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Michael Plekon


Degree Institution Field Dates

Ph.D. Rutgers University Sociology, Religion 1977

M.A. Rutgers University Sociology, Religion 1974

A.B. Catholic University Sociology, Philosophy 1970


Institution Rank Field Dates

Baruch College Professor Sociology/Anthropology 01/98-present

Baruch College Associate Professor Sociology/Anthropology 09/84-12/97 Baruch College Assistant Professor Sociology/Anthropology 09/77-09/83

Institution Rank Field Dates

Douglass College

Rutgers University Sociology 09/74-05/77

Place of Employment Title Date

St. Gregory Orthodox Church Associate Priest, 1996-present

Redeemer Lutheran Church Assistant Pastor 1992-1995

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Interim Pastor 1992-1993

Trinity Lutheran Church Assistant/Associate Pastor 1983-1991

SouthRiver NJ Police Department Staff Sociologist 1973-1977

American Enterprise Institute Research Assistant 1975-1976

Economic Opportunities Corp. Administrator 1971-1972

Nativity BVM High School Instructor 1970-1971


Rank Dates

Professor 01/98-present

Associate Professor with Tenure 01/84-12/97

Assistant Professor 09/77-09/83


  1. Books :

Michael Plekon, The World as Sacrament: Ecumenical Reflections on Worldly Spirituality, Collegeville, MN: Liturgical Press, forthcoming, 2017.

Michael Plekon, Uncommon Prayer: Prayer in Everyday Experience, University of Notre Dame Press, 2016.
Michael Plekon, Maria Gywn McDowell, Elizabeth Schroeder, eds., “The Church Has Left the Building”: Faith, Parish and Ministry in the 21st Century, Eugene OR: Cascade, 2016
Vitaly Permiakov and Michael Plekon, editors, Jerry Ryan, translator, Hyacinthe Destivelle, The Moscow Council of 1917-1918: The Creation of the Conciliar Institutions of the Russian Orthodox Church, University of Notre Dame Press, 2015, 488 pages.
John A. Jillions and Michael Plekon, editors, Jerry Ryan, translator, Antoine Arjakovsky, The Way: Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration in Paris and their Journal, University of Notre Dame Press, 2013, 766 pages.

Michael Plekon, Saints as they really are: Patterns of Holiness in Our Time, University of Notre Dame Press, 2012, 277 pages. (A Best Spiritual Book of the Year, 2012, Spirituality & Practice; 3rd place, Best Spirituality Book of 2013, Catholic Press Association.)

Michael Plekon, editor, Jerry Ryan, translator: Olga Lossky, Towards the endless day: a life of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel (1907-2005), University of Notre Dame Press, 2010, 334 pages. (Finalist, ForeWord 2010 Book of the Year Award, Biography)

Michael Plekon, Hidden Holiness, University of Notre Dame Press, 2009, 212 pages. (Finalist, ForeWord 2009 Book of the Year Award, Religion)
Michael Plekon, editor & author of introductory essay, Vitaly Permiakov translator, Nicolas Afanasiev, The Church of the Holy Spirit, University of Notre Dame Press, 2007, paper, 2012, 327 pages.
Michael Plekon, editor, translator, author of introductory essay, Tradition Alive: An Anthology on the Church and the Christian Life in Our Time, edited, introductory essay, Sheed & Ward/Rowan & Littlefield, 2003. 272 pages.
Michael Plekon, Living Icons: People of Faith in the Eastern Church and Holiness in Our Time, University of Notre Dame Press, 2002, paper, 2004, 337 pages. (A Best Book in Spirituality and Health, 2002.)
Michael Plekon, editor, translator, Discerning the Signs of the Times: The Vision of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel, with Sarah E. Hinlicky, Crestwood NY: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2001, 148 pages.
Michael Plekon, translator and editor, In the World, Of the Church: A Paul Evdokimov Reader, with Alexis Vinogradov, Crestwood NY: Oakwood/St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 2001, 273 pages.
Michael Plekon, translator, revised translation of Paul Evdokimov, Les âges de la vie spirituelle, Paris: Desclée de Brouwer, 1964: Ages of the Spiritual Life, with Alexis Vinogradov, original trans. by Sr. Gertrude, S.P.,Crestwood NY: St. Vladimir's Seminary Press, 1998, 263 pages.

