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1100 S. Goodman Ave.

Rochester, NY 14620


Fax: 585-271-8013


President and Professor of Church Leadership of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester, NY since 2011

Personal: Born: December 16, 1948 in Chicago, Illinois

Married to Peggy N. McMickle June 7, 1975

One Son, Aaron James born in 1980 who is married to Pilar Ramos with a

granddaughter named Aaliyah Ramos McMickle
Education: B.A. Aurora College, Illinois, 1970 (D.D. in 1991)

Master of Divinity, Union Theological Seminary NYC, 1973

Graduate Study, Columbia University, NYC, 1973-1975

Doctor of Ministry, Princeton Theological Seminary, 1983

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Case Western Reserve University, 1998

Dissertation: The Film Portrayal of the Black Preacher

Since 1925

Honorary Degrees: Doctor of Divinity by Aurora College in Illinois in 1991

Doctor of Humane Letters by Payne Theological Seminary in

Wilberforce, OH, 2010

Pastoral: Pastor of Antioch Baptist Church of Cleveland, Ohio

1987 to 2011

Pastor of St. Paul Baptist Church of Montclair, NJ


Associate Pastor, Abyssinian Baptist Church, New York, NY, 1972-

1976 (Ordained at Abyssinian in 1973).

Academic: Professor of Homiletics, Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, OH


Adjunct Professor of Transformational Leadership, Payne Theological

Seminary (AME), Wilberforce, OH, 2007-2011

Visiting Instructor in History (African American Studies), Case Western

Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, 1993-1996

Visiting Instructor in Religion, Cleveland State University, Cleveland,

OH, 1990-1994

Visiting Instructor in Preaching, New Brunswick Theological Seminary,

New Brunswick, NJ, 1980-1986

Visiting Instructor in Preaching, Princeton Theological Seminary,

Princeton, NJ, 1983-1986

Visiting Instructor in Old Testament Studies, New York Theological

Seminary, New York, NY, 1980-1984

Visiting Instructor in History, (African American Studies), Fordham

University, Bronx, NY, 1980-1982.

Professional Memberships:

The Society for the Study of Black Religion

A paper was delivered at the 2004 annual session in

Lousiville, KY on The Film Portrayal of the Black Preacher

The Academy of Homiletics

Delivered six papers before the Academy:

  1. The Black Preacher and Issues of Social Justice in
Oakland, California in 1997

  1. Who Do Men Say That I Am?: The Film Portrayal

of the Black Preacher in St. Louis, Missouri in 2001.

  1. Spiritual Formation in the Life of the Preacher in

Boston, MA, 2002.

  1. Where Have All the Prophets Gone? In Memphis, TN,


  1. Woe To Those That Are At Ease in Zion: Preaching on

The black church response to HIV/AIDS, West Palm Beach, FL, 2006

  1. In the Footsteps of Phoebe: Women as Deacons in the black Baptist church in Washington, DC, 2009

Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society in History, Case Western Reserve

University, 1997

Phi Alpha Honor Society in Social Work (honorary) Cleveland State

University, 1994 and 2009


1. From Pulpit to Politics: Reflections on the Separation of Church

and State, Williams Custom Printing, Euclid, OH, December 1998.
2. Preaching to the Black Middle Class: Words of Comfort/Words of

Challenge, Judson Press: Valley Forge, PA, 2000.

3. Living Water for Thirsty Souls: Unleashing the Power of Exegetical

Preaching, Judson Press: Valley Forge, PA, 2001.

4. Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage, Judson

Press: Valley Forge, PA, 2002,

5. Before We Say I Do: Seven Steps to a Healthy Marriage, Judson

Press, 2003

6. Battling Prostate Cancer: From Why Me to What Next, Judson

Press, Valley Forge, PA, 2004

7. Star Book for Preachers, Judson Press: Valley Forge, PA, 2006

8. Where Have All the Prophets Gone? The Decline of Prophetic

Preaching in the American Church, Pilgrim Press: Cleveland,


9. A Time to Speak: How Black Pastors Can Respond to the

HIV/AIDS Pandemic, Pilgrim Press: Cleveland, OH, 2008

10. Shaping the Claim of the Sermon, Augsburg/Fortress Press, 2008

11. Phat Facts for Kids: Profiles in Black, An Encyclopedia of African

American History for Young Christians, Judson Press: Valley

Forge, PA, 2008

USA Book News 2009 Book of the Year in African American


12. The Audacity of Faith of Faith: Christian Leaders Reflect on the

Election of Barack Obama, editor and contributor, Judson Press,


13. The Deacon in Today’s Black Baptist Church, Judson Press, 2010

14. Caring Pastors/Caring People: Equipping Your Church for

Pastoral Care, Judson Press, 2011

Sermons and articles in print
On Rites and Rights in the same-sex marriage debate, CITY News of

