Les misérables – Program a musical by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg Based on a novel by Victor Hugo
Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg Lyrics by Herbert


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A musical by Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg

Based on a novel by Victor Hugo
Music by Claude-Michel Schönberg

Lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer

Original French text by Alain Boublil and Jean-Marc Natel

Additional material by James Fenton

Adapted and originally directed by Trevor Nunn

Original orchestrations by John Cameron

Produced by the Arts Club Theatre

and described by VocalEye July 26,2015










Starring (in order of appearance)
Kieran Martin Murphy as Jean Valjean

Warren Kimmel as Javert

Rebecca Talbot as Fantine

Jaime Olivia MacLean as Young Cosette

Nicola Lipman as Madame Thénardier

Eloise White as Young Éponine

Andrew Wheeler as Thénardier

Stuart Barkley as Enjolras

Sayer Roberts as Marius

Cameron Andres as Gavroche

Jennie Neumann as Éponine

Kaylee Harwood as Cosette

Members of the Ensemble:

Sarah Carlé, Oliver Castillo, Caitlin Clugston, Eric Craig, Kevin Michael Cripps, Jocelyn Gauthier, Erik Gow, Jesse Martyn, Alexander Nicoll, Cathy Wilmot, Jacob Woike, Sylvia Zaradic


Director: Bill Millerd

Co-Musical Director/ Reorchestration/
Keyboard Programming: Bruce Kellett

Co-Musical Director/Keyboards: Ken Cormier

: Valerie Easton

Set Designer: Ted Roberts

Lighting Designer: Marsha Sibthorpe

Costume Designer
: Alison Green

Original Sound Designer: Chris Daniels

Sound Consultant
: Andrew Tugwell

Stage Manager
: Caryn Fehr

Assistant Stage Manager: Pamela Jakobs

Assistant Stage Manager: Colleen Totten
Graham Boyle on Percussion

Henry Christian on Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Ken Cormier on Keyboards

Sasha Niechoda on Keyboards and Keyboard Programming

Angus Kellett on Keyboards

Andrew Poirier on Trombone


Some musicals attain a sort of mythic quality, partly because of the subject matter, partly because of the music, partly through endurance. There are still revivals of musicals that could be considered classics like The King & I (1951), and the world-wide phenomenon of Les Misérables has been going strong since it premiered in 1985 in London. Both musicals are based on novels, and although Margaret Landon’s 1944 Anna and the King of Siam is not at the top of most people’s reading list, Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables is still on the university curriculum and is revered in France. There is a museum in Paris devoted to Victor Hugo’s work and the uprising at the heart of the novel is very much part of the French consciousness. Although the libretto for the musical could not encompass the entire Hugo novel, it does create a wide panorama upon which the sung-through music amplifies.

Musicals are a theatrical form that requires the performers to be multi-talented—and one that requires a great deal of training. Our Musical Theatre Intensive is entering its 14th year of summer activity under director Peter Jorgensen. Many of its graduates have gone on to careers in musical theatre including Kaylee Harwood who is in our cast and has appeared on Broadway in Jesus Christ Superstar. There are plenty of opportunities for young people interested in developing their theatrical skills to perform with such groups as New Westminster’s Royal City Musical Society and Stanley Park’s Theatre Under the Stars. What is rare is the creation of new work for the musical stage. Next season the Arts Club will be presenting two premieres: John Mann’s The Waiting Room with a libretto by Morris Panych, to be presented in the fall at the Granville Island Stage; and Amiel Gladstone and Veda Hille’s Onegin, which will be seen at the new theatre at West 1st in March, 2016. I hope you will take the opportunity to see these new works.

Bill Millerd, Artistic Managing Director


Les Misérables is the last show of the Arts Club’s 14/15 season. That’s an easy sentence to glibly write down, but it means the last of 19 productions staged at our three theatres in Vancouver, as well as at 12 other theatres in British Columbia on tour. It means the final shows of a season that will total 707 individual Arts Club performances; plus new play readings at ReACT, the three readings from LEAP: Learn Early About Playwriting Festival for teen playwrights, our summer youth Musical Theatre Intensive showcases, the Arts Club Actor’s Intensive five-week training course, and many more community activities.

All this makes us the nation’s largest urban not-for-profit theatre company. It’s an amazing output for a local Vancouver company born 51 years ago above a pub on Seymour Street. And it takes a dedicated group of artists and theatre-loving administrators to pull it off. They’re all listed on page 30 of your programme, and I salute them all for a season lovingly crafted by this dedicated team—from Bill Millerd, whose vision has guided the Arts Club to where we are today; to our artist and production teams who ensure our stages are alive with the art of theatre; to guest services like front-of-house, box office, and bar staff, who ensure you feel like a member of this club; to marketing, development, and administration, who ensure we have a future to grow into. And to you... that’s who we do it for. I hope we do you proud and thanks for your continued support.

