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How to Borrow Audiovisual Materials

The materials in this catalog are available on loan, free of charge. Please help us to help you by following the procedures set out below.
How to Request Materials
It is best to reserve your selection in advance so that the materials will be available when you need them. Complete the Audiovisual Borrowing Agreement located on the following page and fax it to MOSH at the number indicated on the form. If your selection is available, we will send it to you by a delivery service. If you prefer, you may pick up the materials in our Laurel office.

So that MOSH can provide programs to the greatest number of employers, not more than two items may be borrowed at one time.

Loan Period
You may keep the material for 10 workdays. It is important that you return the materials on the due date so that others can use them. If you need more time, please contact the MOSH Librarian before the due date to request an extension. If you return materials late more than once, your borrowing privileges may be terminated.
Returning Materials
You may bring the materials to the MOSH Library or you may return them by mail. If you return them by mail, you must use a traceable means such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service, or the U.S. Postal Service. All items must be insured for $600.00 per program to cover replacement costs.
PLEASE NOTE: Simply showing these materials to your employees is not sufficient to meet the training requirements of MOSH law and regulations. Employee safety and health training must address the hazards specific to each workplace.

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MOSH Audiovisual Borrowing Agreement



Date Requested: ___/___/_____ Date Needed: ___/___/_____

  1. I understand that the copyright laws of the United States, Title 17 U.S. Code, govern the reproduction of copyrighted materials. Private institutions, associations, or companies covered by those laws may have produced the videotapes I borrow from MOSH. I understand that I may not duplicate or otherwise reproduce these materials without the express written permission of the producer.

  1. I understand that I must return the materials I borrow by the due date, and that materials returned after that time are considered late. I understand that the second time I return materials after the due date, my borrowing privileges may be terminated.

  1. I accept responsibility for the items I borrow, and I will return them, together with all accessories, in good condition. I accept responsibility for the loss, non-return or negligent damage of the items, and I agree that concealed or unreported damage shall be deemed negligence. I understand that I will be responsible for the replacement cost of any damaged or non-returned video and that each item may range in value from $400 to $900.


By signing this Agreement, I agree to comply with the conditions set out below.


NAME (please type or print) Signature

Company Name

Street Address (no PO Box) City State Zip

Telephone No. Fax Number E-mail Address

Date materials were sent by MOSH: ___/___/___

Date materials due back to MOSH: ___/___/___

Date received by MOSH: ___/___/___

group 2 By signing this Agreement, I agree to comply with the conditions set out below.

Rev. 9/2015

Videos in Spanish

Andamios: Seguridad A Todos Los Niveles (Scaffolds: Safety At All Levels), Coastal Training Technologies (1997) - This video covers the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.450 through 1926.454. Includes: pre-assembly inspection; assembly; safe work practices; and fall protection. Includes employee handbook. 16 minutes
Anhydrous Ammonia

Anhidro De Amoníaco, Coastal

Anhydrous ammonia plays a crucial role in making many necessities of life, but it can be toxic – even deadly. This video program covers basic facts about the chemical, while discussing personal protection and emergency response. DVD includes Spanish and English version. 22 minutes. DVD

Back Safety for first Responders

La Seguridad Con La Espalda Para Empleados de Primera Respuesta, Coastal (2004)

Contiene información básica de la espalda, señales de advertencia, causas comunes de lesiones, forma apropiada de levantar pesos y consejos para uso de las camillas. Also available in English. 21 minutos. DVD

Bloodborne Pathogens: Know The Risk- DVD Coastal: 19:00 Minutes (DVD includes Spanish, Portuguese and English versions)This DVD features the training content of Bloodborne Pathogens: Know The Risk video Vital information on HBV, HCV and HIV, transmission, minimizing risk, housekeeping and proper waste disposal, Risk of employee exposure to AIDS, Transmission of Bloodborne disease, and good for non-health care workers. Includes handbook and answers to quiz.

