Listed below are easy to do Language/Arts ideas for family fun. A little bit of your time with imagination can go a long way… A

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Listed below are easy to do Language/Arts ideas for family fun.

A little bit of your time with imagination can go a long way…
A is for Apples describe the color, texture, taste, and smell of apples

B is for Blocks create letters and tape letters/words to each block to create words or sentences
C is for Collage make a story by pasting pictures like family photos
D is for Dolls retell a story by using dolls as the characters
E is for Empty Boxes sort items by their beginning sounds into letterboxes or make a bookshelf
F is for Food read can labels, ingredients on cereal boxes, or nutrition information at the

grocery store or from items in your cabinet

G is for Games play rhyming or listening games, name a word for each letter of the alphabet, sort objects by vowel sounds, letter sounds, blends, etc.
H is for Hats pick objects out of a hat and make up a story about it
I is for Imagination make up a rhyme, story, song, or poem about your family and share with family

J is for Junk Mail write a daily journal using pictures from catalogs or circular ads you get in the

K is for Kit create a story telling kit by placing objects in an empty box
L is for Letters make alphabet soup, write a letter to a family member, or come up with other homonyms words that sound the same but have different meanings like letter (alphabet) and letter what you write)
M is for Macaroni write a letter in magic marker and glue macaroni on top of each letter

N is for Newspapers read the comics using expression or cut out the comic and put into

sequential order

O is for Old Clothes dress up and tell a story about a character you are or create a doll by

stuffing clothes with newspaper
P is for PARENT be a parent to your child, they already have many friends!
Q is for Quiz Games while driving or walking, ask wondering questions about what you see
R is for Ruler learn how to read and write the different measurements on the ruler
S is for Stickers make a sticker collection and classify by color, shape, or figure

T is for Trace trace the dimensions of a book and write a short story within those dimensions
U is for Utensils learn names of utensils, how to set a table properly, read a book about proper

etiquette –one is never too young to learn

V is for Visits visit a place like the library, discuss what you saw, draw or write about it
W is for Water Play discuss water safety rules and create an invitation to a swim party in the bath tub
X is for X-Ray draw what you think an x-ray looks like, take your pulse from different parts

of your body

Y is for Yarn write your name with yarn or make a book using yarn for the design
Z is for Zoo go for a visit to the zoo and discuss or write about your favorite animal you saw

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