Peter Cathie White, Executive Director


Alain Boublil is the author of the librettos and original lyrics for the musicals La Révolution Française (1973), Les Misérables (1980), Miss Saigon (1989), Martin Guerre (1996), and The Pirate Queen (2006), all in collaboration with Claude-Michel Schönberg, as well as Marguerite (2008) with Michel Legrand, Claude-Michel Schönberg, and Herbert Kretzmer. Boublil is the recipient of two Tony Awards (Best Score and Best Book), two Grammys, two Victoire de la Musique Awards, and a Molière Award for Les Misérables. He received an Evening Standard Drama Award for Miss Saigon and a Laurence Olivier Award for Martin Guerre. He is the author of the play, The Diary of Adam and Eve (based upon short stories by Mark Twain), and the prize-winning French novel, Les dessous de soi. He co-wrote the screenplay and co-produced the soundtrack of the Golden Globe winning and Oscar nominated film, Les Misérables. He has co-conceived and produces the Do You Hear The People Sing concert series, the symphonic evening of songs from Boublil and Schönberg musicals, which has recently played in major US cities and has just opened its Australasian tour in Shanghai. He recently received a New York Chapter Honors Grammy award for his outstanding contri- bution to the creative community. He is currently working on a revised version of Martin Guerre to open in the UK in 2015. While Miss Saigon makes its return to London’s West End last year, Broadway also welcomes back Les Misérables. Alain Boublil lives in New York with his wife, actress/singer Marie Zamora, and is the father of four sons.

Born in 1944 of Hungarian parents, Claude-Michel Schönberg began his career in France as a singer, writer, and producer of pop songs. In collaboration with Alain Boublil he is the book co-writer and the composer of La Révolution Française, Les Misérables, Miss Saigon, Martin Guerre, and The Pirate Queen. In 2008 his new musical, Marguerite, in collaboration with Alain Boublil, Michel Legrand, and Herbert Kretzmer opened at the Haymarket Theatre in London. Claude-Michel has supervised overseas productions and co-produced several international cast albums of his shows. In 2001 he composed his first ballet score, Wuthering Heights, which was created by the Northern Ballet in 2002. His ballet, Cleopatra, which opened in 2011, was his second collaboration with David Nixon and his seventh complete score. In 2012 Claude-Michel co-wrote the screenplay and reconceived the music for the Les Misérables musical movie. Golden Globe winner, Oscar nominee, and recent Grammy award winner for outstanding contribution to the creative community, he married the English ballerina, Charlotte Talbot, in 2003. He is the father of one son and two daughters.

Herbert Kretzmer was born in South Africa, where he began a career in journalism writing the commentary for a weekly cinema newsreel. He came to live in London in 1954, and has since pursued twin careers as newspaperman and songwriter. He was feature writer on The Daily Sketch and a profile writer on The Sunday Despatch. He joined The Daily Express in 1960 and later became its drama critic, a post he held for 18 years, covering about 3,000 first nights. From 1979 to 1987, he wrote television criticism for The Daily Mail, winning, in this capacity, two national press awards. As a lyric writer he wrote weekly songs for That Was The Week That Was and the later Ned Sherrin television shows. He won an Ivor Novello Award for the Peter Sellers/Sophia Loren comedy song “Goodness Gracious Me.” Other award-winning songs include two written with, and for, Charles Aznavour: “Yesterday When I Was Young” and the chart-topping “She.” Herbert Kretzmer wrote the book and lyrics for the West End musical Our Man Crichton and the lyrics for The Four Musketeers, which ran for over a year at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, starring Harry Secombe as D’Artagnan. He also supplied the lyrics for the Anthony Newley musical film Can Heironymous Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness? He was the co-lyricist for Kristina which he wrote with Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson (ABBA), premiered at Carnegie Hall, New York, in September 2009. Herbert Kretzmer’s latest work is Marguerite, written with Michel Legrand, Alain Boublil, and Claude-Michel Schönberg.

Music Theatre International (www.mtishows.com) is one of the world’s leading theatrical licensing agencies, granting performance rights to both professional and amateur theatres. With over 350 musicals in its catalogue, including the best of Broadway as well as a vibrant collection of musicals adapted for performance by children, MTI works directly with the authors of these shows to provide official scripts, musical materials and other resources to over 60,000 theatrical organizations throughout the world.


1815, Digne

After 19 years of imprisonment, Jean Valjean, Prisoner 24601, is released by the policeman Javert. By law, Valjean must display a yellow ticket-of-leave, which renders him an outcast. He meets the Bishop of Digne, but repays the bishop’s kindness by stealing some silver, and is quickly caught by the police. The bishop lies to save Valjean and asks him to start a new, honest life. Humbled by the bishop’s mercy, Valjean follows the bishop’s advice.


1823, Montreuil-Sur-Mer

Eight years later, Valjean has assumed a new identity as a factory owner and mayor. One of his workers, Fantine, has a secret illegitimate child, who is living with an innkeeper and his wife. When the other workers discover this, they demand her dismissal. Because she had previously rejected his advances, the foreman throws Fantine out. Fantine sells her locket, and her hair, before becoming a prostitute. When she fights with a customer, she is arrested by Javert. Valjean arrives, learns how Fantine was fired from his factory, and orders Javert to take her to a hospital instead.

