M. A. Rutgers University Sociology, Religion 1974

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Associate member, Columbia Univ. Seminar in Religious Studies, 1982-87.

Honoree, CUNY Salute to Scholars, 1981.

Nominee, Excellence in Teaching Award, Baruch College,1981,83, 85,87, 98.

Lutheran World Federation Scholarship (honorary), Fulbright Fellowship (honorary), Danish Marshall Fellowship (honorary) for Kierkegaard studies, University of Copenhagen, Institute for Systematic Theology, 1979-80. (Honorary status due to reception of NEH Fellowship noted below)

PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award 46 for publication costs, permissions, etc, for Uncommon Prayer ($3500)
Faculty Fellowship Award for 2014-2015 full academic year @ 80% salary for work on book, Uncommon Prayer and “The Church Has Left the Building,” a collection of essays, and other projects.
Summer salary and research stipend, Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, summer 2012. ($12,910 and $1000)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award 43 for 2012-2013 for editing work and publication costs for the translation of Antoine Arjakovsky’s Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration and The Moscow Council of 1917-18 (both forthcoming, University of Notre Dame Press. ($3500).
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award 42 for 2011-2012 for work on volume of essays, “The Church Has Left the Building” ($3000)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award 41 for 2010-2011 for work on the editing and translation of Hyacinthe Destivelle, Le concile de Moscou, 1917-1918, Paris: Cerf, 2006. ($2500)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award 40 for 2009-2010 for work on Saints as they really are, University of Notre Dame Press. ($3500)

Faculty Fellowship award 2007-2008 academic year—full year, 80% salary for work on Hidden Holiness, editing of translations of A. Arjakovsky, Religious Thinkers of the Russian Emigration, Towards the Day without End: Elisabeth Behr-Sigel, and various papers, articles and reviews.

PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award 38 for 2007-2008 for translation of Arjakovsky and Afanasiev ($4000)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (67272-00-36) for 2005-2006 on the ecumenical monastery of Bose, its history and spirit ($2661)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (66181-0035) for 2004-2005 ($2,305)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (651590034) on the life and work of Sister Joanna Reitlinger 2003-2004 ($3,191)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#64154-0033) for work on a study of the shapes of spirituality and holiness in our time, 2002-2003 ($3,491)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#631580032) for work on an anthology of essays by Russian emigration philosophers and theologians, 2001-2002 ($3,753)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (# 62176-00-31) for further work on Afanasiev, 2000-2001 ($ 2,776)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#61140-00-30) for preparation of manuscript of book on leading Eastern Church figures in the 20th century, 1999-2000. ($3,369)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#669124) for publication, translation and critical essays on works of Russian émigré theolgians, Paul Evdokimov, Sergius Bulgakov, Nicolas Afanasiev, Georges Florovsky, Alexander Schmemann, John Meyendorff, and their impact on Orthodox Christianity in America, 1998-99. ($3, 975)
Fellowship Award, Baruch College CUNY, (full year, half pay) 1998-99. [not taken]

PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#668132) for publication, translation editing and essays on work of Evdokimov, Schmemann, and Afanasiev 1997-98. ($2,525)

PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#667121) for publication, translation and critical essays on P. Evdokimov and A. Schmemann, 1996-97. ($6,000)
American Council of Learned Societies Grant-in-Aid for Kierkegaard research at University of Copenhagen, Summer, 1982. ($3,000)
PSC-CUNY Faculty Research Award (#13775) for Kierkegaard research at University of Copenhagen, 1982-83. ($6,122)
Baruch College Scholar Assistance Awards, 1980-82. ($450)
NEH Fellowship for Kierkegaard research at the University of Copenhagen, August 1979-September, 1980. ($20,000)


A. Service to Department:
Majors and Honors Committee, 1981-82

Data collection and analysis, preparation of departmental five year plan, 1981

Collaboration with ad hoc committee on introductory course, 1981-82

Curriculum Committee, 1977-78, 78-79, 80-81

Executive Committee, 1980-81, 1985-present.

Search committees, 2006, 2009, 2012.

Faculty Search Committee, 1988-89, 2005, 2007, 2011

Independent studies advisor, 1978-present

Secretary, 1981-89, 1994, 1996-97
B. Service to the School:

Independent Units Personnel and Budget Committee, 2003-2005

WSLAS committee on released time, 2002-2003

WSLAS committee on American Studies minor and courses, 1997-98

SLAS ad hoc committee for departmental evaluation, 1996-97

SLAS committee on social activities, 1996-97

SLAS Committee on Feit Seminars, 1983-87

Coordinator, Program in Religion and Culture, 1982-85, 1989-present

Globus Committee, 1984-86

College Committee on Scholarships, Prizes and Awards, 1981-82

SLAS Executive Committee, 1984-85

SLAS representative to School of Business & Public Administ., 1981-82

SLAS Committee on Released Time for Research, 1983-85

SLAS Long Range Planning Committee, 1980-81

Faculty Senate Committee on Academic Freedom & Responsibility, 1980-81

College Faculty-Student Disciplinary Committee, 1978-79

Honors mentor, SLAS, 1993.

