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Please Note: I may have lost some events that were sent for inclusion in this week’s calendar. I am currently out of state and using an unfamiliar system. My apologies if I have missed placed the information you sent.

**Mark items that are new in this issue.
May 4, 2011

Compiled Weekly by Peg Tileston

On behalf of the Alaska Women’s Environmental Network (AWEN), Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE), and Alaska Conservation Alliance (ACA)
May 5 - 8

CORDOVA - COPPER RIVER DELTA SHOREBIRD FESTIVAL will feature the tidal flats of the Copper River Delta with the activity of hundreds of thousands of shorebirds. As many as 5 million shorebirds rest and feed here during spring migration. Many activities, workshops and community events are offered throughout the festival. For more information, go to http://cordovachamber.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=57&Itemid=44 or call 907 424 7260.
May 5 - 8

HOMER - 2011 KACHEMAK BAY SHOREBIRD FESTIVAL. This year's theme is WILD BIRDS, WILD PLACES, featuring Keynote speaker CARL SAFINA who will discuss, read from, and show images from his new book The View From Lazy Point; A Natural Year in an Unnatural World. A deeply personal book with a broadly global message, The View from Lazy Point is an exhilarating journey with a distinctly coastal flavor. In this intertwined story of humanity and the natural world, Safina shows that nature and human dignity require each other. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced birder, or the non birder in your group, you will enjoy this fun and educational weekend celebration. Our expert speakers, naturalists and guides will share their extensive wealth of birding knowledge as they lead you through the many field events, workshops, presentations and boat, bus and kayak tours being offered. After your day of birding, take in the great lineup of arts and entertainment events as well. For more information, go to http://www.homeralaska.org/events/kachemakBayShorebirdFestival/index.htm


ALASKA REDISTRICTING BOARD will hold a statewide teleconference 9am to Noon and from 2 to 6pm via the Legislative Information Office (LIO) network. The full Board will be at the Anchorage LIO Building, 714 West 4th Avenue, Room 220. Alaskans with no access to an LIO may testify via the toll-free number 1-855-463-5009. Because of a limited number of lines available, those who testify via the toll-free number will be required to hang up immediately following their testimony and then listen to the Audio-Stream at: http://alaskalegislature.tv"MACROBUTTONHtmlResAnchorhttp://alaskalegislature.tv. The morning session will be reserved for presentations of plans and plan revisions by members of the public. Plan and plan revision presentations will be limited to a maximum of 30 minutes per presentation. The afternoon session will be reserved for public comments on draft plans released by the Board on April 13, 2011. The teleconference is open to the public. Anyone requiring special accommodation should call (907)269-7402. For more information about the redistricting process in Alaska, please visit http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?llr=k9hynjeab&et=1104275272908&s=0&e=001iGHSoLIniHdCtCW5QW4_ICPbKkrq_CyR7FsKtNvSiC0go6z25sp6mhGyHT5KpPledevuvFAEMV5YCMVJLh-OOOMPTGHCnl8GR-Sy7KQmXag7N71vdgCLyQ==&id=preview"MACROBUTTONHtmlResAnchor. For more information, go to http://www.akredistricting.org


Informational meeting will be held from 2 to 4pm at the 1st Floor Conference Room, ADEC, 555 Cordova Street to discuss the PROPOSED FINAL GENERAL PERMIT, OFFSHORE SEAFOOD PROCESSING. ADEC proposes to issue an APDES general permit for operators of seafood processors in Alaska discharging between 0.5 nautical miles (nm) and 3.0 nm from shore as delineated by mean lower low water (MLLW) or baseline. The proposed permit sets conditions on the discharge of pollutants from these seafood processors to waters of the U.S. Seafood processing is any activity the modifies the physical condition of a fishery resource except processing does not include gutting, gilling or icing fish, or decapitating shrimp while on a fishing vessel on the fishing grounds. Call in Number and Conference Call Code: 1 800 315 6339 Code: 6285#. For more information, contact Shawn Stokes at 907 269 7504 or email .shawn.stokes@alaska.gov.


