Lin 655 (linguistic humor across the disciplines) midsemester exam study guide: Covering Raskin’s The Primer of Humor Research 1-280

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LIN 655 (LINGUISTIC HUMOR ACROSS THE DISCIPLINES) MIDSEMESTER EXAM STUDY GUIDE: Covering Raskin’s The Primer of Humor Research 1-280, and Nilsen & Nilsen Encyclopedia of 20th Century American Humor Related PowerPoints

PowerPoints that will assist you in studying for the exam: Accidental Humor, African-American Humor, Ambiguity, American Pop Language, Animal Language Play, Clowns, Gallows Humor, Gender-Humor, Gerontology-Humor, Humor-Anthropology, Humor-Linguistics, Humor-Philosophy, Humor-Sociology, Humor-Literature, Humor-Theories, Humor-Web Sites, Irony, Jewish Humor, Jokes, Language Play, Music-Humor, Paradox, Parody, Poetry, Satire, Spanish-American Humor
1-pt: Definitions: Anachronism, Doggerel Poetry, Dramatic Irony, Keying, Paradox, Parody, Epiphany, Catch-22, Gallows Humor, Gothic Humor, M.I.C.H., Pourquoi Stories, Rube Goldberg, Satire, Scatology, Situational Irony, Slapstick, Sniglet, Ventriloquist, Wit

1-pt: Definitions of New Words: Crotch Fruit, Muffin top, Pope Squatting, Truthiness, Whale Tail, Whizzinator

1-pt: Descriptions of Humorous Art Genres: Abstract Expressionism, Dadaism, Expressionism, Grotesque, Gothic, Impressionism (Puntalism), Minimalism, Surrealism

1-pt: Examples of Comic Archetypes: Clown, Con-man, Con-woman, Doppelganger, Fool, Jester, Parasite, Pedant, Picaro, Rake, Rogue, Sot, Trickster, Wild man, Wild Woman, Wise Fool

1-pt: Examples of Humorous Genres: Benign Humor, Bildungsroman, Cautionary Tale, Comedy of Humors, Comedy of Manners, Erotic Humor, Fantasy Humor, Gallows Humor, Gothic Humor, Horatian Satire, Juvenalian Satire, Metamorphosis Humor, Parody, Picaresque Novel, Pourquoi Story, Romance, Tragedy, Vernacular Humor

1 pt: Examples of Humorous Rhetorical Devices: Allusion, Antithesis, Chiasmus, Eponymy, Metonymy, Nonsense, Oxymoron, Personification, Pun, Synecdoche, Zeugma

1-pt: Examples of Marking: Give an Example of a Word Marked for each of the following: V-Vocation, A-Age, R-Region, I-Informality, E-Ethnicity, S-Sex

1-pt: Examples of Pun Potentials: Antonyms, Cognates, Heteronyms, Homographs, Homonyms, Homophones, Synonyms

1-pt: Identifications of Humor Scholars: Salvatore Attardo, Regina Barreca, Henri Bergson, Joseph Boskin, Christie Davies, Sigmund Freud, Thomas Hobbes, Richard Lederer, Alleen Nilsen, John Morreall, Elliott Oring, Victor Raskin, Willibald Ruch

1-pt: Identifications of Humours Characters: Woody Allen, Yoggie Berra, Archie Bunker, Huckleberry Finn, Samuel Goldwin, Monty Python,

1-pt: Punch Lines: Give the punch line of a joke that targets each of the following groups of people. Choose jokes with a teasing but not hostile tone: Conservative People, Disabled People, Educated People, Liberal People, Old People, Poles, Religious People, Women

2-pt: Contrast: Comedy of Manners vs. Comedy of Humours, Eiron vs. Alazon, Horatian vs. Junenalian Satire, Humorous Traits, vs. States vs. Behaviors, Junex vs. Senex, Pierrot vs. Harlequin, Laughter vs. Smiling, Tall Tales vs. Urban Legends

2-pt each: Explanation: 1. Explain the ambiguity paradox: Everything is ambiguous, but nothing is ambiguous; 2. Explain why humor needs to be edgy, but not too edgy

2-pt Stereotypes: Irish, Italians, Gays, Germans, Jews, Men, Mexicans, Russians, Scandinavians, Scottish, Women

3-pt: Examples of each: Bloopers, Frontier Heroes, Gothic Heroes, Humorous Musical Compositions, Super Heroes, Tall Tales, Urban Legends

3-pt: Features: Comedy, Irony, Romance, Satire, Tragedy

3-pt each: List: 3 Features associated with humor, 3 Functions of Humor; 3 Subjects associated with humor; 3 Aggressive Humorists, 3 Self-Depricating Humorists, 3 Self-Agrandizing Humorists, 3 Examples of Adaptation or Recycling, 3 physical comedians, 3 cerebral comedians, 3 radio comedians

3-pt each: Qualities: African-American Humor, Body Humor, Ethnic Humor, Frontier Humor, Hispanic Humor, Jewish Humor, Native American Humor, Nerd Humor, Political Humor, Vernacular Humor, Women’s Humor

5-pt: Listing: 5 comedy teams, 5 comic props, 5 comic voices, 5 ethnic joke targets, 5 joke cycles, 5 women stand-up comics, 5 types of smiles, 5 types of laughs

5-pt Take-Home Essay Questions: Answer all four: 1. Explain why and how animals are funny; 2. Write about the acquisition of humor by children and by adults; 3. Write about African-American humor, including Blackface comedy and the Minstrelsy Tradition; 4. Explain Zeitgeists and Tell How Humor Exposes Them;

15-pt Take-Home Essay Questions: Write on any one of the following topics. Each Essay Answer should be about one page in length, double spaced: 1.Compare and contrast Satire and Gallows Humor, 2. Explain the relationship between Humor, Satire, and/or Parody and Censorship; 3. Explain Humor in the Graphic Arts (Animation, Cartoons, Comic Books, Comic Strips, etc.); 4. Explain differences in Women’s Humor and Men’s Humor; 5. Write about the nature of ethnic humor with illustrations from ethnicities of your choice; 6. Explain how humor is used for social bonding and for gate keeping (excluding people from a group).

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