Rochester, NY, May 30-June 5, 2012, p. 3.

The Power and Purpose of Pentecost, Preaching, May/June 2012.

Proper 22, 23 and 24, Feasting on the Word: Year A Volume 4, David

L. Bartlett and Barbara Brown Taylor, editors, Westminster/John Knox Press, 2011.

Second Sunday of Advent, Preaching God’s Transforming Justice,

Ronald Allen, et al editors, Westminster/John Knox Press, 2011,

pp. 12-16.

Challenging Gender Discrimination in the Church, Minister Magazine,

ABCUSA Journal, Summer, 2011.

The Rewards of Regularity, Preaching, July/August 2011

An Advent Sermon, Preaching, November/December 2010

Preaching the advent themes, Preaching, September/October 2010

What Shall They Preach?, in Our Sufficiency Is of God: Essays in

Honor of Gardner C. Taylor, edited by Timothy George, et al,

Mercer Press, 2010, pp. 103-122.

After All I’ve Been Through I Still Have Joy, Preaching,

November/December 2009

Having the Faith to Endure, The African American Pulpit, Fall 2009

The Promise of Peace on Earth, Preaching, Nov/Dec 2008

Prophetic Preaching, The New Interpreter’s Bible Handbook on

Preaching, Abingdon Press, 2008

Prophetic Preaching in the 21st Century: It is not just about the words,

The African American Pulpit, Fall 2008

When an Insurance Policy Is Not Enough, Preaching, July/August 2008

Directions for Disciples, Preaching, January/February 2008

Where Have All the Prophets Gone?, The Christian Citizen, Volume 3, 2007; reprinted in, October 29, 2007

Sharing the Faith With Jerry Falwell, Preaching-On-Line, June 2007

There Is No Greater Love, Preaching, May/June 2007

The Power and Purpose of Pentecost, Preaching-On-Line, May 2007

Preaching on Issues of Poverty and Justice, The Clergy Journal, April


What Is Your Life? Preaching, January/February 2007

Rich Man/Poor Man, The National Baptist Voice, Winter 2007

Examining Relationships: Lectionary Readings for November, The Living

Pulpit, October – December 2006.

Living Single in a “Marriage Culture”, Preaching, September-October


What is the Strength of Your Life?, Preaching, July/August 2006

Here Comes the Sun, Preaching, March/April 2006

Bishop Daniel Alexander Payne, The African American Pulpit,

Spring 2006

Under God Is A Good Place To Be, The National Baptist Voice, Mid-

Winter 2006

A Gift the World Cannot Give, Preaching, November/December, 2005

The Reasons Why We Worship God, The National Baptist Voice, Winter


A Litany on Hurricane Katrina, The National Baptist Voice, Fall 2005

Reflections on Psalm 91and the Issue of Terrorism, The National Baptist

Voice, Summer 2005.

Spirituals: An African American Musical Genre, The African American

Pulpit, Spring 2005.

Promise and Foretaste: Reflections on the Lectionary Readings for April

2005 on the Resurrection, The Living Pulpit April-June 2005.

Religion or Rebirth: Which One Do You Have? The National Baptist

Voice, Spring 2005.

War: What Is It Good For? The Living Pulpit, October-December 2005.

The Reasons Why We Worship God, The National Baptist Voice, Winter


Where Have All the Prophets Gone? The African American Pulpit

Summer 2005

Barbara Harris: First Female Suffragan Bishop of the Episcopal Church,

The African American Pulpit, Winter 2004-2005.

The Greatest Gift Ever Given, Preaching, November/December, 2004

The Valley of Dry Bones, Sermon Seedlings in The National Baptist

Voice, Fall 2004.

