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This bulletin is also available in PDF format at:
Mae'r bwletin hwn hefyd ar gael fel PDF ar:
1 Call for Mentors in Wales

As part of the new Framework of Qualifications, CILIP is developing a Mentor Scheme for those members who do not have access to an existing scheme, for example through their place of work. The Mentor Scheme will be available to members who wish to progress from Certification to Chartered Membership or to participate in the Revalidation Scheme. It will also form a compulsory element of the new Chartership process.

We are about to set up the scheme in Wales, so if you are interested in becoming a mentor now is the time to register online at:
We will be running mentor training courses in North Wales, SE Wales and SW Wales in the autumn. The first will run on the 7 and 21 September, venue to be confirmed.


2.1 CyMAL Disability Summer School

The CyMAL Disability Summer School will take place on 1 September at the

University of Wales, Bangor, 6 September at the National Library of Wales in

Aberystwyth and 14 September at Swansea Rugby Club. Programmes and booking

forms will be sent to Welsh museums, archives and libraries in mid July and

booking forms must be returned by 5 August for Bangor, 12 August for

Aberystwyth and 19 August for Swansea. Details will also appear on the

CyMAL website. In the meantime, if you would like any further information,

please contact

(01970 610231).

2.1 Ysgol Haf Anabledd CyMAL

Cynhelir Ysgol Haf Anabledd CyMAL ar 1 Medi ym Mhrifysgol Cymru Bangor, 6

Medi yn Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru, Aberystwyth a 14 Medi yng Nghlwb Rygbi

Abertawe. Bydd rhaglenni a ffurflenni archebu yn cael eu danfon i

amgueddfeydd, archifau a llyfrgelloedd Cymreig yn nghanol mis Gorffennaf.

Dylid dychwelyd ffurflenni archebu erbyn 5 Awst ar gyfer Bangor, 12 Awst ar

gyfer Aberystwyth a 19 Awst ar gyfer Abertawe. Bydd manylion hefyd ar wefan

CyMAL. Yn y cyfamser, os hoffech rhagor o wybodaeth, cysylltwch â (01970 610231).


Welsh fee deal 'may cost jobs'

Union leaders have claimed this week that the 'historic' deal on top-up fees in

Wales could threaten lecturers' jobs by allowing the Assembly to 'fudge' a promise

to tackle a GBP330 million funding gap between higher education in Wales and the

rest of the UK.

Times Higher Education Supplement, p11, 1 July

CILIP Daily News


4.1 Sign Up Now! Campaign August 22 to September 23

The aim of the Sign Up Now! campaign is to support the promotion of adult learning

at local level and to increase access to information, advice and guidance.
The themes for this year's campaign are:

Welsh for Adults - to support the Welsh in a Week initiative

Basic Skills - to support literacy, numeracy, media literacy and computer skills

Older Learners - to support the delivery and development of the curriculum to

encourage participation from older people

Citizenship - to support the European Year of Citizenship

Learning and Health - in response to Health Challenge Wales, the national focus

for health improvement in Wales
Learning Promotion Grants available

The Learning Promotion Grant Scheme is intended to stimulate an interesting and

varied programme of learning events across Wales. A limited number of grants of up

to £1,000 are available. The main aims of the grants are to:

* Promote participation in learning

* Increase access to information, advice and guidance.

Go the the Sign Up Now! website to download the relevant

application form

Deadline for receipt of Learning Promotion Grant Applications: 29th July 2005
Mentor and Tutor Awards

We want to recognise the commitment and excellence of adult mentors and tutors in

Wales as part of the campaign. Everyone who enters will receive a certificate of

nomination. In addition to the main awards there will be a special learndirect

award for e-mentors/tutors.

Go the the Sign Up Now! website to download the relevant nomination


Deadline for receipt of Tutor and Mentor awards nominations is: 1st August 2005

4.2 'Keep IT Moving'

An article by Lesley Sim on progress with the 'Keep IT Moving', the national project

to give easy access to IT in libraries for young Travellers engaged in distance


Network Newsletter 45, June 2005

To receive this newsletter you will need to send an email to

CILIP Weekly Information World


Measuring Up: Public Libraries do make an Impact!

