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Lesson Guide for Grade __7__

Name of Text ____Amigo Brothers _________Author of Text __Piri Thomas________________ Location of Text _____p. 283_______________


Begins with


1st Read Questions

2nd Read Questions




Identify the major goal shared by the friends.

Based on the information in the text, predict what you think will happen next?


“Now after a series…”




What did Thomas mean by “..they sensed a wall rising between them”? Cite an action by one of the amigo brothers to prove your answer.

Give an example of an action from the text that describes the friendship between Felix and Antonio.


“The days in training…”


What is the major conflict (type) in this chunk? What evidence from the text supports your answer?

How does Thomas describe the young people Felix encounters after he leaves the movie theater the night before the fight? What can you infer about the neighborhood?


“The morning of the fight…”



What influential people give speeches before the fight? What does this indicate about the event?

Based on the action of the match and description of the friends’ injuries, who do you think won round 1? What evidence proves this?


“Bong! Bong! Round two…”


How does the crowd’s reaction change from the end of round 2 to the end of round 3?

Was there a resolution to the main conflict? How do you know?
Common Core Standards being addressed __RL7.3, RL7.9, RI7.9 ____________________________________

Sample Performance Tasks:

  • PLOT – Small Groups: Each group receives a piece of construction paper (with plot line already drawn), sentence strips, vocabulary word strips, glue, and scissors (strips attached). Students cut vocabulary strips first and glue down to label the parts of the plot line. Next, students cut the sentence strips and collaborate to determine where each sentence detail belongs on the plot line. Rising actions need to be placed in sequential order. Once there is a consensus, students glue down the strips.

  • PLOT – Individual: Students will use pictures to symbolize the action of the plot. Students will cut pictures from magazines and glue down. Optional: You may limit the number of rising actions that students are responsible for symbolizing. Students must label the plot line correctly.

  • RL7.7/RI7.7 – Review media unique techniques (lighting, sound, camera angles, color). Watch video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kblp3kYuKRU Ask students to pay attention to the media techniques. When finished, refer to p. 755 for an example of stage directions. In pairs, students will re-write the last two paragraphs on page 288 and the first three paragraphs on page 289 as stage directions.

  • W.1 Write arguments that: (uses) clear, relevant, and organized reasons/evidence

(Begin developing pros/cons)

Which do you think is more important to the story: The external conflict (the fight itself) or the internal conflict (the feelings the boys struggled with before and during the fight)? Why? Support your answer with evidence from the text. Use quotations marks if using exact words.

Setting: Manhattan, NYC

Characters: Antonio and Felix

Theme: Friendship is stronger than anything

Was this a fight to the death instead of a boxing match?

The referee and trainers pull Felix and Antonio apart after the bull to end the round rang.

Antonio and Felix decide to stay away from each other until the day of the fight.

The morning of the fight, Tompkins Square was a beehive of activity.

Antonio and Felix both dreamed of becoming light-weight champion of the world.

They are informed they will fight each other in the division finals in August.

While running, they sense a wall rising between them.

Felix and Antonio get ready for the fight in the junior high school.

Felix’s legs buckled.

Antonio falls to the ground.

Arm in arm the champions had already left the ring.

The crowd no longer was fearful.

Rising Actions

The announcer begins to declare the winner.


The boys want to knock out the other one quickly to avoid too much pain.


Falling Actions


Lesson Guide for Grade __7__

Name of Text: The Powerful Allure of Mike Tyson - Author of Text: Joyce Carol Oates - Common Core Standards being addressed: RL7.3, RL7.9, RI7.9
Location of Text http://www.nytimes.com/1987/10/25/sports/the-powerful-allure-of-mike-tyson.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm




1st Read Questions

2nd Read Questions


1 & 2




Oates begins the article with “It…” What does “it” refer to?

Why was Tyson considered a challenger against Berbick?


3 & 4



Cite evidence from the article that explains why Tyson believed Biggs needed punishing.

According to the author, what does Tyson do to create an “unsettling air?”


8 & 9




According to the author, how was Biggs like Pinklon Thomas?

Towards the end of the match, was the crowd excited or calm? How do you know

Sample Performance Tasks:

  • How is the relationship between Felix and Antonio different from Tyson and Biggs? Cite evidence from the texts to support your answer.

  • Compare/contrast the boxing styles of the four boxers. You may need to create a table to organize your evidence prior to constructing your response.


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