Management Science January 1998 Vol. 44 No. 1 R&D and Global Manufacturing Performance

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Management Science

January 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 1
R&D and Global Manufacturing Performance

John E. Ettlie.

Capacity Expansion and Replacement in Growing Markets with Uncertain Technological Breakthroughs

Sampath Rajagopalan, Medini R. Singh, Thomas E. Morton.

Financial Asset-Pricing Theory and Stochastic Programming Models for Asset/ Liability Management: A Synthesis

Pieter Klaassen.

Sensitivity Analysis of Efficiency Scores: How to Bootstrap in Nonparametric Frontier Models

Leopold Simar, Paul W. Wilson.

Deterrence, Reputations, and Competitive Cognition

Bruce H. Clark, David B. Montgomery.

SPOT: Scheduling Programs Optimally for Television

Srinivas K. Reddy, Jay E. Aronson, Antonie Stam.

Assembly System Design: A Branch and Cut Approach

Anulark Pinnoi, Wilbert E. Wilhelm.

Equilibrium Play in Large Group Market Entry Games

Amnon Rapoport, Darryl A. Seale, Ido Erev, James A. Sundali.

Note. Optimal Storage Assignment Policies for Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with Stochastic Demands

Ulrich W. Thonemann, Margaret L. Brandeau.

February 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 2
Combining Expert Judgment by Hierarchical Modeling: An Application to Physician Staffing

Joseph Lipscomb, Giovanni Parmigiani, Vic Hasselblad.

Variability Reduction Through Operations Reversal

Hau L. Lee, Christopher S. Tang.

Decision Support for Target-Based Resource Allocation of Public Services in Multiunit and Multilevel Systems

Antreas D. Athanassopoulos.

The Stochastic Modeling of Purchase Intentions and Behavior

Martin R. Young, Wayne S. DeSarbo, Vicki G. Morwitz.

An Approximate Method for Sampling Correlated Random Variables from Partially-Specified Distributions

Philip M. Lurie, Matthew S. Goldberg.

New Bounds and Heuristics for (Q, r) Policies

Guillermo Gallego.

Standardized Time Series Lp-Norm Variance Estimators for Simulations

Gamze Tokol, David Goldsman, Daniel H. Ockerman, James J. Swain.

Stability and Chaos in Input Pricing for a Service Facility with Adaptive Customer Response to Congestion

Christopher M. Rump, Shaler Stidham, Jr..

Guided Local Search with Shifting Bottleneck for Job Shop Scheduling

Egon Balas, Alkis Vazacopoulos.

Note. The Role of Returns Policies in Pricing and Inventory Decisions for Catalogue Goods

Hamilton Emmons, Stephen M. Gilbert.

March 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 3
Clearance Pricing and Inventory Policies for Retail Chains

Stephen A. Smith, Dale D. Achabal.

A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Solving a Layout Problem in the Fashion Industry

Zeger Degraeve, Martina Vandebroek.

Admission Policies in Loss Queueing Models with Heterogeneous Arrivals

E. Carrizosa, E. Conde, M. Munoz-Marquez.

Optimal Updating of Forecasts for the Timing of Future Events

Robert A. Shumsky.

Adaptive Memory Tabu Search for Binary Quadratic Programs

Fred Glover, Gary A. Kochenberger, Bahram Alidaee.

Improved Moment-Estimation Formulas Using More Than Three Subjective Fractiles

Hon-Shiang Lau, Amy Hing-Ling Lau, Chrwan-Jyh Ho.

Assessing the Importance of Design Through Product Archaeology

Karl T. Ulrich, Scott Pearson.

Network Competition and the Timing of Commercials

Gil S. Epstein.

Exact Solution of the Two-Dimensional Finite Bon Packing Problem

Silvano Martello, Daniele Vigo.

The Impact of Discharge Decisions on Health Care Quality

Emre Berk, Kamran Moinzadeh.

Using Feature Construction to Improve the Performance of Neural Networks

Selwyn Piramuthu, Harish Ragavan, Michael J. Shaw.

A Note on the Convexity of Service-Level Measures of the (r, q) System

Hongtao Zhang.

