Marcia does eyeshadow and mascara/sent link to company Crown Brushes


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1. Blinc – products arrived: one mascara, one eyeshadow phase one light/sent acknowledgment of package/ Marcia does eyeshadow and mascara/sent link to company
2. Crown Brushes – products arrived: one case with brushes, one travel set, two kabukis/acknowledged receipt of package/Lisa does brushes/sent link to company
3. Mehron – products arrived: 4 cream eyeshadows, 1 eyeshadow palette, 4 precious gem powders/sent acknowledgment of package/ Marcia does cream e/s and palette, Lisa does gem powders/sent link to company
4. Burchand Collection – products arrived: one large case and one small case/sent acknowledgment of package/ Marcia does cases

5. Revitalash – products arrived: 2 revitabrows, 2 revitalash, 2 mascaras/sent acknowledgment of package/sent copy of review of mascara/ Lisa does mascara/sent link to company, Marcia does revitabrows and revitalash

6. Mai Couture: Product arrived: blush paper, bronzing paper, 2 oil blot paper/ sent acknowledgment of package/ Lisa does papers review posted, link sent to company

7. Graftobian – products arrived/send acknowledgment of receipt: 1 mascaras, 1 luster pencil in Silver Sparkle, 1 luster pencil in Lovely Lilac, 1 lip color in Classic Rose,I FastasEyes refill in Brown Café, 1 Mineral eyeshadow refill in Dusty Violet, 1 UltraSilk matte eyeshadow refill in Apricot, 1 creme rouge in Warm, 1 creme rouge in Rose, 1 creme highlighter in Light, 1 creme highlighter in Medium – Marcia does all except Lisa does Medium highlighter/sent link to company

8. Votre Vu – product arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: Tragic Magic Rescue Crème, Luxee Yeux Eye Beauty Balm, Cheveux Heureux Shampoo Riche,

Cheveux Heureux Conditioner Light – Lisa does line/sent link to company

9. Senna – products arrived/ sent acknowledgment of receipt/sent copy of brow product link: Silky primer, 3 lip sync, mineral mix, form a brow kit. Marcia does lips and mineral mix/sent link to company, Lisa does primer and brows/sent link to company

10. LA Splash – products arrived/ sent acknowledgment of receipt: 2 eyeshadows, 1 lipgloss, 1 eye primer, 1 concealer Marcia does eyeshadow, eye primer, and concealer, Lisa does lipgloss

11. Simply Divine Botanicals – products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: 2 equal packages of samples of almost entire line. Lisa posts her review, Phyllis does a guest review one month later/sent link to company

12. Covermark – products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: 2 Leg Covers and 4 foundations, all in different colors. Lisa does both/sent link to company.

13. Trish McEvoy – products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: 1 primer, 1 high volume mascara, 1 eye base essentials/ Lisa will do eye base/sent link to company, Marcia will do primer and mascara/sent link to company

14. Nailene – products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: tons of stuff. Lisa will review.

15. Hard Candy – products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: Mouthing Off Sheer Lip Shine in Sweet Treat, Visibly Wet Shockingly Glossy Lip Pencil in Beauty, Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in All American Girl, Just Nails Nailcolor in Splendid, which is a neon yellow.  It has a neon yellow plastic ring to go with the polish!!

1,000 Lashes Fiberized Lash Weave Mascara in MIdnight Black, Meteor-eyes Baked Glitter Eyeshadow in 275 Black Hole, Hot Smudge duo cream eyeliner/smudge in Drop Out, So Baked Bronzer in Hula Hula, Take Me Out Liner eyeliner pencil in Sushi, Kal-eye-descope Baked Eyeshadow Duo in Peace – Lisa does bronzer and 2 lip products, Marcia does Hot Smudge and Eyeshadow Duo, the rest we use in a giveaway/sent link to company

16. Super Goop – products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt: Everyday Lotion, wipes – Lisa does line/sent link to company

17. Besame- products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt - Classic Glaze in Cotton Candy / Chocolate and Sweetheart balms are for Lisa/sent direct link, Classic Masterliner pencil in emerald/denim blue / brown/plum are for Marcia

18. First Aid Beauty: products arrived, sent acknowledgment of receipt: Face Cleanser, Blemish Eraser, 5 in 1 Face Cream, Detox Eye Roller Lisa does all/sent direct link

19. Diamancel: products arrived: Diamond File for Foot Calluses, Genuine Diamond Foot Buffer, Flexible Diamond Nail File, Lisa does all

20. Lips2Kiss: products arrived/sent acknowledgment of receipt. ULLE, LE, LS, lip rejuvenation system, Time 2 Shine lip glosses, concealer – we will do a contest, and put in reviews with that, Lisa/sent direct link Marcia does microcurrent machine.

21. Gerda Spillman: products arrived: 2 foundations, 2 cream blush samples, 2 Hydropearl moisturizer samples Marcia does all/sent direct link

22. Julie Hewett: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Cheekie in Pinkie, lipstick in Jacqueline, jami, lip lush in mimi, soot eye pencil. Marcia does Cheekie, Jami, eye pencil, Lisa does lipstick and lip lush.

23. Skeem: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Candle – Lisa reviews Two other candles – Lisa reviews

24. Tocca: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Lisa does votive, perfume, body cream/sent direct link

25. Touchback Marker sent acknowledgment of receipt. 4 hair color markers.  Marcia got dark brown and medium brown, I got medium brown and light brown. Marcia reviews all.

