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1.When you visit the LHS Library, take the lift to the 3rd floor of the Central Library – the LHS Library is within the Search Room.

2. Deposit any bags, coats etc in one of the lockers outside the Search Room – there's a £1 coin-returnable system in place.

3. Show your LHS Membership / Programme card to a member of staff on duty who will allow you access to the Search Room. Unlike members of the public, LHS members do NOT have to make a prior appointment to access the Search Room.

4. If you wish to borrow book(s) whilst you are at the Library, please complete the loans form which will be found in the ' Returned Books' box on the shelf. The loan period is for 30days. Please notify the Librarian by email ( what book(s) you have borrowed.

5. At the end of the loan period, please return the book(s) to the LHS library. If you wish to renew them for a further 30 days , contact the Librarian by email for authorisation.

N.B. As part and parcel of the above arrangements, LHS members using the Search Room have access to the photocopier, which also incorporates a scanner if you need to copy anything from a book. Normal photocopying charges and copyright legislation would apply.
In addition, you have the option of using, free of charge, the dedicated overhead scanner and downloading the scans onto your own USB memory stick.
LHS members also have access to the public computers in the Search Room. You will need a Liverpool Libraries membership card to do this. This then gives you free access to various resources.

There are also a number of microfilm machines in the Search Room which you can access, again free of charge – staff would bring the reels to you in the Search Room.


Updated: May 2017

Note : The pamphlets and slim publications will be together in Box Files in alphabetical order by author and situated on the shelves .
Those books marked with an asterisk (*) refer to donations by a former LHS Member Veronica Gibson who gave her entire book collection to the Society.

*ACKROYD, H : Dream Palaces of Liverpool . 1987
AINSCOUGH, H. : Ainscough’s Liverpool. Bluecoat Press, 1999.
AINSWORTH, R & JONES, G : In the Footsteps of Peter Ellis. Liverpool History Society 2013. 2 COPIES.
AKENSON, D. :The Irish Diaspora. P.D. Meaney, Toronto, 1941.
ALSBURY, A. :Christ Church, Higher Bebington, 1859-1989.Self-published. 1990.
ALLISON, J. E.: Sidelights of Tranmere. Birkenhead Historical Society, 1976.
ANDERSON, B.L. & STONEY, P.J.M. : Commerce, Industry and Transport. Studies in Economic Change on Merseyside. Liverpool University Press, 1983.
ANSTEY, R.: Liverpool, the African Slave Trade and Abolition. Western Printing, 1976.
ANSTEY, R & HAIR, P : Liverpool, the African Trade and Abolition. HSLC 1989
*ARTS & ACTION : Bootle – pictorial study of the Dockland community. Bootle Play Action Council.(In Box File)

ASCOTT, D.E. LEWIS F & POWER, M : Liverpool 1660-1750: People, Prosperity & Power. Liverpool University Press 2006

ASH, R,J : Changes and Challenges : A personal history of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society from 1969 – 2014. Wordscapes Ltd 2014.
ASH , R,J : Christianity, community and social concern : a history of the Liverpool Domestic Mission Society from 1836. Wordscapes 2011.
ASPINALL, H : Birkenhead and its Surroundings. The Liverpool Booksellers' Co Ltd. 1903.
AUGHTON, P : Liverpool - A Peoples History A new edition, with expanded text 2003. Carnegie Press.
AUGHTON, P :Liverpool - A Peoples History . Carnegie Press. 2008.
AULDIS, P : The Railways of Walton from 1849. Booklet. Walton on the Hill History Group. 2002.
BAGLEY, JJ : Lancashire : A History of, Illustrated with early settlements, Maps and Political boundaries to the present day. Philimore 6th ed. 1976
BAGLEY, J.J. :The Story of Merseyside : Parts 1 & 2 1968, 1969.
*BAKEWELL, K : St Hilda's Church, Hunts Cross, Liverpool 1898- 1998.
BAMFORD, J & COLLIER, R :Eyes of the Night The air defence of North-Western England, 1940 – 1943. Pen and Sword Books Ltd 2005
BARGE, J :. A Gazetteer of Liverpool Breweries, Neil Richardson. 1987
*BARKER, E : In and Out around Broadgreen. E Barker. 1991.

*BARTLETT, M E (Rev) : The Parish of All Hallows, Allerton. 1976.