April 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 4
Software Development Practices, Software Complexity, and Software Maintenance Performance: A Field Study

Rajiv D. Banker, Gordon B. Davis, Sandra A. Slaughter.

Strategic Transfer Pricing

Michael Alles, Srikant Datar.

Modeling Information Manufacturing Systems to Determine Information Product Quality

Donald Ballou, Richard Wang, Harold Pazer, Giri Kumar Tayi.

Estimating the Cost of Capital Through Time: An Analysis of the Sources of Error

Wayne E. Ferson, Dennis H. Locke.

Bridging Behavioral and Economic Theories of Decline: Organizational Inertia, Strategic Competition, and Chronic Failure

Arjen van Witteloostuijn.

Approval Voting, Borda Winners, and Condorcet Winners: Evidence from Seven Elections

Michel Regenwetter, Bernard Grofman.

Personnel Tour Scheduling When Starting-Time Restrictions Are Present

Michael J. Brusco, Larry W. Jacobs.

Staffing and Allocation of Workers in an Administrative Office

Gordon H. Lewis, Ashok Srinivasan, Eswaran Subrahmanian.

Accounting for Endogeneity When Assessing Strategy Performance: Does Entry Mode Choice Affect FDI Survival

J. Myles Shaver.

Simulating Weights Restrictions in Data Envelopment Analysis by Means of Unobserved DMUs

E. Thanassoulis, R. Allen.

May 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 5
Information Technology and Time-Based Competition in Financial Markets

Sanjeev Dewan, Haim Mendelson.

Testing New Direct Marketing Offerings: The Interplay of Management Judgment and Statistical Models

Vicki G. Morwitz, David C. Schmittlein.

Economics of Product Development by Users: The Impact of "Sticky" Local Information

Eric von Hippel.

Improving Decision Making by Means of a Marketing Decision Support System

Gerrit H. van Bruggen, Ale Smidts, Berend Wierenga.

Similarity Judgments in Choice Under Uncertainty: A Reinterpretation of the Predictions of Regret Theory

Jonathan W. Leland.

A Minimax Portfolio Selection Rule with Linear Programming Solution

Martin R. Young.

Optimal Batch Provisioning to Customers Subject to a Delay-Limit

Menachem Berg, Frank van der Duyn Schouten, Jorg Jansen.

Discrete Lotsizing and Scheduling by Batch Sequencing

Carsten Jordan, Andreas Drexl.

An Exact Algorithm for the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem Based on a New Mathematical Formulation

Aristide Mingozzi, Vittorio Maniezzo, Salvatore Ricciardelli, Lucio Bianco.

On the Equivalence of General and Specific Control in Organizations

Hans Gersbach.

Note. Optimal Balancing of U-Shaped Assembly Lines

Timothy L. Urban.

June 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 6
Managing Experimentation in the Design of New Products

Stefan H. Thomke.

An Analysis of Product Lifetimes in a Technologically Dynamic Industry

Barry L. Bayus.

Modifying Customer Expectations of Price Decreases for a Durable Product

Subramanian Balachander, Kannan Srinivasan.

The Missing Link in Budget Models of Nonprofit Institutions: Two Practical Dutch Applications

Piet Verheyen.

Differences in Subjective Risk Thresholds: Worker Groups as an Example

Anil Gaba, W. Kip Viscusi.

Validation of Trace-Driven Simulation Models: A Novel Regression Test

Jack P. C. Kleijnen, Bert Bettonvil, Willem Van Groenendaal.

Active Nonlinear Tests (ANTs) of Complex Simulation Models

John H. Miller.

An Algorithm for Single-Item Capacitated Economic Lot Sizing with Piecewise Linear Production Costs and General Holding Costs

Dong X. Shaw, lbert P. M. Wagelmans.

The Zero-Condition: A Simplifying Assumption in QALY Measurement and Multiattribute Utility

John M. Miyamoto, Peter P. Wakker, Han Bleichrodt, Hans J. M. Peters.

Externalities, Tangible Externalities, and Queue Disciplines

Moshe Haviv, Yaacov Ritov.

Lot Sizing in General Assembly Systems with Setup Costs, Setup Times, and Multiple Constrained Resources

Elena Katok, Holly S. Lewis, Terry P. Harrison.

