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Lesson Plan Template


Using the iPod Touch and Story Kit App for Vocabulary



Grade Range:

3 to 5

Brief Description:

Students will identify and explain vocabulary words from a grade appropriate text. Students will use the iPod touch Story Kit app to illustrate, explain and define a word from a chosen list.





Jody Beck and Valerie Hall


Student will:

  • identify and explain vocabulary words from a grade appropriate selected text

  • use the Story Kit app to illustrate, explain and define a word

Standards Covered

ELA Standard 2.2a

Students will be able to develop an increasingly extensive vocabulary and actively seek the meaning of unknown words as an important facet of comprehending texts and messages by using context clues to determine the meanings of words.



What are some strategies that you can use when you come upon unknown vocabulary words?

Warm-up Activity (Do Now)

Students are give five words and need to rate the words according to the following scale:

Students choose a word that fits into the category I have heard it before or I don’t know it at all

Visual Strategies

(Including Differentiation)

  • Notebook lesson that coordinates with the project

  • Screen captures of what the app looks like

Student Activities:

(See Notebook Lesson)

  1. Open Story Kit App and select new book

  2. Type your chosen vocab. word from the list

  3. Draw a picture of the vocab. word on the same page

  4. Add a blank page
  5. Using one of the discussed strategies create a definition for the word and type the definition

  6. Share with your partner

Assessment of

Student Learning

Working in groups the students will create an exit ticket (flip book) with the vocab. words for the lesson. (The flip book will require students to write the word, illustrate and define)


Share flip books and story kit book with team in groups.

Teaching Tips:

Be sure kids are familiar with app before using.

The teacher used vocab. words from the upcoming story in their anthology.

Use the Notebook lesson to guide and model teaching.

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