Cave-In! Trenching and shoring Safety [English and Spanish], Coastal Training Technologies (1994) – Every year about 400 U.S. workers die in trenches and 6,400 workers are seriously injures in trench cave-ins. Your employees need to understand trench hazards and how to prevent cave-ins. 18:00 Minutes, DVD

Clearing the Air: Confined Space Entry, #403 CLMI training

This video discusses the potential dangers of confined space entry and shows how to enter confined spaces freely, 17:00 minutes, DVD. Also available in English.

Confined Space Entry, Blueprints for Safety

Entrada a Espacios Restringidos Manual del Empleado, (CLMI), Trainer’s Kit

To avoid serious hazards associated with a confined space entry, employees must be quick-thinking and fast-acting with their response. In fact, according to recent studies, more than half of all confined space fatalities are would-be rescuers. A safe, easy-to-follow confined space program is life-and-death critical to the safety of your employees. Includes 4 participant handbooks, CD-ROM, trainer’s guide and DVD. 17:00 minutes. Also available in English

Confined Space Entry, Summit Training Source, Inc. (1993) – Permit required confined space, permit space hazards, what is included on an entry permit, proper pre-entry procedures, attendant’s and entry supervisor’s duties, contractor procedures, rescue procedures. 27:17 Minutos
Confined Spaces: Risks and Responsibilities, Wumbus.

Failure to closely follow rules, regulations and confined space safety standards can just about guarantee serious injuries and even death. This video program is designed to provide you with the safety basics involved in confined space entry. Covers the OSHA standard 1910.146 (d). DVD. 19:29 minutes. Also available in English.

Controlling the Load: Crane Rigging, Safety Series

It takes skills and knowledge to properly rig a crane. This video describes the basics of crane rigging safety and gives workers the knowledge they need to perform safely and optimally. 14:00 minutes. (English & Spanish). DVD

Cranes and Lifting Devices, CLMI

The best equipment in the world isn’t safe until you learn how to use it. This is especially true with cranes and lifting devices. This video covers how to inspect the equipment to make sure it is safe to use. It also covers other basic rules when using cranes and lifting devices. 10:57 Minutes. DVD. Also available in English.

Defensive Driving: When Good Weather Goes Bad (2007). This DVD will take you through the different seasons of driving, common hazards and how to avoid them. Topics include: snow, ice, heavy rain, hydroplaning, high winds, fog, and glare from the sun. This program will also show you how to do a pre inspection of your vehicle. DVD. 17:00 minutes.
Electrical Safety: Basic Principles, Coastal

Seguridad Electrica: Los Principios Basicos - When working around electricity, maintaining personal safety requires knowledge and application of basic electrical safety principles, safe work practices and correct emergency response procedures. This program also provides definitions for sacral terms commonly used by electrical workers. Covers: House keeping and circuit protection devices. 15:00 Minutes, VHS video.
Emergency Preparedness: An Employee’s Responsibility. Wumbus

It is an employee’s responsibility to prepare for an emergency. This video will use the acronym YIPPI to go over the five elements required in order to safely prepare for an emergency in the workplace. DVD. 22:49 minutes. Also available in English.

Emergency Preparedness: Knowing What To Do. Wumbus

Accidents in the workplace can occur anytime, any day and during any circumstances. This video will show what to do, how to recognize emergencies and how to react when one comes along so that the employee will know how to respond-the right way. An employee must be prepared to respond to any type of emergency since this will help save lives. DVD. 13:01 minutes. Also available in English.

Fall Protection

Video de Protección Contra Caídas, National Association of Home Builders. See demonstrations of safe work practices and equipment in ways that meet OSHA’s requirements. The video highlights key prevention measures through the use of guardrails, personal fall arrest systems, slide guards, safety nets, aerial and fork-lift baskets, and other safety equipment. Start reducing exposure to falls on your jobsites today! The DVD contains two 30-minutes videos, one in English, and the other in Spanish.
Fall Protection: Preparation, Application and Safety, Wumbus, DVD

Falls from any height can be dangerous. Whenever you are working 6 or more feet high, OSHA requires fall protection. This video goes over the different types of fall protection, when to use them and how to use them properly so that they can help avoid accidents. DVD. 19:56 Minutos. Also available in English.