Michael Plekon and William S. Wiecher, editors. The Church: Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Delhi NY: American Lutheran Publication Bureau, 1993, edited and introductory essay, with William S. Wiecher, 304 pages. Second edition, 2009.

B. Papers in Professional Journals:
Michael Plekon, “What I wear is pants. What I do is live. How I pray is breathe…”-- Merton and the Spiritual Life in the 21st Century,” The Merton Annual, 29, forthcoming, 2017.

Michael Plekon, “Church/School Lessons,” Lutheran Forum, 49, 4,

2015, 21-24.
Michael Plekon, “Two monks: Thomas of Gethsemani and Seraphim of Sarov,” in The Merton Seasonal, 40, 2, 2015, 17-24.
Michael Plekon, “Mercy within mercy,” The Merton Seasonal, 40, 1, 2015, 49.
Michael Plekon, “’Mercy within mercy within mercy’: Thomas Merton’s Vision of a Merciful God,” The Merton Seasonal, 39, 2014, 3-6.

- Dutch version, “Genade op Genade,” Contactblad Mertonvrienden 29, 2, June, 2015, 46-48.

Michael Plekon, “Maria Skobtsova: The Making of a Saint in the Eastern Church,” Logos, 55, 3-4, 2014, 519-532.
Michael Plekon, “Sergius Bulgakov-On Sitting by Jacob’s Well,” Lutheran Forum, Spring, 2014, 42-46.

Michael Plekon, " 'this immense mercy was upon me': Thomas Merton's Reading of Russian Émigré Thinkers, The Merton Annual, 26, 2013, 96-106.

Michael Plekon, “Church, Society, Politics: Perspectives from the ‘Paris School,’ ” Logos, 53, 3-4, 2012, 197-219.
Michael Plekon, “Eastern Elements in Kierkegaard’s Eighteen Upbuilding Discourses,” Logos, 52, 1-2, 2011, 35-54.

Michael Plekon, “ ‘The world as sacrament’: The world in Fr. Alexander Schmemann’s vision, Logos, 50, 3-4, 2009, 429-439.

Michael Plekon, “Bishops as servants,” Sobornost, 31, 2009, 70-82.
Michael Plekon, “To become permeable to Christ: The life and theological vision of Elisabeth Behr-Sigel,” The Ecumenical Review, 61, 2, 2009, 165-176.

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Michael Plekon, “Becoming What You Pray: Three Images, Three Voices,” The Ecumenical Review, 57, 4, 2005, 395-405.

French version: “ ‘L’Ésprit Saint prie en nous’: La signification liturgique de la prière de Jésus,” Contacts, 212, 2005, 351-366.

Russian version: “Дух молится в нас”: литургическое значение Иисусовой молитвы, in Страницы (“Stranitsy”)= Pages: Theology, Culture, Education, 10: 3, 2005, 409-421.

Spanish version: “El Espíritu ora en nosotros:oración del corazón, liturgia y vida cristiana,” http://oriente-cristiano.blogspot.com/2009/03/el-espiritu-ora-en-nosotros-oracion-del.html
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Michael Plekon, “Kierkegaard at the End: His 'Last' Sermon, Eschatology and the Attack on the Church," Faith and Philosophy, 17, 1, January, 2000, 68-86
Michael Plekon, "The Eucharistic Church, A Churchly Eucharist: A View from the East," in Lutheran Forum, 33, 3, Fall, 1999, 20-23.
Michael Plekon, French version: “L’Église eucharistique, une eucharistie ecclésiale, “ Contacts, 192, 2000, 326-335.

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C. Chapters in Books:

Michael Plekon, “The school of the hermitage: Thomas Merton’s lessons in prayer and life,” in Donald Grayston, ed. Thomas Merton’s Day of a Stranger: Essays and Annotations, Portland OR: Cascade, forthcoming.

