Making a Case for Government Why Government?

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Making a Case for Government
1. Why Government?

What is (or should be) the role of government in addressing issues you care about? Why?

3. Government Stories

How do dominant perceptions of Government get in the way? (Just Politics, Mindless Bureaucracy, Consumer Thinking)

4. Telling a New Story

Pick out a public policy, program or service that is a priority for you or your organization. How would you talk about this public system or structure using what you’ve learned so far?

a) Values

First, what is the “public good” value behind policy or program? How does is affect the quality of life in your community, in the state? Focus on community- (not individual) wellbeing.

b) Systems & Structures

What is the public system or structure responsible for this issue? Is there anything about this public structure that is especially important in an economic recovery? Why? How?

c) Civic Responsibility

How would you talk about the role we can all play in addressing or supporting this public role?

Government’s Role in the Economy

Does your public policy, program or issue have an economic impact? How does it help create a strong “foundation” for the state’s economy? Does it “Pave the Way” for innovation and economic vitality?

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