Lesson 6: Daniel 6—In the Lions’ Den Day One: Read Daniel 6, focusing on verses 1–9; Daniel Serves Darius Well

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Spring 2010—Daniel

Lesson 6: Daniel 6—In the Lions’ Den
Day One: Read Daniel 6, focusing on verses 1–9; Daniel Serves Darius Well

1. From Daniel 5, who is Darius?

2. List the kings under whom Daniel served, citing references from chapters 1–5.

3. What impresses you most about Daniel in 6:1–5, and why?

4. Linking Daniel 6:5 with Ecclesiastes 4:4, what motive did these men have in accusing Daniel?

5. From verses 7–8, why did these accusers insist that Darius put this law into writing? (See Esther 8:8.)

  1. Why do you think Darius signed this decree without consulting Daniel?

Day Two: Read Daniel 6:10–18; Daniel in the Lions’ Den

1. In what way does Daniel’s response in verse 10 show that he neither hid nor flaunted his prayer?

2. What phrase in these verses indicates that Daniel had established a habit of prayer?

3. What differences are there between Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 3 and Darius in Daniel 6?

4. From Ezekiel 14:12–14, what was God’s estimation of Daniel?

Day Three: Read Daniel 6:19–24; God Rescues Daniel

1. Give evidence that Darius believed that Daniel would survive the night with the lions.

2. Give at least two reasons why Daniel was not harmed.

3. Dig Deeper: The type of judgment against Daniel’s accusers is illustrated in Proverbs 28:10. Where else is this kind of judgment recorded in Scripture?

4. Hebrews 11:32–34 speaks of shutting the mouths of lions. What “lions” have you or are you currently facing in your Christian life? How have you met the threat?

Day Four: Read Daniel 6:25–28; Darius Acknowledges God

1. What does Darius’ proclamation of Daniel’s God as “the living God” tell the world about God?

2. List the progression of Daniel’s successes or promotions from Daniel 1–6.

a. Daniel 1

b. Daniel 2

c. Daniel 3

d. Daniel 4

e. Daniel 5

f. Daniel 6

3. How would Daniel’s success have encouraged God’s people in the midst of their captivity?

4. What personal encouragement do you find in the story of Daniel’s life?

Day Five: Re-read Daniel 6, focusing on verses 10–13; Daniel’s Example of Prayer

1. Identify the following elements of Daniel’s prayer from the following verses:

a. Place

b. Persistence

c. Posture

d. Praise

e. Pattern

f. Petition

2. Apply these six elements to your own prayer life in the following questions.

a. Do you have a regular time and place to pray? How does it help?

b. For what have you persisted in prayer this year?

c. What does kneeling do for the one who is praying? Why do you think many Christians choose to sit rather than kneel in prayer?

d. How do you sincerely praise God in prayer when you don’t feel like it?

e. What is the pattern of your prayers? How can an organized prayer help you build a relationship with God?

f. Do your petitions generally follow or precede praise and thanksgiving? Why?

3. What words best describe your own prayer life?

a. If there is room for improvement, what steps will you take today to develop a closer relationship with God through prayer?


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