GAS PIPELINE FORUM ON ALASKA’S ECONOMIC FUTURE will be held from 7 to 8:30pm at UAA Fine Ares Building Recital Hall (Room 150) and will be streamed live on the web at the Federal Coordinator’s website, www.arcticgas.gov. The forum is open to the public, and there will be time for questions after the presentations. Seating will be limited, though overflow space will be available in the music room next to the recital hall for people to watch via closed circuit TV. The office also has set up sites for residents in Fairbanks, Juneau, the Matanuska Valley and Kenai Peninsula to watch the forum live that evening. In Fairbanks, Deputy Federal Coordinator FRANK RICHARDS will welcome viewers at the University of Alaska Museum of the North auditorium on the Fairbanks campus. In Juneau, the public can go to the Butrovich Room at the Capitol. And the forum will be shown live via the web stream that evening at the Legislative Information Offices in Wasilla and Kenai. 360 North, the Alaska statewide public TV channel that also carries Gavel to Gavel coverage of the Legislature, will rebroadcast the forum at 8p.m and 11pm, Friday, May 13; 1pm,. Sunday, May 15; and 11am and 5pm Monday, May 16. In addition to LARRY PERSILY, the panelists include: SCOTT GOLDSMITH, professor of economics, Institute of Social and Economic Research, University of Alaska Anchorage. Goldsmith’s research includes regional economics, Alaska fiscal policy and energy demand. He is principal author of the ongoing Fiscal Policy Papers series, examining the implications of oil’s dominance on Alaska’s public revenues and economy. BRIAN ROGERS, chancellor, University of Alaska Fairbanks. Rogers has served as the university system’s finance vice president, four years in the state House and eight years on the university board of regents. In 1996, he established Information Insights, one of Alaska’s leading economic and public policy consulting firms, and later assisted in the state’s efforts to analyze local impacts of gas pipeline construction. BILL VAN DYKE, a petroleum engineer with Petrotechnical Resources Alaska. Van Dyke has worked for more than 30 years on oil and gas issues, both in the industry and for the state. While working for the Department of Natural Resources, Van Dyke was responsible for statewide leasing, royalty, audit, commercial, unitization and resource evaluation programs. Forum information, including complete biographies of the panelists, supplemental materials about state oil and gas economics, directions to the forum sites, access to the live stream of the forum, and a link to electronically submit questions for the panelists during the forum can be found on the Federal Coordinator’s website, www.arcticgas.gov..

May 10

ANCHORAGE - LEED 201: CORE CONCEPTS & STRATEGIES WORKSHOP will be held from 8am to 05pm at Neeser Construction, 2501 Blueberry Road. Gain essential knowledge of sustainable building concepts fundamental to all LEED rating systems. Learn LEED intents and concepts at the credit category level and basics of the LEED certification process. This course provides a foundation for pursuing the LEED Green Associate exam. For information and registration please visit: http://leed201alaska.eventbrite.com/. Register early, as seating is limited!
May 10 - 13

GIRDWOOD - RIVERS THAT RUN UNDER THE MIDNIGHT SUN CONFERENCE will be held at Alyeska Resort sponsored by the River Management Society and International Submerged Lands Management office:. For more information, contact 301.585.4677 or email rms@river management.org.
May 11 & 12

FAIRBANKS - NORTHERN LATITUDES MINING RECLAMATION WORKSHOP TECHNICAL SESSIONS..The Workshop is a joint project by a variety of governmental agencies in Canada and the U.S. to promote and facilitate interaction on reclamation and remediation methods and processes related to the mineral industry. The objective is to bring together industry, communities, First Nations and Alaska Native Corporations, and government entities who undertake or review reclamation projects in the north, or comparable climates, to share information and experiences. General examples of reclamation themes for the workshop are in such topical areas as: Strategies for northern climatic conditions Abandoned mine site remediation and reclamation Case studies on what worked and what might not have Applications of local knowledge to improve results The overall emphasis of the Workshop is on full scale mitigation/remediation, practical solutions to complex problems, and sustaining successful remediation. Cold climates and high elevation sites in more southern areas can face similar challenges. We are always open to considering abstracts covering a wide and diverse range of reclamation issues and conditions. For more information, contact Joe Wehrman, Alaska Department of Natural Resources, at 907-269-8630 or email joe.wehrman@alaska.gov.