26. Beaute sent acknowledgment of receipt. Liquigel in Flouron, lip cream lipstick in Trace, lip gloss in Paramour – Lisa reviews all

27. Aromafloria the For Feet's Sake set:  sent acknowledgment of receipt. Spa Foot Scrub and Spa Foot Butter – Marcia reviews all/sent direct link

28. Senna: sent acknowledgment of receipt. a brush with a spoolie on one end, and an angled liner on the other, Brow Fix in Golden Brown, Brow Definer in Natural – Lisa reviews all

29. Imju Fiberwig: sent acknowledgment of receipt. 4 black mascaras – Marcia reviews

30. Hampton Sun: sent acknowledgment of receipt. SPF 30 body lotion, SPF 15 Face Moisturizer – Lisa reviews/sent direct link

31. It Cosmetics: sent acknowledgment of receipt. 2 concealers, 2 pore translucent powder – Marcia reviews all/sent direct link

32. Covermark: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Night Magic treatment, Coverstik, Shading Cream – Lisa reviews all

33. Cat Cosmetics – sent acknowledgment of receipt. Wonder Puff, Tabby Eyeshadow, Diva Lash Mascara, Angel Glow, Lip plumper in Rich, foundation. Marcia does foundation, lip gloss, and eyeshadow. Lisa does Wonder Puff, Diva Lash, and Angel Glow.

34. Hollywood Touch Ups: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Hollywood Tag Tamers, Behind the Seams, Goes Commando, Hook-Up, Saver Hip Hugger, Sweater, Add-Ons, Fashion Tape, Squares, Strap-Ease, Wedding Apparel Tape, Silicone Breast Enhancers, CoverUps. Marcia reviews Tag Tamers, Squares, Hook Up, Behind the Seams. Lisa does the rest.

35. Ganache for Lips: sent acknowledgment of receipt. The whole line of lip balms. Marcia got Chocolate Mint, Lemon Mousse, and Chocolate Orange. I took Vanilla Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, and Mocha Latte. We have Chocolate Hazelnut, Chocolate Raspberry, and Chocolate Marzipan for a contest. Marcia reviews.

36. Jane Iredale: sent acknowledgment of receipt. PureGloss in Apricot Fizz, Mimosa (x2), Melon; Liquid Eye Liner in Silver, Pinot Noir, Black/Brown, Gold, Copper, and Black; 2 Magic Mitts; Botanical Brush Cleanser; Brush-Me Matte Loose Finish Powder; So-Bronze Bronzing Powder; 2 Perfectly Nude eyeshadow kits; 2 Artists Eyes II kits; Double Dazzle Highlighter Pencil; Eye Highlighter Pencil. Lisa does: Magic Mitt, Botanical Brush Cleanser, Brush-Me Matte Loose Finish Powder, 2 pencils. Marcia does PureGlosses, Liquid Eye Liners, Perfectly Nude e/s kit, Artist’s Eyes II e/s kit.

37. Z Palette: sent acknowledgment of receipt. 1 large palette, 3 small palettes. Lisa reviews.

38. NTrance: Argan Oil. Lisa reviews.

39. It Cosmetics: 6 Nail Love. Marcia reviews, use 4 for a contest.

40. Lisa Hoffman: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Spa kit and Night and Day kit. Marcia does Spa Kit, Lisa does Night and Day kit.

41. Whish: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Almond scented Three Whishes Body Butter, Pomegranate Shave Savour. Lisa reviews both.

42. It Cosmetics: sent acknowledgment of receipt. 2 Brow pencils. Marcia reviews.

43. Ellis Faas: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Milky Lips L204, Creamy Lips L101, Milky Lips L207, Glazed Lips L307. Marcia does Milky lips L207 and Glazed Lips L307. Lisa does Milky Lips L204 and Creamy Lips L101

44. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Bath Salts: sent acknowledgment of receipt. 2 bags, Lisa reviews.

45. Hampton Sun: Shimmer Spray. Sent acknowledgment of receipt. Lisa reviews.

46. Hard Candy: 2 nail polish, Living Doll Blush, 2 Perfect 10 Lipsticks, Moon Glow Pressed Powder. Marcia reviews nail polish and blush, Lisa does lipsticks and Moon Glow.

47. Nude Skincare: cellulite cream. Sent acknowledgment of receipt. Lisa reviews.

48. Hollywood Fashion Tape: Ice Bag, Tag Tamers, Insiders (fabric liners for silicone breast enhancers), Stain Remover, more Fashion Tape, light up mirror. Sent acknowledgment of receipt. Lisa reviews.

49. Pur Minerals: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Get a Little Self-Tanning Lotion, Correcting Primer in Neutral. lip gloss in Rose Opal, Color Correcting Primer in Green, eyeshadows:  Gold Marcasite, Burgandy Malachite, Chrome, lip gloss in Pink Quartz. Marcia does eye shadows, lip glosses; Lisa does self tanner and primers.

50. Luminess: sent acknowledgment of receipt. airbrush system with cosmetics starter kit and eyeshadow. Marcia reviews.

51. Revitalash: sent acknowledgment of receipt. 2 hair conditioners. Marcia reviews.

52. Air Stocking: sent acknowledgment of receipt. Diamond Legs Vacation, Diamond Legs Evening, Diamond Legs 9 to 5, Natural Premier Silk, Bronze Premier Silk, and Coco Premier Silk. Lisa reviews, uses some for contest.

53. Covermark: cream blushes, Bronzing Powder, Colorless loose finishing powder, Tinted loose finishing powder, Coverstik spot concealer with blemish medicine in warm beige, Undereye cover kit. Marcia does Coverstik spot concealer. Lisa does loose powders, cream blush and concealer kit.

54. Bodycology: Apple foaming hand cleanser, Marcia reviews

55. Jane Iredale: cream blush, foundation, 24 Karat Gold Dust, Moonglow bronzer, Circle/Delete concealer. Marcia reviews all except Lisa does bronzer.

56. Senna: Mineral Eye Lift Powder, Lift and Lighten Eye Cream, 2 sided lip glosses in:  Moondance and Double Dipped, Glisten Face Powder, Secret Set Mineral Mix, Finishing Powder, Eyeshadows in:  Splendor, Turncoat, Taupe, Tourmaline, Swoon. Lisa reviews lip gloss, powders. Marcia reviews eye cream, eye shadows, and Mineral Eye Lift Powder. Use Glisten Face Powder for a contest.

