Location: Norfolk (home based) Responsible to

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Community and Child Protection Advocate

Job description
Salary: £20,198 per annum pro rata
Location: Norfolk (home based)
Responsible to: Service Manager
Hours: 21 - 28 hours per week.
Contract: Permanent

All Coram Voice staff are expected to work in line with our brand, values and management principles, in particular by:

  • Building and maintaining meaningful, supportive, mutually empowering relationships with and between colleagues, partners, and children and young people.

  • Creating and supporting a friendly and trusting working environment, working flexibly and supporting each other in times of high workload or when life gets difficult.

  • Accepting personal responsibility for our work and being accountable for delivering results against those responsibilities.

  • Recognising that we all have a role to play in all aspects of Coram Voice’s success, in particular in supporting fundraising, storytelling, and involving children and young people in shaping the future of Coram Voice.

Main focus for the post:

  • Provide advocacy to children and young people through individual community casework and Child Protection Conferences.

Key Responsibilities:
Provide individual casework to children and young people:

  • Undertake advocacy casework, in line with Coram Voice practice guidelines, with specific young people allocated as ongoing cases, one off interventions and visiting advocacy

  • To attend child protection conferences and reviews, attend meetings with the child/young person, negotiate with agencies and write letters on behalf of the child/young person as appropriate.

  • Ensure that children and young people working with Coram Voice are informed of and understand their rights.

  • Liaise and negotiate with other agencies concerning specific cases and on general issues as required.

  • Take responsibility for maintaining sound records in line with Coram Voice’s recording guidelines which can be used in supervision.

  • Complete financial records for recharging agencies for Coram Voice services.

  • Undertake specific tasks related to the development of the advocacy service and consistent with the role of a Coram Voice advocate.

  • To contribute to your personal supervision with your manager and take shared responsibility for your personal development and learning.

Other Responsibilities

  • Using your casework experience, take responsibility for highlighting key case studies and examples of poor or positive social work service provision and practice, and supporting Coram Voice’s wider storytelling, fundraising and policy work.

  • To promote the advocacy service and Coram Voice to other professionals.

  • To assist with the data collection and reporting for contracts and projects where you have undertaken advocacy work.

  • Develop a work plan to be agreed and reviewed regularly with your supervisor.

  • Undertake any other reasonable tasks requested by the Service Manager, or other designated manager.

The responsibilities contained within this job description are subject to annual review and may need to be adjusted in line with service developments.

Alison Frost

July 2017

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