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Leisure and vocational magazines from RNIB

Children and young people

Our funtastic magazine for kids and awesome teen magazines are bursting with brilliant articles and features.

Blast off! (7-11 years)

This fun magazine is bursting with stories, interviews, things to make and do, and a joke page. Double-line spaced braille to make reading easier. Also available in uncontracted braille (grade 1). Produced in Unified English Braille (UEB).

Missy (12-15 years)

A brilliant read for girls - full of true life stories, pop gossip, interviews, horoscopes, problems and lots more. Produced in Unified English Braille (UEB).

Pure (16-19 years)

Suitable for young women, featuring articles on love, relationships, fashion, health and beauty, interviews with the stars, "real-life" stories, horoscopes and a problem page. Produced in Unified English Braille (UEB).

Computing and technology

Access IT

You'll enjoy Access IT magazine whether you're a computer novice or an experienced user of access technology. Find out about new products, screen reading software and web accessibility, and get advice on making your technology work better.

Compute IT

Ideal if you are interested in all the latest computer-related news and developments to help you get the most out of your computer. This magazine includes the latest product reviews as well as trouble-shooting features to keep you surfing.


Shop Window

For consumers who like to be in the know, featuring consumer cons, ethical shopping, food fads, best buys, holiday and travel updates and much more. Christmas special also available (November issue). Also available on DAISY audio CD.

Money Matters

Make the most of your money by keeping up to date with all aspects of personal finance, insurance, investments, pensions, mortgages and budget information. Published every two months. Also on DAISY audio CD.

Leisure and lifestyle


An annual guide, based on the famous Whitaker's Almanack. From famous dates in history to historical facts and who was born when, not to mention sunrise times, phases of the moon and a range of public and bank holidays, the Almanack has it all. Also on DAISY audio CD and CD-ROM.


A Cosmo-style magazine for 21st century women with dating and relationship advice, beauty and fashion, features on work, society, popular culture and much more.

Braille Chess Magazine

Published quarterly, this magazine will help you brush up your chess skills so you get to checkmate more often! It's equally suited to both amateurs and enthusiasts, featuring reviews of games, chess problems and helpful tips. In braille only.


If you enjoy a good puzzle and like to give your brain a workout, you'll love Conundrum. Packed full of crosswords, word puzzles, general knowledge quizzes, Sudoku and logic puzzles, it will keep you busy for hours.


If you like reading a lively cross-section of topics, not to mention cooking and testing out new recipes, then you should try Progress which includes a short story, problem page, penfriend contacts, crossword, humour, current affairs and a cookery supplement, "What's in the Pantry", packed with seasonal recipes. Also available in uncontracted braille (grade 1) and DAISY audio CD (crossword not included).

Shaping Up

Whether you're fighting fit or want to improve your health, get the latest health news and fitness features.


Ready, Steady, Read

Offers a stepping stone between a braille course and tackling a book. Covers gardening, humour, wildlife and celebrities with short sentences and articles, to help build confidence. Available in contracted braille, and a choice of interline or single-sided braille.

Short Stories

Contains a selection of popular fiction, including romance, sci-fi, thriller or horror. Some stories may contain strong language or items of a sexual nature.


Braille Music Magazine

For the amateur or professional classical musician, this magazine contains CD reviews, features about music and musicians, and the latest braille music publications.


Packed full of rock, pop, jazz and folk, plus an upcoming concert diary, in-depth reviews and interviews.

Good Vibrations

Know your super-woofer from your super-tweeter? Satisfy all your hi-fi equipment needs with news from the world of hi-fi including reviews, vinyl section and more. Also available on DAISY audio CD.

Proms Guide Special

The Proms spells the summer for classical music lovers around the world. If that includes you, get yourself a copy of the Proms guide. Available to buy in braille and audio CD from April it includes concert listings, booking information, interviews and reviews.