Teach Us How to Pray, Preaching, September/October, 2004

Reflections on a Revival, Preaching-on-Line, September 2004.

Words of Wisdom from One Administration to the Next, The Christian

Citizen, National Ministries of ABC, Volume 1, 2004.

Lott Carey, The African American Pulpit, Summer, 2004

Reflections on the Lord’s Prayer, Sermon Seedlings in The National

Baptist Voice, Summer 2004.

Take Time to be Holy, Preaching, May/June 2004.

The Rise of Pentecostalism in Black America, The Living Pulpit,

April/June 2004.

The Confrontation Caused By a Cushite Wife, Preaching-on-Line, April


From Doubt to Declaration, Preaching, March/April, 2004

Who Is This? Preaching-on-Line, March 2004.

Preaching During Advent, The National Baptist Voice, Fall 2003

Going Through By God’s Grace: Living with prostate cancer, Preaching-

on-Line, August 2003.

Preaching in the Face of Economic Injustice, in Just Preaching, Chalice

Press: St. Louis, MO, 2003, pp. 3-10.

Acts 1: 6-8: Eight Sermon Seeds From One Text, The National Baptist

Voice, July/September 2003.

Romans 10: 9-17: Eight Sermon Seeds From One Text, The National

Baptist Voice, April/June 2003

Father James Augustine Healy”, The African American Pulpit,

Summer, 2003.

Nannie Helen Burroughs, The African American Pulpit, Spring 2003.

Tolerance: An Elusive Goal That is Worth Pursuing, The Living Pulpit,

January/March 2003

It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams and A Transformed Life, in

From One Brother To Another, Volume 2, edited by Jeremiah

Wright, Jr., Judson Press, 2003.

Preaching from the Pentateuch, in The Dictionary of the Old

Testament: Pentateuch, Inter Varsity Press, edited by David

Baker, 2002

The Path That Leads to Contentment”, Preaching, September/October


Preaching for Life Application,” Preaching, January-February 2002.

“Mary: The Bible’s Most Remarkable Story of Motherhood”, The Living

Pulpit, October-December 2001.

“Confronting HIV and AIDS: What Older Adults Need to Know”, Aging

and Spirituality, Fall 2001.

“The Prophet Amos as a Model for Preaching on Issues of Social

Justice”, The African American Pulpit, Spring 2001.

“Preaching that Challenges Our Understanding of the Church”, The

Living Pulpit, October/December 2000.

Preaching on Themes in the Creation Story”, The Living Pulpit

April-June 2000.

“How Much of Your Life Does God Control?”, The African American

Pulpit, Fall 1999.

“The Family: Many Forms and Many Functions”, The Living Pulpit,

July/September 1999.

“Disciplines for Disciples”, Pulpit Digest, July/August 1999.

Conversations on Calvary: Father Forgive Them”, The African

American Pulpit, Spring 1999.

“Peace: An Elusive Possession”, The Living Pulpit, October-December,

1998, pp. 38-39.

“The Lord is Come! The Song of Simeon”, Preaching, November-

December, 1998.

“The Black Preacher and Issues of Justice”, The African American

Pulpit, Winter 1998.

“The Song of Zacharias”, Preaching-On-Line, The Internet service of

Preaching, November, 1998

The Song of the Angels”, Preaching-On-Line The Internet Service of

Preaching, October 1998.

The Story of Mary and Martha”, The African American Pulpit,

Summer 1998

“Testimony of the Tortured”, Messages for Modern Times, Larry L.

Macon, Sr. ed., Kendall Hunt Publishers, 1998.

“The Art of Preaching”, Messages for Modern Times, pp. 69-70.

No Room in the Inn: Reflections on Advent”, The Living Pulpit,

October – December, 1997

The Many Members and the One Body of Christ”, Preaching

September-October, 1997

“Foreword”, Responsible Preaching, by William A. Jones, Jr., Aaron

Press, 1991.