July 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 7
A Belief-Based Account of Decision Under Uncertainty

Craig R. Fox, Amos Tversky.

Distribution Channels: An Extension of Exclusive Retailership

Minakshi Trivedi.

Toward a Theory of Continuous Improvement and the Learning Curve

Willard I. Zangwill, Paul B. Kantor.

A Portfolio Approach to Risk Reduction in Discretely Rebalanced Option Hedges

Antonio S. Mello, Henrik J. Neuhaus.

Price Promotions and Trade Deals with Multiproduct Retailers

Rajiv Lal, J. Miguel Villas-Boas.

Optimal Production and Inventory Policy for Multiple Products Under Resource Constraints

Gregory A. DeCroix, Antonio Arreola-Risa.

Structural Comparison of Data Envelopment Analysis and Multiple Objective Linear Programming

Tarja Joro, Pekka Korhonen, Jyrki Wallenius.

On Pooling in Queueing Networks

Avishai Mandelbaum, Martin I. Reiman.

The Analysis of Assumptions in Model Bases Using Metagraphs

Amit Basu, Robert W. Blanning.

Survival-Enhancing Learning in the Manhattan Hotel Industry, 1898-1980

Joel A. C. Baum, Paul Ingram.

Note: How Does Product Proliferation Affect Responsiveness?

Diwakar Gupta, Mandyam M. Srinivasan.

August 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 8

Strategic Growth Options

Nalin Kulatilaka, Enrico C. Perotti.

Communication and Uncertainty in Concurrent Engineering

Christoph H. Loch, Christian Terwiesch.

Knowledge Acquisition from Multiple Experts: An Empirical Study

Daniel E. O'Leary.

Evaluating Environmental Investments: A Real Options Approach

Gonzalo Cortazar, Eduardo S. Schwartz, Marcelo Salinas.

Investment Strategies for Flexible Resources

Jan A. Van Mieghem.

When Does Forced Idle Time Improve Performance in Polling Models?

Robert B. Cooper, Shun-Chen Niu, Mandyam M. Srinivasan.

Validation in Simulation: Various Positions in the Philosophy of Science

George B. Kleindorfer, Liam O'Neill, Ram Ganeshan.

An Optimization Based Heuristic for Political Districting

Anuj Mehrotra, Ellis L. Johnson, George L. Nemhauser.

Technological Forecasting—Model Selection, Model Stability, and Combining Models

Nigel Meade, Towhidul Islam.

Computationally Manageable Combinational Auctions

Michael H. Rothkopf, Aleksandar Pekec, Ronald M. Harstad.

How Decision Makers Evaluate Alternatives and the Influence of Complexity

Paul C. Nutt.

September 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 9
Efficient Sourcing and Debt Financing in Imperfect Product Markets

Venkat Subramaniam.

Quality and Competition

Rajiv D. Banker, Inder Khosla, Kingshuk K. Sinha.

The Effect of Property Rights and Audit Information Quality on Team Incentives for Inventory Reduction

Ramji Balakrishnan, Nandu J. Nagarajan, K. Sivaramakrishnan.

Cross-cultural Differences in Risk Perception, but Cross-cultural Similarities in Attitudes Towards Perceived Risk

Elke U. Weber, Christopher Hsee.

Empirical Martingale Simulation for Asset Prices

Jin-Chuan Duan, Jean-Guy Simonato.

Not Only the Tragedy of the Commons: Misperceptions of Bioeconomics

Erling Moxnes.

Optimal Mailing of Catalogs: A New Methodology Using Estimable Structural Dynamic Programming Models

Fusun Gonul, Meng Ze Shi.

Computer-Mediated Communication and Majority Influence

Bernard C. Y. Tan, Kwok-Kee Wei, Richard T. Watson, Danial L. Clapper, Ephraim R. McLean.

Optimal Production Policies for Multi-Stage Systems with Setup Costs and Uncertain Capacities

Juhwen Hwang, Medini R. Singh.

Control Variates for Probability and Quantile Estimation

Timothy C. Hesterberg, Barry L. Nelson.

Infinite Horizon Production Planning in Time-varying Systems with Convex Production and Inventory Costs

Robert L. Smith, Rachel Q. Zhang.

