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December 2008
379 English titles / 12 Portuguese titles

031 WOR - The world almanac for kids 2008 [Book]

Author: [editor, C. Alan Joyce].

292.08 BUR - Pandora [Book]

Author: Burleigh, Robert.

292.08 DAU - Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire's book of Greek myths. [Book]

Author: D'Aulaire, Ingri, 1904-1980.

292.08 DEM - King Midas : the golden touch [Book]

Author: Demi.

305.899 BAR - The aboriginal peoples of Australia [Book]

Author: Bartlett, Anne.

307 BAS - Uno's garden [Book]

Author: Base, Graeme.

307 KAL - What is a community? : from A to Z [Book]

Author: Kalman, Bobbie, 1947-

363.25 LAN - Crime & detection [Book]

Author: Lane, Brian.

363.2565 WEB - Do you read me? : famous cases solved by handwriting analysis! [Book]

Author: Webber, Diane, 1968-

391.5 SWA - Hairdo! : what we do and did to our hair [Book]

Author: Swain, Ruth Freeman.

398.2 YOU - The lost horse : a Chinese folktale [Book]

Author: Young, Ed.

398.21 CHI - The princess and the pea : in miniature : after the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen [Book]

Author: Child, Lauren.

398.21 DAU - D'Aulaires' book of trolls [Book]

Author: D'Aulaire, Ingri, 1904-1980.

398.21 JEF - The Nutcracker [Book]

Author: Jeffers, Susan.

398.21 SAN - Cendrillon : a Caribbean Cinderella [Book]

Author: San Souci, Robert D.

398.245 DAU - The two cars [Book]

Author: D'Aulaire, Ingri, 1904-1980.

398.245 HEN - The boy who cried wolf [Book]

Author: Hennessy, B. G (Barbara G.)

398.245 MON - The bird who cleans the world : and other Mayan fables [Book]

Author: Montejo, Victor, 1952-

398.26 DEP - The legend of the Indian paintbrush [Book]

Author: De Paola, Tomie.

421.1 TRU - Eats, shoots & leaves : why, commas really do make a difference! [Book]

Author: Truss, Lynne.

428 SCH - The boy who loved words [Book]

Author: Schotter, Roni.

428.1 GWY - A chocolate moose for dinner [Book]

Author: Gwynne, Fred.

428.1 GWY - The king who rained [Book]

Author: Gwynne, Fred.

510 PAP - The adventures of Penrose : the mathematical cat [Book]

Author: Pappas, Theoni.

510 PAP - Fractals, googols, and other mathematical tales [Book]

Author: Pappas, Theoni.

513 LOP - A place for Zero : a math adventure [Book]

Author: LoPresti, Angeline Sparagna.

513.2 CAL - Multiplying menace : the revenge of Rumpelstiltskin : a math adventure [Book]

Author: Calvert, Pam, 1966-

513.213 MUR - Divide and ride [Book]

Author: Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-

516 MUR - Captain Invincible and the space shapes [Book]

Author: Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-

516.15 BUR - Spaghetti and meatballs for all! : a mathematical story [Book]

Author: Burns, Marilyn, 1941-

516.22 ELL - What's your angle, Pythagoras? : a math adventure [Book]

Author: Ellis, Julie, 1961-

519.287 MUR - Betcha! [Book]

Author: Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-

523.4 OLI - Exploring the planets in our solar system [Book]

Author: Olien, Rebecca.

523.46 SIM - Saturn [Book]

Author: Simon, Seymour.

525.5 GIB - The reasons for seasons [Book]

Author: Gibbons, Gail.

525.5 LIN - Our seasons [Book]

Author: Lin, Grace.

548 FAU - Crystals [Book]

Author: Faulkner, Rebecca.

548 SYM - Crystal & gem [Book]

Author: Symes, R. F.

551.46 DIP - The ocean deep [Book]

Author: Dipper, Frances, 1951-

551.48 RYA - World of water [Book]

Author: Ryan, William T., 1970-

551.5113 SAY - Stars beneath your bed : the surprising story of dust [Book]

Author: Sayre, April Pulley.

553.632 KUR - The story of salt [Book]

Author: Kurlansky, Mark.

553.7 ARA - World of water : essential to life [Book]

Author: Arato, Rona.

553.7 STR - One well : the story of water on Earth [Book]

Author: Strauss, Rochelle, 1967-

581.498 KUD - What do roots do? [Book]

Author: Kudlinski, Kathleen V.

591.909 HAT - Owen & Mzee : the language of friendship [Book]

Author: Hatkoff, Isabella.