Coordinator & Member, Program in Religion and Culture, 1981-present

Honors course instructor, 2003-present

C. Service to the College:
-Advisor, CUNY-B.A. majors, minors and honors students in Sociology and Religion at Baruch College, 1980-present.

- Honors Faculty, 2005-present

D. Service to the Graduate Center: None
E. Service to the University: None

In addition to numerous lectures and presentations listed above under section #8:

Consultant/Reviewer, NEH Translations Grants, Fellowship Programs in areas of specialization: Kierkegaard studies, sociology of religion, church history, 1981-present.
Distance Learning Program Faculty, MA in Ecumenical Studies, The Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Ukrainian Catholic University, L’viv, Ukraine, 2007-present.
Thesis advisor, Jesmond Micallef, OFMCap., “St. Francis and the Francisan Revolution of the 13th Century,” for MA in Ecumenical Studies, Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Ukrainian Catholic University, summer, 2015.
External reader, doctoral dissertation of Anastacia Wooden, “The Limits of the Church: The Ecclesiological Project of Nicholas Afanasiev,” The Catholic University of America, March 2015--
External reader, doctoral dissertation of Roman Rytsar, “ The Kenotic Theology of Metropolitan Anthony Bloom,” Sheptytsky Institute of Eastern Christian Studies, St. Paul University, Ottawa, November, 2011-January, 2012.

External reader, doctoral dissertation of Natalia Ermolaev, “The Motherhood of God: Mother Maria Skobtsova’s Poetry and Theology,” Columbia University, February 24, 2010.

External reader, doctoral dissertation of Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, “Elisabeth Behr-Sigel and Women in the Ministry,” Princeton Theological Seminary, October, 2008.
Consultant to the Rev. Stephen Bouman, Assistant to the Bishop, Metro NY Synod, ELCA, on demographic patterns and trends in the Hudson Valley, on economic and cultural changes in upstate communities and on interim pastorates, 1993.
Adademic Coordinator, diakonia program in adult religious education and preparation of lay leaders, Hudson Valley branch, Trinity Church, Brewster, NY, 1990-91.

Consultant, liturgical appointments and worship space design, Church Building Program, Trinity Church, Brewster, NY, 1984-89.

Consultant, sociological analysis of communities for parish and mission strategies, to the Rev. John Hesford, deployed staff of the Division for Mission in North America, Lutheran Church in America, 1985-86.
Chair, Study and Search Committee, Lutheran Ministries in Higher Education in NYC, 1984-85.
Translation and editorial consultant, Bibliotheca Kierkegaardiana, The International Kierkegaard Commentary, 1979-84.
President, Vice-President, member, Board of Lutheran Ministries in Higher Education in NYC, 1977-83.
Team for Congregational Assessment, Trinity Church, Brewster NY, 1981-82.

Social Action Facilitation Group, Metro New York Synod of the Lutheran Church in America, 1982-83.

Consultant reader and reviewer for scholarly journals: Thought, Scandinavian Studies, Sociological Theory, Contemporary Sociology, Cross Currents, St. Martin's Press.

Consultant, Statement of Economic Justice, Lutheran Church in America Church and Society Division, 1979.

Research residence, Søren Kierkegaard Library and Research Center, St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN, summer, 1978.

A. Courses taught:

SOC 1005 Introduction to Sociology and SOC 1005 Honors course

SOC 3067 Sociology of Religion in America

SOC 4032 Juvenile Justice and Juvenile Delinquency

SOC 4100 Classical Sociological Theories

REL 3001 Introduction to World Religions

REL 3003 Introduction to Christianity

REL 3320 Contemporary Religious Thinkers

SOC 3154 Crime and Justice in Sociological Perspective

FEIT Seminar: The Bible in Art and Literature, with Professors Martin Stevens and Pamela Sheingorn.
B. New courses developed

Revisions of focus, text, reading lists, audio-visual materials and catalogue descriptions of SOC 3067, SOC 4032, SOC 4100, SOC 3154-revival of REL 3001 and on-going effort to recruit voluntary instructors for Religion and Cultures courses, development of new reading lists and foci for REL 3320 Contemporary Christianity. New honors course, REL 3085: Writers and the Search for the Spiritual Life.

C. Instructor, Ukrainian Catholic University, Lviv, Institute of Ecumenical Studies, Online/Distance Learning Master’s Program: course in conflict and opposition to ecumenical activity, Spring, 2009-present.


I hereby certify that information given above is accurate and complete to the best of my knowledge.

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