Many have wondered and would like to know the truth about healing and miracle claims from the healing school of Christ Embassy

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Many have wondered and would like to know the truth about healing and miracle claims from the healing school of Christ Embassy. I’d like say a few things about the genuineness of these miracles which have sparked endless questions. What I’m about to say may sound shocking to you but it is the truth. it is a first hand account of my experience at the healing school.

What you see on loveworld videos/TV, especially miracle testimonies no matter how believable they appear, are simply what Pastor Chris and his TV crew wants you to see. The truth is that a larger number of people including his pastors, partners and even you hardly ever know what goes on behind the camera scenes.

I was at healing school May 2008 session and the discoveries I made blew my mind and shook the very foundation of my faith. I spent a total of 4 weeks at the healing (it had two sessions and each ran for two weeks) this period of time at the healing school afforded me the opportunity to observe certain unusual happenings which I must reveal.

I have been a member and a consistent financial partner of the ministry since 2004. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome had been my role model, mentor, prophet and father. I have followed his teachings and doctrines to the letter so much that you couldn't talk with me for 10 Min's without knowing I was his follower.

I had taken someone who was wheelchair bound as a result of spinal cord injury to the Healing school with hope that Pastor Chris would minister to him at the end of the session (at least this is what I was made to believe from several healing school publications) but this was not to be, and the events that followed were shocking and beyond my imagination.

After the first session, there was to be a healing service where the students having received faith to be healed, were put on the healing line to be ministered to by Pastor Chris. This was where my questions started. The reason is that not only did we not make it to the healing line but several other folks with obvious physical disabilities were also not put on the healing line. I made efforts to find out the criteria for the selection that was made; this was what I found out:

I discovered that all wheelchair cases taken to the healing line for ministration were people whose conditions were not such that they couldn't stand or walk. in other words, the people you see popping out of wheelchairs  in those videos can both previously stand and walk. They are carefully selected through a process I will discuss later.

Secondly, to my utter amazement, I also discovered that several other people whom I had seen on different occasions walking around the hall unaided and without any sign of pain or disability during the two weeks session were put on wheelchairs or made to lie on stretchers during this healing service.

After much waiting, the “Man of God” walks in touching every one on the healing line and then proceeds to the wheelchair section; with one touch here and there he instructs them to get up “and they do” wild shouts of excitement reverberated across the auditorium as partners and pastors who have been specially invited to witness the miracles jumped for joy. I felt like sinking through the solid ground, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Once in a while I would utter a word of prayer, I’d say: “Lord please don’t let this be what I think”

I remember a particular man who came for that session; he had been involved in a motor accident which left him with a spinal injury. He had difficulty walking normally because he couldn’t bend both knees while walking (I had seen him walking) he came with a neck guard and two crutches to support himself properly while walking. I observed that two days after coming to the healing school, he started exercising his faith by moving around without the neck guard and crutches, that was how he moved around for two weeks. During the healing service, I was shocked to see the same man with his neck guard and crutches which he hadn't used for two weeks. Pastor Chris prayed for him and took the neck guard off as though it was a big deal, the congregation applauded and stood to their feet as he went on to take the crutches from the man; he then asked the man to walk. The man obviously walked but not any better than he had walked for two weeks without Pastor Chris praying for him.

After the service, as the partners left the hall, the students and the “healed” were asked to wait behind. I observed that one of the two ladies who got out of the wheelchair half an hour ago quietly sat back in her wheelchair with a pale look on her face, the people who brought her all the way from Benin didn't seem like they had seen a miracle; this puzzled me more. The borrowed wheelchairs were returned to the real owners as I looked with great surprise.

Please see the link below:
the lady in page 14 (in blue jacket) is the one I'm refering to in the last paragraph. She could both stand and walk before the ministration by Pastor Chris.

The young man in page 15 is reported to have been "unable to walk without a walking frame" yet I had seen him on many ocassions before the healing service walk around without that frame.

The woman in page 16 did not even come to the healing school with a wheelchair; the wheelchair you see does not belong to her

To be continued…


Re: The Truth About Christ Embassy Healing School

« #43 on: November 14, 2008, 01:42 PM »

After the process of registration has been completed by every student few days into the session, they are split into several groups (usually depending on their cases). So you find one group with cases such as: HIV, infertility, barrenness etc and another group with cases such as cancer, diabetes, brain tumor and so on.