593.93 COL - Starfish [Book]

Author: Coldiron, Deborah.

598.2 BUR - Bird [Book]

Author: Burnie, David.

599.53 MAR - Killer whales [Book]

Author: Markle, Sandra.

599.8 RED - Gorilla, monkey & ape [Book]

Author: Redmond, Ian.

599.82 MCD - Monkeys [Book]

Author: McDaniel, Melissa.

608 TAY - I wonder why zips have teeth : and other questions about inventions [Book]

Author: Parker, Steve.

612 COL - The magic school bus inside the human body [Book]

Author: Cole, Joanna.

623.82 LIN - Amazing boats [Book]

Author: Lincoln, Margarette.

624 PAR - I wonder why tunnels are round : and other questions about building [Book]

Author: Parker, Steve.

629.133 ROY - Planes [Book]

Author: Royston, Angela.

629.222 SUT - Car [Book]

Author: Sutton, Richard (Richard

Charles Blyth)
629.224 BIN - DK Big book of trucks [Book]

Author: Bingham, Caroline, 1962-

629.228 PIE - Formula one race cars [Book]

Author: Piehl, Janet.

629.892 BRI - Robot [Book]

Author: Bridgman, Roger Francis,1940-

636.7 CLU - Dog [Book]

Author: Clutton-Brock, Juliet.

636.7 JEN - Dogs and Cats [Book]

Author: Jenkins, Steve, 1952-

636.707 DEN - Puppy care : a guide to loving and nurturing your pet [Book]

Author: Dennis-Bryan, Kim.

636.707 SJO - Puppies [Book]

Author: Sjonger, Rebecca.

636.707 TAG - Dogs and their puppies [Book]

Author: Tagliaferro, Linda.

636.71 VON - Barron's illustrated guide to 140 dog breeds [Book]

Author: Von der Leyen, Katharina.

641.53 SCH - Healthy snacks [Book]

Author: Schuh, Mari C., 1975-

646.724 DEG - Taking care of my hair [Book]

Author: DeGezelle, Terri, 1955-

741.2 AME - Drawing with Lee Ames : from the bestselling, award-winning creator of the Draw 50 series, a proven step-by-step guide to the fundamentals of drawing [Book]

Author: Ames, Lee J.

741.5 HOL - Babymouse : queen of the world! / [1]. [Book]

Author: Holm, Jennifer L.

743.8 AME - Draw 50 monsters, creeps, superheroes, demons, dragons, nerds, dirts, ghouls, giants, vampires, zombies, and other curiosa... [Book]

Author: Ames, Lee J.

743.89 AME - Draw 50 vehicles : selections from Draw 50 boats, ships, trucks, and trains, and Draw 50 airplanes, aircraft, and spacecraft [Book]

Author: Ames, Lee J.

793.735 HAL - Snakey riddles [Book]

Author: Hall, Katy.

793.735 WIC - I spy Christmas : a book of picture riddles [Book]

Author: Wick, Walter.

793.735 WIC - I spy extreme challenger! : a book of picture riddles [Book]

Author: Wick, Walter.

793.735 WIC - I spy fantasy : a book of picture riddles [Book]

Author: Wick, Walter.

793.8 WYL - Magic secrets [Book]

Author: Wyler, Rose.

796.334 HOR - Soccer [Book]

Author: Hornby, Hugh.

796.72 HER - R is for race : a stock car alphabet [Book]

Author: Herzog, Brad.

808.1 DON - Haiku : Asian arts & crafts for creative kids [Book]

Author: Donegan, Patricia.

811 CHA - Don't step on the sky : a handful of haiku [Book]

Author: Chaikin, Miriam.

811 PRE - Behold the bold umbrellaphant : and other poems [Book]

Author: Prelutsky, Jack.

811 PRE - Good sports : rhymes about running, jumping, throwing, and more [Book]

Author: Prelutsky, Jack.

811 PRE - What a day it was at school! : poems [Book]

Author: Prelutsky, Jack.

811 RUD - Today at the bluebird café : a branchful of birds [Book]

Author: Ruddell, Deborah.

811 RYD - Toad by the road : a year in the life of these amazing amphibians [Book]

Author: Ryder, Joanne.

811 SIN - Central heating : poems about fire and warmth [Book]

Author: Singer, Marilyn.

811 WON - You have to write [Book]

Author: Wong, Janet S.

811 WOO - Locomotion [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

811 WOR - Animal poems [Book]

Author: Worth, Valerie.

