Los Medanos College Minutes of the Academic Senate

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Los Medanos College

Minutes of the Academic Senate

Date: Monday, January 26, 2015 Time: 3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m. Location: L109

Members Present: Silvester Henderson, Louie Giambattista, Erich Holtmann, Tue Rust, Alex Sample, Mark Lewis, Janice Townsend, Theodora Adkins, Joanna Perry, Estelle Davi, Janith Norman, Elizabeth Abril, Nila Adina, Kacey Gardner, Julie Ashmore, Dave Zimny, Kyle Chuah, Kim Wentworth, Sophia Ramirez (via Conference Call) and Abbey Duldulao (Recorder Secretary)

Members Absent: Nick Garcia, Christina Goff, Paula Gunder and Anthony Hailey

Guests: Bob Kratochvil, Kevin Horan, Natalie Hannum, Nancy Ybarra, Clayton Smith, David Wahl, Tara Sanders, James Noel, Michael Yeong, Haydee Lindgren, Gary Walker,


Topic Action Items: Bolded Texts


Call to Order (S. Henderson):

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m.


Public Comments and Announcements (S. Henderson):
  • Janice Townsend announced an LMC field trip to see Dr. Cornel West talk about “The Burden Carried by African American Men” to be held on Friday, April 10, 2015 at Nourse Theater in San Francisco. This event is related to current conversations on Equity and Achievement Gap. A funding proposal to purchase tickets for this event is in the process. Please email Janice Townsend by Wednesday, January 28, 2015 to be considered for tickets to this event.

  • Gary Walker announced this is his last semester as President of LMC Associated Students. He also announced and invited everyone to attend upcoming LMC Veterans Appreciation Dinner on Friday, February 6, 2015 at 6:00pm at LMC Cafeteria – for LMC Veterans, allies, family, friends and supporters. The guest speakers for this event are Student Veterans, Omar Paz (President of SSCCC for Chancellor’s Office Sacramento) and Assembly Member, Jim Frazier to talk about the importance of Veterans Resource Centers on campuses and the importance of reaching out to our community and veterans population. Xavier Johnson (The RENT) will be singing the National Anthem.

  • Kasey Gardner announced the Study Abroad Program (Study in Barcelona) by Northern California Study Abroad Consortium (NCSAC) scheduled for FALL 2015. More information are scheduled for tomorrow, January 27th from 12-1pm in L105 and on February 11th from 11-12pm in L105 – Kasey emailed today for more information.


President’s Opening Comments (S. Henderson):

  • S. Henderson acknowledged Julie Ashmore, Dave Zimny and Kyle Chuah back for SPRING 2015 from being away for a while in FALL 2014

  • Senators were asked to submit all questions and concerns to Abbey by February 23, 2015 regarding A&R – Incomplete Grade Contract scheduled for discussions on March 9, 2015.
  • S. Henderson announced the 12th Annual Teaching Professor Conference to be held on May 20-31st, 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia – for those who are interested in going and applying for Professional Development Fund.

  • S. Henderson also announced the A2mend Conference Summit by the African American Male Education Network Development to be held in March 4-6th, 2015 at the Westin LAX.

  • S. Henderson announced the ASCCC Spring 2015 State Plenary on April 9-11th at Westin Hotel in Burlingame.

  • S. Henderson publicly thanked Kevin Horan for addressing faculty concerns and updated/corrected SPRING 2015 Finals Scheduled is attached.

  • S. Henderson will coordinate a 45-60 minute Equivalency Workshop and invite Dr. Craig Ruttan (Standards and Chair Practice from Academic Senate State Of California Community Colleges) for March 23, 2015 Academic Senate meeting (tentatively). S. Henderson submitted a request to the State Office to send a representative to come in and do a workshop to go through all requirements and varying degrees of how equivalencies work are addressed and how they are used. S. Henderson will be inviting individuals from District Office as well as other Senate Presidents throughout the district.

  • LMC Senate President Position is up for election this SPRING 2015. S. Henderson served 3 semesters due to L. Giambattista served as Interim Academic Senate President in FALL 2013. New Academic Senate Vice President (Janith Norman) will be sending out information and advertising for this position in the near future.

