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LESSON ORGANISATION : Casey Lindsay, Ashleigh Bailey, Jess Warr

Year Level: One Time: 12.50 Date:
Learning Area: Technology and Enterprise / English / Art

Students’ Prior Knowledge:

  • Students are informed of the upcoming task to create an Olympic mascot and have researched previous Olympic mascots and Olympic hosting countries in the last lesson.

  • Students are familiar with the program paint and can manipulate it to create a picture.

  • Students have created a power point about previous mascots as a class.

  • Students have been learning more about Australian Society and are learning the words to the Australian National Anthem

Lesson Topic: Olympic Mascots

Based on Curriculum Framework:

Circle Value/s to be taught: 1 2 3 4 5 Indicate Value/s sub-points: 1.2, 1.3, 2.5, 3.5

Overarching Learning Outcomes (circle): 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Learning Area Outcomes:

The Creation of Information

Enterprising Capabilities and Skills

Use of Texts

Processes and Strategies

Based on Curriculum Guide/Elaborated Curriculum Guide, DET Syllabus or RE Syllabus

Lesson Objectives (i.e. anticipated outcomes of this lesson, in point form)
As a result of this lesson, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the program paint, and create a picture to describe the chosen characteristics of their mascots.

  • Demonstrate understanding of transferring information to the Internet by uploading their photo from paint into the Story Jumper program and begin creation of their stories.

  • Demonstrate understanding of instructions by being able to log into Story Jumper account with help from Aide.

Teacher’s Prior Preparation/Organisation:

  • Prepare Mimio program for Interactive Whiteboard including timer and hyperlink.

  • Compile children’s power point presentations from previous lesson

  • Make account for Story Jumper and ensure software is enable for computer room

Provision for Learner Diversity/Educational Risk:

  • Three children were away for the introductory lesson on the task and missed the opportunity to research their mascot. Throughout the week I updated these children, provided them with data on the other countries and gave them the opportunity to complete their draft. They are now up to speed.

LESSON EVALUATION (to be completed AFTER the lesson)

Assessment of Lesson Objective and Suggestions for Improvement:

Teacher self-reflection and self-evaluation:

[OFFICIAL USE ONLY] Comments by classroom teacher, HOPP, supervisor:

LESSON DELIVERY (attach worksheets, examples, marking key, etc, as relevant)


Motivation and Introduction:

  • Mat song / circle song to gather children on the mat. Roll using interactive whiteboard in deciding which is their favourite mascot from the 4 previous Olympics. National Anthem sing along using you tube video.


Lesson Steps (Lesson content, structure, strategies & Key Questions):

  • We will then view previously constructed power point about previous Olympic countries and Mascots on the interactive whiteboard to re-iterate task and children’s role for completion.

  • Children are then dismissed to computers to begin construction of draft mascot in Paint. Children are already familiar with the program paint and have 10 minutes to create a computerised version. 10 minutes will be recorded using Interactive Whiteboard timer.

  • Children are to then save their mascot photo onto the desktop and log into Story Jumper. We have already activated these accounts. I will be doing the exact same task on the Interactive Whiteboard so children can use my work to make reference to.

  • Children need to upload their photo from paint into Story Jumper and then using the tools available can create their story using the following headings as page descriptions. **Name of Mascot, What type of mascot they are (animal / human), Where their mascot lives, What their mascot eats and their mascot’s special power. Children will also work on this part of the task in their literacy lessons, as they are required to write a sentence on each page describing their mascot.

Key Questions:

What has been our favourite mascot to learn more about? / Why?

What types of features must our mascots have?
What are some parts of Story Jumper do we need to remember when we use it?
What information must our stories have about our mascots?
Assessment & Lesson Closure:
After 20 minutes, work will be saved ICT block will finish. Children will continue work on this particular activity throughout the week.

  • Students will continue working on their checklist for this task with the goal of this lesson to be prepared for construction of their mascot.

  • Children will be assessed on whether they have completed draft in paint and then begun work in Story Jumper on their book with a simple yes / no test. (This is controlled and recorded by teacher)


Align these with the segment where they will be introduced.

Mat Song
Interactive Whiteboard
You Tube Clip


Interactive Whiteboard
Story Jumper

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