811 YOL - Least things : poems about small natures [Book]

Author: Yolen, Jane.

818.802 CHI - Chicken soup for the pet lover's soul : stories about pets as teachers, healers, heroes, and friends [Book]

Author: [edited by] Jack Canfield ...[et al.].

829.3 RUM - Beowulf : a hero's tale retold [Book]

Author: Rumford, James, 1948-

895.6 KOB - Today and today : haiku [Book]

Author: Kobayashi, Issa, 1763-1827.

912 GOO - Goode's world atlas [Map]

Author: Howard Veregin, editor.

912 NAT - National Geographic student atlas of the world. [Map]
912.7 ROA - The road atlas & travel guide [Map]

Author: Rand McNally and Company.

914.95 GOR - Greece [Book]

Author: Gordon, Sharon.

916 CRO - Africa for kids : exploring a vibrant continent, 19 activities [Book]

Author: Croze, Harvey.

918.5 SHI - Peru [Book]

Author: Shields, Charles J., 1951-

919.6 SAQ - The Tahiti handbook [Book]

Author: Saquet, Jean-Louis.

920 BIO - Biography for beginners Issue #1, Spring, 2005 : sketches for early readers [Book]

Author: Laurie Lanzen Harris, editor.

920 FOR - Great scientists [Book]

Author: Fortey, Jacqueline.

920 SHE - Soccer stars [Book]

Author: Shea, Therese.

930.1 EAR - Early humans [Book]

Author: [project editor, Phil Wilkinson; special photography, Dave King].

937 OSB - Pompeii : lost & found [Book]

Author: Osborne, Mary Pope. LCCN: 2005-9331

940.3 ADA - World War I [Book]

Author: Adams, Simon, 1955-

959.7043 MUR - Vietnam War [Book]

Author: Murray, Stuart, 1948-

973 ARM - The American story : 100 true tales from American history [Book]

Author: Armstrong, Jennifer, 1961-

92 DIA - Diana, Princess of Wales : young royalty [Book]

Author: Gormley, Beatrice.

92 KNI - Marvelous Mattie : how Margaret E. Knight became an inventor [Book]

Author: McCully, Emily Arnold.

92 SIS - The wall : growing up behind the Iron Curtain [Book]

Author: Sís, Peter, 1949-

92 WRI - Patience Wright : America's first sculptor and revolutionary spy [Book]

Author: Shea, Pegi Deitz.

BC 398.354 AGU - O filho do vento [Book]

Author: Agualusa, José Eduardo,1960-

BC 581.981 BRI - Plantas do Brasil [Book]

Author: Brioschi, Gabriela, 1961-

BC 591 BRI - Bichos do Brasil [Book]

Author: Brioschi, Gabriela, 1961-

BC 709.1 LIM - Em nome do autor : artistas artesãos do Brasil = In name of the author : craft artists from Brazil [Book]

Author: Lima, Beth (Elizabeth Marie de Lima)

BC 869.1 GUL - Dr. Urubu e outras fábulas [Book]

Author: Gullar, Ferreira, 1930-

BC 883 CAR - Ilíada [Book]

Author: Carvalho, Bruno Berlendis de.

BC 92 TOZ - Claudio Tozzi [Book]

Author: Machado, Regina, 1950-

BC E LAL - Faz e acontece no circo [Book]

Author: Lalau.

BC E SEC - O sonho de Natal [Book]

Author: Engel, Patrícia Secco.

BC E SEC - A felicidade das borboletas [Book]

Author: Secco, Patricia Engel.

BC F COU - O beijo da palavrinha [Book]

Author: Couto, Mia, 1955-

BC F MIS - Os mistérios da 5a. série : antologia de contos de enigma e mistério [Book]

Author: 5o. ano 2007/2008 ; ilustrações dos autores ; [direção técnica, Gila Fregonesi, Eloísa

Galesso ; projeto gráfico e edição de texto, Adriana Bauer, Leila Milazzotto, Sandra Lima.
CF 548 SYM - Crystal & gem [Book]

Author: Symes, R. F.

DVD F FIN - Finding Nemo = Procurando Nemo [Video]

Author: a Pixar Animation Studios film ; directed by Andrew Stanton ; produced by Graham Walters ;

screenplay by Andrew Stanton, Bob Peterson, David Reynolds.

DVD F ICE - Ice age = A era do gelo [Video]

Author: Twentieth Century Fox.