“The Mayor” then rescues a man pinned by a runaway cart. This reminds Javert of the strength of Jean Valjean, who he has been tracking for years, but who he says has been recaptured. Unable to see an innocent man go to prison, Valjean confesses that he is the real Prisoner 24601.

At the hospital, Valjean visits the dying Fantine and promises to find and look after her daughter Cosette. When Javert arrives, they argue. Valjean eventually knocks Javert out and escapes.

1823, Montfermeil

The scene then shifts to an inn run by the Thénardiers, where Cosette has been living for five years. The Thénardiers have been abusing the little girl, and she dreams of a better life. Valjean finds Cosette fetching water and pays the Thénardiers to let him take Cosette away.

1832, Paris

Nine years pass, and Paris is in an uproar because popular leader General Lamarque is ill and may die soon. The young street urchin Gavroche mingles with the whores and beggars on the street, while students Marius and Enjolras discuss the demise of the general.

A gang led by the Thénardiers prepares to ambush Valjean, whom Thénardier recognises as the man who took Cosette. As they set up, Éponine, the Thénardier’s daughter, sees Marius, whom she secretly loves, and warns him to stay away. As Marius tries to ask Éponine what is going on, he bumps into Cosette and immediately falls in love with her. The Thénardiers attempt to rob Valjean and Cosette, who are rescued by Javert, who does not recognize Valjean until after he escapes. Javert compares his hunt of Valjean to the order of the stars. Meanwhile Marius, although he does not yet know Cosette’s name, persuades a reluctant Éponine to help find her.

The scene shifts to meeting in a café where a group of students led by Enjolras gather to prepare for a revolution. Marius arrives late, filled with thoughts of love for Cosette. When Gavroche brings the news of the General’s death, the students march into the streets to whip up popular support. Cosette is consumed by thoughts of Marius, and Valjean realises that his daughter has grown up. In spite of her own feelings, Éponine leads Marius to Cosette, and then prevents her father’s gang from robbing Valjean’s house. Valjean, convinced it was Javert who was lurking outside his house, tells Cosette they must prepare to flee.

On the eve of the revolution, Valjean prepares to go into exile; Cosette and Marius part in despair of ever meeting again; Éponine mourns the loss of Marius; Marius decides to join the other students as they prepare for the upcoming conflict; Javert plans to spy on the students and learn their secrets; and the Thénardiers look forward to stealing from the corpses killed in the battle to come.


As the students prepare to build a barricade, Javert, disguised as a rebel, volunteers to “spy” on the troops. Meanwhile, Marius notices that Éponine has joined the revolutionaries, and sends her with a letter to Cosette. Valjean intercepts the letter. Éponine decides to rejoin Marius at the barricade. The students build their barricade and then defy a warning to surrender or die. Gavroche exposes Javert as a spy. Éponine is shot when she returns to the barricades and dies in Marius’s arms. Valjean also arrives at the barricades in search of Marius and saves Enjolras by shooting a sniper.

The students settle down for a night, while Valjean prays to God to save Marius from the onslaught that is to come. The next day, Gavroche runs to collect more ammunition, but is shot dead. The army gives a last warning to surrender, but the rebels refuse, and everyone is killed except Valjean and Marius. Carrying a wounded Marius, Valjean escapes through the sewers. Meanwhile, Thénardier is also in the sewers, stealing valuables off the bodies that have been dumped from the battle. Thénardier robs Marius as Valjean is resting, and then escapes. Valjean runs into Javert and begs for one more hour to bring Marius to a doctor, and Javert reluctantly agrees. Javert realizes Valjean is not evil as he always thought. Unable to deal with losing his lifelong nemesis, he commits suicide.

Back on the streets, women mourn the deaths of the students. Marius also mourns for his friends. As he wonders who saved him from the barricades, Cosette comforts Marius by telling him that she will never go and they reaffirm their love. Valjean then confesses to Marius that he is an escaped convict and tells him he must go away because his presence puts Cosette in danger. Valjean makes Marius promise never to tell Cosette, and Marius makes only a halfhearted attempt to hold him back.

Marius and Cosette marry. The Thénardiers crash the reception and tell Marius that Valjean is a murderer, saying they saw him carrying a corpse in the sewers. When Thénardier shows him the ring he took from the corpse, Marius realizes that the “corpse” was he, and that Valjean saved his life.

Meanwhile, Valjean prepares for his death. Cosette and Marius rush in, just in time to bid farewell to Valjean and for Marius to thank him. Cosette learns her history for the first time before Valjean dies, joining the spirits of Éponine, Fantine, and those who died on the barricades.


Cameron Andres ~ Gavroche

Cameron is thrilled to be making his Arts Club debut! He is 11 years old and going into grade 11 at Madrona School, where he fulfils his passion for math, science, and languages. Previously, he has performed in Carmen, La Bohéme and played the Shepherd Boy in Tosca with Vancouver Opera. He enjoys acting, playing classical violin, singing with the Bach Children’s Chorus, and competitive gymnastics. He extends his gratitude to Bill Millerd for this incredible opportunity and his mom for her amazing support. Cameron dedicates these performances to his Grandad. This was his favourite musical.