57. Smith and Vandiver: 3 bath bombs and bubble bath. Lisa reviews.

58. Honeybelle: one machine. Lisa reviews.

59. Bambola: skin care samples. Marcia reviews.

60. Therapon: Skin renewal system. Lisa reviews.

61. Ellen Sirot: hand cream and nail treatment, plus items for a contest. Marcia does hand cream and cuticle treatment.

62. Dr. Gram: skin care. Lisa reviews.

63. Blinc: resurfastic items. Marcia reviews.

64. Vanitymark: brow set. Lisa reviews.

65. Juara skincare: skincare sample set. Marcia reviews.

66. Sedu: hair dryer and two flat irons. Lisa reviews.

67. Imju: D.J.V. Beautenizer, Marcia reviews.

68. Le Metier: 4 nail polish, 1 eyeshadow palette. Marcia reviews.

69. Murad: Eye Lift Illuminator, Skin Perfecting Primer, Eye Lift Perfector. Marcia reviews.

70. Ganache: Whisper Light Body Oil Veils - on ein Rose De Cacao, Citrus Zest, Scent Free, Spring Meadow, and Tropical Flowers. Lisa reviews.

71. Hard Candy: eyeshadow and primer. Marcia reviews eyeshadow, Lisa does primer.

72. Vanity Mark: Shimmer lotion and tanning lotion. Lisa reviews.

73. Darac Beauty: entire beauty set. Marcia reviews all except mascara.

74. Belvada: mascara. Marcia reviews.

75. Hollywood Fashion Tape: FAshionista Flats. Lisa reviews.

76. Kinky Curly: Lisa reviews

77. Soho Beauty Case: Lisa reviews.

78. Mehron lip creams: Marcia reviews

79. OCC:  Skin Primer, nail polishes in Vintage and Twirl, Lip Tars in Grandma, Harlot, and Stalker, Loose Color in Clove and Flicker. Marcia does nail polishes, Lisa does the rest.

80. Senna: lip gloss in Lush, Mineral Mix Buff and Brighten, Sugar Lip Scrub, lipsticks in Garnet and Valentina, lip liner in Dusty Rose, eye liner in Black Velvet, Sheer Face Color in Hue, Eye Color in Blend, Eye Color in Fixation. Lisa does lip gloss, Mineral Mix, lipsticks, lip liner. Marcia does Sugar Lip Scrub, eye liner, blush, and eyeshadows.

81. Enzo skincare: moisturizer. Marcia reviews.

82. More Dr. Gram skincare. Lisa reviews.

83. Tarte: fall line. Lisa does eyeshadow palette, eye kohl, blush. Marcia does LipSurgence.

84. Frownies: new products plus skincare. Marcia does new products.

85. Ellis Faas: Eyes – Light, creamy eyes, milky eyes, mascara. Lisa reviews

86. Tarte: holiday blush set, royal collection palette, gold bag palette. Marcia does large palette and blush collection, Lisa does small palette.

87. Sedu: Anti-Frizz polishing treatment. Lisa reviews.

88. Luminess: airbrush tanning system. Lisa reviews.

89. Tan Towels – Lisa reviews

90. Bodycology – Marcia reviews

91. Whish – Lavender shower gel – Lisa reviews

92. Shady Day – travel packet of Shady Wipes – Lisa reviews

93. Hard Candy – Eye Def and Glamoflage concealer and pencil – Marcia reviews

94. Hollywood Fashion Tape: Hollywood Socialite Kit – Lisa reviews

95. Macadamia Natural Oil – Lisa reviews

96. Dr. Teal’s Peppermint Foot Soak – Lisa reviews

97. Motives - Weightless Moisturizer, two eyeshadows, Mink and Vintage Glam, Midnight Blue mascara or eyeliner, not sure, and Shape and Sculpt Duo – Marcia reviews all except moisturizer, Lisa does moisturizer

98. Beautisol  three deluxe size anti-aging products – Lisa reviews

99. CrazyRumors - two lip balms – Marcia reviews

100. Pur Minerals – lip gloss and chisel brush – Marcia reviews

101. Sante lipstick, foundation, mascara – Marcia reviews

102. Shadow Shields – Marcia reviews

103. be Beverly Hills - Shine and Repair serum – Marcia reviews
104. Celebrity Nails - two sets for a contest.  They will send directly to the winner.  They sent us:  1 artificial nail remover, 1 Fashion Diva stickers, 1 Mismatch Manicure, 1 Real Life manicure, 1 Fast French manicure, 1 Color Changing manicure, and 1 Fashion Diva nail kit. – Lisa reviews

105. Lumenesse: High Volume Root Lift, Deluxe Spa Travel Kit, Hydrating poo, dish, and shine define sculpting lotion, High Volume poo, dish, and shine define sculpting lotion – Lisa reviews High Volume Root Lift, High Volume poo, dish, Deluxe Spa Travel Kit. Marcia reviews Hydrating poo, dish, and shine define lotion.

106. Ellis Faas: concealer 205 and 203, blush 302 and 304, Creamy Lips 103 and 105. Lisa reviews concealer 203 and Creamy Lips 103 and 105. Marcia reviews blush 302 and 304. We use concealer 205 for a contest.

107. Purely Cosmetics: bag for each with blush, foundation samples, primer, and diamond dust, plus a kabuki; 3 eyeshadows. Lisa reviews

108. Luster: toothpaste and whitening system. Lisa reviews.

109. Sophyto skincare: Daily Renewal Set.  Purifying Silken cleanser, anti-aging Antioxident Serum, and Omega Daily Moisturizer. Marcia reviews

110. Ciate: Mistress nail polish. Marcia reviews.

111. Curl-ease – hair towel – Lisa reviews

112. Julie Hewett – lip gloss palette, eye liner kit – Lisa reviews

113. Nude skincare – miracle skincare set – Lisa reviews

114. It Cosmetics2 eyeshadow trios. Marcia reviews.

115. phyto organic haircare: Firm Hold Shine Spray, Color Lock Treatment, Color Lock Conditioner, Color Lock Shampoo. Lisa reviews.