DVD F LAS - The last unicorn [Video]

Author: Lord Grade presents ; screenplay by Peter S. Beagle ; produced and directed by Arthur

Rankin, Jr. & Jules Bass.
DVD F MON - Monstros S.A. = Monsters, Inc [Video]

Author: Walt Disney Pictures presents ; a Pixar Animation Studios film ; executive producers, John

Lasseter, Andrew Stanton ; directed by Pete Docter.
E AGE - Terrific [Book]

Author: Agee, Jon.

E ARN - The twin princes [Book]

Author: Arnold, Tedd.

E BAE - Thump, thump, rat-a-tat-tat [Book]

Author: Baer, Gene, 1927-

E BAN - Max's words [Book]

Author: Banks, Kate, 1960-

E BIN - Howard B. Wigglebottom learns to listen [Book]

Author: Binkow, Howard.

E BLO - A splendid friend, indeed [Book]

Author: Bloom, Suzanne, 1950-

E BON ~ - Paddington's ABC [Book]

Author: Bond, Michael.

E BOR - Caps, hats, socks, and mittens : a book about the four seasons [Book]

Author: Borden, Louise.

E BRA - Ballerino Nate [Book]

Author: Bradley, Kimberly Brubaker.

E BRO # - Arthur writes a story [Book]

Author: Brown, Marc Tolon.

E BRO # - Arthur's computer disaster [Book]

Author: Brown, Marc Tolon.

E BRO # - Arthur's first sleepover [Book]

Author: Brown, Marc Tolon.

E BUC * - Sid and Sam [Book]

Author: Buck, Nola.

E BUL - Fast and slow : an animal opposites books [Book]

Author: Bullard, Lisa.

E BUL - Long and short : an animal opposites book [Book]

Author: Bullard, Lisa.

E BUL - Loud and quiet : an animal opposites book [Book]

Author: Bullard, Lisa.

E BUL - Smooth and rough : an animal opposites book [Book]

Author: Bullard, Lisa.

E BUL - Wet and dry : an animal opposites book [Book]

Author: Bullard, Lisa.

E BUN - Anna's table [Book]

Author: Bunting, Eve, 1928-

E BUN - One green apple [Book]

Author: Bunting, Eve, 1928-

E BUR - The greedy triangle [Book]

Author: Burns, Marilyn, 1941-

E CAB - Cat's colors [Book]

Author: Cabrera, Jane.

E CAL - May I pet your dog? : the how-to guide for kids meeting dogs (and dogs meeting kids) [Book]

Author: Calmenson, Stephanie.

E CAR - I like me! [Book]

Author: Carlson, Nancy.

E CAR - Loudmouth George and the sixth-grade bully [Book]

Author: Carlson, Nancy.

E CAS - On the town : a community adventure [Book]

Author: Caseley, Judith.

E CAU - Clap your hands [Book]

Author: Cauley, Lorinda Bryan.

E CAZ * - Minnie and Moo, wanted dead or alive [Book]

Author: Cazet, Denys.

E CHA * - Cork & Fuzz [Book]

Author: Chaconas, Dori, 1938-

E CHA * - Cork & Fuzz : good sports [Book]

Author: Chaconas, Dori, 1938-

E CHA * - Cork & Fuzz : short and tall [Book]

Author: Chaconas, Dori, 1938-

E CHE - Juk's adventure in Bangkok, Thailand [Book]

Author: Chen, Meng Lin.

E CHE - Juk's adventure in Chiang Mai, Thailand [Book]

Author: Chen, Meng Lin.

E CHO - Behind the mask [Book]

Author: Choi, Yangsook.

E CLE - Just another ordinary day [Book]

Author: Clement, Rod.

E COF - Fred stays with me [Book]

Author: Coffelt, Nancy.

E COH * - Digger Pig and the turnip [Book]

Author: Cohen, Caron Lee.

E CRO - Dooby dooby moo [Book]

Author: Cronin, Doreen.

E CRO - Duck for President [Book]

Author: Cronin, Doreen.

E CUY - Skeleton hiccups [Book]

Author: Cuyler, Margery.

E DEP # - Little Grunt and the big egg : a prehistoric fairy tale [Book]

Author: De Paola, Tomie.

E DOT - What is science? [Book]

Author: Dotlich, Rebecca Kai.

E DOU - Coral reef [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - Crab [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - Humpback whale [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - Jellyfish [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - Kelp [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - My ears [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - My eyes [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - My hands [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - My legs and feet [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - My mouth [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E DOU - My nose [Book]

Author: Douglas, Lloyd G.

E EAS * - Are you my mother? [Book]

Author: Eastman, P. D. (Philip D.)

E EDW * - Five silly fishermen [Book]

Author: Edwards, Roberta.