***The registration process includes signing an indemnity agreement. The agreement stated that the ‘healing school shall be indemnified of any form of fatality or injury of any sort that may arise in an attempt to exercise your faith’ (paraphrased). The students were made to sign another portion which stated that they were there solely on the basis of their own personal belief (to me that was another way of saying OYO). Signing of these agreements was compulsory for every student. ***

Classes are held on a general level each day. This is usually several hours of faith stirring teachings, video clips of Pastor Chris’ miracle crusades and testimonies from previous healing school sessions. There is usually a break period after which the students return for more ‘lectures’

After the general class, the students would then separate into their respective groups for a group session. Each group had a pastor or healing school staff overseeing it. I believe the segmentation into groups is to help monitor each student closely. After the group session, some groups were to wait behind for special prayers in a place they call ‘Prayer room’. The groups with less severe cases didn’t have to wait for the prayer room session.
The prayer room as I later learnt was the point where the whole selection of wheelchair cases for the healing line was done.

In the session I witnessed, there were two prayer rooms. Evang. (Dr) Eddy Owase and Rev. Ray Okocha (both are CEC members) were each in either of the rooms respectively and they were each assisted by a healing school personnel. Each student took their turn to see the ‘men of God’. During the consultations (special ref to wheelchair cases), they were asked certain questions about their condition after which they were prayed for.  The ‘man of God’ then instructs the student to try getting off the wheelchair, at this point, the staff assisting the MOG then begins to film the student (using a camcorder) as he makes the attempt.

***I was reliably informed by a senior healing school staff that anyone who couldn’t stand or walk in the prayer room wouldn’t make it to the healing line. He went on to say that Pastor Chris saw every single recording from the prayer room and only those who are well able to stand and walk was eligible for the healing line. As a matter of fact, when Pastor Chris stands before any of these folks during ministration, he knows exactly what they can or cannot do because he has already seen a video recording of that.  Hmm!!!***

The first session of the Healing School had about 500 students in attendance; more than half of this number did not make it to the healing line. No reason or explanation was given except that it was ‘in their best interest to repeat another session’ i.e. another two weeks. This development left several of the students confused, many of whom had spent the last two weeks paying hotel & taxi bills.

The first healing service of the session was held on Sunday May 18 by 3pm. Those who did not make it to the healing line were asked to come by 12noon, on arrival, they were prevented from entering into the main hall, instead they were asked to remain outside under the baking heat of the sun. Security marshals had their instruction not to allow any of them into the hall. It was indeed a very sad sight as I looked around and saw the cases they had left outside: the crippled, blind, deaf and dumb, paralyzed, children with down’s syndrome and so on, all littered everywhere; tears rolled from my eyes as I watched. Later on, we noticed that some students were already in the hall, in fact they had been asked to come as early as 8am.

***the eligible ones came as early as 8 am, they had a special closed door session in which they were ‘prepared’ adequately to meet with the ‘Man of God’ the preparation was nothing more than putting them in a hypnotic suggestible state. They were taught how to react when the ‘Man of God’ ministered to them. They repeatedly told them to start jumping and leaping for joy as soon as they were touched or breathed upon by Pastor Chris, that explains why you see such in their videos***

some of the students left the healing school at this point threatening to expose the whole scam. I tried calming down a few of them saying it was probably too early to pass judgment, some agreed.

It was now 3pm and the invited partners and pastors had started arriving. We’d been kept outside for three hours now for no reason at all. If not for the rain that made us force our way in, God knows for how long we would have been kept outside. Inside the hall seats were already reserved for the partners and pastors and special seats were also reserved for the ‘eligible’ students. No sitting plan was made for the other students, it was only later they created a place at the rear end of the hall for us to sit.

Later on the service began and the eligible students were brought in straight from the special hall where they have had a closed session to the special seats reserved for them. Later after that, the wheelchair and stretcher cases were brought in. This was the funny part because out of over 100 wheelchair cases in the first session, only about five made it to the healing line and out of that five, only two came to the healing school with their own wheelchair and they could both stand and walk on their own (I saw them do so). The rest three were as surprised as I was because they were occupying a wheelchair which didn’t belong to them. The ones that lay on stretchers also didn’t have any reason on God’s green earth to be on them. You’ll know the rest of the story if you read the first part of this post.

The second session went much the same way as the first although with a slightly funnier twist. More than half of the students who were asked to repeat didn’t come back to the healing school, each with bitter memories of what they had experienced. The few of us who still hung on to the illusive lifeline given to us decided to continue. We were joined by another 500 students, most of whom would later share the same ordeal.

