classes.
gai-ke (kwel) proper, decent, due, appropriate, seemly
bugai-ke (kwel) improper, inappropriate
gaitaa (kwo) propriety, seemliness
nogaitaa (kwo) outrage, disgraceful goings-on
Es nogaitaa! — It's simply a disgrace / a scandal!

gaiva(kwo) seagull
Portuguese, Latgalian

gal(kwo) gall, bile
gal-pao(kwo) gall bladder
gal-suantaa(kwo) bile acid

galga(kwo) gallows, gibbet
Syn.: pendi-kilika

Galil(kwo) Galilee

galopi(zwo) gallop
galopa(kwo) gallop

galsa(kwo) neck
galsahar(kwo) mane
galsatasma(kwo) collar (band around an animal’s neck — cf. “kolar”)

galta (kwo) error, mistake
galti(zwo) err, be wrong, make a mistake
galta-ney (galte) — (kwel) erroneous, mistaken
skribigalta (kwo) slip of the pen, misprint

galyum(kwo) gallium (chem.)

gamande(kwel) haughty, supercilious; conceited
gamanditaa(kwo) haughtiness, superciliousness; conceit

gamba(kwo) leg
stula gamba — chair's leg

gambeta(kwo) feint with leggs; courbette; dribbling (sports)

gambir (kwel) serious
Syn.: seriose

gami(zwo) marry (intr./tr.)
gamifi(zwo) marry (intr.)
gamer, gamifer(kwo) fiance/fiancee (also dulho, dulhina)
gaming(kwo) marriage (wedding)
gamifesta(kwo) wedding
gamisi(zwo) marry (tr.)
gami-ney(kwel) married
gama, gamitura(kwo) wedlock, marriage (the state of being married)
gamijen(kwo) spouse, wife/husband
gamiman(kwo) male spouse, husband (also mursha)
gamigina(kwo) female spouse, wife (also molya)
bugamnik(kwo) bachelor
ausengama-ney(kwel) extramarital
gamiburoo(kwo) dating agency

gamusa(kwo) chamois, suede, shammy

gana(kwo) song
statagana — national anthem
gani(zwo) sing
gani-ki(zwo) hum; sing quietly
ganer(kwo) singer

gande(kwel) dirty, impure; indecent, nasty
mah-gande (gandisi) — (zwo) dirty, soil; pollute
fa-gande (gandifi) — (zwo) get/become dirty
gandi (zwo) make/become dirty
ganditaa(kwo) impurity, filth, dirt
gandenik(kwo) slovenly/untidy person

gansa(kwo) goose
gin-gansa (gansina) — (kwo) female goose
man-gansa (ganso) — (kwo) gander, male goose
yungansa(kwo) gosling
gansamasu(kwo) goose meat
See also: hansa


ganta(kwo) glove
piga ganta — leather gloves
dwa para ganta — two pairs of gloves

gao(kwel, komo) high
mah-gao(zwo) make high, raise higher, elevate
fa-gao(zwo) become higher, heighten
gaotaa(kwo) height
gaoley(kwel) higher (advanced in complexity or elaboration; of education beyond the secondary level)
gaoley talim — higher education

gap(kwo) gap
gapi(zwo) gape (open wide — cf. "guapi")

garabel(kwo) sparrow
Sambahsa, Albanian

garaja(kwo) garage (place to store a car)

garantia(kwo) guarantee (anything that assures a certain outcome; a written declaration)
pet-yar-ney garantia — a 5-year guarantee
garanti(zwo) guarantee
garanter(kwo) guarantor

garbar(kwo) turmoil, bustle, fuss

garden(kwo) garden
kindagarden(kwo) kindergarten
legumgarden(kwo) kitchen garden
zoo-garden(kwo) zoological garden

gardi(zwo) guard, safeguard
garda(kwo) guarding, safeguarding
gardiyuan(kwo) guard (a person who guards)
gardika(kwo) guard (something that gives protection or prevents damage)

gargari(zwo) gargle

gari(kwo) carriage, cart, wagon, chariot
bebi gari — baby carriage
garijen(kwo) coachman

garikin(kwo) barrow


garibe(kwel) alien, extraneous, foreign
gariba(kwo) alien, stranger

garja(kwo) thunderstorm

garma(kwo) heat
garma-ney (garme) — (kwel) hot
es garme — it is hot
me sta garme — I am hot
garmitaa(kwo) hotness
garmi (zwo) heat up (intr./tr.)
garmifi (fa-garme) — (zwo) become hot
garmisi (mah-garme) — (zwo) heat up
garming(kwo) heating
garmiser(kwo) heater (device)

garoba(kwo) carob
garoba-baum — carob tree

garson(kwo) waiter

garwe(kwel) proud
garwi, garwefai(zwo) be proud, take pride
garwi por koysa — be proud of smth
garwitaa(kwo) pride

gas(kwo) gas
gas-ney(kwel) gas
gasisi(zwo) gasify; aerate
gasisa(kwo) gasification; aeration
gasyuan(kwo) gasman
gaspiwat, gaska(kwo) fizzy drink
gasmaska(kwo) gas mask

gasela(kwo) gazelle

gaseta(kwo) newspaper

gason(kwo) lawn, grassplot

gasta(kwo) guest
gasti(zwo) be a guest, be on a visit, stay
gasti she amiga — stay at a friend's
gastaguan(kwo) hotel, guesthouse
gastashamba(kwo) drawing room, sitting room, living room

gata(kwo) street

fai gata — be outdoors; stroll
(kwo) bystreet

gaurawe(kwel) considerable, substantial; influential, imposing

gavahi(zwo) witness, testify
gavaha(kwo) testimony, witness
(kwo) witness, eyewitness
oko-gavaher(kwo) eyewitness

gayar(kwo) lad, guy, fellow, chap, bloke
gayarina(kwo) wench, broad, bird

gaza(kwo) gauze (thin fabric)

ge1) (kwo) piece (single item)
pet dolar per ge — five dollars apiece
2) (gramatika) optional marker of the singular
auto-ge — one car
jen-ge — one person
3) the name of the letter G g

geda(kwo) pike (fish)

gei(gramatika) marks "passive of becoming"
gunsa gei zwo — the work is being done
kitaba gei lekti — this book is being read

geim(kwo) game (a kind of game; a stage of game — cf. “pleisa”)
video-geim(kwo) video game
worda-geim (kwo) word game
hima (saif) geimes(kwo) winter (summer) games

geit(kwo) gate

gela(kwo) girl
See also: yungina

gemi(zwo) groan, moan
gema(kwo) groan, moan

gen(kwo) gene

general(kwo) general (commander)

generale(kwel) general (not particular — cf. «sarwe»)

generalem(komo) in general
generalisi(zwo) generalize
generalisa(kwo) generalization

generasion (kwo) generation (people of same period)

generati(zwo) generate (bring into existence; engender, procreate; produce)
generati elektritaa — to generate electricity
generative(kwel) generative
generata(kwo) generation (act or process of generating; origination, production, or procreation)

genetika(kwo) genetics
genetike(kwel) genetical

genia(kwo) genius
geniale(kwel) of genius, ingenious, genial

genialem(komo) ingeniously, genially

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