116. FACE atelier: Sculpt Mascara, Sculpt Lash RX, Ultra Blush in Pink Satin, Camo Duet Light, Ultra Foundation in Ivory, Lip Putty, Ultra Foundation in Porcelain, Lip Glaze in Dianthus, Lip Lock, Lipstick in Candy Floss, Transforming Gel. Marcia reviews Ultra Blush, Ultra Foundation, Lip Putty, Lip Lock, Lipstick in Candy Floss. Lisa reviews Sculpt Mascara, Sculpt Lash RX, Camo Duet, Lip Glaze in Dianthus, and Transforming Gel.

117. Jaura: avocado moisture mask, candlenut shower gel and exfoliator. Lisa reviews.

118. Exuberance: primer. Marcia reviews.

119. Vaseline Intensive Care repairing moisture. Marcia reviews.

120. Tan Towel: Full body towelettes, 3 in 1 exfoliators, On the Glow. Lisa reviews.

121. Touchback: brow markers. Marcia reviews.

122. Cargo: Marcia reviews: Essential e/s palette in Smoky, 3 Triple Action mascara, Blush in Catalina, Blu-ray gloss in Halifax. Lisa reviews: Eyelighter, Essential Palette in Cool Neutral, Contour Palette, Cheek Activator, Lipstick in Courtney Cox CeCe, blu-ray primer and concealer, Magic Brush and Smoky Eye brush.

123. nTrance: 5 bottles for a contest

124. Whish: Lavender sugar scrub. Lisa reviews then a contest.

125. Juara: Candlenut perfume oil and soap. Lisa reviews.

126. Lush: Hottie massage bar. Lisa reviews.

127. Argan Magic: Corrective Heel and Foot Treatment, Soothing Skin Salve, Zesty Orange Body Scrub, Nourishing Bath Oil, Emulsifying Hand Cream, Bloomin' Body Wash, Intensive Hair Oil, Restorative Hair Mask, Nourishing Hair Cream. Marcia reviews Soothing Skin Salve, Zesty Orange Body Scrub, and Bloomin’ Body Wash. Lisa reviews Corrective Heel and Foot Treatment, Nourishing Bath Oil, Emulsifying Hand Cream, Intensive Hair Oil, Restorative Hair Mask, and Nourishing Hair Cream.

128. Pur Minerals: Spa Indulgence Aloette Body Butter Balm in Orange Vanilla Bean – Marcia, Aloette Pure Radiance Bioactive Mist – Lisa, Cosmedix define Vitamin A treatment - Lisa, Pur Minerals Mineral Mudd Masque – Lisa, two Pur Mineral lip glosses - Iced Pearl - Marcia; Golden Calcite – Lisa, Three 4-in-1 pressed mineral foundation - colors are Porcelain, Light, and Blush Medium – Marcia gets porcelain, Lisa reviews foundation, Pur Minerals Hot Rocks – Marcia, Earthly Treasure Kit for a contest. 

129. Curl Ease Towels for contest – Lisa reviews

130. Hard Candy: Glow all the way, nail polish, Visibly Wet. Lisa reviews

131. Dr Teals: Oatmeal Bath Soaking Solution – Lisa reviews.

132. Pretty Girl Cosmetics: 2 lip glosses. Lisa reviews one, Marcia does the other.

133. D.J.V. Beautenizer mascara: Marcia reviews

134. Tarte: blush and two lipsurgence. Lisa reviews

135. Kiss eyelashes: Marcia reviews. They are sponsoring a contest.

136. Sante: 2 nail polish, foundation, pressed powder, blush. Marcia reviews nail polishes, Lisa Reviews the rest.

137. Beautisol: self tanner. Lisa reviews.

138. Elizabeth Arden: Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules, Pure Finish Mineral Tinted Moisturizer in Light and Medium, Pure Finish Mineral Bronzing Powder in Medium, Ceramide Ultra Lift and Firm Makeup SPF 15 in Sandstone and Buff, Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant, Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black,
Ceramide Cream Blush in Honey, Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick, Crystal Clear Lip Gloss, Color Intrigue Effects Lipstick in Poppy Cream, Cherry Pearl, and Cranberry Cream. Marcia reviews the mascara, cream blush, and the eye pencil. Lisa reviews tinted moisturizer, bronzer, cream foundation, 8 hour cream, lip protectant stick, lip gloss, and lipstick. Use the Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules in contest.

139. Vasanti: 2 Eye Wonder creams, mineral pigment shimmer powder, lipshine in Flores, lip balm in Tahiti, concealer, magic liner, Sweden lipstick. Marcia reviews lipshine, lip balm, and lipstick. Lisa reviews pigment, concealer, Eye Wonder, and magic liner.

140. Sweet Grass Farms: 2 soaps, Dusting Fragrance, and Lemon Verbana liquid soap. Lisa reviews.

141. YBF Skincare: Quench lip treatment, Define lip area anti-age treatment, Antioxidents Concentrate, Refresh eye cream, Hydrate B Concentrate, Restore skin smoother and brightener, 2 sample packs - Correct and Control. Marcia reviews.

142. Adam Broderick: smoother sleeker, deeper, fixer. Lisa reviews.

143. L'Athene: Essential Facial Cleanser, Body Silkening Nutrient Crème. Lisa reviews.

144. Lush: Sexy Peel, Tea Tree Water. Lisa reviews.

145. Hard Candy: Ginormous Lash Mascara, Glossaholic Lip Gloss in Fireball, Just Face It Foundation in Medium. Lisa reviews.