*BEHREND, A : Portrait of a family firm – Bahr, Behrend & Co 1793 – 1945. Camelot Press. 1970.
BELCHEM, J editor. :Liverpool 800 An account of Liverpool. 2006
BELCHEM, J.: Irish, Catholic and Scouse. Liverpool University Press. 2007
BELCHEM, J (editor). : Popular Politics Riot and Labour. Essays in Liverpool History 1790-1940. Liverpool University Press. 1992
BENBOUGH_JACKSON, M : Merseyside's War (Voices of the First World War) Amberley Press 2015.
*BENNETT, Canon : Father Nugent of Liverpool . Liverpool Catholic Chidren's Protection Society. 1949.
*BENNETT, M & MORRIS, E : Sudley – illustrated catalogue and history of the house. Walker Art Gallery.
*BENNETT, R : King's Mills of Ancient Liverpool. 1896. (In Box File).
BICKERTON, T W :. A Medical History of Liverpool from the earliest days to the year 1920. Murray 1936. Reference Only.
BIBBY, C.L. : The Shaftes : The story of the Shaftesbury Boys’ Club Birkenhead, from its philanthropic inception in 1886. 1974.
*BIBBY, J: James Bibby – a brief memoir - 1852 – 1928.
BIBBY, J P. :The Bibbys Of Conder Mill & Their Descendents. 1979
BIBBY J.B.& C.L. : A Miller’s Tale. A history of J. Bibby and Son's Ltd, Liverpool .1978 2 COPIES.

BIBBY, J & Sons : Miscellaneous photo and print memorabilia relating to the company’s many different activities, cattle-feed, soap & margarine production. A small, personal collection of commemorative materials. 1947 – 1971

BIBBY, J : The Bibby Story . 1963 ( In Box File)
BIBBY,J : The Bibby Story - Centenary . 1978. (In Box File)
BIBBY LINE GROUP : Ships and More Ships – The History of the Bibby Line from 1807 to date. (in Box File)

*BILLINGTON, J : Sugar and Spice- E Billington and Sons Ltd – a personal recollection of a family trading company. 2 Volumes. 2008.
*BIMPSON, A : Urban Art and Architecture in Liverpool. Switch Media Press 2009.
BINNS, S : Life of Margaret Beavan. DVD.(In Box File).
*BLUECOAT SOCIETY OF ARTS : Golden Jubilee 1977.(In Box File).
*BLUECOAT SOCIETY OF ARTS : 50 Years of Liverpool People, Places and Pleasure. 1977 (In Box File).
BLUNDELL M : A Lancashire Squire - The Life of Nicholas Blundell of Crosby 1669-1737. Nov. 2002 .
*BOLGER,P :The Docker's Umbrella- history of Liverpool's overhead railway. Bluecoat Press 1992.
BOLGER, P : Edwardian A-Z & Directory of Liverpool & Bootle. Part Three, South Liverpool. Amadeus Press. 2002.
*BOLGER, P : Liverpool Overhead Railway . Bluecoat Press. 1997.
*BOARDMAN, J : Liverpool Table Talk – 10 years ago.
BIRCHALL, J : Proceedings of the Literary & Philosophical Society of Liverpool 73rd Session 1883-1884, Volume XXXVIII. D. Marples & Co, Ltd .1884

BONEY, K. :Liverpool Porcelain of the 18th Century and its Makers. Portman Press, 1989.

BONEY, K. : Richard Chaffers: A Liverpool Potter. Henry Young and Sons Ltd, 1968.
BOOT, P : A River in Retrospect: Further Reflections on the Mersey's Shipping. Priam Publications. 1996
BOOTH, H. : An Account of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Frank Cass & Co Ltd. 1969.
BOOTH, P H W (Editor) :Burton in Wirral - a History. The Burton and South Wirral Local History Society. 1984. ( In Box File)
BOOTH, P H W.: Burton Manor: The Biography of a House. Burton Manor. 1978.
BORER, M C. : Liverpool : 1066-1960’s a brief social & Economic overview. Camelot Press 1971
BOTT, O & WILLIAMS, R :. Man's Imprint on Cheshire. Cheshire County Council. 1975
BOUCHER, C. : James Brindley. Goose and Son Ltd, 1968.
BOUMPHREY, I & M :. Yesterday’s Wirral. No.4 Wallasey and New Brighton., including Leasowe. I & M Boumphrey. 1986.
BOUMPHREY, I& M: Yesterday’s Wirral. No.6 Neston, Parkgate, Heswall including Thurstaston, Irby & Greasby. 1991 I & M Boumphrey. TWO COPIES.
BOUMPHREY, I & M.: Yesterday’s Wirral. Neston, Parkgate, Heswall 1981 . I & M Boumphrey
*BOYCE, J : Pillowslips and Gas Masks- Liverpool's Wartime Evacuation. Liver Press. 1989.
BRABIN, A :. The Black Widows of Liverpool. Carnegie Press. 2003
BRACK, A : Liverpool-The official book of the City. Liverpool City Council. 1978

BRACK, A : The Wirral. Batsford. 1980.