"Public Libraries can and do have a vital impact on communities" is the

conclusion of an investigation and report conducted by

PricewaterhouseCoopers and published by the Laser Foundation.

The focus of the report was on exploring both harder edged data and

qualitative information that demonstrates libraries' impact in a robust

way. David Lammy MP, Minister for Culture, said,

"Libraries are an essential part of a community. The report published

today is all about their impact in different parts of the country. It is

important that all of us with an interest in libraries or in building

better communities, understand the contribution libraries make, and this

report helps to do just that. …”

Copies of the full document can be obtained from the Laser Foundation

site at

or by emailing Sandra Horgan at


From CILIP News Bulletins:

Happy Hour for World Book Day

The 2006 World Book Day plans have been unveiled and the centre is a Happy Hour when

it is hoped that there will be a universal discount in all bookshops for a set time.

Bookseller, p6, 24 June

Readers, authors, cake and wine

Article on the readers' days run by Surrey libraries.

Bookseller, p45, 24 June

London Libraries Launch 'Crime Novels' Summer Reading Promotion

London’s public libraries have launched a promotion of 50 European crime novels.

The 'Passport to Murder' list is a selection of classic and contemporary crime

fiction by European authors selected by London's librarians, see

Managing Information, 23 June
'Books by Prescription'

Article by Sarah Jenkin, Community Librarian in Medway, on her survey of provision

of the 'Books by Prescription' schemes. These schemes are run in partnership between

the Library Service and the Primary Health Care Trust where a GP or healthcare

worker recommends a title which may help a patient to cope with and understand their

medical condition.

Network Newsletter 45, June 2005

To receive this newsletter you will need to send an email to

Young readers, tough judges

Article on the Red House Children's Book Award, the only award judged solely by

children. This year's winner is Simon James for 'Baby Brains'.

Bookseller, p29, 24 June

Reading - the new 'Cool'?

Information about this year's Carnegie and Greenaway Medals.

CILIP website, 28 July


Sshh’ing librarian

“Own the stereotype or be owned by it" – soundcard & speakers vital to appreciate this web page!

8 Y WE / WEB

8.1 The Ten Best: Health websites

The Independent 28 June

8.2 Wales on the Web: integration of Collections Wales resources

The Collections Wales database has now been integrated into Wales on the

Web ( ).

The database contains comprehensive coverage of research level

collections housed in Welsh HEIs and systematic coverage of the research

holdings of the National Library of Wales, as well as special and local

collections held by major public libraries, national bodies and other

public and private sector agencies throughout Wales. It includes a wide

range of subjects, and a variety of formats, from printed materials and

photographs to artefacts and electronic data.

For more information, visit:

8.2 Cymru ar y We: integreiddio adnoddau Casgliadau Cymru

Mae cronfa ddata Casgliadau Cymru yn awr wedi ei hintegreiddio i Cymru

ar y We.
Mae’r bas data’n cynnwys ymdriniaeth gynhwysfawr o gasgliadau ar lefel

ymchwil sydd i’w canfod mewn Sefydliadau Addysg Uwch yng Nghymru, ac

ymdriniaeth systematig o ddaliadau ymchwil Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru,

yn ogsytal â chasgliadau arbennig a lleol sydd ar gael mewn

llyfrgelloedd cyhoeddus, cyrff cenedlaethol ac asiantaethau eraill yn y

sectorau cyhoeddus a phreifat ar draws Cymru. Mae hefyd yn cynnwys ystod

eang o bynciau ac amryw o ffurfiau, o ddeunydd printiedig a ffotograffau

i arteffactau a data electronig.

Am fwy o wybodaeth, cysylltwch a

8.3 Tales from the Terminal Room May 2005

Top 10 business sites and tips, and useful reviews of:

Yahoo! Mindset

"View Yahoo! Search results sorted according to whether they are more

commercial or more informational (i.e., from academic, non-

commercial, or research-oriented sources)."

