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By Isah Red

Manila Standard Today

No, it’s not ‘Ibong Adarna’

GMA Network’s new soap opera is a fantasy series about avian humanoids who live among humans. In local mythology, this winged creatures were known among early Filipinos as ‘ekek” who prey on victims (like the manananggal) and can transform into giant birds at night.

Winged humanoids are popular creatures in mythology around the world.

The title of the series is a bit misleading as many thought it was based on the 18th century epic written by one who was known as Huseng Sisiw or his claimed real name Jose de la Cruz about three princes—Pedro, Diego, and Juan—who individually are sent out of the palace to look for the Adarna bird that is believed to be the only creature that can lead to the cure of their father, King Fernando, who has lost his health enormously. Their mother, Queen Valeriana, worries her three sons seems to have died while looking for the bird.

But, the series isn’t anywhere close to the classic Filipino mythology. The network simply borrowed the name of the bird for a new “telefantasya” (it seems the network can’t get over the success of Mulawin, marked the beginning of its ride onto taking the primetime leadership after years of being a far second to ABS-CBN) even if the format seems to have lost its novelty and excitement.

Adarna premiered on Nov. 18 on GMA Telebabad, replacing the ho-hum drama series that starred Julie Ann San Jose, touted as the Kapuso’s next big thing on primetime, with Kristoffer Martin and Lucho Ayala.

Actor-director Ricky Davao is at the helm of this new drama. At the presscon for the series recently, he said, “No, this isn’t something close to Mulawin it’s very different. The only similarity are the characters being winged.”

The series launches Robin Padilla’s daughter, Kylie Padilla, as a full-fledged lead star and she is paired with three of this generation’s most sought-after leading men—Geoff Eigenmann, Benjamin Alves, and Mikael Daez. 

Michelle Madrigal, Ryza Cenon, Saab Magalona, Arkin Magalona, and Chynna Ortaleza, Jean Garcia, Jestoni Alarcon, Maureen Larazzabal, and Dante Rivero complete the stellar cast.

So, what is Adarna’s story?

It is about one Ada (Kylie Padilla) who is foretold to be the most powerful healer in the fictional world of Pugad Sanghaya. As she discovers the path towards fulfilling her fate, she meets three men—celebrity basketball player Migo (Geoff Eigenmann), street-smart Bok (Benjamin Alves), and fearless warrior Falco (Mikael Daez)—each one needing her in his own way.

In Pugad Sanghaya, Uwakro (Dante Rivero) rules. One day he gets seriously ill and orders Garuda (Michelle Madrigal) to look for the group of healers known as Adarna. One of those is Larka (Jean Garcia), who is currently pregnant, and husband Kestrel. A prophecy will be declared that her baby will become the most powerful healer in Pugad Sanghaya. Garuda’s troop chases them, which causes Kestrel’s death. Larka, with her daughter, decides to secretly enter the world of the mortals. 

Still worried that Garuda’s troop might follow them; Larka changes her name to Lupe, covers her wings and never uses her healing powers. Instead, Lupe and Ada sell bottles of herbal medicines outside the Quiapo Church.

One day, Ada witnesses a car accident of a young boy named Migo. Ada sings to him and to the people’s surprise, Migo slowly wakes and stands up as if nothing happened. Thinking that Garuda might track them, Lupe decides to fly away by herself and leave Ada to her suitor Simon (Jestoni Alarcon).

After years of longing for her mother, Ada now lives with Simon together with wife Jinky (Maureen Larrazabal) and stepdaughter Janelle (Chynna Ortaleza). Ada crosses path with Migo and eventually develop feelings for each other. Migo reveals her mother sickness and asks for help from Ada. She agrees to sing to his mother not knowing that her voice reverberates in Pugad Sanghaya.

Unfortunately, one of the members of Garuda’s troop named Bok gets to know of Ada’s ability and tries to get close to her. Despite orders from Garuda, Bok keeps his bad intentions and instead, makes friends with Ada until he slowly falls in love with her.

On her 18th birthday, Ada’s wings will finally spread. Just right in time, Falco comes and explains to Ada her real identity. Ready to guard and fight her love for Ada, Falco will be the one to teach Ada to hold weapons and defend herself from Garuda and her troop.

Among the three men, who will truly love and accept Ada? Who will betray her? Will she be able to find her mother Lupe?