Fire Extinguishers: How & When To Use Them, CLMI – Since fire is one of the most common hazards in the workplace, it is important for your employees to know how to properly use a fire extinguisher if a fire should break out. Of course, fire prevention is always the best safety policy to follow, but prevention is not always possible. This program will teach your employees how to calmly and effectively deal with fires and correctly use a fire extinguisher. 12:00 minutes. DVD. Also available in English.

Fire Extinguisher for Safety

Extinguidores de Incendios Blueprints, Trainer’s Kit

Since fire is one of the most common hazards in the workplace, it is important for your employees to know how to properly use a fire extinguisher if a fire should break out at your work site. Of course, fire prevention is always the best safety policy to follow, but prevention is not always possible. This program will teach your employees how to calmly and effectively deal with fires and correctly use a fire extinguisher. Includes trainer’s guide, 5 participant handbooks, CD-ROM and DVD. 11:00 minutes. Also available in English.

Fire Safety: There’s No Second Chance, Coastal, Inc. (2002) – This program features the training content of Coastal’s Fire Safety: There’s No Second Chance video explains vital points on the elements and classes of fire, the proper use of fire extinguishers and emergency action plans. 20 Minutes. DVD includes Spanish, English & Portuguese versions.
Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations DVD Coastal: 14:00 Minutes

(Also in Spanish)- Sometimes operators must handle forklifts in dangerous situations. This crucial video program will help operators avoid accidents by reviewing special techniques for special situations. DVD includes Spanish, English and Portuguese versions.
Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety

Seguridad con Carretillas Elevadoras y Carretones Industriales Motorizados, National Safety Compliance. Safety Meeting Kit Series. MARCOM's training on "Forklift/Powered Industrial Truck Safety" has been specifically created to assist facilities in complying with OSHA's Powered Industrial Truck Standard. Topics covered in these product include: OSHA’s certification process, the seven classes of industrial trucks, equipment checkout and maintenance, safety operating procedures and lifting/lowering loads. Includes quiz, training certificate, poster and employee. DVD 28:00 minutos
Forklift Safety, Wumbus. Also available in English.

Meets mandatory training requirements for forklift operators on the job site. Details forklift engineering principles, safe operating rules, and operator maintenance. Excellent program to improve forklift performance and safety. DVD. 11:44 minutes.

Hazard Communication: Satisfying the OSHA Standard, Wumbus

This video will go over the information needed in order to safely protect yourself from hazards associated with the use, transportation, machinery and disposal of dangerous chemicals. DVD. 27:09 Minutes. Also available in English.

Hazard Communication for Safety

Communicacion de Riesgos, Blue Prints for Safety

The topic of hazard communication may seem technical at first, but this guide is designed to present a simple, step-by-step approach to developing a hazard communication program. This program will help you make sure that all of you employees are trained in the safe use of hazardous materials. Includes DVD, participant handbooks, training binder and booklets. Also available in English. 17 Minutos

Heat Stress Prevention - Summit Training Source, Inc (1998)- Understand and use heat-response guidelines, including what is heat stress, how the body becomes overheated, how the body cools itself, warning sign and symptoms, treatment , and prevention. Includes facilitator guide and employee handbook. 11:45 minutes. Also available in English.
Heat Stress: Staying Healthy, Working Safely, Wumbus

As our body temperature climbs, our ability to think clearly is compromised and we can easily become irritated, irrational and possibly violent. This video will help understand the hazards that come with working in the heat, and how to potentially minimize those hazards. Essentially, if we gain a solid understanding how the body works and begin to work with out bodies, we can easily maintain our optimum health while working in these extreme working conditions. DVD. 14:54 minutes. Also available in English.