Everyday witnessed the same rituals as in the first session until the last day. Selection was done as usual and we were yet again denied the healing line, this time around, we were joined by over half the number who came for the second session (an enormous crowd you’d say). The second session had its own healing service with the same theatrical display from Pastor Chris which earned him loud applause from his pastors and partners who were completely oblivious of the deceit.

Having had so many crowds of desperate impotent and disabled folks in their hands all unattended to, the Healing school got smart and decided to play a fast one on us. They announced that there would be another healing service the next day for the rest of us to be ministered to. “Wow!! Finally, Pastor Chris was to live up to his reputation as a faith healer and shut his critics up for life” or so I thought; but oh how wrong I was.

The next day came and as you would expect, we all came as instructed and waited patiently for Pastor Chris. My suspicion again started as I noticed that nobody came to address the crowd, we were all left in a warehouse like hall from morning till evening.

When finally we were asked to come in, I noticed that the stage lights used the previous day had been removed; there were only two or three camera men, no protocol staff etc. I immediately smelled a rat, a big rotten rat. No much ceremony was observed; they obviously didn’t want to waste our time and theirs so Evang. Dr Eddy Owase came up and asked us to watch two videos: one in which Pastor Chris had sent a handkerchief to the healing school in his absence, the second was where he instructed an Asian pastor to minister to a woman in wheelchair. After we were done watching, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, Pastor Chris’ maternal cousin walks in and started to minister to the crowd of impotent, lame, blind, deaf and dumb, paralyzed folks. He had come in to take the heat for his master; I admire his loyalty, except that he came to stand in for a coward and a charlatan who couldn’t face reality himself. He enjoys fame and glory and the adoration of his passionate members from cheap miracle scam. No wonder he chooses to stay silent most times because he has no defence at all.

For those who think I made up my story, I have two tasks for you (1) go ask Pastor Dave, Pastor Rhoda, Pastor Austin, Pastor Shola, Sis Charlotte (German), Sis Lauren, (all are Healing School staff and major conspirators of the scam that goes on there) and some others whose names I do not have at the time of this post. Let them say that I have lied or let them say that I do not understand the ‘ways of the spirit’. (2) Anyone can visit the healing school and confirm these things for themselves. I understand that there is tight security at the Healing School, but nobody will turn you back if you came with a medical report and claimed you came for the school. stay there fore a session and let me know if your experience would be any different from mine.

while you are at it, kindly read a similar story to mine from the Healing School South Africa. is this just a coincidence?

Also view the youtube video in this link, a minister W V Grant uses the same technique as that in the healing school. You'll also find another minister exposed for similar miracle fraud. BE WISE!!!

To be continued,

#68 on: November 16, 2008, 05:31 AM »

Quote from: ow11 on November 10, 2008.

One more thing, It is well known that people have died after attending the healing school and refusing to take medication (trying to prove their faith) but people too have claimed to be healed after attending the school. So are all the healings fake? or just from people who want to believe they are healed?

It is very true that so many people who were proclaimed 'healed' at the healing school later die of the same ailments. Of course Pastor Chris would want to have us believe that they died of unbelief or that they did not have enough faith to sustain their healing. But were these people ever healed in the first place?

Given the right conditions (usually in a suggestible state), the human brain has the ability to produce a certain substance known as endorphins, the endorphins has anaesthetic ability 200 times that of morphine. it is the body's answer to pain, infact it is the body's self healing power. strong belief in the ability of anything to produce healing effect triggers the release of this substance. This is also known as the power of 'mind over matter', and has been applied by psychic healers over the years. That is why only people with sicknesses that manifest pain ever seem to get 'healed' at the healing school; the blind do not receive siight nor does the lame walk.

This phenomenon is applied in drug testing and is known as the 'placebo effect'. let me explain briefly: to test a new painkiller pill or instance, two groups of people (with real cases of pain) are given a dose of the pill. one group is given the real painkiller pill while the other group is given another pill (placebo) which has no therapeutic effect (inert) but looks exaclty like the real pill. The two groups are actually made to believe they are taking the same pills. research result from this kind of experiment have revealed that over 30% of the people administered with the 'placebo' experience the same level of pain relief as the people who took the real pill.

This 'mind over matter' phenomenon is what gives this folks temporary symptomatic relief from these conditions, note that I said symptomatic this is because the underlying cause of the ailment is never healed, only symptoms attached to the real conditions are suspended for a while. This explains why these people later die or become worse. Pastor Chris knows this principle and thus applies it.