This is the journey of Ada—a classic and time-tested soap story of trying to find the mother that left her when she was a small child, discovering the mysterious world she came from, and helping free the bird people from the clutches of their evil ruler Uwakro.

So, don’t wait for any prince to appear in the show, although we sensed the writers have taken the germ of the epic casting three men to be Ada’s suitors.

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Ginebra San Miguel calendar girl for 2014

Marian Rivera is more daring and sexier in Ginebra San Miguel’s 2014 calendar to be released in time for the 180th anniversary of the flagship brand of Ginebra San Miguel Inc. (GSMI).

The actress, who was first featured in the Ginebra San Miguel calendar in 2009, sizzles in the layouts that were shot on location in Batangas, Boracay, and Palawan by photographer Marc Nicdao with stylist Liz Uy.

The year 2013 was very pivotal for Marian as she was voted the sexiest female celebrity in the country by FHM magazine. She also appeared as the lead of GMA-7’s top-rating primetime soap Temptation Of Wife and Star Cinema’s and Reality Entertainment’s Kung Fu Divas. 

“I feel so honored and blessed to pose for Ginebra San Miguel’s calendar for the second time,” says Marian. “This time, I am more confident in posing for the brand. I am also very proud because all of the layouts were tastefully done.”

“Marian is a big star and we want to celebrate our 180th anniversary in a big way and with a bang. She exudes the sensuality and confidence of the ideal Ginebra calendar girl and we are so happy to have her onboard as our calendar girl for the second time,” says GSMI Vice President and Marketing Manager Nelson Elises.

Today, GSMI enjoys its position as the most trusted market leader in the gin category in the Philippines with flagship product Ginebra San Miguel as the world’s largest selling gin. Other GSMI products are GSM Blue, GSM Blue Flavors, Ginebra San Miguel Premium Gin, Gran Matador Light, Gran Matador Solera, Don Enrique Mixkila, Antonov Vodka and Antonov Vodka Mixed Drinks.

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Now, it’s Ted Failon in the hot seat

After Korina Sanchez, people are training their sights on ABS-CBN’s Ted Failon after his commentary on the employee of PAGASA who perished in the Tacloban City storm surge.

The weathermen employed by the agency are enraged.

Philippine Weathermen Employees Association (PWEA) President Ramon Agustin sent this statement to the media:

“The PWEA honestly respects the opinion of Mr. Ted Failon aired early this morning that most PAGASA people are not aware of what a storm surge is. According to Mr. Failon, this is because one PAGASA personnel died as a victim of a storm surge herself.

However, we are deeply saddened by this comment. Please allow us to inform our kababayans that our colleague suffered the onslaught of Yolanda because she was on duty at the weather station. It is the general rule in PAGASA that personnel on duty should not leave or abandon their posts at all cost if a locality is under threat from a tropical cyclone. Our lady colleague died not in the comfort of her own home but rather died while in the service of our country.”

Amado Pineda (Former PAGASA Weatherman) said in relation to Failon’s comment on PAGASA, “How insensitive of you, Mr. Failon. The lady died on the job, in the service of the Filipino people. She is a hero. You are just a newsreader, you don’t deserve to even be mentioned in the same breath as the weatherperson who did not abandon her post even in the most dire of circumstances. You are even of questionable integrity with your history of brushes with the law. APOLOGIZE Mr. Failon, wag mag explain o magpalusot o mag leave of absence ng ‘one week’ dahil ‘busy.’ Apologize to her and all weatherpersons and to all like her who unselfishly serve our nation. Mahiya ka naman Mr. Failon, who was once an elected public official, is a radio/TV newsreader and commentator on the ABS-CBN network, just like Korina Sanchez.”

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Jinky Vidal and Urbanation at Hard Rock Café

Pop singer Jinky Vidal performs back-to-back with RnB band Urbanation on Dec. 23 and 30 at Hard Rock Café (HRC).

Fans and music lovers can look forward to two evenings of beautiful music as Jinky and Urbanation perform live their individual hits as well as today’s hottest chart-toppers and homegrown favorites and the most well-loved party anthems that every certified hard rocker will surely enjoy. 

Other featured artists at HRC are K.O. Jones (Sundays), Spice (Mondays), Moses (Tuesdays and Fridays), Arpie & The Multivitamins (Wednesdays), and Fair Warning (Thursdays). All shows start at 9:30 p.m.

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