Stuart Barkley ~ Enjolras

Stuart is fortunate to be making this his debut performance with the Arts Club. In high school, his friend persuaded him to skip basketball practice to audition for the production of Grease, which eventually led him to perform for you today. Over the years, he has been in shows such as Shrek: The Musical (TUTS) as The Wolf, On Death’s Door (Virtual Stage) as The Viper, and The Drowsy Chaperone (Exit 22 at Capilano University) as Robert Martin. Stuart is grateful of his supporting family and thanks Dean and Patricia, Liam, Craig Tompkins, and a special thank you to Kevin Michael Cripps.

Sarah Carlé ~ Ensemble

Sarah is thrilled to be making her debut with the Arts Club. Credits include: Les Misérables, The Buddy Holly Story, The Gifts of the Magi, and Steel Magnolias (Chemainus Theatre Festival); Little Shop of Horrors (Blue Bridge Rep); Seussical (Saltwater Inc.); Nevermore and [title of show] (Urban Arts Productions); Sweeney Todd, Songs for a New World, and Falsettos (Gotta Getta Gimmick). She is also a Jessie nominee for her work in the remount of Steel Magnolias at the Gateway Theatre and a proud Artistic Associate with Victoria’s musical theatre company Gotta Getta Gimmick.

Oliver Castillo ~ Feuilly/Ensemble

Having just recently graduated from both the Musical Theatre program and the Bachelor of Performing Arts program at Capilano University, Oliver is absolutely thrilled to be making his Arts Club debut in Les Misérables. Recent credits include: Phantasmagoria: Circus of Dreams (Loose Leaf), The Drowsy Chaperone, Twelfth Night, The Boyfriend, Pride and Prejudice (Exit 22), Into the Woods (Arbutus), and Legally Blonde (TUTS). He would like to thank the creative team for this wonderful opportunity, and to send love to his family. Visit olivercastillo.com for more.

Caitlin Clugston ~ Ensemble

Caitlin is thrilled to have Les Miz mark her Arts Club debut. Select credits include: Miss Hannigan in Annie and Mrs. Molloy in Hello Dolly (RCMT, Ovation Award nominations); Smitty in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying (TUTS, Ovation Award for Outstanding Supporting Performance); Charlotte in A Little Night Music (Confidential Musical Theatre Project); Amanda in Private Lives, Lady Teazle in The School for Scandal, Rebecca in The Priory (United Players); Daisy in Side Show in Concert (FCP); Auntie Mame in Mame and Gwendolyn in Ernest in Love (APPLAUSE!). Heartfelt thanks to Bill, Bruce, and Valerie.

Eric Craig ~ Grantaire/Ensemble

This is Eric’s first time working with the Arts Club and he couldn’t be happier to be spending his summer in such a beautiful city. Originally from Ottawa, he has performed everywhere from the Yukon to the Maritimes, with credits including The Last 5 Years (Angelwalk), The Glass Menagerie (TiFT), Fiddler on the Roof, Beauty and the Beast (Stage West), The Godot Cycle (Yes Let’s Go Prod), and the title role in Hamlet (SLSF). As well, he can be seen on current seasons of Reign, 12 Monkeys, and Murdoch Mysteries. Many thanks to Valerie and to Bill. All the love in the world to Amy.

Kevin Michael Cripps ~ Bishop/Ensemble

Kevin is pleased to be rejoining the Les Misérables cast at the Arts Club. Recently, Kevin completed his Masters Degree in the Practice of Voice and Singing at Guildford School of Acting in the UK, where he also co-wrote and published a new musical entitled The Bakewell Bakeoff. Outside of acting, Kevin is an instructor in the Capilano University Musical Theatre Program, and works as a vocal coach and Musical Director (Chemainus Theatre Festival, Theatre Under the Stars, The Landor UK). Some acting credits include: The Secret Garden (Gateway), The Light in the Piazza (Patrick Street, and Jud Fry in Oklahoma (TUTS).

Jocelyn Gauthier ~ Ensemble

Originally from Fort Wayne, Indiana, Jocelyn is thrilled to be making her Arts Club debut with this talented group of artists. Recent credits include Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (TUTS), for which she won an Ovation, E.V. Young, and Aida Broadbent Award; Susan in Snapshots (WRS Productions); and Adrienne in Strawman (UBC Short). You can see her next in the remount of Snapshots (Presentation House), and then as Maia in the world premiere of The Little Prince (Theatre Calgary). Jocelyn is a graduate of the BFA Acting Program at UBC, attended LAMDA, and is a classically trained vocalist, pianist, flutist, and teacher. Thank you to the creative team of Les Mis for this opportunity, and to Melissa for her relentless dedication. A special thank you to her family, friends, coaches, and remarkable husband for unwavering love and support. www.jocelyngauthier.ca |@Joce_Gauthier

Erik Gow ~ Prouvaire/Ensemble

Erik is thrilled to be making his Stanley debut with the Arts Club. Other ventures with the Arts Club have included Onegin for the In Tune Conference and Franklin Falls for the ReAct Public Readings. Erik is a graduate of the acting program at Studio 58, a multi instrumen- talist, and educator. Recent credits include Hamelin: A New Fable (Axis Theatre—Jessie Award nomination), The Cripple of Inishmaan, The Duchess of Malfi (Ensemble Theatre Company), Evil Dead: The Musical (DSR Productions), and Bye Bye Birdie (TUTS). Upcoming: Elf: The Musical with the Chemainus Theatre Company. Erik would like to thank Bill, Bruce, Val, and Stephanie for this opportunity, and his parents and Mika for their continued support.

