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TITLE: The Hacker AUTHOR: Ken Harris

PUBLISHER : Burlington Books LEVEL:3



Tony Backer: He’s fifteen years old, the Headmaster accused at Tony of hacking of the school’s computer system.

Emma: She’s fifteen years old, she is Tony’s friend and she helps to Tony.

Anna: She’s the secretary of the Head of the Departament.

Mr. Johnson: Is the caretaker.


Tony Backer and his friend Emma were both fifteen years old. One day Tony fought with Willie, then, the caretaker called to Tony to report at for the Headmaster. The Headmaster accused him of hacking into the school‘s computer system. He asked him to help helped to Emma, because she can’t use the school’s computer. When Tony got home, he told at his mother about the fight with a boy and the hacking. After that, she left to her sister’s home and Tony read the open letter of from the Town Hall.

He cycled to Emma’s house, after tried trying to talk with the Head of the Departament, but the secretary told said that the Headmaster of the Departament isn’t stay wasn’t there. Then they talked with another man who says the man told their that he is Ben Gibson(the Head of the Departament)and Tony’s discovered that the man of the letter is called Charles Smith, not Ben Gibson. At ten to nine they went to the school’s library and they saw a figure dressed in black, with a black ski mask. After a few minutes the person in black ran out of the library. Tony look saw a blue van with a yellow letter on it, he read the words ‘’IGA Cleaning Service’’. They returned to the library and they looked at the computer screen, it was blue with white letters and it had the symbol of the town on it.

Tony understands everything. They looked saw an identical blue van identical, and they tough thought that it was Mr. Johnson (the caretaker).Emma asked the secretary about Mr Johnson’s name address and telephone number to the secretary, then, they cycled to Oakland Street.

When they arrived they looked in the living room a woman with piles of banknotes, but Mr. Johnson looked at Tony and Emma and he aimed to their at them with a gun. Tony and Emma looked at the secretary from the Town Hall (Anna).

After that, the criminals go upstairs and the boys stay alone, Tony cut the rope with his penknife, after them that Ben arrived, but the criminals escaped.

One Friday evening two months later, Emma arrived to at Tony’s House, she was frightened. She received one letter, in this letter puts the letter said: ‘’You’re next’’.

Then the criminals kidnapped to Tony and Backer, but they saved and the blue van crashed into one tree.

Then they ran to the phone box and they called to the police and with theire they catch Anna and Mr. Johnson (the kidnappers).

Then Tony was hungry and he ate a sandwich.


  1. Towards: Hacia. We’re going to the park.

  2. Cheered: Vitorear. They cheered at him.

  3. Caretaker: Conserje. The Caretaker works in school.

  4. Locker: Taquilla. The green locker is my.mine

  5. Suspicious: Sospechoso. This man is suspicious of the crime



This book is very mysterious. With this book I felt happy and it entertained me, I don’t like much reading books much but this books is different. It have has something special.

+ A bit too long and you tried to say difficult things, but it is ok!

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