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Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (11th edition) is the first reference. Use the first spelling offered and cap when the entry is capped or when the definition says “always cap.” (Do not cap words described as “often cap” or “usually cap.”) For second fashion-related reference, consult Fairchild’s Dictionary of Fashion. For style questions, consult The Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition), The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage, Words Into Type, Bernstein’s Careful Writer, and Webster’s Geographical Dictionary.

table of contents

[section one] basics 2

[section two] captions and credits 3

[section three] general rules 6

[section four] designer names 13

[section five] numbers 19

[section six] standalone cities 21

[section seven] word list 22

[section eight] banned and endangered word list 28

[section one]


* Always use a serial comma.

* Always use spell check.

* Don’t start a line with an em dash, ampersand, or ellipsis.

* Do make sure there’s a minimum of two lines of text below any subhed that appears near the bottom of a column.

* Use true ellipses (keyboard command: Option–;), not three periods. Separate ellipses from text with a space on either side.

* Don’t break words that aren’t hyphenated and avoid ending two consecutive lines with hyphens whenever possible. (If text is set in ultra-thin columns, it’s okay to occasionally break very long words, but only after a prefix: e.g., break “super-moisturizing” after “super.”)

* Avoid repeating words in the same story, particularly on the same page.

* Omit the possessive s on all words ending in s:

Los Angeles’ best restaurant

* Store and product names are not all capped unless they are acronyms. They follow headline capitalization style.

DKNY (acronym for Donna Karan New York)

Face Stockholm (not FACE)
To the Max (not The

* No letters in phone numbers, with these exceptions:

800-H-BENDEL (Henri Bendel)

888-8-BARNEYS (Barneys)
800-MFIELDS (Marshall Field’s)
800-7-BEAUTY (Nordstrom)
877-FINDJCP (JCPenney)
800-DIAL-ANN (Ann Taylor)

* All prices are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar value,
except in the following sections, where cents are included:

Lucky Breaks

Local Listings
Shop While You Contribute

[section two]

captions and credits.

Lucky is all about captions. For best results, look at the relevant section in the most recent issue of the magazine. Keep in mind that caption styles are somewhat flexible and should work with the design.

In general, order should be: Product, prose, price, place:

RIBBON BUD VASE Beyond impractical yet very appealing, the soft satin weave turns a basic bowl into an arty statement piece.
$120, HABLE CONSTRUCTION, 877-422-5304
[Note: no punctuation needed between elements when those elements are formatted in different fonts]

A caption consisting of a single incomplete clause does not take a period.
When a caption contains a colon, it ends with a period, even if there is no complete clause.
Use postal abbreviations when the state is given in captions:


See the standalone list (page 22) for cities that can run without states.

For Stores versus For Locations
As needed, credits include “for stores” when the designer has no retail outlets (and the featured item may be found at a variety of stores) and they include “for locations” when the featured items are available specifically at the designer’s locations: for stores for locations

beauty items

Order should be: Brand and name of product (in color), prose, price, followed by store, phone, and/or URL info

bed head brunette goddess conditioner
The soy and wheat proteins in this butter-thick cream are specially blended to boost sheen in brown shades.

$18, for locations

Style names of beauty items are not set off with quotes, as style names for fashion items are.

Layout will dictate punctuation or lack thereof. If the font and/or color changes, no end punctuation is needed.

Product names should follow the company’s style, with two exceptions: Close up eyeshadow and SPF.

fashion items

Generally speaking, the order for fashion credits should begin with the featured item, if there is one, and then proceed top to bottom, outerwear to innerwear. Thus:

Featured item (if there is one) followed by: Jacket … top … skirt/pants … tights … earrings, necklace, ring, bracelet/watch, belt … shoes … purse

For full-page image fashion credits, order should be:

Directional: Description of item, price, designer. store, phone number or URL

Pay close attention to the use of commas and periods. Product info comes from the Credits department, is verified by Research, and primarily styled by Copy. Remember to always look at the appropriate column or section in the most recent available Lucky to ensure that the styling remains correct. Here are some examples:

When the designer and store info are different:
Satin briefs, $40, Emilio Pucci. Julie’s Clothes Shop, NYC, 212-888-4338
When the designer and store are the same, the caption gets condensed:
Satin briefs, $40, Emilio Pucci, 212-888-8888
Or the more abbreviated form:
Satin briefs, $40, Emilio Pucci,
Or when designer and store are clearly the same and not easily confused, the most abbreviated form:

Satin briefs, $40,

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