Kaylee Harwood ~ Cosette

Kaylee is happy to return home to the West Coast. Vancouver credits include: James and the Giant Peach, Seussical (Jessie nomination), A Year with Frog and Toad (Jessie Award, Carousel Theatre); Out of a Dream (Patrick Street); Cosette in Les Misérables (Arts Club, 2009; Sam Payne Award for Most Promising Newcomer). Elsewhere: Maria in West Side Story (Rainbow Stage); Cabaret, ...Creve Coeur, The Light in the Piazza, Trifles (Shaw Festival); Jesus Christ Superstar (Broadway revival/Stratford/La Jolla Playhouse); Guenevere in Camelot (Stratford); Johanna in Sweeney Todd (Citadel); Eliza in My Fair Lady (Western Canada Theatre); Chemainus Theatre Festival. @kayleeharwood

Warren Kimmel ~ Javert

Warren was born in South Africa. He trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London. Warren has performed extensively in the UK, Europe, and South Africa. He arrived in Canada in 2003 and has been seen locally in My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Next to Normal, Jacques Brel.., Tuesdays with Morrie, Beauty and the Beast, Evita, and Legally Blonde. Warren is thrilled to be a part of this amazing production. More about Warren than anyone could possibly have a use for is available at warrenkimmel.com.

Nicola Lipman ~ Madame Thénardier

Recent credits include Driving Miss Daisy, Boeing-Boeing (Jessie Award), Another Home Invasion, and Black Comedy (Jessie Award) for the Arts Club; Cabaret at the Mayfield; Let Me Call You Sweetheart at the Belfry; All the Way Home with Electric Company (Jessie Award); No Great Mischief, Scorched, Humble Boy, and simpl at Tarragon; various other theatres including ATP, Theatre Calgary, Neptune, Ships Co and the National Arts Centre. Niki is a graduate of UBC and The National Theatre School. Upcoming: Domesticated for The Company Theatre and Other Desert Cities at Citadel Theatre. Get well soon Louis and Alan!

Jaime Olivia MacLean ~ Young Cosette

Nine-year-old Jaime has been studying at the Lindbjerg Academy for Performing Arts for the past five years. She is thrilled to be playing Young Cosette. While this is her Arts Club debut, favourite past roles include playing Molly in Annie (Royal City Musical Theatre) and Youth Company/Dancing Rat in Shrek (Align Entertainment). You can see her as a party girl in the Goh Ballet’s upcoming production of the Nutcracker. Jaime also enjoys acting on the small screen including commercials for Mattel, Crayola, and Volvo and she recently played Dianah on the YTV show Some Assembly Required. Thanks go out to Bill, Val, and their team for this wonderful opportunity and to her loving and supportive family.

Jesse Martyn ~ Lesgle/Ensemble

Jesse is an actor and an investment and insurance advisor with FPSC Level 1TM Certifi- cation in Financial Planning. Offstage, he strives to usher creative professionals through an unstable economic world by crafting imaginative financial strategies. Onstage, he most recently performed in Les Misérables at the Chemainus Theatre Festival, his fifth show there after Jeeves in Bloom, Singin’ in the Rain, Gifts of the Magi, and Joseph. Other favourites include Slim in Hardline Productions’ hit Of Mice and Men and The Stepmother (North American premiere, Shaw Festival). Follow @JesseMartyn or jessemartyn.com. Jesse holds a BFA Drama from the University of Alberta.

Kieran Martin Murphy ~ Jean Valjean

Kieran is having a diverse season, having just played King Arthur in Spamalot and now the polar opposite, as we delve into the world of Les Misérables again. He is very excited to be back in Vancouver and with the Arts Club family again for the summer months. If you hang around in the lobby after the show for a few minutes you will be able to meet Kieran as he will be out there promoting and selling his two solo CD projects: The Painter’s Hand and Theatrics. Some selected credits: Les Misérables, The Buddy Holly Story (Arts Club), Spamalot, All Shook Up (Stage West), CATS (Theatre Calgary), Les Misérables (Chemainus), The Full Monty, The Wedding Singer, 9 to 5, Gypsy, Dark Star (Mayfield), and The Pavilion (Shadow). Kieran can also be heard on CBC radio’s The Irrelevant Show, where he writes and performs songs regularly (most notably “Ben Mulroney,” “Vacation Jorge,” and “Snap of the Glove.”)