Google Print

At last Google Print has its own search screen and you can search the

whole database. …
Subject Finder

"… to help students, teachers and lecturers find educational websites easily without being

overwhelmed with a huge number of search results. It is designed to

search only educational websites which contain tutorials, learning

and teaching materials
8.4 Google Answers

Article on the web service Google Answers.

Freepint Newsletter 185, 30 June


Readers may like to know that the IAL "Writings about e-book publishing,

2005" bibliography has recently been updated with a number of new titles,

including an important monograph by John S Thompson.

The resources can be found at:


World Summit on the Information Society

A special supplement of this month's Info@UK is now available.

The British Council have just commissioned a special issue of Info@UK

dedicated to the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), the second

phase of which will be held in Tunis in mid November. This edition can be

found at

Briefly, the supplement charts the history of WSIS, what was achieved (or

not as the case may be) at the first phase of WSIS in Geneva in December

2003, the hopes and aspirations for the future, and the role of the British

Council in representing the issues of concern to UK civil society as we move

towards the summit in Tunis. It also includes details of the successful UK

WSIS Day held in Manchester on May 24 which was attended by nearly one

hundred delegates from a range of civil society entities.


CILIP launches RFID in Libraries Conference 8 November 2005

An excellent opportunity for library managers to learn about the potential applications of RFID in libraries. The conference will consider technical issues such as interoperability, metadata and standards, as well as looking at management issues such as staffing, procurement,

privacy, and tagging existing collections. Leading suppliers will support the conference and provide an insight into their latest offerings.
Call 020 7255 0543/4 or fax 020 7255 0541 or e-mail

Information is also available online at:


12.1 Just how small is a snippet? Let's ask Google

More on the copyright debate linked to the Google Print proposed project.

Observer Review, p18, 26 June,6903,1514688,00.html

CILIP Weekend News

12.2 Harry Potter and the digital prisoners

Article on the rights contracts, copyright restrictions and digital rights involved

in the Harry Potter saga.

Guardian, p28, 24 June,,1513337,00.html

CILIP Daily News


British Library predicts switch to digital by 2020

The Chief Executive of the British Library has today predicted a shift from print to

digital publishing by the year 2020.

British Library website 29 June

The EPS study on future trends in publishing is available online at:


'Review of Records Management Toolkit for Schools – Consultation

The Retention Guidelines for Schools have been reviewed after consultation with

Safeguarding Children teams.

If you have any comments and suggestions e-mail Elizabeth Barber on by the end of August.


aUK: connecting archives

The UK's leading archive bodies have agreed a new programme which will

'revolutionise online access to archives'. The programme, aUK, will be a powerful

new search engine to connect all of the UK's archives. It will promote the

development and digitisation of new archival content, taken from both official

records and different kinds of community and independent archives. For more details

follow the link below.


Curators with a touch of tedium

Museum curatorship is seen as one of the most uninspiring careers according to the

report 'Bridging the Perception and Reality Gap'. The report is available from:

TES, p11, 24 June

CILIP Daily News


Curator is charged as 30,000 books are 'lost' by French national library

An audit of 10m titles in the collection of France's National Library has revealed

that 30,000 cannot be accounted for. Michel Garel, a former senior curator at the

library, has been charged in connection with the disappearance of a number of

priceless manuscripts.

Independent, p19, 28 June

See also: Curator suspected of looting library (Guardian, p16, 28 June),,1516130,00.html

CILIP Daily News


18.1 Celtic and proud of it, say scholars

Western Mail 30/06/05

The biggest gathering of scholars from Celtic nations is preaching its quest to prove that Celts have a cultural history to be proud of.
18.2 First aid for cultural industries

Western Mail 24/06/05

A major debate is set to take place on the creative industries in Wales following the launch of a new all-party group by the National Assembly.

18.3 Climbing up the family tree

Western Mail 24/06/05

Richard Huws is head of reading services at the National Library of Wales in Aberystwyth which has been storing the nation's most important records for centuries. Now an astonishingly large number of people are now using it to find out about their Welsh roots.

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