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Local Sponsorship Guidelines:
We encourage local stations to obtain local sponsors for the StoryCorps visit. However, there are some rules to be followed concerning these sponsors. The goal of these guidelines is not to limit your local creativity in seeking sponsors, but is to ensure that StoryCorps – and public radio’s integral involvement – is the central focus.


  • The local sponsor may not be a company that is automotive or automotive-related, unless it is a local Saturn dealership.

  • The local sponsor must be identified as a LOCAL sponsor. Saturn is StoryCorps’ exclusive national corporate partner.

  • On-air promo mentions of all sponsors (including local) will only be possible in longer promos: minimum 30 seconds.

  • In order to keep clutter to a minimum, no more than two local sponsors may appear on signage in the StoryCorps booth staging area. Saturn’s national sponsorship signage (to be provided) must be prominent at all events and cannot be eclipsed by local sponsorship recognition.

  • StoryCorps may set aside up to five interview slots for station use. These may be used as part of the local sponsorship, for major donors, for community leaders, etc.

  • Stations are encouraged to build a sponsorship package that consists of varied elements. Suggestions for these elements may be found on the draft StoryCorps sales one-sheet.

Please vet your sponsorship prospects with Marion Kahan, Director of StoryCorps at 646.723.7025 Ext.17.

Any questions about these guidelines can be addressed to Matt Ozug, at 646.723.7025 Ext. 27.

NPR will provide templates of co-brandable promotional materials for station use (with appropriate national recognition of NPR, CPB, and Saturn). There will be ample space provided for local station messaging, and local sponsor recognition. The material will be available at www.nprstations.org – questions should be directed to Kathie Miller at kmiller@npr.org 800.329.5380 Ext. 2729

Additional advance materials for station sales efforts include:

Sound clips: www.storycorps.net -- Station account executives may click on "Listen" and download sample MP3 files for playback to potential sponsors.

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