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Louise A. Williams Ketan N. Parekh

louise@lovehumanity.org ketan@lovehumanity.org


Love Humanity

17702 Irvine Blvd, Suite 202

Tustin, CA 92780

Tel: +714 749 3613

A National Heritage Foundation

Tax ID # 58-2085326



Love Humanity International

c/o Mahatma Gandhi Foundation

Rishiket Apartments, Gr. Floor

N.T. Malusare Lane

off S.V. Road at Irla Lane

Vile Parle (W) Mumbai 400 056

Tel: +91 98 1908 9051

Fax: +91 22 2670 4603

Revised by

Louise A. Williams

January 10, 2005

Table of Contents

Case Statement 3

USA Advisory Committee 4

India Situation 5

Mission 6

Challenges 7

Solutions 8-9

Beginning 10 - 13

Parental Training 10

Pilot Model home 11

Considered locations 12

Monthly cost per child 13

Funding 14

Partnering 15

Similar Organizations 16

First Year Milestones 17

Financial Recap 18


Founders’ Biographies 19 - 21

Louise A. Williams 20

Ketan N. Parekh 21

USA Board of Regents Biographies 22 - 33

India Board of Trustees Biographies 34 - 38

Credibility Alliance Norms 39 - 41

Common Sense Parenting 42 - 46

Research Sources 47 - 48

Questions and Answers 49 - 52



  • 26 million children ranging from birth to 14 years of age are orphaned.

  • 42.5% of children suffer from severe physical abuse

  • 49.1% of children suffer from severe psychological abuse. (See research sources in the appendix)

  • AIDS, the fastest spreading disease in India, effects children.


  • Teach individuals who are parents, expecting parents, teachers and/or child caregivers, additional childcare skills through a course called Responsible Childcare.

  • Create family home environments as close to normal as possible for orphaned, neglected and abused children so they are nurtured and empowered to grow into self-sustaining adults.

  • Have services available to deal with the trauma that has affected the children.


It is believed that the programs proposed by Love Humanity will, over time, have a gradual, sustained impact on the greater society. Our intent is to play an integral role in helping to:

  • Increase prosperity. Children who are educated have a much better chance of obtaining gainful employment, thus not having to resort to begging, crime or prostitution to survive. Love Humanity children will be empowered to grow into self-sustaining adults who might one day change the future of India and possibly the world. This, in of itself, creates brighter futures and reduces poverty.

  • Increase literacy. Children living on the street tend not to go to school. Education is very important and all children under the Love Humanity program will be offered the best possible education according to their aptitude. They will be literate.

  • Reduce crime in India. Children who are homeless sometimes resort to petty crime to survive. When raised in loving home environments they are empowered to face life in a more positive manner. This has been shown to reduce future criminal behavior.
  • Reduce the spread of sexually transmitted disease. One of the causes of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases is that homeless children are often exploited and become tools for sexual abuse and prostitution. When a child grows up in a family-like situation, there is much less chance they will have to resort to sex at such a young age or be exploited or exposed to such abusive treatment, thus the spread of sexual diseases will be reduced.

  • Improve parenting skills. By teaching parents how to be parents not only will Love Humanity touch the lives of orphans, but will reach out to the community. Parents and expected parents will have a place to learn how to be parents. They will learn how to discipline the children in love – thus reducing child abuse cases.

Love Humanity USA

Board of Regents

  • Kenneth August – August Law Group – Irvine, CA

  • Rajani Bais, PhD – Modesto, CA

  • Saroj Dholakia – Homemaker and volunteer – Cerritos, CA

  • Ashok Fulambarker, MD, FCCP – Professor and Director, Division of Pulmonary Medicine, Finch University of Health Sciences/The Chicago Medical School –Chicago, IL

  • Aman Motwane – CEO, Prakash Press and Author – Redondo Beach, CA

  • Ketan N. Parekh – Co-founder, Love Humanity & CEO, Netinfo Inc. – Tustin, CA

  • Ramgopal Rao – CEO, Boston Innovative Optics – Irvine, CA

  • Smita Salgaonkar – President, Neemo Enterprises – Orange, CA

  • Kris Sampat – Real Estate and Business Advisor – Foothill Ranch, CA

  • Manorama Sharma, MD – Chief Medical Director, Fountain of Beauty Wellness Center – Fountain Valley, CA

  • Carl Terzian Chairman of the Board, Carl Terzian Associates – Los Angeles, CA

  • Louise A. Williams – Managing Trustee, Love Humanity International Asia – Mumbai, India and Orange, CA

Detailed biographies are listed in appendix.


The purpose of Love Humanity in the USA is to raise and provide funds for charitable purposes: a) in the caring for neglected, abused and/or orphaned children, b) in providing education to those who parent or provide care for children and c) in providing relief of and education to the disadvantaged, distressed or underprivileged.

After several trips to India and considerable research on the above subjects, Love Humanity decided to begin its work in India.

Tax Exempt Status

In order to focus all our efforts on fund raising in the USA it was decided to become a project of an existing non-profit corporation. Love Humanity is a

National Heritage Foundation

Tax ID # 58-2085326


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