Jennie Neumann ~ Éponine

For the Arts Club; Mary Poppins, Next to Normal, Hairspray, Gypsy, and Les Misérables. I want to thank the original company of Les Misérables with the Arts Club. Your kindness and generosity holds a special place in my heart. The biggest thanks of all though goes to my parents, especially my dad. Thank you for working so hard so I could follow my dreams and never asking when I would get a real job. For Heino.

Alexander Nicoll~ Courfeyrac/Ensemble

Alex is thrilled to be spending another summer at the Stanley! Les Misérables is his second credit with the Arts Club, his debut being last summer’s hit Spamalot. Other credits include Hamelin (Axis Theatre), Yellowpoint Christmas Spectacular, Darling (Springboard), The Drowsy Chaperone (CLT), Charlie Brown (Project X), Assassins(Pipedream),andTitanic(TUTS).Enjoythe show!

Sayer Roberts
~ Marius/Fight Captain

Last summer Sayer held the barricade in Chemainus, now this summer the rebellion continues with a chance to live this beautiful show once more. Other credits include: Rodgers and Hammerstein: Out of a Dream (Patrick Street Productions), Marius in Les Misérables (Chemainus Theatre Festival), Curly in Oklahoma!, Barnaby in Hello, Dolly! (RCMT), Rolf in The Sound of Music (Gateway), and Barrett in Titanic (TUTS). Like a Valjean to his Marius, Sayer wouldn’t be here if not for Andrea.

Rebecca Talbot ~ Fantine

Rebecca has appeared in numerous productions in Canada and the US. She was in the original production of Les Mis at the Arts Club portraying the role of Éponine until she was seven months pregnant. Now, with a five-year-old daughter (and a four-year-old son), it’s great to be back in an appropriate role. Also for the Arts Club, Rebecca appeared in the Stanley’s inaugural production of Swing, as Johanna in Sweeney Todd, and as Maria in West Side Story, where she met her husband 12 years ago.

Andrew Wheeler ~ Thénardier

Previously at the Arts Club, productions include One Man, Two Guvnors, Clybourne Park, Henry and Alice, Gypsy, Gordon, Cyrano, August: Osage County, Othello, Make Up Your Mind, The Foursome, Wild Guys, Burn This, and The Comedy of Errors. Other recent theatre credits include Proud, Urinetown (Firehall), Seminar (Stages), The Rainmaker (Pacific), The Competition is Fierce (ITSAZOO), and 10 seasons at Bard on the Beach. He has just returned from the Magnetic North Festival where he reprised his role as Robert McNamara in Re:Union. Upcoming: Best Laid Plans (Patrick Street). Andrew is honoured to be filling the large shoes of John Mann, who played Thénardier at the Arts Club in 2009.

Eloise White ~ Young Éponine/Cover for Young Cosette and Gavroche

Eloise is excited to be making her Arts Club debut in Les Misérables. She has performed in the children’s chorus in Tosca and Carmen with Vancouver Opera. She also played the role of Becky Thatcher in Tom Sawyer at Langley Christian School, where she will be a grade six student this September. Eloise studies piano and acro and has also studied violin and ballet. She loves strawberry ice cream and Harry Potter. Eloise lives in Langley with her mom, dad and two sisters and, hopefully one day, a dog.

Cathy Wilmot ~ Ensemble

A multiple Community Theatre Coalition and Ovation Award winner for her performances in musicals, Cathy is excited to be performing in her favourite musical, as well as making her debut with the Arts Club. Favourite performing credits include Mrs. Lovett in Sweeney Todd, Edith/Edie in Grey Gardens, Rent (FCP), Dragon in Align Entertainment’s Shrek, and most recently Paulette in Legally Blonde at TUTS, where she received the E.V. Young Award for Outstanding Performance. Her other passions are working with children with special needs and travelling the world. In September, Cathy is moving to Boston to pursue her MFA in Musical Theatre Performance. www.cathywilmot.com

Jacob Woike

~ Combeferre/Ensemble

Jacob is overjoyed to be a part of such an iconic piece of theatre as Les Misérables. Since graduating from Capilano University in Musical Theatre, he has spent the past year actively pursuing his passion for the stage. Recent credits include Broken Sex Doll (Virtual Stage), Legally Blonde (TUTS), Marry Me a Little (Square One), and The Drowsy Chaperone (Exit 22). A special thank you to the creative team and cast for this experience. For my mother, Jennifer.

Sylvia Zaradic ~ Ensemble

Sylvia is thrilled to be back on the beautiful Stanley stage! Notable credits: Janet in Waiting for the Parade (Chemainus Theatre), Victoria Grant in Victor Victoria (Metro Theatre), Fiddler on the Roof (Chemainus Theatre), Les Misérables (Arts Club), musical direction for Evil Dead: The Musical (DSR), Announcer at Whistler Medals Plaza for Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. As a voice actor/director Sylvia’s work is varied and extensive and includes major motion pictures, TV episodics (MOTIVE, Cedar Cove, Strange Empire); roles in cartoons such as Strange Magic, Escape From Planet Earth, My Little Pony, Martha Speaks, Being Ian and for gaming giants EA, Hothead, and Radical Entertainment. Sylvia is a graduate of the UBC School of Music and is on faculty in the School of Performing Arts at Capilano University.