Question:why does he discourage people from running a medical test after they have been 'healed'? Answer: because the ailments will still be found in a lab test, only the symptoms were suspended.

Quote from: Horus on November 17, 2008, 10:45 AM

Nigeria: Christ Embassy Pastor Arrested Over N4.5 Fraud

Lagos 7 October 2008

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested a pastor with Christ Embassy Church in Oregun, Lagos State, Dr. (Miss) Fregene Orighomisan Omawumi, for alleged fraudulent foreign exchange deal as well as issuing a dud cheque.

According to the EFCC, the said pastor who started by allegedly obtaining N3million from another member of the church in a fraudulent foreign exchange trade deal in April this year. It said about N1million has been recovered from her.EFCC Head of Media and Publicity, Femi Babafemi, in a statement made available to Daily Champion in Abuja said the victim of the fraud, Mr. Afam Benneth Otiba, said the 33year-old administrative pastor, who is also a medical doctor, obtained the money from him on the pretext that she was going to invest it in online forex trading, promising a 100 per cent return on investment in 45 days.Otiba said he agreed to release the money after the suspect had promised to split the profit with him in a 50-50 ratio and handed a post dated cheque of N4.5million, to cover the capital and the interest to him.According to the EFCC statement, at maturity, the victim took the cheque to the Bank but to his consternation, it bounced.He contacted the suspect who now told him that there was no money to share as she had lost all the money invested in the online forex transaction.All efforts by the victim, who is based in Abuja, to collect his money, even without interest, failed.Instead, the suspect started sending pastors of their church to persuade the victim from taking any action, but the bank where the victim sourced the money would not accept any excuses.It was at this point that the victim decided to report the case to EFCC, which subsequently arrested the pastor. On interrogation, she confessed to have collected the money from the victim, adding She stated that she knew the victim through his sister who is a member of Christ Embassy, Lagos and that she decided to introduce the forex business to him."He gave me N3million in April this year and I promised him N4.5million in 45 days, because the interest I expected from the business was another N3million and we agreed that we would share the interest equally," Pastor Omawumi said. She said that the unusual happened when the President of European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet announced worldwide that there might be increase in the interest rate of Euro and this led to panic buying and eventual crash of the market.The suspect, however, confessed that as of the time she issued the cheque to the victim, she did not have money in the account.The suspect, who claimed to be a full worker at Christ Embassy headquarters, however promised to refund the money as soon as possible.EFCC, which said the Pastor has regretted her action, quoted her as telling its investigators: I feel bad, it was an irrational move, and I should not have been involve."


If the story is true (I don't doubt that it is), then it is definitely not a surprise at all to me. In march 2002, one Mr Lawrence Agada a pastoral assistant was involved in a similar scandal. Many of such scandals relating to financial fraud have been reported both in the past and in recent times from Christ Embassy Pastors and brethren. Recently, one Pastor Freedom, a highly respected pastor in Christ Embassy absconded to the US with huge amount of money supposedly gathered from members of the ministry.

In all of this, this is what I have to say:

Christ Embassy Pastors are usually under intense pressure to meet certain financial targets each year. this sometimes gives rise to unreasonable competition among the pastors. Giving the timing of this particular incident, I could also say that the pastor was trying to raise enough money for IPPC 2008 which kicked off today.

Whats IPPC? you may ask, its a yearly Christ Embassy program (International Pastors and Partners Conference) for all pastors and partners of the ministry from all over the world. the strange thing about this program is that you have to actually qualify financially to attend it. For this year, you ought to have given partnership seeds and offering up to N50,000 between Nov 2007 till date to qualify. last year it was N20,000; who knows what it would be next year, probably N100,000.

The highlight of the program which usually runs for about a week will be the 'presidential Award Nite' where outstanding financial partners are applauded and awarded for their financial contributions to the ministry. Last year, one Deaconess Dolapo Layode stole the Nite as she emerged the ministrys' highest financial donor. This is a lady who bought one of Pastor Chris' used suit for N13 million Naira during an auction organized by the ministry last year. We were told the proceeds from the auction was for mission work.

At the moment, several brethren and pastors in the church who are yet to meet the target of N50,000 are making effort to do so, while those aiming to get a presidential award are looking for millions of Naira or Dollars to sow in order to be recognized during the awards Nite.

Quote from: donnie on November 17, 2008, 05:59 PM

I saw this thread from its very first page but refused to contribute as i have seen so much of such threads on nairaland since 2005. They havent changed a thing except of course for the many who have not tasted of that true annointing and power from on high. . .these (unfortunately) are made to think that that glory which we see the scriptures is unobtainable today.