October 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 10
Information Technology and Organization Design: Locating Decisions and Information

Barrie R. Nault.

Foundations 2025: A Value Model for Evaluating Future Air and Space Forces

Gregory S. Parnell, Harry W. Conley, Jack A. Jackson, Lee J. Lehmkul, John M. Andrew.

Tree Diversity, Landscape Diversity, and Economics of Maple-Birch Forests: Implications of Markovian Models

Ching-Rong Lin, Joseph Buongiorno.

Repetitive Testing Strategies When the Testing Process Is Imperfect

Jie Ding, Betsy S. Greenberg, Hirofumi Matsuo.

A Probabilistic Decision Model for Entity Matching in Heterogeneous Databases

Debabrata Dey, Sumit Sarkar, Prabuddha De.

Multinomial Logit Market Share Models: Equilibrium Characteristics and Strategic Implications

Suman Basuroy, Dung Nguyen.

Lot-Sizing with Start-Up Times

Francois Vanderbeck.

Likelihood Ratio Derivative Estimation for Finite-Time Performance Measures in Generalized Semi-Markov Processes

Marvin K. Nakayama, Perwez Shahabuddin.

Note. Satisfying Due Dates in Large Job Shops

Thom J. Hodgson, Denis Cormier, Alexander J. Weintraub, Andrew Zozom, Jr..

A Subpath Ejection Method for the Vehicle Routing Problem

Cesar Rego.

November 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 11S
The Effects of R&D Team Co-location on Communication Patterns among R&D, Marketing, and Manufacturing

Christophe Van den Bulte, Rudy K. Moenart.

Managing New Product Definition in Highly Dynamic Environments

Shantanu Bhattacharya, V. Krishnan, Vijay Mahajan.

Knowledge Driven Quality Improvement

Amit Shankar Mukherjee, Michael A. Lapre, Luk N. Van Wassenhove.

Leasing and Selling: Optimal Marketing Strategies for a Durable Goods Firm

Preyas Desai, Devavrat Purohit.

A Multi-Agent Framework for the Coordination and Integration of Information Systems

Riyaz Sikora, Michael J. Shaw.

Dynamic Asset Allocation in a Mean-Variance Framework

Isabelle Bajeux-Besnainou, Roland Portrait.

Note. An Acquisition Policy for a Single Item Multi-Supplier System

Meir J. Rosenblatt, Yale T. Herer, Ilan Hefter.

Applying Robust Optimization to Capacity Expansion of One Location in Telecommunications with Demand Uncertainty

Manuel Laguna.

Hierarchical Bayes Methods for Multifactor Model Estimation and Portfolio Selection

Martin R. Young, Peter J. Lenk.

Stochastic Shortest Path Problems with Piecewise-Linear Concave Utility Functions

Ishwar Murthy, Sumit Sarkar.

A Note on Approximating Peak Congestion in Mt/G/infinity Queues with Sinusoidal Arrivals

Linda V. Green, Peter J. Kolesar.

November 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 11

Process Innovation and Learning by Doing in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Nile W. Hatch, David C. Mowery.

Long-Run Abstinence After Narcotics Abuse: What Are the Odds?

Marnik G. Dekimpe, Linda M. Van de Gucht, Dominique M. Hanssens, Keiko I. Powers.

Cross-Disciplinary Evidence for Hyperbolic Social Discount Rates

Norman Henderson, Ian Langford.

The Effects of Cross-Ruff Coupons on Sales and Profits

Sanjay K. Dhar, Jagmohan S. Raju.

Process Improvement, Quality, and Learning Effects

George Li, S. Rajagopalan.

Logit Demand Estimation Under Competitive Pricing Behavior: An Equilibrium Framework

David Besanko, Sachin Gupta, Dipak Jain.

ACLIPS: A Capacity and Lead Time Integrated Procedure for Scheduling

Marc R. Lambrecht, Philip L. Ivens, Nico J. Vandaele.

Probabilistic Analyses and Algorithms for Three-Level Distribution Systems

Lap Mui Ann Chan, David Simchi-Levi.

An Analysis of Bid-Price Controls for Network Revenue Management

Kalyan Talluri, Garrett van Ryzin.