E EDW - Some smug slug [Book]

Author: Edwards, Pamela Duncan.

E EGA - Roasted peanuts [Book]

Author: Egan, Tim.

E EHL - Color zoo [Book]

Author: Ehlert, Lois.

E EHL - Nuts to you! [Book]

Author: Ehlert, Lois.

E FAR - Clever Ali [Book]

Author: Farmer, Nancy, 1941-

E FLO - Lightship [Book]

Author: Floca, Brian.

E FOX - A particular cow [Book]

Author: Fox, Mem, 1946-

E FOX - Tough Boris [Book]

Author: Fox, Mem, 1946-

E FRA - Mr. Ferlinghetti's poem [Book]

Author: Frampton, David.

E FRA - Walk on! : a guide for babies of all ages [Book]

Author: Frazee, Marla.

E FRE - Dandelion [Book]

Author: Freeman, Don, 1908-1978.

E FRI - A cloak for the dreamer [Book]

Author: Friedman, Aileen.

E GAL - Smiley Shark [Book]

Author: Galloway, Ruth, 1973-

E GER - Summer is summer [Book]

Author: Gershator, Phillis.

E GIG ~ - Each orange had 8 slices : a counting book [Book]

Author: Giganti, Paul.

E GRA - Orange pear apple bear [Book]

Author: Gravett, Emily.

E GRE - The adventures of the dish and the spoon [Book]

Author: Grey, Mini.

E HAR - I like where I am [Book]

Author: Harper, Jessica.

E HAY * - The secret of the Circle-K cave [Book]

Author: Hays, Anna Jane.

E HEN - Road builders [Book]

Author: Hennessy, B. G. (Barbara G.)

E HEW * - Human body : about me [Book]

Author: Hewitt, Sally, 1949-

E HIL - Duck & Goose [Book]

Author: Hills, Tad.

E HOW * - Scared silly [Book]

Author: Howe, James, 1946-

E HUT - The doorbell rang [Book]

Author: Hutchins, Pat, 1942-

E JAM - The shark who was afraid of everything! [Book]

Author: James, Brian, 1976-

E JEF - The incredible book eating boy [Book]

Author: Jeffers, Oliver.

E JEN - Looking down [Book]

Author: Jenkins, Steve, 1952-

E JEN - Move! [Book]

Author: Jenkins, Steve, 1952-

E JOO - Mama, do you love me? [Book]

Author: Joosse, Barbara M.

E JUL - We are wolves [Book]

Author: Julietta, Melinda.

E KER - You and me together : moms, dads, and kids around the world [Book]

Author: Kerley, Barbara.

E KHA - My family vacation [Book]

Author: Khalsa, Dayal Kaur.

E KIR - Miss Spider's tea party [Book]

Author: Kirk, David, 1955-

E KLI - Why do you cry? : not a sob story [Book]

Author: Klise, Kate.

E KLO - Once upon a time, the end : (asleep in 60 seconds) [Book]

Author: Kloske, Geoffrey.

E KRA - The backward day [Book]

Author: Krauss, Ruth.

E KUT ~ - Z is for zombie [Book]

Author: Kutner, Merrily.

E LES - Listen, Buddy [Book]

Author: Lester, Helen.

E LIE - Bats at the beach [Book]

Author: Lies, Brian.

E LIO # - Inch by inch [Book]

Author: Lionni, Leo, 1910-1999.

E LJU - Follow the line through the house [Book]

Author: Ljunkvist, Laura.

E LOB * - Frog and Toad all year [Book]

Author: Lobel, Arnold.

E LON - Froggy gets dressed [Book]

Author: London, Jonathan, 1947-

E MAD - Velma Gratch & the way cool butterfly [Book]

Author: Madison, Alan.

E MAN - Samsara dog [Book]

Author: Manos, Helen.

E MAR - Brown bear, brown bear, what do you see? [Book]

Author: Martin, Bill, 1916-2004.

E MCC - Moon plane [Book]

Author: McCarty, Peter.

E MCG - A very brave witch [Book]

Author: McGhee, Alison, 1960-

E MET - Five little sharks swimming in the sea [Book]

Author: Metzger, Steve.

E MIL - My chickens [Book]

Author: Miller, Heather.

E MIL - My cows [Book]

Author: Miller, Heather.

E MIL - My goats [Book]

Author: Miller, Heather.

E MIL - My horses [Book]

Author: Miller, Heather.

E MIL - My pigs [Book]

Author: Miller, Heather.

