Mannatech has the best science & validation below are 22 reasons why we know this to be true

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  1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review Feb 2003

“If you don’t have any glycosylation, you don’t have life”

  1. Dr Benjamin Solomon Carson Sr.. the world famous director of paediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore has risen to the very top of the medical profession. Three years ago, Time Magazine and CNN named him one of the top twenty doctors in America. In 1987 he was the lead surgeon in the twenty-two hour operation that separated the heads of the Binder Siamese twins from Germany.

Dr Carson stated that:-
“the human body strives to maintain optimal health, and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task. I see glyconutritionals as complementary to traditional medicine…”

(other quotes by Dr Carson about glyconutrients can be found in the Dallas Weekly Feb 04).

  1. Dr John Rollins, retired Patent Review Examiner/Quality Assurance Specialist, U.S. Trademark and Patent Office said:

“The discovery of glyconutrients is the best candidate to disrupt healthcare because a new “truth” in biochemistry was discovered; a truth that opens the doors to supporting the human immune system in a way that no other pharmaceutical or nutritional composition ever has”.

  1. Gerald Hart, Biochemist, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, quoted in “Sugar Rush” , by Karen Schmidt, NewScientist Oct 02.

“This is going to be the future. We wont understand immunology, neurology, developmental biology or disease until we get a handle on glycobiology”.

  1. Dr Robert Murray is renowned biochemist and physician who holds a PhD in biochemistry and has received numerous Faculty and Alumni awards for his research and teaching contributions at the University of Toronto. In addition, Dr Murray shares in authoring and editing “Harpers Biochemistry”, the longest ongoing biochemistry textbook in the world.

In 1996 “Harpers Biochemistry” reported that;

“About 200 monosaccharides (or sugar carbohydrates) are found in the nature, however only 8 are found in the chains of glycoproteins”
In addition a whole chapter on Glycoproteins can be found in Harpers Biochemistry, Chapter 47.

  1. To show you the importance of our science, Oxford University has set up a institute of glycobiology within the faculty of medicine with 60 researchers and a budget of £30 million.

  2. Dr John Axford, who was head of Clinical Immunology for the Royal Society of Medicine in 2001, and is head editor of the website He is regarded by many as the number one immunologist in the world.

Dr John Axford made these statements:

“Sugars are going to be the molecules of the next decade”.
“Glycobiology is one of the last frontiers of science to be conquered and is going to be at the cutting edge of a large number of discoveries and therapies over the next decade”. Mannatech is going to be at the forefront of this exciting new era.

  1. Acta Anatomica was a Symposium held in Israel 1998, where over 2,400 papers were presented on glycobiology and published by Karger.

The editors note in Acta Anatomica stated:

“The last decade has witnessed the rapid emergence of the concept of the sugar code of biological information similar to amino acids and nucleic acids but with unsurpassed coding capacity.”

  1. Here is some more Glyconutrient validation;

This quote came out of the Nature Magazine:

“Cell surface sugars are necessary for recognition and immune function.”
Also this quote from Capitalizating on Carbohydrates.
“Complex carbohydrates are essential in the correct functioning of the body’s immune defenses.”

  1. Science magazine, March 2001 issue. The Science magazine is regarded as the number one science magazine and its role is to bring out the latest breakthroughs in science not just medicine. The science editors would normally give only a paragraph or perhaps a chapter on the latest breakthroughs. However, in this particular edition they devoted the entire magazine to our science glycobiology, the science of glyconutrients. The libraries of the CSIRO in Australia have every issue of the “Science” magazine because of its significance.

Some of the headings from the March 2001 edition of Science are,

“Saving lives with sugar” and “Searching for medicines sweet spot”.

  1. Dr Michael Schlachter is a heart and lung specialist. In actual fact he is a clinical instructor, in training other specialist doctors in this medical field.

He is one of America’s leading physicians, and this is what Dr Schlachter says about our science and our nutrition.

He stated in Las Vegas Magazine, July/Aug 2001.
“Never before have I personally seen products so safe and so effective and so validated by scientific research”.


“Dr Michael Schlachter, who practices in Las Vegas, calls it the most advanced scientific breakthrough in decades”
Nevada Woman September/Oct 2002.

  1. The MD News Magazine, which goes to all doctors on the West Coast of America. It is a Medical Update and in the Spring 2002 edition the headings were,

“Glyconutrition and Nutraceuticals – the next phase of dietary supplements”.

It makes for a fascinating reading.

  1. Dr Omelchuck, a noted Canadian physician and scientist stated that:

“Glyconutritionals could be one of the greatest nutritional benefits of the 21st century”.

Dallas Weekly Feb 2004.

  1. The John Hodgson Bio / Technology publication stated in 1990 that:

“Almost without exception, whenever two or more living cells interact in a specific way, cell surface carbohydrates will be involved”.

  1. The Queensland Government of Australian and the Griffith University recently spent $13 million in order to study glycomics by establishing the Centre for Biomolecular Science and Drug Discovery at Griffith University’s Gold Coast campus in Australia. The Institute will have around 150 staff by the year 2007.

  1. The Australian Journal of Chemistry and the 21st International Carbohydrate Symposium (made up of 30 countries from around the world), which was held in Cairns, Australia on July 2002, recently, published dozens of papers devoted to glycobiology.

  1. “Dr Blaine Purcell, a Las Vegas physician places the discovery of glyconutritionals on the same elevated plane as penicillin and insulin”

Nevada Woman September/October 2002.

  1. The Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) is consulted by 99% if all doctors and healthcare professionals before recommending solutions to their patients. Glyconutrients are listed in the PDR for compromised immune systems.

  1. The Scientific American, the July 2002 cover story titled, “Sweet Medicine” stated:

“Sugars modify many proteins and fats on cell surfaces and participate in such biological processes as immunity and cell-to-cell communication”.

  1. The National Institutes of Health has awarded The Scripps Research Institute in San Diego, CA a $34 million grant to understand how cells and the immune system use these “sugars”.

  1. Dr Emil I Mondoa, a practicing paediatrician affiliated with the Alfred I DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware and an authority on glyconutrients and author of the book entitled “Sugars that Heal” says:

“Glyconutrients awaken the immune system as if from a coma and the body begins to respond; naturally fighting off pathogens more effectively without any harmful effects”.

“Certain sugars are necessary for proper immune function. Some research indicates that they may be of equal value as vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential fatty acids”, says Dr. Emil I Mondoa.

Eclipse Magazine November/December 2001.

“Even tiny amounts of these sugars, or lack of them, have profound effects”
“Just as discoveries of natural laws have revolutionized other sciences, glyconutrients, I believe, are on the brink of revolutionizing the science of medicine.”
Sugars that Heal, Chapter 16

  1. The last four Nobel Prizes in Physiology or Medicine were awarded for discoveries in the field of Cellular Communication. This invaluable research has shown that the body communicates in specific ways. Cellular communication is dependent upon the body having these necessary glyconutrients.

Mannatech (MTEX) is our favorite top-performing publicly listed company.

This company is a highly respected company, with strong integrity and as you can see from the 22 statements above; it’s science is supported and validated like no other nutritional company.
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