Channels of Blessing

Includes news, overseas developments, personal experiences, and bible study from the Evangelical Christian Press. Published every two months.

Magazines from the Torch Trust

Torch Trust produces a number of religious magazines including Daily Bread and Christian Today Digest. For more information, telephone Torch Trust on +44 (0)1858 43 82 60.

Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols

The live broadcast from King's College, Cambridge on Christmas Eve is a highlight of the festive season. Includes everything you need to be able to join in from the warmth and comfort of your favourite chair. Also available on CD-ROM.

Sports specials

Want to make sure you keep on top of sports events? We have the football and cricket seasons covered so you don't miss a match. Cricket Fixtures and our domestic Football Fixtures are available on DAISY audio CD as well as in braille.

TV and radio (weekly)

Television Guide

Programme information for BBC1, BBC2, ITV1 London, Channel 4 and Channel Five. Includes ITV regional supplements giving details of programmes that differ from those being shown on ITV1 London. Available in contracted braille and text email.

DAISY TV Listings

Information for main terrestrial channels as well as 30 popular Freeview and satellite channels. On DAISY audio CD only.

Daisy Radio Listings

DAISY audio CD covering nationally available radio channels including Radios 1 to 5 Live, BBC Radio 4 Extra, BBC World Service, Classic FM, BBC Asian Network and 6 Music.

Radio Guide

Covers BBC Radios 1, 2, 4, Five Live, BBC Radio 4 Extra, TalkSport and Absolute Radio. Includes an optional supplement covering the BBC's regional services in Scotland, Wales and Ulster. Available in contracted braille and text email.


If classical music is your thing, then 3FM lists programme information for BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM. Available in contracted braille and text email.

Big Print newspaper with TV & Radio Guide

Every week, receive TV and radio listings in 16-point print by subscribing to Big Print newspaper. The 48-page TV and radio listings supplement covers BBC1 and 2, ITV1, Channels 4 and Five (plus regional programming), BBC Radio 2, 3 and 4, Five Live, BBC Radio 4 Extra and Classic FM and comes with a 16-page newspaper including national and international news.

Big Print Freeview guide

Get the top 10 Freeview channel listings in easy-to-see large print. Plan your viewing for the week ahead, whether on BBC3 or 4, ITV2 to ITV4, E4, More4, Film4, Yesterday and Dave. A helpful channel number guide is included on the back page, so whether you have Freeview, Freesat, Sky or Virgin you can get to your chosen show quickly.


Piano Tuners' Quarterly

Whether you're an experienced piano tuner or just starting out, get advice and tips from professionals, news from the piano world and a regular diary charting the experiences of a professional piano tuner - and occasionally his guide dog. Published quarterly.

Download high street magazines and newspapers

If you want to keep reading the magazines you have always enjoyed then give the National Talking Newspaper and Magazine service a try. With over 200 big name magazines to enjoy such as Which?, Reader's Digest, Women's Weekly and Private Eye, you'll get the very latest issue straight to your email inbox or stream it on your electronic device if you have an internet connection. You can even enjoy your national daily newspaper or local newspaper and all for one annual subscription fee that starts from just £39.

Magazines from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

The Society produces two magazines. Physiotherapy is an edited edition of their scientific journal, published quarterly in braille and on audio CD. Physiotherapy Frontline is their professional magazine, featuring news, reports, course information and more. Published twice a month on audio CD only.

For more information, telephone +44 (0)20 7306 6666 or contact Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, 14 Bedford Row, London WC1R 4ED, United Kingdom.

Keeping up to date

New Product Guide

Highlighting the latest accessible products and publications from RNIB - New Product Guide is published bi-monthly. Available in large print, email, DAISY audio CD and on audio CD.

New Books

For avid readers who want to keep up to date with all the new audio, braille and giant print (24 point) titles available from RNIB, including the very latest RNIB Talking Books and DAISY books that you can buy. New Books is published bi-monthly. Also available in large print and on DAISY audio CD.

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