  • S. Henderson shared President Obama’s Community College Plan article (attached).

  • S. Henderson presented information about State approved Colleges to pilot first round of CCC Bachelor’s Degrees Program (Article Attached and for item #15 in this agenda).
  • S. Henderson acknowledge Janith Norman attending her first meeting today as New Academic Senate Vice President and a special thank you to Professor Milton; our New Union Campus Vice President.

  • S. Henderson congratulated LMC new hired 3SP Manager, Carla Rosas (not present) and DSPS Counselor, Haydee Lindgren (present).

  • S. Henderson announced moving forward, J. Norman will raise her hand to remind all meeting leaders when their time is almost up and the Senate will need to tend to the next agenda item.


Presidents Opening Comments and Educational Presentation (S. Henderson) Continue:

  • Educational Presentation – Workforce & Economic Development (WED) – David Wahl

  • WED Team – Natalie Hannum (Dean of CTE and Social Science), David Wahl (Workforce Development Manager), Nicole Westbrook (Counselor, CTE), Tara Sanders (Community Partnership Liaison, Business & Industry), Melina Rodriguez (Administrative Secretary), and (TBD) Community Partnership Liaison, K-12 Schools (Coming Soon).

  • D. Wahl shared the new “Vision 20/20 Program” with its three main visions: 1) Identify career goals, 2) Connect Services, resources and 3) Includes all career pathways.

  • D. Wahl presented the many programs WED is involved in for LMC students and in the community: AB86 Adult Education, America’s Job Centers of California (AJCC), California Career Pathways Trust (CCPT), Cooperative Work Experience Education (CWEE), East Bay Career Advancement Academy (EBCAA), SB 1070 and Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College Career Training (TAACCCT).

  • Students fill out an application, attend orientation and WED connects them with an Instructor.
  • The District is considering WED for the second round of CCC Bachelor’s Degrees Program.


Senate Announcements and Reports (S. Henderson):

  • SGC – No report – Meeting on January 27, 2015.

  • CC – First meeting – took care of items from last semester. Waiting for the influx of outcome from assessment in Cohorts 1 and 2.

  • TLC – Creating a short survey related to assessment to come out in a month or two, an annual report, update to the membership, assess working with Professional Development and PDAC and retreat in March or April.

  • GE – No report.

  • FSCC –Board Policy #1804 has been adjusted and approved. Starting next semester, Senate Presidency Position will have 100% Release Time as well as increase all Senate budgets by $5,000 to assist the Senate sending more future leaders to Plenaries and increase our time for our Senate Clerical Assistant.

  • S. Henderson to place the Uniform Employment Selection Guide back into the agenda for future meetings.

  • Legislative Liaison Report – Preliminary judgment for City College Accreditation; Due process violations was found in the procedures to shut it down – Accreditation will be extended and City College can turn in more documentations to re-establish their Accreditation.

  • State Senate – Diversity Award, the deadline to apply for this is February 2nd. The Academic Academy run by the State Senate in Costa Mesa is in March and the deadline to apply for this is February 20th.


Approval of Previous Minutes – 12/08/14:

  • Motion to approve previous 12/08/14 minutes – Approved with following changes (M/S; Joanna Perry/Dave Zimny) – Unanimous

(Abstained – Kasey Gardner and Kyle Chuah)

  • Item #7 – For S. Henderson to bring it up to FSCC’s next meeting.

  • Item #9 - “Majority Unanimous” should reflect number of votes or votes should be counted.


Agenda Reading and Approval:

  • Motion to approve the 1/26/15 agenda as printed – Approved (M/S; Dave Zimny/Joanna Perry) – Majority Approved – 14 Votes

AGENDA ITEMS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Distance Education Committee – Academic Senate Committee and Charter Document – Discussion/Vote (K. Wentworth & C. Smith) :

  • Clayton Smith explained the history of LMC Distance Education Committee.

  • Kim Wentworth presented the LMC Distance Education Committee Charter Document, Committee Composition and its responsibilities.