146. It Cosmetics: concealer, Bye Bye Lid Lines, Luxe High Performance Eyeshadow Palette. Marcia reviews all.

147. One Night Cosmetics: two palettes and two brush sets. Dual review.

148. Shady Day: SPF spray, stick, and wipes. Marcia reviews and does for contest.

149. Aphogee: Marcia reviews Deep Moisture Shampoo, Balancing Moisturizer, and Spritz and Shine Spray Lisa reviews: Style and Wrap Mousse and Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer

150. Dashing Diva Nails: Marcia reviews 2 dark polishes, Lisa reviews 2 colorful polishes.

151. Lavera: face sunscreen, tanning spray, face self tanner. Marcia reviews sunscreen, Lisa reviews tanning spray and face tanner.

152. Gerda Spillman: primer. Lisa reviews.

153. Talya Skin: moisture spray. Dual review.

154. Illuminaire: Mattifying Mineral Foundation in Florentine Fair, Ultimate Day Blush in Florentine Fair, sample of Fantastic Finish Foundation in Florentine Fair, samples blushes in Flirty and in Love, Beyond Black eyeliner, eyeliner brush, Fast Application Pad for the foundation, All Day Mineral Lip Color in Joy.  Lisa reviews.

155. Lush: Hollywood and Blue Skies bubble bars. Lisa reviews.

156. Miracle Skin Transformer: medium tan and colorless. Lisa reviews.

157. Carlene K. body bronzer – Lisa reviews.

158. Tarte: Amazonian blushes, inner rim brightener, concealer, Marcia reviews. Two shimmer powders and illuminating serum, Lisa reviews.

159. emerginC scientific organics: two samples of cleanser, two samples of detox mask. Marcia reviews.

160. Beautisol: self tanner, body slough cream, back applicator. Lisa reviews.

161. Kimia: skincare system and neck cream. Lisa reviews.

162. Artisan Naturals: cleanser, toner, 2 serums, moisturizer. Lisa reviews.

163. Elizabeth Arden: sample of Prevage. Lisa reviews.

164. Xen-Tan: Lisa reviews

165. bodycology: rich and creamy lotion Marcia reviews.

166. Maya Water: 2 facial mists. Marcia reviews.

167. Billion Dollar Brow: set for brows. Marcia reviews.

168. Dan Read: Marcia reviews The Fairest. Lisa reviews lip gloss, yellow highlighter, shader, and shimmer foundation.

169. Enzo moisturizer: Lisa reviews.

170. Sprigs: 2 Banjees wrist wallets in a pink oriental design, 2 Banjees wrist wallets in a black and white pattern, 2 Banjees cell phone wrist wallets in grey, 2 Banjees cell phone wrist wallets in a bandana pattern, 2 winter Infinity scarves - one in grey, one in a dark purple. 3 summer infinity scarves - one in light green, one in dark blue, one in mustard yellow. Lisa reviews plus contest.

171. Mixing Mate: one set. Marcia reviews.

172. Kiss: nail dress, nail artist pens, nail artist stickers, nail artistry polishes. Marcia reviews.

173. Whish: Lavender Hair Inhibiting Gel. Lisa reviews.

174. Tarte: set of 6 lip glosses. Side by Side Marcia reviews 2, Lisa reviews 2, 2 are used for contest. Also, dry oil body spray. Lisa reviews.

175. Miracle Skin Transformer: concealer. Marcia reviews.

176. Crazy Rumors Lip Balm: Bunny Hop. Marcia reviews.

177. Clean: Cotton T Shirt and Summer Escape. Lisa reviews.

178. Monkey Brains: Shampoo, hair gel, hair pomade. Lisa reviews.

179. Cosmedix: Anti-aging skin set. Marcia reviews.

180. Pur Minerals: mascara and bronzer. Marcia does mascara, Lisa does bronzer.

181. Stages of Beauty: 2 moisturizers. Side by Side review.

182. ReBoost: Marcia reviews.

183. Garden Botanika: primer and cheek and lip stain. Marcia reviews.

184. MUFE: Uplight in #11 and #22. Marcia and Lisa do a Side by Side.

185. DNA EGF Renewal: Foaming Cleanser, SPF 30, Intensive Renewal. Marcia reviews.

186. Cali Cosmetics: Tarocco cleanser body wash, Tarocco Nourishing Moisturizer: Lisa reviews.

187. Green Apple lip tea scrub, cream blush in Marigold, eye shadow in robertson, a shimmery grey, lip gloss in napa: Marcia does lip scrub and cream blush, Lisa does eye shadow and lip gloss.

188. skin 2 skin: Anti-Photoaging SPF 30, Un-Wrinkle Forehead and Crow's Feet Cream, Photoaging Repair Cream. Lisa reviews.

189. Face Stockholm: Eggplant Cake Eyeliner, Precision Eyeliner, Cream Blush On in Rio – Marcia reviews. Navy Cake Eyeliner, Shamballa powder blush, matte foundation in lilac – Lisa reviews.

190. Ellis Faas: 2 concealers, 2 foundations. Marcia reviews or side by side.

191. Unii: palette in Lemongrass. Lisa reviews.

192. Evan Healy: skincare set. Marcia reviews.

193. Back Bar: Smoothing poo and dish. Lisa reviews.

194. Artisan Naturals: Tangerine Exfoliating Face Cleanser, Ginseng & Meadowsweet Exfoliating Face Mask, Shea & Calendula Face Crème, Calming Crème Face Cleanser. Lisa reviews.

195. Better than Lips: a pink chapstick and a red chapstick. Marcia reviews.

196. Halston and Giorgio perfume: Lisa review

197. Lush: Little hands. Lisa reviews.

198. Linda Mason book. Lisa reviews.

199. Kinky Curly: overnight treatment. Lisa reviews.

200. Elizabeth Arden: Green Tea Camellia perfume. Lisa reviews.

201. Tarte: cream eyeshadows. Marcia reviews.

202. Kiss: Two boxes of french toe nails, several boxes of french nails with designs, several boxes of french nails, eyelash adhesive, and two boxes of the false eyelashes with the strings. Plus two nail files, one for press on nails and one for acrylic nails. Lisa reviews false eyelashes. Marcia reviews the rest with contest.

