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Liz Griffiths

Set Decorator
Tel / Fax 020 8969 0669

Mobile 07831 713883

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Professional Experience
October ’09 Childrens BAFTA’s Feature Film

Jury Member Category

Feature Films
Feb –May’09 “It’s a Wonderful Afterlife” Set Decorator

Modern Ealing Comedy Designer- Nick Ellis

August – Nov ’07 “ Angus Thongs and Set Decorator

Perfect Snogging” Designer – Nick Ellis

Paramount Pictures

Bridget Jones’ diary for teenagers

May – June ’07 “ Mirrors” Set Decorator

20th Century Fox Designer - Joseph Nemec III

Keifer Sutherland thriller
Feb – June ’06 “Hot Fuzz” Set Decorator

Working Title/Universal Designer – Marcus Rowland

Irreverent British Cult Comedy

Nov – March ’04 “The Jacket” Set Decorator

Section Eight Films Designer –Alan MacDonald

Soderburg / Clooney produced - psychological drama

April – June ’03 “Shaun of the Dead” Set Decorator

Working Title/Universal Designer – Marcus Rowland Romantic Zombie Comedy

Sept – Nov ’01 “Heartlands” Set Decorator

Revolution Films Designer – Tom Conroy

“East is East” - Director
Mar – June ’01 “The Rocket Post” Set Decorator

Ultimate Pictures Designer – Alison Riva

1930’s island Hebridean life and rockets recreated.

Feb – May 2000 “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ” Set Decorator

Pagoda Films Designer - Eve Stewart

European film noir

Sept –Dec ’99 “There’s Only One Jimmy Set Decorator

Grimble” Designer– Michael Carlin

Childrens football fantasy
Nov ’98 – April ’99 “ Esther Kahn ” Production Buyer

French co-production Designer – Jon Henson

Jewish Victorian domestic life and the theatre
April – July ’98 “ Topsy - Turvy ” Set Decorator /Buyer

Thin Man Films Designer – Eve Stewart

Art Dept Oscar nominated in Gilbert and Sullivan meets

Mike Leigh

Feb – April ’98 “ War Zone ” Set Decorator

Tim Roth’s directorial debut Designer - Michael Carlin

Stark, poignant, bleak love drama
August – Dec ’97 “The Secret Laughter of Women” Set Decorator

Elba Films with Colin Firth - shot in the South of France

April – July ’97 “ Heart ” Set Decorator

Granada Films Designer -Stewart Walker

Jimmy McGovern thriller
Jan – April ’97 “ Dad Savage ” Set Decorator

Sweet Child Films Designer– Michael Carlin

Patrick Stewart in Retribution thriller
Sept – Dec ’96 “ The Revengers’ Comedies ” Set Decorator

Artisan Films Designer -Stewart Walker

Ayckbourn farce – Helena Bonham Carter/ Sam Neil
March – June ’96 “ Career Girls ” Set Decorator

Thin Man Films Designer – Eve Stewart

Mike Leigh – 1980’s student life

Sept – Dec ’95 “ The Return of Robert Rylands ” Production Buyer

Cineactive Productions Designer - Tristian Peatfield

Modern mystery drama

April – Aug ’95 “ Secrets & Lies ” Set Decorator

Thin Man Films Designer - Alison Chitty

Mike Leigh – entwined lives unfolding –Brenda Blethen

Sept – Nov ’94 “ Blue Juice ” Set Decorator

Skreba Films Designer –Mark Tildesley

Catherine Zeta Jones - Surfing comedy

June – Sept ’94 “ The Englishman who went Set Decorator

Up a hill, but came down a Designer - Charles Garrad

Mountain ”- Parallax Films

Hugh Grant - 1917 love story

June – Aug ‘93 “ Beyond Bedlam ” Production Buyer

Metrodome Films Designer – James Helps

Modern horror with Liz Hurley

June – Sept ’92 “ The Mystery of Edwin Drood ” Production Buyer

Dickins classic

Bevanfield Films Designer–EdwardThomas

Judi Dench / Robert Powell

Jan’10 “Van Gogh” Set Decorator

BBC2 Imagine Series Designer Andy Harris

June – July ’09 “ Gracie!” Set Decorator

BBC4 –2WWPeriod Drama Designer – Claire Kenny

Britains fabulous entertainer Gracie Fields!
August – Nov ’08 “Collision” Set Decorator

ITV suspense drama Designer – Luana Hanson

Jul – Dec’05 “Hustle” Set decorator

BBC -Slick & modern drama Designer – Paul Spriggs

June ’05 “Egypt” Set Decorator on 2 sets

BBC Designer - Maurice Cain

May ’05 “Rolling Back the Years” Designer – 70’s funky

BBC – Drama Doc drama

Oct’04 –March ’05 “Doctor Who” I eps 6 -13 Set Decorator

BBC sci – fi time travel Designer - Edward Thomas

Christopher Eccleston
September’04 “Casanova” Set Decorator

18th Century Romance epic Designer Alison Dominitz

Peter O’Toole/David Tennant
June – October ‘03 “Gunpowder, Treason Set Decorator

And Plot “- BBC. Designer – Andy Harris

Mary Queen of Scots & Set builds included:

James 1st -Tudor EPIC Westminster Abbey

Shot & built in Romania The Royal Mile

Robert Carlyle/ Edinburgh Castle

Clemence Posey London Docks/ Sts

Houses of Parliament

August – December ’02 “The Key” - BBC. Set Decorator

20th Century Social drama Designer – Andy Harris

Detailed periods of 1917 – ’97 Complete 20C design

The rise of The Labour movement in Scotland

Dec’08 O2 Campaign Moxie – Stylist

Designer Alison Dominitz

May’08 Sky + Campaign Gorgeous – Stylist

Parkinson et al head to heads Designer David Bryan

April’08 Toyota Car Commercial Partizan - Stylist

Virgin Holidays – Charlotte Church

I want it now! RSA Films Stylist

Designer Alison Dominitz

March’08 Girlds Aloud – KitKat 2AM Films – Stylist

Red carpet glamour Designer Alison Dominitz

January ’08 Madonna /Justin Timberlake RSA Films – Stylist

“4 Minutes” Video Designer Alison Dominitz

September ’06 Marks and Spencer RSA Films - Stylist

Christmas Ice Palace Designer Alison Dominitz

Shirley Bassey
July ’05 Sainsbury’s Campaign - RSA Films - Stylist

Jamie Oliver Designer Ben Scott

& Irish Alcohol Awareness



From leaving drama school (LAMDA) as a Stage Manager I worked with touring theatre companies & dance companies, travelling around Europe, in particular Ashdown Eurythmy Dance Co where we toured throughout Scandinavia & Russia. Theatre companies followed, including The Cambridge Theatre Co. and The Oxford Stage Co. I also ran a venue at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival one Summer. I continued my career at The Royal Shakespeare Company (90 -’92). I was responsible for the organisation & props buying for a vast array of Shakespearean productions including; Richard II, Edward II and Much Ado About Nothing as well as original concept plays which included The Last Days of Don Juan and Bright and Bold Design. This led to London Props buying at The Tricycle Theatre and Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, and finally was followed by Theatre Design work at The Richmond Art Theatre, Virginia, USA.


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