Bill Millerd ~ Director

As Artistic Managing Director of the Arts Club, Bill has directed more than 180 shows. Bill is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, is a Member of the Order of Canada, received the Mayor’s Award for Theatre, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Laws and the Alumni Award of Distinction from UBC, has received the Hugh B. Main Lifetime Achievement Award from Tourism Vancouver, and the Honourary Doorman of the Year from the Child Foundation.

Bruce Kellett ~ Co-Musical Director/Reorchestration/Keyboard Programming

Bruce has been associated with the Arts Club Theatre Company for 44 seasons. His favourite shows include Jacques Brel, Ain’t Misbehavin’, Sweeney Todd, and West Side Story. He composed the scores for Only in Vancouver, Easy Money, and, in workshop, A Little Princess. He has also worked for the Vancouver Playhouse, Carousel Theatre, the Citadel Theatre, the Shaw Festival, and Canadian Stage. A member of the BC Entertainment Hall of Fame, Bruce has received five Jessie Awards.

Ken Cormier ~ Co-Musical Director/Keyboards

Ken’s most recent appearance as Music Director at the Stanley was in In the Heights. He has previously served in the same capacity in productions of Spamalot, The Producers, Hairspray, High Society, and Dreamgirls. Ken has also worked (with Bruce Kellett) as Associate Music Director of White Christmas and Next to Normal. As well, Ken has played keyboards for numerous other Arts Club productions, including Mary Poppins,The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Singin’ in the Rain, Evita, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Ken began his professional career as a repetiteur with Vancouver Opera. He then played in Livent’s Vancouver runs of Showboat, Sunset Boulevard, and Phantom of the Opera. Since 1998, Ken has also worked with Vancouver’s internationally acclaimed men’s choir Chor Leoni.

Valerie Easton ~ Choreographer

Valerie’s work for the Arts Club has been seen in Red Rock Diner, Mary Poppins, Dreamgirls, High Society, Hairspray, White Christmas, Buddy, Les Misérables, The Producers, Company, Gypsy, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Cabaret, Miss Saigon, Evita, Jacques Brel, Singin’ in the Rain, My Fair Lady, and West Side Story, for which she received a Jessie nomination. Some other choreographic credits include shows with Western Canada Theatre Co., the Gateway, TUTS, Studio 58, and Bard on the Beach. Valerie’s national credits include Sunshine Theatre, The Citadel, University of Saskatchewan, and the Neptune. Her directorial credits include Mack and Mable, A Chorus Line, Tom Foolery, Joseph, Hello, Dolly!, and Cabaret for Showcase Festival, and The Thing about Men for Presentation House and the Arts Club tour. Valerie is currently the Artistic Director of Royal City Musical Theatre. You can also see her work at Bard on the Beach this summer in Love’s Labours Lost. Valerie dedicates Les Mis to her daughter, Amy Wallis.

Ted Roberts ~ Set Designer

As Resident Designer for the Arts Club, recent designs include In the Heights, Dreamgirls, Clybourne Park, Hairspray, August: Osage County, at the Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage; set and lighting for Red Rock Diner and sets for It’s Snowing on Saltspring, It’s a Wonderful Life, and The Mountaintop at the Granville Island Stage; lighting for A Twisted Christmas Carol, set and lighting for The Santaland Diaries, and set for Sister Judy and A Craigslist Cantata at the Revue Stage. For the Firehall Arts Centre, the lighting for Chelsea Hotel and the set for Urinetown, and for Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon, the lighting for My Chernobyl and Hedda Gabler. Ted is a member of the Associated Designers of Canada.

Marsha Sibthorpe
~ Lighting Designer
Marsha has designed the lighting for over 525 productions across this fair land. Favourite Arts Club productions include The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man in the Moon Marigolds, Creeps, The Matka King, Miss Saigon, and Next To Normal.

Alison Green ~ Costume Designer

Alison has been associated with the Arts Club for over four decades. She has also designed for Carousel Theatre, the Playhouse Theatre Company, Vancouver Opera, Pacific Opera, and the Belfry Theatre. Recent projects include Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, Mary Poppins, My Turquoise Years, Intimate Apparel, Hairspray, White Christmas, The Philanderer (Arts Club); Death of a Salesman, This, Dangerous Corner (Playhouse); Wondrous Tales of Old Japan, Seussical, The Secret World of Og (Carousel); The Rape of Lucretia, Idomeneo (Pacific Opera); and The Dream Healer (UBC Opera Ensemble). Upcoming projects include Pride and Prejudice at the Arts Club. She has recently retired from the faculty of the UBC Department of Theatre and Film, and is a life member of the Associated Designers of Canada. Alison would like to recognize the wonderful support of the Arts Club costume shop team who have been so supportive of her vision over the years.