December 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 12S
Rational Shopping Behavior and the Option Value of Variable Pricing

Teck-Hua Ho, Christopher S. Tang, David R. Bell.

Managing Broader Product Lines through Delayed Differentiation Using Vanilla Boxes

Jayashankar M. Swaminathan, Sridhar R. Tayur.

The Role of Earnings Information in Corporate Dividend Decisions

Jumming Hsu, Xu-Ming Wang, Chunchi Wu.

Interfunctional Conflict, Conflict Resolution Styles, and New Product Success: A Four-Culture Comparison

Jinhong Xie, X. Michael Song, Anne Stringfellow.

Strategies for Survival in Fast-Changing Industries

Clayton M. Christensen, Fernando F. Suarez, James M. Utterback.

Echelon Reorder Points, Installation Reorder Points, and the Value of Centralized Demand Information

Fangruo Chen.

An Efficient Procedure for Designing Single Allocation Hub and Spoke Systems

Hasan Pirkul, David A. Schilling.

Optimization of (s, S) Inventory Systems with Random Lead Times and a Service Level Constraint

Sridhar Bashyam, Michael C. Fu.

An Application of Copulas to Accident Precursor Analysis

Woojune Yi, Vicki M. Bier.

A Lagrangian Dual-Based Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for the Generalized Multi-Assignment Problem

June S. Park, Byung Ha Lim, Youngho Lee.

December 1998 Vol. 44 – No. 12
Modeling and Worker Motivation in JIT Production Systems

Kenneth L. Schultz, David C. Juran, John W. Boudreau, John O. McClain, L. Joseph Thomas.

A Bilevel Model of Taxation and Its Application to Optimal Highway Pricing

Martine Labbe, Patrice Marcotte, Gilles Savard.

Incentive-Compatible Pricing for a Service Facility with Joint Production and Congestion Externalities

Albert Y. Ha.

Vehicle Scheduling in Public Transit and Lagrangean Pricing

Andreas Lobel.

Financial Data and the Skewed Generalized T Distribution

Panayiotis Theodossiou.

Incentive Effects Favor Nonconsolidating Queues in a Service System: The Principal-Agent Perspective

Stephen M. Gilbert, Z. Kevin Weng.

Research, Development, and Engineering Metrics

John R. Hauser.

Evaluating Income Streams: A Decision Analysis Approach

James E. Smith.

Limit Theory for Performance Modeling of Future Event Set Algorithms

Halim Damerdji, Peter W. Glynn.

January 1999 Vol. 45 – No. 1

JIT Manufacturing: A Survey of Implementations in Small and Large U.S. Manufacturers

Richard E. White, John N. Pearson, Jeffrey R. Wilson.

Value of Information in Capacitated Supply Chains

Srinagesh Gavirneni, Roman Kapuscinski, Sridhar Tayur.

Are Tradeoffs Inherent in Diversification Moves? A Simultaneous Model for Type of Diversification and Mode of Expansion Decisions

Sayan Chatterjee, Jagdip Singh.

Measures of Effectiveness for Governmental Organizations

Kishore Gawande, Timothy Wheeler.

On the Effects of Downstream Entry

Rajeev K. Tyagi.

Nonlinear Decision Weights in Choice under Uncertainty

George Wu, Richard Gonzalez.

Finding Optimal Material Release Times Using Simulation-Based Optimization

Tito Homem-de-Mello, Alexander Shapiro, Mark L. Spearman.

A Value Efficiency Approach to Incorporating Preference Information in Data Envelopment Analysis

Merja Halme, Tarja Joro, Pekka Korhonen, Seppo Salo, Jyrki Wallenius.

A Practical Scheduling Method for Multiclass Production Systems with Setups

Tava Lennon Olsen.

February 1999 Vol. 45 – No. 2
Pricing Patterns of Cellular Phones and Phonecalls: A Segment-Level Analysis

Dipak C. Jain, Eitan Muller, Naufel J. Vilcassim.

New Firm Survival: Institutional Explanations for New Franchisor Mortality

Scott Shane, Maw-Der Foo .

A Punctuated-Equilibrium Model of Technology Diffusion

Christoph H. Loch, Bernardo A. Huberman.

Centralization of Stocks: Retailers vs. Manufacturer

Ravi Anupindi, Yehuda Bassok.