E MIN * - Little bear [Book]

Author: Minarik, Else Holmelund.

E MIT - Different just like me [Book]

Author: Mitchell, Lori, 1961-

E MIT - Down by the cool of the pool [Book]

Author: Mitton, Tony.

E MUN - Smelly socks [Book]

Author: Munsch, Robert N., 1945-

E MUR - The penny pot [Book]

Author: Murphy, Stuart J., 1942-

E OCO * - Eek! Stories to make you shriek [Book]

Author: O'Connor, Jane.

E OET - Germs [Book]

Author: Oetting, Judy.

E PER - Pictures from our vacation [Book]

Author: Perkins, Lynne Rae.

E PER - If... [Book]

Author: Perry, Sarah.

E PHI - Find Anthony Ant [Book]

Author: Philpot, Lorna.

E PIL - Dog breath : the horrible trouble with Hally Tosis [Book]

Author: Pilkey, Dav, 1966-

E PLA - Planes [Book]

Author: Usborne Publishing Ltd.

E POL # - Something about Hensley's [Book]

Author: Polacco, Patricia.

E POL - Hairy Tuesday [Book]

Author: Pollack, Pamela D.

E REI - Tell me a scary story-- but not too scary! [Book]

Author: Reiner, Carl, 1922-

E REI - You and me, baby [Book]

Author: Reiser, Lynn.

E REY - Ish [Book]

Author: Reynolds, Peter H., 1961-

E RIC - And Tango makes three [Book]

Author: Richardson, Justin, 1963-

E ROC - Four seasons make a year [Book]

Author: Rockwell, Anne.

E ROC - Growing like me [Book]

Author: Rockwell, Anne.

E ROD - First grade stinks! [Book]

Author: Rodman, Mary Ann.

E ROT - Every season [Book]

Author: Rotner, Shelley.

E RYL* - Mr. Putter & Tabby write the book [Book]

Author: Rylant, Cynthia.

E SAK - Emily's balloon [Book]

Author: Sakai, Komako, 1966-

E SCH - Starring Miss Darlene [Book]

Author: Schwartz, Amy.

E SEE - Black? white! day? night! : a book of opposites [Book]

Author: Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.

E SEE - Walter was worried [Book]

Author: Seeger, Laura Vaccaro.

E SEU # - Fox in socks [Book]

Author: Seuss, Dr.

E SEU # - Great day for up [Book]

Author: Seuss, Dr.

E SEU # - Green eggs and ham [Book]

Author: Seuss Dr.

E SEU # - I can read with my eyes shut! [Book]

Author: Seuss Dr.

E SEU - My many colored days [Book]

Author: Seuss, Dr.

E SHA - Alice the fairy [Book]

Author: Shannon, David, 1959-

E SHA - Good boy, Fergus! [Book]

Author: Shannon, David, 1959-

E SHR - What's heaven? [Book]

Author: Shriver, Maria.

E SKU - Who's in a family? [Book]

Author: Skutch, Robert.

E SPU - Farm life [Book]

Author: Spurr, Elizabeth.

E TIT - Anatole [Book]

Author: Titus, Eve.

E VAN ~ - The alphabet theatre proudly presents the Z was zapped : a play in twenty-six acts [Book]

Author: Van Allsburg, Chris, 1949-

E WAR - The biggest bear [Book]

Author: Ward, Lynd, 1905-

E WAT - Scaredy squirrel makes a friend [Book]

Author: Watt, Mélanie, 1975-

E WHY - Badness for beginners : a Little Wolf and Smellybreff adventure [Book]

Author: Whybrow, Ian.

E WIL - Finders keepers [Book]

Author: Will, 1904-1974.

E WIL - Don't let the pigeon stay up late! [Book]

Author: Willems, Mo.

E WIL - My friend is sad [Book]

Author: Willems, Mo.

E WIL - Today I will fly! [Book]

Author: Willems, Mo

E WIN - Living on a mountain [Book]

Author: Winne, Joanne.

E WON - The dumpster diver [Book]

Author: Wong, Janet S.

E WOO - Quick as a cricket [Book]

Author: Wood, Audrey.

E WOO - Rude giants [Book]

Author: Wood, Audrey.

E WOO - Coming on home soon [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

E WOO - The other side [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

E WOO - Our Gracie Aunt [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

E WOO - Visiting day [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

E WOO - We had a picnic this Sunday past [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

E YEE - Fireman Small [Book]

Author: Yee, Wong Herbert.

E ZEM - The judge, an untrue tale [Book]

Author: Zemach, Harve.

