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Step beyond the secret world of Pixie Hollow and embark on the enchanted adventure of a lifetime with one of the world’s most beloved characters in Walt Disney Pictures’ TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE. This all-new animated spectacular marks the return of Tinker Bell and her fairy friends in their second magical movie together, following the success of the debut film in the Disney Fairies Franchise, TINKER BELL.

In TINKER BELL, fans were delighted to hear the voice of the world’s most famous fairy for the first time and discover her origins. Now, audiences can follow Tinker Bell on a daring voyage of discovery as she sets out on a magical mission to save Pixie Hollow’s supply of pixie dust. It’s a perilous journey full of astonishing encounters, narrow escapes and a true discovery for everyone’s favorite fairy and a whole host of memorable new characters.

Overflowing with fun and imagination, TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE is a celebration of the beloved fairy brought to the screen by the storytellers at Walt Disney Pictures and executive produced by two-time Academy Award winner John Lasseter - chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios. The animated adventure is a sweet, heartfelt and daring tale to inspire the very core of every child’s imagination.

“Tinker Bell is one of the greatest characters ever created by Walt Disney,” notes Lasseter. ‘To be able to tell new stories with her and show what this whole new world is about is so exciting. It is a new mythology that no one has ever seen before.”

Produced by DisneyToon Studios, TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE features an impassioned voice cast widely acclaimed for performances on stage and screen.

Composer Joel McNeely (HOLES, HEFFALUMP MOVIE, YOUNG INDIANA JONES, RETURN TO NEVER LAND) continues to delight audiences with an ethereal score in his second movie for the Disney Fairies series. The music weaves an emotional, connecting thread throughout the movie by combining world music influences with an over-riding Celtic sensibility, which is assisted by world-renowned violinist Mairead Nesbitt, along with Lisa Kelly and Meav Ni Mhaolchatha of the group, Celtic Woman. Disney Channel star Demi Lovato (Camp Rock, Princess Protection Program, Sonny With a Chance) also joins the musical team by singing the powerful closing credit song, The Gift of a Friend.

Under executive producer John Lasseter’s guidance, the film is directed by Klay Hall (The Simpsons) and produced by Sean Lurie (THE RUGRATS MOVIE) from a screenplay by Evan Spiliotopoulos (THE LITTLE MERMAID: ARIEL’S BEGINNING). Art director Ellen Jin Over (TARZAN II), animation director Sheryl Sardina Sackett (POOH’S HEFFALUMP MOVIE) and editor Jeremy Milton (BAMBI II) were essential elements to bring the tale to the screen.

TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE is the second in an ongoing series of films featuring the Disney Fairies. As a major corporate initiative, Fairy activities will be prevalent across The Walt Disney Company, touching divisions as diverse and far-reaching as Disney Consumer Products, Disney Publishing, Disney Interactive Studios, Disney on Ice, Parks and Resorts, and Disney Online.


Tinker Bell’s greatest adventure commences as the fairy community prepares for autumn. On the mainland, many are busy changing the colors of the leaves, tending to pumpkin patches and helping geese find their way south.

However, back at Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell is excited because she has just received a royal summons. The rare Blue Moon is going to rise - a very rare occurrence, indeed. When its light passes through a magical moonstone in the special ceremonial scepter that Tinker Bell has been chosen to create, Pixie Hollow’s supply of pixie dust will be restored.

Tink’s best friend, Terence, is on hand to help our happy hero every step of the way, but disaster strikes when an argument between the fun-loving twosome sees the moonstone - a rare and precious fairy gem - smashed to pieces. What has Tink done? Has she jeopardized Pixie Hollow’s pixie dust supply? She blames Terence for the tragedy - and their friendship teeters on the edge.

In a state of panic, Tink is desperate to find a new moonstone to save their magical land and restore the supply of pixie dust. However, she is reluctant to ask Terence for assistance after their spat. Instead, the clever fairy uses her ‘tinkering’ talent to build a cotton-ball-balloon and she heads off on a top-secret mission to find the enchanted Mirror of Incanta, which holds the power to grant any wish.

The quest takes our brave hero north of Never Land in search of a legendary pirate ship hiding a magical treasure. It’s a long and treacherous adventure beyond Pixie Hollow, to a land of incredible creatures, thrills and surprises - but Tink is lucky to have a cute and courageous firefly called Blaze to help her on her mission. Will Tinker Bell save Pixie Hollow? Can she return home before the Blue Moon rises? Will her friendship with Terence be restored? Only time will tell...

TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE features much-loved characters from the debut Disney Fairies movie, TINKER BELL. These include Tink’s favorite friends - Fawn, Iridessa, Rosetta and Silvermist - as well as appearances from the mentoring, benevolent Queen Clarion, the nurturing Fairy Mary and the comically-talented tinkers, Clank and Bobble.

Ultimately, Tinker Bell makes a heartwarming discovery in this epic tale of adventure: that there is no greater treasure than a true friend. With the power of faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust, she learns the importance of being true to herself and the wonderful strength of friendship.


The filmmakers faced a tough challenge in creating a new movie for the much-loved Disney icon, Tinker Bell. With public adoration of the feisty fairy so high, the audience’s expectations would be likewise - a fact not lost on the creative team.