Improving Service by Informing Customers About Anticipated Delays

Ward Whitt.

Correlations and Copulas for Decision and Risk Analysis

Robert T. Clemen, Terence Reilly.

A Quantile Regression Approach to Generating Prediction Intervals

James W. Taylor, Derek W. Bunn.

Design of Communication Networks with Survivability Constraints

Young-Soo Myung, Hyun-joon Kim, Dong-wan Tcha.

Dynamic Routing and Operational Controls in Workflow Management Systems

Akhil Kumar, J. Leon Zhao.

Lotsizing and Scheduling on Parallel Machines with Sequence-Dependent Setup Costs

Sungmin Kang, Kavindra Malik, L. Joseph Thomas.

Optimal Lead Time Policies

Mark L. Spearman, Rachel Q. Zhang.

March 1999 Vol. 45 – No. 3
Component Sharing in the Management of Product Variety: A Study of Automotive Braking Systems

Marshall Fisher, Kamalini Ramdas, Karl Ulrich.

Evaluating Financial Risk in the Medicare Prospective Payment System

Maqbool Dada, William D. White.

Optimizing a Ring-Based Private Line Telecommunication Network Using Tabu Search

Jiefeng Xu, Steve Y. Chiu, Fred Glover.

Stalking Information: Bayesian Inventory Management with Unobserved Lost Sales

Martin A. Lariviere, Evan L. Porteus.

Risk Aversion or Myopia? Choices in Repeated Gambles and Retirement Investments

Shlomo Benartzi, Richard H. Thaler.

A "Parallel Approach" Path to Estimating Collision Risk During Simultaneous Landings

Arnold Barnett.

Efficient Design and Sensitivity Analysis of Control Charts Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Michael C. Fu, Jian-Qiang Hu.

Dynamic Programming and Strong Bounds for the 0-1 Knapsack Problem

Silvano Martello, David Pisinger, Paolo Toth.

Tools for Inventing Organizations: Toward a Handbook of Organizational Processes

Thomas W. Malone, Kevin Crowston, Jintae Lee, Brian Pentland, Chrysanthos Dellarocas, George Wyner, John Quimby, Charles S. Osborn, Abraham Bernstein, George Herman, Mark Klein, Elissa O'Donnell.

A Multiserver Queueing System with Impatient Customers

Nam Kyoo Boots, Henk Tijms.

Optimality of the Symmetric Workload Allocation in a Single-Server Flow Line System

Hyoungtae Kim, Sungsoo Park.

Note: On Semi-Active Timetabling in Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling

Arno Sprecher, Andreas Drexl.

April 1999 Vol. 45 – No. 4
Measuring the Effectiveness of Overlapping Development Activities

Christian Terwiesch, Christoph H. Loch .

Inventory Reduction and Productivity Growth: Linkages in the Japanese Automotive Industry

Marvin B. Lieberman, Lieven Demeester .

Variety Seeking, Purchase Timing, and the "Lightning Bolt" Brand Choice Model

Pradeep K. Chintagunta.

Investigating Dynamic Multifirm Market Interactions in Price and Advertising

Naufel J. Vilcassim, Vrinda Kadiyali, Pradeep K. Chintagunta.

Measures of Perceived Risk

Jianmin Jia, James S. Dyer, John C. Butler.

The Value of Internet Commerce to the Customer

Ralph L. Keeney.

Project Scheduling Under Partially Renewable Resource Constraints

Jan Böttcher, Andreas Drexl, Rainer Kolisch, Frank Salewski.

Solving Semi-Markov Decision Problems Using Average Reward Reinforcement Learning

Tapas K. Das, Abhijit Gosavi, Sridhar Mahadevan, Nicholas Marchalleck.

Batch Construction Heuristics and Storage Assignment Strategies for Walk/Rideand Pick Systems

Robert A. Ruben, F. Robert Jacobs.

IDEA and AR-IDEA: Models for Dealing with Imprecise Data in DEA

William W. Cooper, Kyung Sam Park, Gang Yu.

Anticipating the Consequences of School Reform: A New Use of DEA

Shawna Grosskopf, Kathy J. Hayes, Lori L. Taylor, William L. Weber.

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