E ZIE - A new coat for Anna [Book]

Author: Ziefert, Harriet.

E ZOE - Great white shark, ruler of the sea [Book]

Author: Zoehfeld, Kathleen Weidner.

F ADL - Cam Jansen and the barking treasure mystery [Book]

Author: Adler, David A.

F ADL - Cam Jansen and the mystery of the monster movie [Book]

Author: Adler, David A.

F AVI - Crispin : at the edge of the world [Book]

Author: Avi, 1937-

F BAB - Jack Plank tells tales [Book]

Author: Babbitt, Natalie.

F BAR - Peter and the shadow thieves [Book]

Author: Barry, Dave.

F BAS - The eleventh hour : a curious mystery [Book]

Author: Base, Graeme.

F BAU - The blue ghost [Book]

Author: Bauer, Marion Dane.

F BRI - Milly-Molly-Mandy stories [Book]

Author: Brisley, Joyce Lankester, 1896-

F BUC - The fairy-tale detectives [Book]

Author: Buckley, Michael.

F BUC - Once upon a crime [Book]

Author: Buckley, Michael.

F BUC - The problem child [Book]

Author: Buckley, Michael.

F BUC - The unusual suspects [Book]

Author: Buckley, Michael.

F CHR - The city of gold and lead [Book]

Author: Christopher, John, 1922-

F CHR - The White Mountains [Book]

Author: Christopher, John, 1922-

F CLE - No talking [Book]

Author: Clements, Andrew, 1949-

F COD - Diary of a fairy godmother [Book]

Author: Codell, Esmé Raji, 1968-

F COD - Vive la Paris [Book]

Author: Codell, Esmé Raji, 1968-

F COL - Artemis Fowl : the lost colony [Book]

Author: Colfer, Eoin.

F COL - Gregor and the Code of Claw [Book]

Author: Collins, Suzanne.

F COL - Gregor and the marks of secret [Book]

Author: Collins, Suzanne.

F COV - Into the land of the unicorns [Book]

Author: Coville, Bruce.

F CUR - Elijah of Buxton [Book]

Author: Curtis, Christopher Paul.

F DAH - Charlie and the great glass elevator [Book]

Author: Dahl, Roald.

F DEF - Bringing Ezra back [Book]

Author: DeFelice, Cynthia C.

F DEM - The last dragon [Book]

Author: De Mari, Silvana.

F DOW - Phineas L. MacGuire-- gets slimed! [Book]

Author: Dowell, Frances O'Roark.

F DUD - Dude! : stories and stuff for boys [Book]

Author: edited by Sandy Asher and David L. Harrison.

F DUP - The prophet of Yonwood [Book]

Author: DuPrau, Jeanne.

F FAR - The Land of the Silver Apples [Book]

Author: Farmer, Nancy, 1941-

F FRA - You can't, but Genghis Khan [Book]

Author: Frantz, Jennifer.

F FUN - Inkspell [Book]

Author: Funke, Cornelia.

F GAN - I am not Joey Pigza [Book]

Author: Gantos, Jack.

F GIF - Water Street [Book]

Author: Giff, Patricia Reilly.

F GRE - Catherine : the great journey [Book]

Author: Gregory, Kristiana.

F HAA - The softwire : virus on Orbis 1 [Book]

Author: Haarsma, PJ.

F HER - James Herriot's treasury for children [Book]

Author: Herriot, James.

F HIA - Hoot [Book]

Author: Hiaasen, Carl.

F IBB - Journey to the river sea [Book]

Author: Ibbotson, Eva.

F JOH - Thora and the green sea-unicorn : another half-mermaid tale [Book]

Author: Johnson, Gillian.

F JOH - Thora [Book]

Author: Johnson, Gillian.

F KAD - Cracker! : the best dog in Vietnam [Book]

Author: Kadohata, Cynthia.

F KEN - Kimchi & calamari [Book]

Author: Kent, Rose.

F LEV - Fairest [Book]

Author: Levine, Gail Carson.

F LIN - The wind on the moon : a story for children [Book]

Author: Linklater, Eric, 1899-1974.

F MAR - Uncle [Book]

Author: Martin, J. P. (John Percival)

F MCC - Akimbo and the elephants [Book]

Author: McCall Smith, Alexander, 1948-

F MCC - Peter Pan in scarlet [Book]

Author: McCaughrean, Geraldine.

F MOR - Kensuke's kingdom [Book]

Author: Morpurgo, Michael.

F NIX - Drowned Wednesday [Book]

Author: Nix, Garth.