May 13 (CANCELED reschedule TBD)

ANCHORAGE - TOURISM AND MINING: OPPORTUNITIES AND COSTS FOR BRISTOL BAY CONFERENCE will be held from 8:30am to 4pm with Reception to follow in the Dena’a Center. Bristol Bay supports a robust tourism and recreation industry which is second only to commercial fishing in regional importance. Multiple mining ventures are now exploring copper, gold and molybdenum deposits in the remote headwaters of Bristol Bay. The giant prospect, Pebble Mine, would be the largest open pit mine in North America and its associated infrastructure could impact as many as 50 square miles. The conference will bring together industry leaders, business owners, government officials, scientists, policy experts, and conservationists to take a comprehensive look at the existing tourism industry in Bristol Bay, future opportunities for the industry, and the effects that a large-scale mining district could have on one of Alaska’s largest private sector employer. Topics will include: ·Tourism Today in Bristol Bay and Southwest Alaska; ·The Pebble Mining District: What’s At Stake?; ·Community Views of Mining & Tourism; and ·What Roles Can the Bristol Bay Tourism Community Play? $50 after April 8th. Brought to you by Alaska Wilderness Recreation and Tourism Association. For more information, contact Nelli Williams at nwilliams@tu.org.
**May 14

TOK - 10th ANNUAL UPPER TANANA VALLEY MIGRATORY BIRD FESTIVAL will be held from 7:30am to 2pm at the Tetlin National Wildlife Refuge. This year's theme focuses on involving youth and adults in learning about birds, birdwatching, and bird conservation. The day begins at the Refuge Headquarters with refuge staff conducting a morning family bird watching trip followed by a bird banding demonstration. Starting at 10am at the Tok Mainstreet Visitor Center, local schools will give musical presentations, perform skits in the Young Naturalist Contest and receive awards for entries submitted to the Junior Duck Stamp Art Contest which will also be on display. In the afternoon, outdoor Family Fun Activities will be held in the adjacent Tok Memorial Park. Visitors are encouraged to participate in this community festival. For more information contact Tetlin Refuge (907)883-5312 tetlin@fws.gov or Heather N. Johnson at (907) 883-9417or email heather_n_johnson@fws.gov.

May 14- 20 and May 21 - 27

Great opportunity to EXPERIENCE SEA OTTERS UP CLOSE with the Sea Otter Research Project in Southeast Alaska. We still NEED TO FILL ONE CABIN ON THE FIRST PHASE TRIP (MAY 14TH   20TH) and there is ROOM FOR ONE FEMALE PARTICIPANT ON THE SECOND PHASE TRIP ( MAY 21ST   27TH). The first phase of this two-part incredible sea voyage will depart Petersburg, Alaska May 14th and will take place among the beautiful islands of Keku Strait near the Tlingit village of Kake. After completing a half-day cruise to the research location, participants will spend the next six days observing and assisting U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and University of Alaska Fairbanks researchers working on a project to learn more about sea otter habits, movements and nutritional requirements. The phase one (I) trip will end on May 20th in Kake where participants will be ferried or flown back to Petersburg. Phase two (II) will begin in Petersburg on May 21st where participants will be transported by Alaska state ferry or air charter to Kake and will end in Petersburg on May 27th. Alaska Sea Adventures is providing the main dormitory vessel to be used for the project and to help cover cost of use of the vessel for the project requiring a participant fee to join one of the two the 7/day 6 night trips. Special prices for this trip start at$2850 per person/double occupancy. For more information, contact Dennis Rogers at 907-772-3137, 907-518-0505 cell or email dennis@yachtalaska.com or 888-772-8588 (Toll Free); 1-907-772-4700 (Local & International); or go to www.YachtAlaska.com.

May 16 – 31

PALMER - LOG CABIN CONSTRUCTION WORKSHOP will be held from 8 am to 5pm (with one day off after every 5) at the Matanuska Experiment Farm, 1509 Trunk Road, Palmer. ROBERT W. CHAMBERS, world-recognized authority on handcrafted log home construction, will lead the sessions on how to build with green logs. Basic procedures and techniques will be described and practiced to help even the novice get started with a project. Cost is $1,200 for a 10-day class on building log walls and $500 for a four-day class on building roof trusses. For more information, contact Valerie Barber, director UAF Forest Products Program, 907-746-9466 or vabarber@alaska.edu.
**May 17, 24, & June 7