BRADDOCK, J. :The Braddocks. Jack and Bessie Braddock. Macdonald & Co.1963.
*BRADLEY, L : Mr Roscoe's Garden. Liverpool University Press. 2008.
BRADY, L. : T. P. O’Connor and the Liverpool Iris’. Royal Historical Society .1983.
*BRETT, M & B: Archive Photographs of Garston. Chalford Publications. 1997.
BRIDGE, N : My Liverpool Schools. Kirkland Press .1992.
BRITISH RAIL : Rocket 150 – 150th Anniversary of Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1830-1980. Official Handbook.
*BRITISH RAIL : Liverpool and Manchester Railway : a photographic essay – Official BR photo record of the 1980 Rainhill Calvacade of Rail Transport 1980. Avon Anglian Publications.
BROCKBANK, L (Editor.): Dee Wildfowler, The Last Professional (Harold Gill). Leslie Brockbank 1982.
BROGDEN, M. : On the Mersey Beat. Policing Liverpool between the wars. Oxford University Press. 1991.
BROWN, A. : The Royal Institution School Liverpool'. Liverpool University Press. 1927.
BROWN, W H : The Story of The Liverpool Co-operative Society. Liverpool Co-operative Society Ltd. 1929. TWO COPIES
BRYAN,E C : Willaston's Heritage. 1975 (In Box File)
BRYDON P : Insignia of the King’s Liverpool Regiment, Volunteers and Territorials. c2002

BRYSON, G : Poppies & Pulpits Graphic Offset Ltd Liverpool .2009

*BURTON, A : Rise and Fall of King Cotton. BBC. 1984
*BURTON, A : The Rainhill Story – great locomotive trial. BBC. 1980.
BURTON, V editor : Liverpool Shipping, Trade & Industry: Essays on the Maritime History of Merseyside 1780-1860. NMGM. 1989
BUTLER, P. : Liverpool Airport. Tempus Publishing, 2004.
CALLAGHAN, J : Candles, Carts and Carbolic- a Liverpool Childhood between the Wars. Palatine Books. 2011.
*CAMMELL LAIRD: Builders of Great Ships. 1959.
*CAMRA : The Best Pubs around Merseyside. Bebington Publications.
CARLSON, R. :The Liverpool and Manchester Railway Project 1821-1831. David and Charles 1969.
CARR, P : Port of Culture. The photographs of Pete Carr. Liverpool University Press, 2008.
*CARRINGTON, P : St George's Hall – Hall. Organ and Organist. Liverpool City Council. 1981.
CARROL, B :. Liverpool, The Book . Woodrust Ltd. 1989
CARSON, P.A. and GARNER, C.R. : The Silver Screens of Wirral. A history of cinemas in Wallasey, Hoylake, West Kirby and South Wirral. Countyvise. 1990.
*CAVAGAN, R (Rev): Portrait of a Diocese 1880-1980- St Michael in the Hamlet.
*CHANDLER, G : An Illustrated History of Liverpool. Rondo Publications . 1972.
CHANDLER, G: Liverpool and Literature. Rondo Publications, 1974. TWO COPIES.

CHANDLER, G : Four Centuries of Banking. The History of the Bankers, Customers and Staff associated with the constituent banks of Martins Bank Ltd. Vol 1 .1964.

CHANDLER, G : Victorian & Edwardian Liverpool, & the North West. 1982
CHANDLER, G : Liverpool Shipping-A Short History . 1960. TWO COPIES.
CHANDLER, G : Liverpool - compiled for the 750th anniversary of King John. Batsford 1957 TWOCOPIES.
CHANDLER, G : William Roscoe of Liverpool, 1753-1831 . BT Batsford 1953. TWO COPIES.
CHANDLER & SAXTON : Liverpool Under James 1. 1960. TWOCOPIES.
CHANDLER & WILSON: Liverpool Under Charles 1. 1965. TWO COPIES.
CHANNON, H : Portrait Of Liverpool. An historical, illustrated 20TH century overview. G Tinling & Co. Ltd 1972 .TWO COPIES
*CHANNON, H : Liverpool . R Hale. 1976.
CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PUBLIC HEALTH : 150 Years of Public Health. Buxton Press. ( In Box File)
CHARTERS, D: Great Liverpudlians. Palatine Books, 2010. TWO COPIES.
*CHARTERS, D : Liverpool – world in one city. Bluecoat Press. 2003
CHESHIRE LEAF : Fifth Series 107-191 (In Box File)
*CHITTY, M : Discovering historic Wavertree and Garden Suburb. Wavertree Society. 1999.
*CHITTY, M et al (compiled) : A Guide to the Industrial heritage of Merseyside . 1978. North West Society for Industrial Archaeology & History.

CHURCHILL, R: Lord Derby, King of Lancashire 1865-1948. 1959

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