Lorenzo’s oil quiz objectives: To demonstrate understanding of…

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To demonstrate understanding of…..

  1. How Lorenzo inherited the disease.

  1. How a disease is the result of a malfunctioning system, organ, and cell.

  1. The importance of proteins to the normal breakdown of fatty acids.

  1. The implications of abnormal metabolic functioning in ALD patients.

  1. Fatty acid manipulation as a therapeutic treatment in ALD patients using Lorenzo’s oil.

  1. Ethical implications demonstrated by the Lorenzo Odone story.

Additional Notes:

  • There is an abundance of information available on line about Lorenzo Odone’s story as well as about ALD in general. Feel free to use the internet to help supplement your knowledge and address any of your questions.

  • The remaining questions in your packet were addressed at various points in the movie. Use them to help assess your memory and understanding of the information in the movie. You may find answers to some of the questions within previous answered questions.

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