Caryn Fehr ~ Stage Manager

During this past season, Caryn stage managed In the Heights, Mary Poppins, and 4000 Miles at the Stanley and Best Brothers and How To Disappear Completely at the Belfry Theatre in Victoria. She has toured with productions throughout Canada and to Ireland, and has also worked locally with the The Playhouse, the New Play Centre, Carousel Theatre, Touchstone Theatre, Axis Theatre, the Fringe Festival, TheatreSports, and Solo Collective. Caryn is proud to have received the Mary Phillips Prize, a Jessie for Behind the Scenes Achievement.

Pamela Jakobs ~ Assistant Stage Manager

Some of Pamela’s favourite shows over the years include: Swing, Amadeus, My Fair Lady, Enchanted April, The Diary of Anne Frank, Enchanted April, The Penelopiad, Les Misérables, and Disney’s Beauty and the Beast at the Stanley, and Miracle Mother, It’s Snowing on Saltspring, Forever Plaid, Poster Boys, Xanadu, It’s a Wonderful Life, and Educating Rita at the Granville Island Stage. Pamela is a two-time Jessie nominee and a graduate of the BFA Theatre program at UBC. She would like to thank her husband Craig and her daughter Rose for all their support.

Colleen Totten ~ Assistant Stage Manager

Colleen is very happy to be back with the Arts Club; she was last here as an Assistant Stage Manager for The Patron Saint of Stanley Park. For the past three years, Colleen has been sailing the Caribbean Sea working as a Floor Technician for Carnival Cruise Lines—where she has worked on some of the most challenging ships Carnival has to offer! She is looking forward to an enjoyable summer home in BC. Favourite credits include: stage management for the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Meet the Mascots on Ice—Robson Square (PRP), multiple shows for Carousel Theatre, a BC school tour of The Big Sneeze (Axis), and venue management for The Peking Acrobats and Celtic Legends (PNE). Colleen is a graduate of Capilano University’s Technical Theatre Program; find out more at colleentotten.com.

Graham Boyle ~ Percussion
Favourite Arts Club productions include Dreamgirls, Les Misérables, The Producers, Company, Gypsy, Cabaret, Funny Girl, My Fair Lady, and Cookin’ at The Cookery. Graham has been heard on thousands of jingles, over a dozen film scores, numerous CDs and several television series, including MacGyver and Lonesome Dove. Recently, he performed on a song featured in Disney’s hit movie Ratatouille. Other career highlights include recording and touring with k.d. lang, touring with Jann Arden, and accompanying jazz legend Chet Baker on his final two visits to Vancouver.

Henry Christian ~ Trumpet/Flugelhorn

Henry has a Bachelor of Music from Western Washington University and is active in both the classical and commercial scenes in Vancouver. He has played on countless jingles and can be heard on many CDs including recordings by Aerosmith, Sam Roberts, and Paul Brandt. Recently he performed with the Vancouver Opera Orchestra in the company’s production of West Side Story. Henry has also played in many Arts Club productions including Gypsy, Miss Saigon, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Cabaret, The Producers, Buddy, Dreamgirls, Spamalot and In the Heights.

Angus Kellett ~ Keyboards

Other credits as a music director and/or keyboard player include Wicked and The Book of Mormon (Broadway Across Canada), Into the Woods and Rent (Fighting Chance), Annie, The Sound of Music, and Fiddler on the Roof (Gateway), A Year With Frog and Toad (Carousel), Gigi, Titanic, Merrily We Roll Along, Follies, and The Unsinkable Molly Brown (Applause!), and Mary Poppins (Arts Club). Angus also appeared as Manny Weinstock in the Arts Club’s Master Class and has worked on nearly 20 productions with Vancouver Opera.

Sasha Niechoda ~ Keyboards/Keyboard Programming

As a professional musician for over 25 years, Sasha’s Toronto credits include productions for Livent Inc., Mirvish Productions, and the Shaw Festival including The Phantom of the Opera, Ragtime, Sunset Blvd., Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Mamma Mia, and many others. Since returning home to Vancouver in 2002, Sasha has played and programmed keyboards for The Sound of Music, The King and I, The Secret Garden, A Chorus Line, and Mamma Mia; as well as Little Shop of Horrors, Evita, Jacques Brel, Miss Saigon, Company, The Producers, Suds, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Les Misérables, Hairspray, Dreamgirls, Spamalot, and In the Heights for the Arts Club, as well as Altar Boyz, Buddy, and Blood Brothers, for which he also served as Musical Director.

Andrew Poirier ~ Trombone

Andrew hails from Lewisporte, Newfoundland. An accomplished trombonist, Andrew began his musical studies in the Salvation Army. After earning a Bachelor of Music degree from UBC, he continued his education at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music earning a Master of Music Degree in Orchestral Performance. Andrew has studied with legendary trombonists Mark Lawrence, Gordon Cherry, and Kenneth Knowles. In addition to maintaining an active schedule as an orchestral musician, Andrew has recorded and toured extensively with the Canadian chamber music ensemble iTromboni. He is also in demand as a teacher and clinician, holding sessional faculty positions at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, the University of British Columbia, and the Vancouver Academy of Music.


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