Preaching to the Black Middle Class”, The Journal of Preaching,

December, 1985

And He Called Them His Disciples”, Princeton Seminary Bulletin

February, 1984

Preaching On-Line Sermons

Having the Faith to Endure (II Timothy 4: 1-8)

Many Members and One Body of Christ (Romans 12; 1-8)

Sharing the Faith with Jerry Falwell

A Place with a Purpose (II Chronicles 6: 24 and 7: 12-14)
The African American Lectionary Commentaries

Ash Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pastor’s Anniversary, June 8, 2008

Justice Emphasis Sunday, October 11, 2009

Christmas, December 25-26, 2010

Ash Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Men’s Day, August 7, 2011

College/University and Convention Speaker

Albright College, American Baptist Biennial, American Baptist College and Seminary in Nashville, TN, Ashland University, Ashland Theological Seminary, Aurora University, Baldwin-Wallace College, Berkshire Christian College, Bethel College and Seminary (MN), Bethel Seminary San Diego, Brethren Church Annual Convention, Campbellsville University of Kentucky, Capitol University, Case Western Reserve University, Chautauqua Institution, Chicago Theological Seminary, Colgate Rochester Divinity School, College of Wooster, Cuyahoga Community College, Depauw University, Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Erskine Seminary in South Carolina, Franklin College of Indiana, John Carroll University, Kent State University, Kenyon College, Lake County Community College, Lake Erie College, Lakeside (Ohio), Lorain County Community College, Middlebury College, Moravian College and Seminary, Mount Union College, NAACP National Convention, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, North East Ohio University College of Medicine, Oberlin College, Ohio State University, Payne Theological Seminary, Princeton Theological Seminary, Princeton University, Rutgers University, Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, Sojourners Magazine Conference on Transforming Our Politics, Union Theological Seminary (NYC), United Theological Seminary, University of Akron, Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, Ursuline College of Ohio, Virginia Union University, Winston-Salem State University, Yale Divinity School

Lectureships Touhy Lectures at John Carroll University, 2000

James A. Gray Lectures at Winston Salem State University - 2001

Swartley Lectures at Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary - 2002

Nelson W. Trout Lectures at Trinity Evangelical Lutheran

Seminary in Columbus, OH - 2012

Charles E. Booth Preaching Conference in Columbus, OH - 2012

Community Activities:

Member Board of Trustees of Cleveland State University 2008-2011

Member Shaker Heights Board of Education 1994-2001

Founder AGAPE Project, an HIV/AIDS testing and support ministry

Chairman, United Pastors in Mission Clergy Group 2000-2011 Alumnus Leadership Cleveland, 1990

President Cleveland NAACP 1989-1992

President Greater Cleveland Urban League 2000

President Karamu House Performing Arts Center 1992-1996

Travel: Israel, Greece, Austria, Senegal, and West Indies

Fraternal Affiliations:

Kappa Alpha Psi (Life Member – Founder of Montclair Alumni Chapter)

Sigma Pi Phi Tau Boule and Gamma Iota Boule

Phi Alpha Theta Honorary Society for History, Case Western Reserve University

Prince Hall Masons and Shriners


Distinguished Alumnus from Princeton Theological Seminary, 2012

Doctor of Humane Letters (honorary), Payne Theological Seminary, 2010

Visiting Professor at Yale University Divinity School, Winter of 2009

Delegate for Barack Obama to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in

Denver, CO

“The 50 Influentials of Northeast Ohio” as named by Cleveland Magazine 2008

Unitas Award to Outstanding Alumni for Lifetime Achievement, Union

Theological Seminary, New York City in 2007

Ralph Garfield Schell Presidential Award for Excellence in Ministry

by the American Baptist Churches USA in 2007.

African American Male Achiever’s Award, 100 Black Men of Greater Cleveland


Inducted into the Martin Luther King, Jr. Board of Preachers at Morehouse

College in 2006

Visiting Instructor at Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Co in Summer 2005

Black Professional of the Year by the Black Professional Association of

Cleveland, 2001

Distinguished Alumnus Award of Aurora University, 2000

Doctor of Divinity degree (Honorary) from Aurora University in 1991

Visiting Scholar at Franklin University of Indiana, 1990

Feature stories in such local magazines as Cleveland Magazine, Kaleidoscope, The

Plain Dealer, The Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine , Case Western Reserve

University Alumni Magazine and The Call and Post.
Featured in local newspapers such as The Democrat and Chronicle, The Plain Dealer, The Call and Post, The Free Times, The City News and Cleveland Life.


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