Major Stories of the Bible – Revelation

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Major Stories of the Bible – Revelation

James Hein Crossroads- May 15, 2016

Series Overview

We know that as Christians, we are supposed live our lives based on what the Bible says. But what does the Bible say? Many of us have not read the Bible cover to cover. We know a few stories from Sunday School as a kid, but how do they fit together? How can they help me to grow closer to God and live the life that He wants me to live? This year during Crossroads we will read from the major stories of the Bible and talk about how these stories are part of God’s “Big Story”. God wants to be in relationship with us, and will go to extraordinary lengths to be with us. Youth will be asked to lead and teach on different stories to help them better understand how each little stories fits into the Big Story.

Lesson Summary

The Book of Revelation can be a scary, confusing, and daunting book to read. Additionally, we have a lot of assumptions about the book before we even pick it up. We assume that it is all about the future and the end times. While it certainly is about those things, that we are definitely missing a lot if we only focus on those points, and truthfully, it will be harder for us to understand if we overlook other important aspects of the book. In particular we see that just as much as the book of Revelation looks forward, it looks back as well. Revelation is full of references and allusions to the Old Testament. These can be very subtle, or they can be direct quotation. The importance of this is the fact that we can’t look forward into the future if we don’t understand the past. We need to know where we have come from and what has happened, if we are going to understand where we are going. We see that the entire story of the Bible is one interconnected narrative telling of God’s redemptive work in the world and his ultimate victory.

Main Points

  • We need to look backwards to the Old Testament if we want to better understand revelation.

  • The entire story of the Bible is one interconnected narrative telling of God’s redemptive work in the world and his ultimate victory.

  • This has been God’s unchanging plan from the beginning


1. Gathering Games: Spider Ball

2. Pac Man

3. Highs & Lows

4. Youth Lesson

5. Lesson: Revelation

a. Introduction: What do you think of when you think of the Book of Revelation? -- The future?

b. Revelation looks backwards just as much as it looks forward.

c. Videos: Examples of other works that look backwards as well as forward:

d. Examples:

i. Revelation 13:1/Daniel 7

ii. Revelation 17:4/Jeremiah 51:7

iii. 1. THRONE VISION - (Rev 4./Ezek 1).

2. THE BOOK (Rev 5/Ezek 2-3)

3. THE PLAGUES (Rev 6:1-8/Ezek 5).

4. Slain Beneath the Altar (Rev. 6:9-11/Ezek. 6)

5. WRATH OF GOD (Rev 6:12-17/Ezek 7).


7. COALS FROM ALTAR (Rev. 8/Ezek 10).

8. NO MORE DELAY (Rev. 10:1-7/Ezek 12).

9. EATING THE BOOK (Rev 10:8-11/Ezek. 2)

11. MEASURING THE TEMPLE (Rev. 11:1-2/Ezek. 40-43)

11. JERUSALEM AND SODOM (Rev. 11:8/Ezek 16)

12. CUP OF WRATH (Rev. 14/Ezek. 23).

13. VINE OF THE LAND (Rev. 14:18-20/Ezek 15)

14. GREAT HARLOT (Rev 17-18/Ezek. 16, 23).

15. LAMENT OVER THE CITY (Rev. 18/Ezek 27)

16. SCAVENGER'S FEAST (Rev. 19/Ezek 39)

17. FIRST RESURRECTION (Rev 20:4-6/Ezek 37).

18 BATTLE WITH GOG AND MAGOG (Rev. 20:7-9/Ezek 38-39)

19. NEW JERUSALEM (Rev 21/Ezek 40-48)

20. RIVER OF LIFE (Rev 22/Ezek 47)

iv. More than just references, they invoke the meaning of the Old Testament theme that they were taken from.

e. We can’t go through everything, so summarize major themes of the Bible and we get major themes of Revelation.

6. Youth sign ups

7. Video Project

8. Pray

Continuing the Conversation

Here are some topics for parents to continue the conversation at home. Remember, you as parents have the greatest impact on your son or daughter’s faith formation as they hear about your relationship with God.

  • Ask your youth about Crossroads tonight? What did they like, learn, etc?

  • Why is it important that Revelation looks back and not just forward?

  • Why is it important that God is telling one story and has one plan from the beginning to the end of the Bible?

Events and Announcements

  • Welcome Up Event – May 22

Remain Crossroads Schedule
May 15: God Wins, The End:

Revelation 1-4, 7:9-17, 19:1-22:21

May 22: Welcome Up Night

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