Listening to the whole story

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Sometimes students and adults learn about things by listening. Sometimes students and adults only hear part of the information because they stop listening. They may stop listening because they had to leave. They may stop listening because they got upset and only heard the first part of the whole story. It is always important to stay calm and hear the whole story. Sometimes a person thinks they are hearing bad news but when they listen longer there is a good ending. Sometimes even if the whole story is sad, a person can make a plan to make a good ending.

It is important to listen long enough to hear the whole story of news or information. Then a student or adult can find out everything they need to know. If they know everything they can make good decisions and plans about what comes next.

I’m going to try to wait and hear whole stories, and listen for all the information. This way I may find out that everything will work out. If the whole story is sad I know I can get an adult to help me make a plan. This way everything I do will seem easier.

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