Mackinlay Kantor "And I know no one can sing the blues Like Blind Willie McTell"

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A Man Who had No Eyes

By MacKinlay Kantor

Mackinlay Kantor

“And I know no one can sing the blues
Like Blind Willie McTell”

~Bob Dylan

  • Complete the following questions in sentence/paragraph form.

  • All answers MUST show evidence of thoughtful, meaningful reading.

  • Answer ALL QUESTIONS immediately below the question itself—make sure there is one space above and below each question.

  • Erase the number which comes before your answer so that only the questions are numbered.

  • When you are finished answering the questions, edit your answers for spelling and grammar.

Short Answer

  1. Describe the beggar in the story quoting SPECIFIC text.

  2. What is the beggar selling and why?

  3. Describe Parson’s quoting SPECIFIC text from the story.

  4. What details suggest that the beggar is caught in the past?

  5. What kind of irony is apparent at the end of the story? [Irony can be situational, verbal, and dramatic, often playing on discrepancy between the expected and actual state of affairs].

Paragraph Answer

  1. Methods of characterization include physical descriptions, revealing characters’ thoughts and feelings, descriptions of characters by other characters, and dialogue. How does the author develop character in A Man Who had No Eyes? [Use specific examples from the story].

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