203. Evanhealy: Blue and Blemish face kits. Lisa reviews.

204. Sirius Skincare machine: Marcia reviews.

205. Dan Read eyeshadows: mink, cameo, golden sunset, taupe, powder pink, cream, and opal pearl. Eye pencils: 24 Karat gold, violet, plum, and mica. Lisa reviews.

206. China Glaze: Downtown and Uptown Metro sets. Lisa does Downtown, Marcia does Uptown.

207. 3Lab: Super Eye Treatment, Perfect Sunscreen SPF 55, Perfect Lips Lisa reviews

208. Bikini Zone: Anti-Bumps shave gel and Medicated Gel. Marcia does shave gel, Lisa does Medicated Gel.

209. Soho: black makeup case. Marcia reviews.

210. Monkey Brains: conditioner. Lisa reviews.

211. Guy De On; Clarifying Aloe Vera mask. Marcia reviews.

212. Elizabeth Arden: Blue Breeze eyeshadow quad, mineral cheekcolor in Sunkissed Coral, Smoky Eyes Powder Pencil in Blue Sky. Marcia reviews.

213. Ardel: Salon Perfect press-on lashes, Salon Perfect Perfectly Glamorous lashes, Ardel Fashion glamour lashes, Andrea redi-lash self adhesive lashes and modlash self adhesive human hair lashes, Duralash Naturals individual lashes. Lisa reviews.

214. Lush: Dirty Body Spray, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, Dirty Hair Styling Cream, and Dirty Shaving Cream. Lisa reviews.

215. Face Stockholm: Kiki Eyeliner, Mineral Foundation Powder, Blush-On in Sun Kissed, Volumizing Mascara in Clear, Nektar lip gloss in Nyponros, Dignity Highlighter, Angel Pink Matte Eyeshadow. Marcia reviews.

216. Lush: Big Blue bath bomb, Big Shampoo, Seanik Shampoo Bar. Lisa reviews.

217. Tarte: waterproof cream eyeshadows in slate, shimmering plum, moss, seashell
pink; waterproof eyeliner in plum, bronze, indigo, and black; waterproof eyeliner pencils in black, plum, and brown; smooth operator finishing powder in Bronze; one cream eyeshadow brush. Shimmering plum and eyeshadow brush to Marcia, Lisa reviews eyeliners and finishing powder.
218. Annmarie: skin care sample kits for each of us, additional sample pack. Side by Side review.+6

219. Sprigs: black Yogi Arms, black sun visor, mustard colored infinity scarf, two banjees Marcia requested, the black and the grey, black infinity scarf, black cover up (the one with the crochet trim down the middle of the back), black yoga pants, 2 purple tye dye headbands, 1 black tye dye headband, 1 purple tye dye banjee, 1 purple paisley banjee, 1 pink flowered banjee

220. Dr. Teals sent a foaming bath salts in eucalyptus spearmint. Lisa reviews.

221. Ellis Faas: Glazed Lips L309, clear, Eye Lights 303, metallic bronze, Blush S303, looks bronzey red. Lisa reviews.

222. Lush: bath bombs. Lisa reviews.

223. Dermagenics: Purifying Smart Cleanser, Sun Savvy Solar Shield, and Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Marcia reviews.

224. David Evangelista: Ultimate Lite Mousse, Volumizing Dry Shampoo, Brushable Hold Hairspray, Leave-In Conditioner, gentle exfoliating shampoo, sample sizes of cleanse and hydrate, thickening and texturizing cream, and Air-Lift Root Boost. Marcia does dry shampoo, sample sizes of poo and dish, and hair spray, Lisa does mousse, conditioner, exfoliating shampoo, thickening and texturing cream, and root boost.

225. Wundercover: concealer. Lisa reviews.

226. Lip Savvy: Star Studded Shine in OMG. Marcia reviews.

227. Hampton Sun: Continuous Mist Sunscreen SPF 35, Privet Bloom shower gel, and After Sun Moisturizer. Lisa reviews.

228. Senna: Forget-Me-Not eyeshadow, Vivid eyeshadow, Pink Mink Lip Sync, and Light Tricks Highlight Duo. Lisa does Lip Sync and eyeshadows, Marcia does Highlight Duo.

229. Chella: Foaming Cleanser and Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask Kit. Lisa reviews.

230. Monkey Brains: Gone Bananas Hair Refresher. Lisa reviews.

231. Ben Nye: three 8-color pressed powder palettes (two shadow and one rouge), two matte foundation palettes, two HD Pressed powders, two HD Media Pro foundation compacts, two eye definers (cream liner - key to this product is to use very small amount and build - then set with powder), one HD loose powder, two luxury loose powders and two Media Pro HD foundation adjusters. Lisa reviews: 2 sheer foundation, 2 Mojave Adjusters (Lightest Brown and Adobe Brown), 1 pressed powder, 1Luxury loose powder, 1 espresso eye definer, blush palette, and Essential Eye Shadow Palette. Marcia does the rest.

232. Smith and Vandiver: 2 All Over Body Balms. Lisa reviews.

233. Colbert MD: serum and eye product. Marcia reviews.

234. FusionBeauty: tinted moisturizer and lip product. Lisa does moisturizer, Marcia does lips.

235. Sirius Skincare: Aurora machine. Marcia reviews.

236. Napoleon: 2 foundations. Side by Side review.

237. Napoleon: skincare set. Marcia reviews.

238. Dermadoctor: Gorilla Warfare. Marcia reviews.

239. Royal Brush: brush sets. Side by Side.

240. Bodycology: Healthy Kisses. Marcia reviews and contest.

241. Wen: 2 Pomegranate conditioning shampoos. Side by Side?

242. Zuca: one pro artist case. Lisa reviews.

243. Bodycology: Island Coconut shower gel, fragrance mist, body lotion. Lisa reviews.

244. Beautisol: Magic Mitt. Lisa reviews.

245. MUFE: blue aqua liners. Marcia reviews.

246. Skeem: Tall candle in Velvet Pear, short candle in Night Jasmine, beauty mirror.

247. Vapour Beauty: Trick Stick Illuminator in Star, Mesmerize Eyeliner in Black, Eye Color Treatment in Charm, and Eye Color Treatment in Storm. Marcia reviews.

