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To build a long term career and grow with a company whose mission and objectives blend with personal and professional career goals, stimulating mutual growth for both the company and self.

Executive Summary:      

MANJU TRIPATHI is an Oracle Certified Professional (DBA) in 9i & 10g both. She has about 3 years of IT experience as an Oracle Database Administrator. She has acquired and demonstrated knowledge in database administration, database analysis, system support and administration. She has an expertise in database tuning, monitoring, security & disaster recovery for business resumption and extensive experience in Import & Export, SQL*Loader, SQL*Plus, RMAN(Recovery Manager). She has worked extensively in different stages of the SDLC and has also been trained on Oracle 9i and 10g Database Administration at Oracle India (P) Ltd, Delhi.

MANJU possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills, leadership skills, team player spirit, inter personal skills, steep learning curve timings and a definitive flair for emerging technologies.

Education and Training:  

Master of Computer Application – Sikkim Manipal University,Bangalore.
Bachelor of Commerce – University of Ranchi, Jharkhand.
Certifications  Oracle 9i&10g OCP(DBA) Training, Oracle India (P) Ltd, Delhi.
Diploma  Sun Solaris 9 Unix Training from IIHT ,Delhi.

Technical Summary :  

Operating System    Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, Sun Solaris 9 Unix, Linux
Programming Languages   C, C++,VB 6.0,PL/SQL
Networking    TCP/IP, Routers, LAN, WAN.

Databases   Oracle 8i/9i/10g

Domain/Functional Expertise    Oracle Database Administration.

Personal Details :  

E mail ID,
Address A 5A/1D,Double Story Flats,
Janakpuri ,New Delhi
Pin Code 110058.
Home Phone 9313709326.
Mobile No 9871802919(M)

Professional Experiences :  

Career History : Presently , April 12/2005 To Till the date
Company : Koenig Solutions Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi
Description : Human Resource Management System is a software package developed to monitor human resource activities like recruitments, employees’ information, appraisal activities, payroll activities and cost center activities.

Responsibilities: As an Oracle DBA responsible for

· Analysis
· Debugging the entire package.
· Redesigned the physical and logical Database layouts.
· Created Data files, Control files and Redolog files.
· Configured all INIT.ORA Parameters (db_buffer size, shared_pool_size, processes, open cursors, log buffer, snapshot_refresh_processes etc.)
· Managed rollback segments, tuned the entire database, enabled security features on database by appropriate grants and privileges to users on resources.
· Optimal backup and recovery (took logical and physical backups).
· Tuned Application design, table design, SQL, Memory usage, data storage, data manipulation, physical Storage and logical storage.
· Configured SQL * Net Easy Configuration to all client machines.

· Transferred the full support and knowledge to the end users.

OS Environment :  Windows 2000 server/Unix ,Client windows95/98/xp, Back End Oracle 9i .

Company Falcon Technologies, Delhi(A Part of Eagle Group of Companies)
Responsibility Database Administration
Duration Feb 03 to March 05

The in house product Database Management Module is integrated to all the processing that is happening in day to day transaction of the company. This includes:

As an Oracle Database Administrator my duties included Installation and configuration, trouble shooting, memory tuning, query optimization, SQL tuning and database tuning. Performed planning and implementation of database backup and recovery strategies using import, export and SQL*Loader utilities.

  Analysing existing processes and based on that created database, control files, set initialization parameters and planned to distribute tablespaces across different disks thus reducing disk contention and improved system response.

 Set up and configured Oracle instances, set initialization parameters based upon the database requirements, sizing database objects, table partitioning, and tuned the database application, memory structures and resource contention.

 Managing the physical database structures, maintaining and examining the control files, multiplexing the control files, maintaining and multiplexing the redo log files.

 Creatng and managing the database, Database users, granting objects and system privileges, creating roles, granting roles to manage database access and monitoring informatiom about existing users.

  Performing Oracle logical backup using EXPORT and IMPORT operations, table mode export/import operations, full database export/import operation and Tablespace export/import operation.

 Tuning the shared pool, buffer cache, Redolog buffer ,undo segments, maintaining and detecting lock contention and SQL Statement tuning.

 Setting up the optimizer mode, Statspack Utility, Explain Plan, Using Sql trace and formatting the trace file with TKPROF,SQL* Plus Auto Trace, Application Tuning, Tuning the operating System and Tuning the I/O.

Environment :  VB 6.0,Html, JavaScript, SQL,Oracle 9i, Redhat Enterprise Edition 3.


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