F NIX - Grim Tuesday [Book]

Author: Nix, Garth.

F NIX - Lady Friday [Book]

Author: Nix, Garth.

F NIX - Sir Thursday [Book]

Author: Nix, Garth.

F ODO - Are you flying, Charlie Duncan? [Book]

Author: O'Donnell, Elizabeth Lee.

F OMA - Once upon a cool motorcycle dude [Book]

Author: O'Malley, Kevin, 1961-

F OSB - Dragon of the red dawn [Book]

Author: Osborne, Mary Pope.

F PAR - Junie B., first grader : toothless wonder [Book]

Author: Park, Barbara.

F PAR - The kid in the red jacket [Book]

Author: Park, Barbara.

F PAR - Archer's quest [Book]

Author: Park, Linda Sue.

F PAU - Hatchet [Book]

Author: Paulsen, Gary.

F REX - The true meaning of Smekday [Book]

Author: Rex, Adam.

F RIO - The sea of monsters [Book]

Author: Riordan, Rick.

F RIO - The Titan's curse [Book]

Author: Riordan, Rick.

F ROW - Harry Potter and the deathly hallows [Book]

Author: Rowling, J. K.

F RYA - Paint the wind [Book]

Author: Ryan, Pam Muñoz.

F SAL - House of the red fish [Book]

Author: Salisbury, Graham.

F SAL - Night of the howling dogs [Book]

Author: Salisbury, Graham.

F SIL - Pond scum [Book]

Author: Silberberg, Alan.

F SNI - The carnivorous carnival [Book]

Author: Snicket, Lemony.

F SNI - The end [Book]

Author: Snicket, Lemony.

F SNI - The grim grotto [Book]

Author: Snicket, Lemony.

F SPI - Summerhouse time [Book]

Author: Spinelli, Eileen.

F TWA - The adventures of Tom Sawyer [Book]

Author: Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.

F VAN - Just a dream [Book]

Author: Van Allsburg, Chris.

F WEE - So B. It : a novel [Book]

Author: Weeks, Sarah.

F WHI - Way Down Deep [Book]

Author: White, Ruth, 1942-

F WHI - Mistress Masham's repose [Book]

Author: White, T. H. (Terence Hanbury), 1906-1964.

F WIL - The Aurora County All-Stars [Book]

Author: Wiles, Deborah.

F WIL - The golden hour [Book]

Author: Williams, Maiya.

F WIL - The hour of the cobra [Book]

Author: Williams, Maiya.

F WOO - Feathers [Book]

Author: Woodson, Jacqueline.

PRO 027.8 AME - Information power : building partnerships for learning [Book]

Author: American Association of School Librarians.

PRO 158 PIN - A whole new mind : moving from the information age to the conceptual age [Book]

Author: Pink, Daniel H.

PRO 370.152 MCK - Learning to question, to wonder, to learn [Book]

Author: McKenzie, Jamieson A (Jamieson Angus), 1945-

PRO 370.7 MCK - Beyond technology : questioning, research, and the information literate school [Book]

Author: McKenzie, Jamieson A. (Jamieson Angus), 1945-

PRO 370.7 MCK - Just in time technology : doing better with fewer [Book]

Author: McKenzie, Jamieson A. (Jamieson Angus), 1945-

PRO 370.7 MCK - Planning good change with technology and literacy [Book]

Author: McKenzie, Jamieson A. (Jamieson Angus), 1945-

PRO 371.1 NIE - What keeps teachers going? [Book]

Author: Nieto, Sonia.

PRO 371.334 KEA - Internet-based student research : creating to learn with a step-by-step approach, grades 5-12 [Book]

Author: Keane, Jacqueline P.

PRO 371.392 MON - The discovery of the child [Book]

Author: Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952.

PRO 372.623 FLE - Boy writers : reclaiming their voices [Book]

Author: Fletcher, Ralph J.

PRO 401 PIN - The stuff of thought : language as a window into human nature [Book]

Author: Pinker, Steven, 1954-

REF 371.805 AQU - Aquila : 2006-07 [Serial]

Author: [adviser, Luciana Barbosa ; editors, Lauren Corcoran... [et al.]].

REF 371.805 AQU - Aquila : 2007-08 [Serial]

Author: [advisor/art director, Luciana Barbosa ; editors, Desiree Berger ...[et al.] ;

graphic art, Elena Fajardo, Monique Schierz-Crusius ; photography, Andre Krongold ... [et al.]].
SR E REI - Tell me a scary story-- but not too scary! [Book]

Author: Reiner, Carl, 1922-

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