248. Hard Candy: Starfish tinted lip balm, purple eyeliner. Marcia reviews.

249. MUFE: purple eyeliner, purple mascara. Lisa reviews.

250. Le Metier: 4 nail polish, 2 lip gloss. Marcia reviews.

251. Napoleon: 2 mascaras, 1 Prismatic eyeshadow quad #13. Side by Side with mascaras, Lisa reviews eyeshadow quad.

252. Soap Hope: sample box. Lisa reviews.

253. Lush: Gorilla perfume, It’s Raining Men shower gel. Lisa reviews.

254. Andrea Q – eyeshadow fixer. Marcia reviews.

255. Ellis Faas: mascara, L102, and E204. Marcia reviews mascara, Lisa reviews the rest.

256. Somme: 5 piece set and an eye cream and a mask. Marcia reviews.

257. Revitalash: Marcia reviews.

258. It Cosmetics: Hello Lashes Mascara, 3 Vitality Cheek Flush Blush in Magical in Mauve, Pretty in Peony, and Radiant in Rose; and three Vitality Lip flush in Love Story, Je Ne Sais Quoi, and Pretty Woman. Lisa reviews Hello Lashes and lip products. Marcia reviews Pretty blushes.

259. Chella: 2 Skin Firming Daily Primers. Side by Side review.

260. Biobliss: 1 eye patch. Marcia reviews.

261. Enzo: 1 moisturizer. Marcia reviews.

262. Wen: Fall Ginger Pumpkin Cleansing Conditioner, Fig Styling Crème, Fig Replenishing Treatment Mist. Lisa reviews

263. Miracle Skin Transformer: Body SPF 20. Lisa reviews.

264. My Stages of Beauty: Elegance and Grace. Lisa does Elegance, Marcia does Grace.

265. Le Metier: cream blushes. Lisa reviews.

266. LashControl: 2 mascaras. Side by Side

267. Evanhealy: 3 samples from Puja

268. Marcelle: For Lisa: Essential Cleansing Water, Revival Creme Serum, Power Volume Mascara, lipgloss 20  and 21 (beautiful), Multi-colored bronzer, lipstick 802, 2 eyeliners - gold and teal, loose eye dust

For Marcia: 3 in 1 cleanser, Revival Creme Serum, Lipstick 901, Cream blush in raspberry, eyeshadows single in Suede, mascara - Volume Precision (for definition), 2 pencil eyeliners, 2 liquid eyeliners

269. Lisa Hoffman: mini travel fragrances, one in tuscan, one in French Clary Sage.. Lisa reviews.

270. Eco-Cert: 2 fragrance samples: Vamp and Sexy Angelic. Lisa reviews.

271. Dashing Diva: Season Tickets, New York Slice, The Big Apple, Limo Service, Boarding School, Pier 39, NYC Fleet Week, Bridge and Tunnel, Flatiron District, The Red Carpet, Mr. Right, So Much Melon-Drama, I Need a Cocktail, Chelsea in the Buff, Lilac Nothin', Fashion Week, The Met, and A Silver Lining. DesignFix in Feline Menagerie. Lisa reviews Fashion Week, Season Tickets, Mr. Right, NYC Fleet Week, Limo Service, So Much Melon-Drama, The Met, and Pier 39. Marcia reviews the rest.

272. Hampton Sun: 2 full size Sunless Tanning Gel, 1 Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray in Bronze. Lisa reviews.

273. Skeem: 1 Sweet Pea and Vanilla Candle. Lisa reviews.

274. Whish: Summer Whishes Set in Coconut Milk. Lisa reviews.

275. Motives: Ours Unisex fragrance, Fixx Skin smoother (to use after hair removal), Fixx Nip n Tuck (for cellulite), Blush in Instinctive  and Innovative, Lipsticks in Motivated and Sincere, Eyeshadows called Baked Mineral Eyeshadow Trio (3 colors in one pot) - Confident, Affluent and Impatient. Lisa does fragrance, Fixx products, blushes. Marcia does lipsticks and eyeshadow trio.

276. Votre Vu: It Kit. A big case with a smaller makeup bag in it , Antioxidant Eye Gelee, Duette - product that's for lips and hands - Luxe Lips & Tarte d'Amande - the top is a lip treatment and the bottom is a hand, Snap Dragon, Beauty Beverage - it's got fruit juice and purees (grape, apple, pear, mango, Cill and/or Pomegranate). Lisa reviews.

277. Tarte: radiant and rested collection, 8 smoldereyes waterproof eyeliners, one liquid liner. Marcia reviews r and r collection, plus smoldereyes in charcoal, fig, brown, and olive. Lisa does liquid liner and smoldereyes in plum, bronze, golden black, and navy.

278. Dan Read: four lipsticks: 229P, 208P, Pink Ice, 123P. Eyeshadows in Desert Sand, Black Orchid, Pewter, Fair Peach, Taupe (P), Slate, and Mauve. Lisa reviews.

279. Elizabeth Arden: Flawless Finish Mousse Makeup in Vanilla. She also sent two small samples of Prevage - day and night moisturizers. Marcia reviews foundation, Lisa does Prevage if needed.

280. June Jacobs: Cranberry Body Balm, Creamy Cranberry Cleanser. Lisa reviews.

281. Peter Thomas Roth: De-Spot, Clinical Peel and Reveal. Marcia does de-spot, Lisa does peel and reveal in side by side.

282. Cargo: One Base Concealer and Foundation in one in 02, Contour

Palette in Malibu, blu_ray high definition mattifier. Lisa does mattifier, Marcia does the rest.