Michael Plekon, “Belonging to the Christian community in the 21st century, when “the church has left the building,” in “The Church has left the building”: Faith, Parish and ministry in the 21st Century, Eugene OR: Cascade, forthcoming, 2016.

Michael Plekon, “Paul Evdokimov on Marriage, Sex and Family Life: A Voice from the Eastern Church,” in Christianity and Family Law, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 2016.

Michael Plekon, “Fr. Nicholas Afanasiev” and “”St. Mother Maria Skobtsova of Paris,” in Orthodox Handbook on Ecumenism: Resources for Theological Education, eds. Pantelis Kalaitzidis, Thomas Fitzgerald, Cyril Hovorun, Aikaterini Pekridou, Nikolaos Asproulis, Guy Liagre, Dietrich Werner, Volos: Volos Academy Publications, 2014, 171-175, 243-247.
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Michael Plekon, “The Sacramentology of Protopresbyter Nicholas Afanasiev,” [Сакраментология Протопресвитера Николая Афанасьева] in ПРАВОСЛАВНОЕ УЕНИЕ О ЏЕРКОВНЬІХ ТАИНСТВАХ, Moscow: Synodical Biblical-Theological Commission, 2009, vol. III, 511-523.
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Michael Plekon, translator of Søren Kjær Bruun, "Begrebet 'Det opbyggelige' i Søren Kierkegaards forfatterskab," [The Concept of "the edifying" in Søren Kierkegaard's Authorship,"] in Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook 1997, (NY, Berlin: De Gruyter).
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Michael Plekon, "Arthur Carl Piepkorn: Teacher and Father of the Church," with William S. Wiecher, in The Church: Selected Writings of Arthur Carl Piepkorn, Michael P. Plekon and William S. Wiecher, eds., (Delhi NY: ALPB, 1993), 5-15.
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1984), 19-52.

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D. Book Reviews:
Michael Plekon, review of The Berrigan Letters: Personal Correspondence Between Daniel and Philip Berrigan, eds. Daniel Cosacchi and Eric Martin, Maryknoll NY: Orbis Books, 2016 in Cistercian Studies Quarterly, forthcoming, 2016.
Michael Plekon, review of Fiona Gardner, The Only Mind Worth Having: Thomas Merton and the Child Mind, Eugene OR: Cascade Books, 2015 in Cistercian Studies Quarterly, forthcoming, 2016.
Michael Plekon, review of Dorothy Day and the Church: Past, Present & Future, eds. Lance Richey and Adam DeVille, Valparaiso IN: Solidarity Hall, 2016, in Logos, forthcoming, 2016.
Michael Plekon, review of Norman Wirzba, Way of Love: Recovering the Heart of Christianity, NY: HarperOne, 2016 in Cistercian Studies Quarterly, forthcoming, 2016.
Michael Plekon, review of Tom Roberts, Joan Chittister: Her Journey from Certainty to Faith, Maryknoll NY: Orbis Books, 2015, in CSQ, forthcoming.
Michael Plekon, review of Richard Rohr, Eager to Love: The Alternative Way of Francis of Assisi, Cincinnati: Franciscan Media, 2014 in Cistercian Studies Quarterly [CSQ], 51, 1, 2016, 139-142.
Michael Plekon, review of Michael N. McGregor, Pure Act: The Uncommon Life of Robert Lax, Fordham University Press, 2015 in Logos, forthcoming.

Michael Plekon, review symposium on Paul R. Hinlicky, Beloved Community: Critical Dogmatics after Christendom, Grand Rapids MI: Eerdmans, 2014, in Pro Ecclesia, forthcoming, 2016.

Michael Plekon, review of Ivana Noble, Kateřina Bauerová, Tim Noble, Parush Parushev, The Ways of Orthodox Theology in the West, Yonkers NY: St. Vladimir’s Seminary Press, 2015, in CSQ, forthcoming, 2016.
Michael Plekon, review of Andrew Louth, Modern Orthodox Thinkers, Downers Grove IL: IVP Academic, 2015, in CSQ, forthcoming, 2016.

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