Louisville public media annual meeting

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Board Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2013, 4:00 p.m.

Board Members Attending: Nichelle Anthony, Linda Caso, JR Curtin, Chris Doane, Dan Goyette, Gill Holland, Mary Ann Palmer, Al Shands, Lee Powers Smith, Virginia Hamilton Snell, Bob Taylor
Board Members Absent: Christopher Boone, Julie Cooper Gray, Todd Lowe, Ron Murphy, Diane Tobin, Marianne Welch
Staff Attending: Donovan Reynolds, Dennis Stovall, Layla George

Board Vice Chair Daniel Goyette called the meeting to order at 4:02 p.m.

  1. Minutes from January were approved.

  1. Board Committee Reports:

  1. Board Leadership and Governance Committee Report: Dan Goyette

  • By-law amendment: Motion to adopt amendment to Art. IV. of bylaws creating a new subsection to permit Directors to participate in regular or special meetings of the board by telephone (see attached) passed unanimously.

  • Articles of Incorporation: Proposed articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of Kentucky Public Radio, Inc. (see attached) were reviewed by the board and passed unanimously. It was noted that this amendment had been approved in 2006, but apparently had not been recorded in the Minutes or filed with the Secretary of State. The unanimous adoption of the amendment on this date will be duly filed by corporate counsel.
  • Update on current board membership and terms: On March 13th, U of L President James Ramsey sent a letter appointing Dwight Dozier in response to our letter of nomination dated March 7, 2013. There was no response or action on the other four nominations submitted to U of L last November (and again last month) to fill existing vacancies. Currently, we have 17 board members. The Executive committee recently met to discuss board structure and governance issues. Based upon that discussion, a white paper on board composition was drafted for consideration by the board. Diane Tobin has requested that each board member review this document before the next board meeting and please contact her with any comments, questions or concerns in the interim.

  • Nomination/appointment of Dwight Dozier: Bob Taylor moved to table Mr. Dozier’s appointment until after the board reviewed the white paper. Lee Smith seconded the motion. Linda Caso asked if not electing another board member right now compromised our ability to do business. Mr. Goyette pointed out that, while the board is normally required to have 18-24 members, the bylaws provide that we can continue to do business with a lesser number so long as we are making diligent efforts to fill any vacancies. Because we have indeed been working diligently to add more board members, we are in compliance with our bylaws and, therefore, according to Mr. Goyette, it does not present an issue or an impediment to the conduct of business at the moment.

  1. Finance Committee: Bob Taylor

  • Financial statements: February Statement of Activity was reviewed. $21,000 deficit is halfway covered in March by Underwriting.

  • Sales: Low membership numbers are not a problem -- we are on track for the year. Monies earmarked for the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting are held in restricted accounts and cannot be used for general operating purposes. An increase in staff has caused higher expenses, but the budget is in good shape. The report was approved unanimously.

  1. Development Committee: Lee Smith
  • Bill and Barbara Juckett have agreed to be co-chairs of the capital campaign, and they will be a great volunteer team. They are continuing to chair Actor’s Theatre Lobster Fest. Board has contributed $29,155 to date this fiscal year and the average gift size is $1715. The staff has created a Leadership Awareness Campaign and is hosting a series of panels to share our mission and vision with leaders in the community. The first event will be a panel of leaders in the educational community hosted at LPM on April 19th. Diane Rehm is also coming to town May 23-24th and LPM is hosting a series of events around her visit, including a board meet and greet, a major donor dinner and a breakfast panel on the current state of media. A recent event at MEAT was hosted by Gill & Augusta Holland and Brooke & Matthew Barzun. Christen Boone has put together a Development Assessment. This document stated that the board needs to be engaged, supportive, and active in the campaign for it to be successful.

  1. President’s Report: Donovan Reynolds

  • Pledge drive report –Our renewal and new member numbers are strong (we've gained 375 new members this spring and 980 renewing folks during the on-air drive alone). 445 listeners have become Sustainers or have increased their Sustaining gift, while 468 people have given a one-time gift. We expect to raise $430,000 - $480,000 for this Spring Membership Drive. “Local voices, Local stations” is the theme for this drive and many people have recorded spots (including board member, Gill Holland) that have been airing.
  • Center for Investigative Reporting – Donovan was excited to announce that he has hired a managing editor for KCIR, Brendan McCarthy. Donovan had over 300 applications and résumés for the position of editor in his office. Needless to say, there was a huge response and lots of journalists are interested in this project. He wanted a strong journalistic leader with media credibility coming into the job, but also wanted someone with passion and drive and energy and idealism for the work. McCarthy, at 30 years old, has already won many national awards for journalism, including being a finalist in 2009 for the Pulitzer Prize. He is coming from New Orleans, having worked as an investigative reporter at a local news station breaking many significant stories that have exposed mismanagement or corruption and led to high profile resignations. He has the patience to mentor younger people and the proven ability to be both a good journalist and a good leader for this project. He was under contract in New Orleans, but has negotiated to be relieved of that and begins here on June 17th. When he arrives, we will begin the process of hiring additional reporters.

  • Breaking news – WFPL broke a story identifying the individuals who tape-recorded a meeting of Sen. McConnell’s campaign committee, and it has been picked up by the NYTimes, Fox News, Wall Street Journal and many other media outlets. It is also all over the internet, went viral and led to over 100,000 hits on our website. The newsroom had been sitting on the story for a couple of days and, although anxious to break it, took the time to confirm the reliability of sources and verify information before going public.

  • Kickstarter project – Erin Keane, WFPL Arts and Humanities reporter, has launched Unbound, a literary journal, and needed $4,000 to match a Spalding University grant of $5,000. Using Kickstarter, a crowd funding website, she raised over $4,300 from 150 backers. To our knowledge, we are one of the first public radio stations to get a project funded by Kickstarter.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:47 p.m.
Next Meeting

May 23, 2013

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