That is the purpose of these theads. . .  to deny the power of God. it dosnt matter how religious they appear, they are not from the Spirit of God.

One thing i do when i hear an allegation such as this is to look at the life of the critics or accusers; for if their lives do not portray that power and glory as it should rightly be, i discard such allegations as thrash. . . null and void!

If not, how can you explain a christian trying tooth and nail to bring another down? My friends, that is evil, no matter how you look at it. Forget about whether the miracles are true of not, you and i know they are and have stood the test of time. Testimonies abound in Nigeria and all over the world to the glory of God. So now, what is  your purpose for this thread? Are those miracles too big for God to perform? Is it impossible or is it a sin to say to the lame 'rise and walk' and have him do just that? Are you trying to cast doubt on the testimonies of God or you are simply envious?

I know that at the healing school we have bed and stretchers to meet the needs of those  invalid who will need them as some  may not always travel distances with these things. Plus that, there are trained doctors and medical practitioners on hand to attend to the needs of these people. Tell me, is it strange to have wheel chairs and stretchers around in a place that attends to the needs of thousands of sick people?

Besides there are some who come, get healed and refuse to take their wheel chairs and crutches along with them. These could add to the number available for use at the healing school.

That will be too cheap and regretable a thing to do. We cannot even imagine such. It will suprise you, but i havent even bothered to look at the pictures. I know that some of these people are even carried on the back of someone to the healing school. I have worked there myself as a volunteer. I have led the sick by hand to their seats to hear the Word. . . and hearing these allegtions, i am close to tears, not of self pity but, i think i can hear what God is saying: don't worry my children, they have not said those things against you but against me. It will take a crooked mind to think up such falsehood. Dignitories, captains of industry, ministers of the gospel have all visited the healing school of CEC. To come up with stories such as this is to insult their intelligence.

I have by the grace of God commanded the healing power of God on behalf of some sick folk and seen instant results.

i even think it is much easier to command a miracle in Jesus name than to fake one. Those of us who have tasted that power from on high can tell you. It is freely given and is abundantly supplied as the Spirit wills. Once you are in his plan and purpose, anything is possible! You shall decree a thing and it shall be established.

To my fellow believers in Christ, those of you who have something to loose if you speak profanity, be strong and courageous, do not be afraid of their revellings for they are bread for us. Only let your converstaion be as becometh saints so that when they speak of you as evil doers, they will be liars. 

Hi donnie,

Be it known unto you that the purpose of this thread is to expose the falsehood going on at the Christ Embassy healing school. It has nothing to do with efficacy of Gods power; I do believe in miracles, however not the type Pastor Chris would have us believe he performs. The Healing School of CE does not represent Gods power on earth therefore exposing its falsehood does not equal denying Gods power.

How has the miracles in the Healing school stood the test of time if I may ask? the last time I checked, CE miracles have been the most controversial of any ministry I have come to know. The so called healed are hidden from external press, taking photograph in CE crusades and meetings are forbidden, there are no substantial documented proof of any miracles. how does all this translate to 'standing the test of time'?

You did say that you have worked as a volunteer at the healing school, right? kindly answer these questions:
Are you a healing school staff?
Are you a pastor?
Are you an outreach fellowship coordinator?
Are you a deacon?
Are you a member of 'The Haven'?

If the answer to these questions is 'NO', then you were nothing more than one of the several stooges they use as ushers in the healing school who are unaware of the goings on there. I'm sure you were just a nobody there unless you are one of the names I mentioned in one of my posts as the major conspirators.

Yes I have seen dignitaries at the healing school; one Chief Michael Ibr* husband to Mrs Cecilia Ibr* who is sick of Parkinson's Disease was at the May session of the healing school. He spent 4 weeks there and was not any better. His status earned him 'ticket' to the healing line, he was ministered to by Pastor Chris, left the healing school in the same condition (if not worse) and is currently back to his medical treatment. Now hows that for a great miracle?

I laughed when read what you said about the wheelchairs in the healing school. This is what I have to say to that:

On day one (orientation Day) of the Healing Healing school May session, Pastor Deola who is the director of the Healing School claimed that the healing school had lots of abandoned wheelchairs from people who were healed and didn't need them anymore. well, in all 4 weeks in the Healing, I didn't see a single wheelchair owned by the healing school, instead they kept taking wheelchairs from students whenever they needed any. Please take time to read my initial posts, I have said all this before.

Chris Oyakhilome:

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