283. Lush: Angels on Bare Skin, Blue Ocean face and body scrub. Lisa reviews.

284. Every Drop: spatula. Marcia reviews.

285. MUFE: Fluo Night pigment. Lisa reviews.

286. Vasanti: one lipstick and one lip gloss. Lisa reviews.

289. Misikko: hair dryer, Hana air, with a felt hair dryer bag, folded felt matt, Marcia reviews hair dryer, matt, and bag.

290. YBF skincare sent: A bag labeled 'Marcia' with stuff inside, A bag labeled 'Lisa' with stuff inside, A box labeled 'Goodies For Your Friends', inside are 12 samples packs,
2 boxes, each with these full size products:  antioxidents concentrate, control, correct, prep, and quench
291. Eufora: dry spray wax, powder lift. Lisa reviews.

292. YBF makeup: perfect prep face primer, neutralizing pressed powder, lipstick Royalty Red. Side by Side.

293. DNA EGF: Marcia reviews.

294. Aveeno: eye cream, moisturizer, cleanser. Marcia reviews.

295. Klix brushes: Marcia reviews.

296. Lisa Hoffman Tuscan Fig Variations perfume travel set

297. Skeem Asian Midnight Orchid candle and mirror
298. Tan Towel Bronzer and lip gloss
Tan Towels holiday set

ZUCA case

Companies Who Say They Are Sending

EG (Earthen Glow) Minerals - said they are sending a big box of products but their site has been down for weeks, so they may be going out business. Update: their website is back up, I sent another email and never heard back!!
Alison Raffaele – sending products – we requested: Inner Glow blush, Acne Response and Age Response Primers, Soft Gloss Volumizing. – sent reminder – no response

Hercut - sending us products – sent reminder – no response

Too Faced - sent reminder on 9/14, 1/2/11

Athyr Beauty – sent reminder on 9/14, they are going to send to us when internal changes are complete

Beauty For Real – sent reminder 11/14 – lip gloss

Misikko (sent reminder 11/18) – hair products

Fred Farrugia (sent reminder 11/12) and 1/1/11

Neil George (sent reminder 11/12) and 1/2/11

Norabloom – organic makeup and skincare – sending to us in the ‘new year’


Besame (sending when product comes in)

Roots Only

Be Fine (sent reminder 2/10)


Le Metier skincare



Agraria Candles

Infinity Sun



Senna fall?





Too Faced

Parker Pens


Wet n Wild

Bosley Professionals


David Evangelista



Kissable Couture

Royal Brushes – they said no, they don’t send to anyone

Glamour Dolls - a big fat NO
The Body Deli - they said no due to shipping costs

Purple Lab – no samples at this time

Biologique Recherche


Paula Dorf

Jo Wood

Lime Crime

Renee Rouleau

Lady Primrose

Me! Bath

Mindful Mints

Long Hair Lovers

Tria Beauty



After Glow

Koh Gen Do
AK Brushes
Emily J Solutions
Cinema Secrets
It Works
Kett Cosmetics

Lauren Luke

Naked Cosmetics
Nurturing Force
Glitter Therapy
Erth Minerals




Au Courant

Archipeligo Botanicals

Antica Farmacista

Amazing Cosmetics


Rescue Beauty Lounge


Touch of Ivy

Lipstick Queen


Cover FX


No!  No!
Aromatherapy Associates
Balm Balm
Bonny Doon Farm
Buddha Nose
Dr. Hauschka
Dr. Ci:Labo

Fiat Luxe




Lucy B


Tricia Sawyer


Love and Toast

Tracie Martyn


Mario Badescu

Ramy Beauty



Fusion Beauty


Edward Bess




Susan Posnick



Kevin Murphy



Geri G Cosmetics

Reviva Labs

Wanderlove Beauty

Ken Paves

Hair Rules



Skyn Iceland

Urban Decay

Dalton Color Cosmetics

Tini Beauty


Eye Kandy


Nothing Nasty

CiciFashion Brush


South Seas



MD Skincare


Taylor Made Minerals

Becca Cosmetics


Knock Out Cosmetics

Coconut Hut

Perfect Beauty

Sleek Hair


Jessica Cosmetics




29 Cosmetics


The Balm




Tata Harper

Baby Foot

Indeed Labs

Daniel Chinchilla

Dashing Diva


Madlyn Rose Skincare


Brenda Christian Cosmetics

Giselle Cosmetics

Soular Therapy

Nurturing Force




Priti NYC

Laura Geller

I am a Peacekeeper

VB Cosmetics



Piret and Tamara

Sigma brushes

Sue Devitt


Noir Cosmetics

Xtreme Lashes

Zia Skincare


Spa Ritual (asked for wipes and the Love Heart Lip Gloss palette)

Urban Cowgirl

Ms. And Mrs. Shemergency

Pangea Organics

Vivian Lee Cosmetics

Peter Lamas

Josie Maran

Bare Escentuals


Boom Cosmetics


Laura Geller

Pamela Ford Cosmetics

Alison Brod pr



Parian Spirit

Christine Chin


ZO Skin Health



RMS beauty

FSL Cosmetics

Art Deco



Heidi D.

Beauty So Clean




Kevyn Aucoin

Josie Maran

Bare Escentuals

Too Faced


Ling skin care

Ideas for other lines to make requests
B. Kamins

Ben Nye


Body & soul


By Terry

Cake Beauty



Go Smile



Nvey eco


Oscar Blandi










Mason Pearson

Sara Happ

Joe Blasco


John Masters Body Care


Komenuka Bijin

L’Annine hand creams

Ligne St. Barth


Lisa Simon

Burts Bees

Booty 911


Armour Beauty

Auraline Beauty
Egon Schiele Cosmetics
Isoma Cosmetics
Lord & Berry
Model in a Bottle
M.S. Apothecary
Myrabelle Products
Red Carpet Kolour
shu uemura




Glamour Ta


Red Flower




iS Clinical


Pur-lisse  - mini massager; hair brush!+Mail


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