WASILLA - Advanced Organic Gardening Series SOILS SEMINAR will be held at the Mat-Su College, Room 119 Snodgrass Hall and the UAF Experiment Farm (for practical field work) 6:15 to 9:15pm. Are you looking for more successful growing strategies? Come dig deeper into soil testing, soil amendments, and soil biology. Learn how to evaluate and deploy various mulches. Find out how to sort through the debates about what is allowable as “organic”. Become skilled at choosing among products like greensand, fishbone meal, rock phosphate, and azomite. Last session is hands-on in the field. Pre-requisite: It is highly recommended that participants have taken AGRI A138, or obtain instructor approval. Instructors: ELLEN VANDE VISSE of Good Earth Garden School and Dr. JEFFREY SMEENK, Extension Specialist in Commercial Horticulture, Cooperative Extension Service; Palmer Research Center. Text: The Soul of Soil by Grace Gershuny and Joseph Smillie. To register, please call 745 9746.

May 18 - 21

ANCHORAGE - COUNCIL OF THIRTEEN INDIGENOUS GRANDMOTHERS CONFERENCE called "HEALTH THE SPIRIT FROM THE LIGHT WITHIN" which will be held in Anchorage May 18th through 21st at the Dena'ina Civic and Convention Center . One of the 13 grandmothers is Alaska's very own, Rita Pitka Blumenstein. The Council is a "global alliance of prayer, education and healing for our Mother Earth, all Her inhabitants, all the children, and for the next seven generations to come." All are welcome to attend the conference. There is are variable contribution levels based upon attendance. There will be Grandmother's blessings at the Sacred Fire, Youth Education, and Traditional Music. Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Registration, Moon Lodge, Assembling registration materials, tending the sacred fire, production, body workers, transportation, greeters, store, housing, blessing coordinators. To watch a video about the Grandmothers, go to http://www.forthenext7generations.com/trailer.php. For conference registration, go to http://www.grandmotherscouncil.org/. To volunteer contact Kathe Boucha at kboucha@alaska.com.
May 19 - 22

KENAI - KENAI PENINSULA BIRDING FESTIVAL 2011 is designed for all levels. Come and share your interest in the birds on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula. For more information, go to http://kenaibirdfest.com/index.php?option=com_eventlist&view=categoryevents&id=6&Itemid=82.
May 23 - 27

ANCHORAGE - SOIL SCIENCE FOR NATURAL RESOURCE PROFESSIONALS will be lead by Senior Soil Scientist JOE MOORE of Three Parameters Plus, Inc. This two-session field and classroom course presents critical soils information needed by professionals and students working in resource management or regulatory environments. The Basic Soil Session (May 23-25) provides an understanding of soil concepts including how to recognize and describe different soil types and how to apply soils data. The Advanced Hydric Soils session (May 26-27) will build on the Basic Soil Session and thoroughly discuss hydric soil properties and indicators, as well as techniques for monitoring. Both classes will focus on soil situation routinely encountered in Alaska and similar northern latitude regions. For more information and to register please visit www.3ppi.com or contact Jessica Moody at Three Parameters Plus, Inc. (jmoody@3ppi.net or 907-248-1500).

**May 24 (WEBINAR)

WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT WALRUS AND SEA ICE: THE SEA ICE FOR WALRUS OUTLOOK (SIWO) PROJECT will be held from 10 to 11am Alaska Local Time. GARY HUFFORD, National Weather Service, Alaska Region will discuss weather forecast and sea ice information for northern Bering Sea and Bering Strait subsistence communities called Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook (SIWO) that is updated weekly with information on sea ice conditions and weather relevant to the walrus. SIWO includes: an assessment of current ice conditions using up-to-date satellite imagery; a 10-day outlook of wind conditions; written observations of ice conditions from Alaska Native hunters; and comments from sea ice experts and other contributors. SIWO is available through Web and Facebook sites. Join this webinar to hear about what we have learned about walrus distribution and habitat from a blend of western science and traditional knowledge, how this information provides the foundation for creating SIWO, and how you can contribute to the outlook. To Participate / Log-In to the Alaska Climate Webinar: 1) With a regular telephone dial: 1- (877) 594-8353 2) When prompted, enter the Participant passcode: 83847342. PLEASE MUTE YOUR PHONE DURING THE PRESENTATION. The audio is very sensitive and your external conversations and typing can be heard by other participants. To view the presentation during a webinar: Point your web browser to: http://infiniteconferencing.com/Events/accap/, 2) Enter Participant Code83847342. 3) Enter the rest of the requested information (The name and organization you enter will be seen by other participants, but your contact information will remain confidential)4) Click the blue "log-in" button
May 25 - 28