Director Klay Hall felt a great responsibility to the audience. “The chance to play with an iconic character like Tinker Bell is a dream come true. I’ve been a fan of Peter Pan and the classic Walt Disney feature film ever since I was a little boy, so the opportunity to play with this classic character was very inspiring and lots of fun. Tinker Bell appeals to everyone, so it’s wonderful to work in a world of such wide appeal and to create an epic new adventure for the fairies of Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell is a sassy, feisty, strong-willed and determined young woman. She means well in everything she does, but sometimes she accidentally gets caught up in things that are not supposed to happen. She perseveres and she always rights her wrongs because she has a big heart. It was a joy to move her story forward with this second movie in the Disney Fairies series.”

Producer Sean Lurie adds, “Tinker Bell is a wonderful character loved by millions, so this movie was a big responsibility to undertake. It’s been great to get huge, positive support and feedback on how the movie plays and how we are portraying the character. Tinker Bell has a very special place in the heart of a lot of people. There is something very admirable about her passion and the way she approaches everything with all of her being. I think all of us can admire that passion. I think there's a little of that in everyone.”

The magical world of Pixie Hollow was explored in detail in the first movie, TINKER BELL - and this is something for which Hall is thankful. “The creators of the first movie in the Tinker Bell franchise did such a great job of setting up the origin of the character, Tinker Bell, and how she came about, as well as the wonderful world of Pixie Hollow. Once that was put out there, we were able to play in the sand box of Pixie Hollow with all of the other fairies to create our own story.”

Lurie adds, “It enabled us to focus less on establishing Tinker Bell as a character and less on Pixie Hollow, because these were already set up. We could put our focus on trying to make the strongest story possible.”

Lurie goes on to explain the themes of the movie. “The heart of the movie is a story about friendship and forgiveness - and this is explored by the two best friends: Tinker Bell and Terence. They argue at the start of the story, which leads Tink to leap into this crazy journey on her own, but there are some great scenes that give her the opportunity to see friendship work and reflect on where she went wrong with Terence. She also gets to discover how she may have blamed Terence unfairly.”

“How does she come to this realization? She hooks up with this great character in the film called Blaze. Blaze is a firefly who becomes Tink’s companion on this journey to find the Mirror of Incanta and she soon sees the value of his companionship, which causes her to reflect on her friendship with Terence. There's this great scene where Tinker Bell is really down. She’s at one of her lowest points in the movie and Blaze helps her, but this causes Tink to realize how important it is to have friends.”

The friendship theme is further explored when Tinker Bell meets two trolls in the movie. Hall explains, “We got to have a lot of fun with these two entertaining guys who have been guarding a passage for hundreds and hundreds of years. They start to argue, which is when the bigger troll accidentally insults the smaller troll by calling him a ‘garden gnome.’ It’s a great moment in the movie because the big guy realizes he's hurt the little guy’s feelings - and he ends up apologizing. Tink and Blaze are watching this whole dialogue unfold and it’s a moment that really lands with Tink because she realizes their caring relationship is just like her and Terence.”

Lurie adds, “It’s a wonderful scene because these really creepy-looking troll guys are initially very mean with each other, but you soon realize that they would never want to hurt the other one’s feelings. Many people who have seen the movie have identified them as the most charming characters in the entire film, which is so great when you consider they look extremely scary and ugly. They have a significant role in the movie in making Tinker Bell realize the value of friendship in all its guises.”

No Disney movie is complete without a splash of humor, so the characters of Clank and Bobble - as well as the two trolls - serve as the comic relief in the story. “Clank and Bobble remind me of Laurel and Hardy or Abbot and Costello in their approach to comedy,” admits Hall. “Bradley Raymond [the director of the first TINKER BELL movie] did such a great job setting up their characters in the first film. They are very ingenious guys who are very industrious and, most importantly, extremely humorous. They have been best friends for a long time and they have fun together. They are like big brothers to Tinker Bell’s little sister and they are protective of her, but they are a pair that we can have a lot of laughs with.”

TINKER BELL AND THE LOST TREASURE also holds some memorable bonus features from the filmmakers. “There are deleted scenes and funny outtakes, as well as a music video for the end credit song, The Gift of a Friend, which is performed by the wonderful Disney Channel star Demi Lovato,” reveals Lurie. “There’s a tremendous amount of comedy material there - and it makes us laugh every time we see it. There were some great sequences in the film that were cut for one reason or another, so we went back and resurrected our favorite segments.”

Hall continues, “There are a couple of great moments in the bonus features, including Tinker Bell and Terence having a race on a frog. We also have a scene where Terence goes to the girls for advice to get back in Tink’s good grace. He goes to Iridessa and learns etiquette, which is a lot of fun to watch. And then there’s an extra troll scene, too.”

“My favorite insult from the trolls is actually in the bonus material,” admits Lurie. “It’s very funny, so if you’re a fan of the trolls, take a look at the great little out-take with them where they're vying for who's the stinkiest. The worst insult they give each other is that they smell good, which is hilarious. It’s a lot of fun.”

“In all, we were not only hoping for a brand new, fun, adventure movie - but also a lot of excitement, danger, laughs and exotic new places for Tinker Bell to visit,” concludes Hall. “We feel very fortunate that we get to venture outside of Pixie Hollow and have fun with the adventure. There are cool new characters, as well as a charming little sidekick for the feisty fairy. We can’t wait for people to be able to watch it.”

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