  • Presented Charter Document will supersede the documents from 2004.

  • Motion to approve the Distance Education Committee Charter

Approved (M/S; Joanna Perry/Louie Giambattista) – 16 Approved Votes (No Opposition)


District Compressed Calendar - Discussion (S. Henderson):

  • The District is compiling information from different Senates of reducing our calendar from 18 weeks semester to 16 weeks semester and if there are concerns from the Senate before applying to the State.

  • Discussions were around logistical issues, courses and lab access, winter intercessions, 2005 Proposal, aligning instructional areas with CSU and Saturday Sections.

  • S. Henderson to send out electronically the Compressed Calendar and Study – Executive Summary to all Senators.

  • Tabled for February 9, 2015 meeting.


Kennedy-King Memorial Scholarships – Senate Donation (E. Holtmann):

  • E. Holtmann gave a background of Kennedy-King Memorial Scholarship – For students who are ready to transfer with financial needs.

  • Motion to explore more accurate information in terms of budget – Approved (M/S; Joanna Perry/Louie Giambattista)

  • Majority Approved – 14 Votes, 1 – Abstained (Kasey Gardner for Paula Gunder)

  • Tabled for February 9, 2015 meeting.


Box 2A: 2013-2014 LMC Administration Process Response – Continued Conversation (S. Henderson):

  • Discussion took place surrounding retro-activity from Uniform Employment Selection Guide, clarity on Grant Funds, provisions of hiring FT and PT, Good Faith measure, not going through Box2A process, fairness and steps taken of recent hiring.

  • President Bob Kratochvil is interested and open to discussing amending Uniform Employment Selection Guide; PT faculty process, FT faculty process funded with continuing dollars and grant funded faculty.

  • S. Henderson will bring it up for discussion at FSCC meeting.


Program Review Structure Process – Suggestions for Enhancement Change – (S. Henderson):

Establish Workgroup/Taskforce? – To revise and present current Program Review Content and Guidelines (Senate Approval)

  • Discussions were around Six Focus Areas for Student Success study by RP Group, equitable outcomes, faculty identifying achievement gaps and focus as a department.

  • J. Townsend to share information with Ryan Pedersen and J. Townsend to re-send to Senators the “Six Focus Areas for Student Success” study by the RP Group.

  • Table for March 9, 2015 meeting.


Final Exams Schedule/Graduation – May 20, 2015 – Update – Corrected (S. Henderson):

  • Item #12 – Moved – Previously Addressed.


Common Assessment Initiative – Math Workgroup Nomination - ASCCC (S. Henderson):

  • S. Henderson shared the Academic Senate is looking for someone in Math Area to serve on State Senate Workgroup; Common Assessment Initiative, Online Initiative and Educational Planning Initiative.

  • T. Rust to ask R. Pedersen if he is still interested and Math Department for nominations and report back to S. Henderson.


Solano County and Solano Prison Educational Program – Senate Bill #1391 (J. Perry & S. Henderson):

  • J. Perry presented a packet regarding The Prison University, stories of inmates attending college courses in prison and Senate Bill #1391.

  • G. Walker read Aly Tamboura’s letter of his story and J. Perry read a letter from Chancellor’s office (Brice Harris) explaining Senate Bill #1391.

  • Safety issues were discussed and should be explored by bringing others who is currently doing this and share their stories with Senators.

  • Motion to approve for the Senate recommends Taskforce established to evaluate an educational program centered prison education and for Joanna Perry and the Senate President be the leaders of the taskforce.

  • (M/S; Joanna Perry/Julie Ashmore) - Approved (15 Votes)) and 1 Opposed.


CCC Bachelor’s Degrees Program – Discussion (S. Henderson):

  • Tabled for February 9, 2015 meeting.


Load Task Force Meeting (L. Giambattista):

  • L. Giambattista shared the history of Load Taskforce (in packet) and recent activities; meetings with Biology Department regarding obtaining more lab hours and lecture hours. The process was established at the District level and the Union met with representatives of the department to present their case – go over course by course.

  • Due to meet with Physical Science next.


Meeting adjourned at 5:00 p.m.

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