ANCHORAGE - NEIGHBORHOODS, USA 2011 CONFERENCE: GREAT LAND, GREAT NEIGHBORHOODS will be held at the Anchorage Hilton Hotel and Egan Convention Center. The Neighborhoods, USA (NUSA) annual conference is a key event that brings together experienced activists from around the nation to a local community to share their wisdom, experience and successes. NUSA's mission is to increase citizen participation in local and government affairs, encourage neighborhood cohesion and interactions, and promote collaboration between governments and citizens. Anchorage Waterways Council has been asked to present a workshop during the conference under the "Green Community Initiatives". The workshop, presented by Executive Director Cherie Northon and Dr. Thom Eley, is titled "What happens in a watershed, stays in a watershed  not!". It is scheduled for Session 5 on Friday, May 27th, from 3 pm to 4:30 pm. The venue is the Egan Center. For more information, check out the NUSA agenda at http://www.nusa2011.org/nusa home/agenda 2.

May 25 & June 1

ANCHORAGE - DREAMING YOUR GARDEN WORKSHOP will have 4 sessions to be held at the Lydia Selkregg Chalet at Russian Jack Springs Park from 7pm to 9pm. WILD EDIBLES on May 25; and SOILS & COMPOST on June 1st. All workshops are $25 (or $100 for all 5) and include all materials. Whether you’re new to gardening or just ready to for a refresher, join us for this series that will empower you to grow some of your own food in a pesticide-free garden! To register, please call Samarys with Alaska Community Action on Toxics at 222-7714 or by e-mail at samarys@akaction.org. For more information visit www.akaction.org or www.akcenter.org.
June 2   4

McCARTHY - ALASKA NATURAL HISTORY WORKSHOP FOR EDUCATORS: TOOLS AND CONTENT FOR ENGAGING YOUTH IN THE NATURAL WORLD will be held at the Wrangell Mountains Center. This action packed two day workshop includes Alaska natural history content; lesson modeling; placed based, hands on activities; and focused discussions. The instructor is LILLY GOODMAN ALLWRIGHT, who's 21 years of experience in environmental and outdoor education includes providing educator trainings in natural resource issues across the state of Alaska since 2002. Cost: $185/person if you register by April 23 - $245 thereafter. Current WMC Members receive an additional 10% discount. Price includes dinner the first night, and optional camping and food storage facilities. For more information, visit http://wrangells.org/tw.html or please email info@wrangells.org.

**June 2 - 5

YAKUTAT - 1ST ANNUAL YAKUTAT TERN FESTIVAL will celebrate the extraordinary natural and cultural resources of area. Arrive early or stay late to take in the additional activities such as surfing, fishing, hiking, beach-combing, and sight-seeing that Yakutat has to offer. There will be Kid’s Activities, Cultural Event, Art, Seminars, Field Trips, and a Banquet. For more information please call the U.S. Forest Service at (907) 784-3359, the Yakutat Chamber of Commerce at (907) 784-3933, or visit www.yakutatalaska.com or go to www.yakutatternfestival.org.
June 4-6

McCARTHY - TELLING ALASKA'S STORIES with JACK DALTON: TEACHING NATURAL HISTORY & ALASKA NATIVE CULTURE THROUGH STORYTELLING will be held at the Wrangell Mountain Center in McCarthy (Available for one optional ED 580 credit). Educators, guides, interpreters, home-school teachers, museum docents, outdoor educators won't want to miss this amazing opportunity to explore the art of engaging youth in and out of the classroom through storytelling with renowned ALASKA NATIVE STORYTELLER JACK DALTON. During this two-day interactive workshop participants will be both audience members and storytellers in turn as Jack weaves their stories with his, creating opportunities to learn and strengthen skills while immersed in the provocative landscape of the Kennicott Valley. COST: $285/person if you register by April 23 - $325 thereafter. WMC Members receive an additional 10% discount. Price includes dinner the first night, and optional camping and food storage facilities. Many other lodging options exist in McCarthy. For more information visit http://wrangells.org/sw.html, or e-mail info@wrangells.org..

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