Herramientas Elèctricas Manuales: Manèjalas Con Cuidado

Powered Hand Tool Safety: Handle with Care, Coastal Training Technologies (2000) – Este Nuevo Video ensena a los empleados a considerar lo riesgos que hacen parte del uso del las herramientas y medidas de seguridad. Evitar riesgos; Uso apropiado de los equipos de protecciòn de pre-uso y Mantenimiento. Also available in English. 21 Minutos

In The Trenches: Excavation Safety for Workers.

En las Trincheras: Seguridad en Las Excavaciones Para los Trabajadores, CLMI

Este video enseña al inspector acerca de cómo trabajar alrededor de excavaciones y zanjas seguramente. 14 Minutos. Also available in English.

Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life, Coastal. Using an “It’s A Wonderful Life” theme, this powerful video program teaches workers the importance of following acceptable safety standards, controlling hazards and reporting unsafe work conditions- before incidents become accidents. 16:00 minutes, DVD includes English & Spanish versions
Jobsite Safety Video

Seguridad en el Sitio de Trabajo , National Association of Home Builders. The first ever English-Spanish jobsite safety orientation video for home builders! Two 20-minute videos on DVD, one in English, the other in Spanish, provide an overview of the key safety issues residential builders and workers need to focus on to reduce accidents and injuries. Based on the NAHB-OSHA Jobsite Safety Handbook, this DVD is intended to be used as part of an essential residential construction safety-training program.  It covers personal protective equipment, lifting safety, scaffolding, trenching and excavation, vehicles/mobile equipment, housekeeping, stairways and ladders, fall protection, tools and equipment, electrical safety and hazard communication. 20:00 minutes. DVD.
La Comunicación De Los Peligros: EI Camino a La Seguridad

Hazard communication: The Road to Safety, Coastal Training Technologies (2000) – Identificación de los materiales peligrosos; Còmo leer las etiquetas; Còmo leer la Hoja de Datos Quìmicos(MSDS); Ejemplos especìfos 16 Minutos

Ladder Safety, MARCOM. Safety Meeting Kit Series

Because they are so common, many employees take ladders for granted, and don’t take the appropriate precautions when using ladders. Topics covered are: ladder selection, inspection and maintenance, proper “set-up,” overhead hazards, climbing/working safely, accidents and first aid. 12:00 minutes. DVD

La Investigación De Los Accidentes

Accident Investigation – The Accident: What to Do, Coastal Training Technologies (1995) – Serie Sobre La Investigación De Los Accidentes Esta serie presenta los pasos bàsicos para investigar un accidente no vuelvan s suceder. Preparación de los elementos para la investigación; Los primeros pasos; Recolección de evidencia; Puntos importantes para entrevistar testigos; Organización de la información; Recomendaciones y seguimiento. Basic steps for investigating an accident effectively. 14 minutes
La Violencia En El Trabajo

Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Store, Coastal Video Communications (1994) - Este video está diseñado para ayudar a supervisores y empleados a identificar las señales de violencia en el lugar de trabajo y cómo prevenirlo.

Causas de la violencia en el trabajo; Características de un empleado potencialmente violento; Establecimiento de un programa de prevención de violencia; Señales de advertencia y resolución de conflictos; Folleto para empleados disponible en Español.

25 Minutos

Las Emergencias Durante La Excavación De Zanjas (Trenching;Safework Pratices), Coastal Training Technologies (1991) – Peligros que existen al trabajar con zanjas; Las barreras de protecciòn para que la zanja sea segura; Què hacer y què no hacer durante el colapso de una zanja; Preparación para el equipo de rascate; Folleto para empleados disponible en Español. 16 Minutos

Levantando Y Cargando: Safe Ways to lift carry, Safety Care Series (1992)

Este programa habla acerca de lo siguiente: la anatomía y fisiología del cuello y la espalda, pasos para la seguridad de elevación, condiciones de trabajo y limitaciones personales que hay cuando este levantando o cargando objetos.

Lockout/Tagout, Summit Training Source, Inc. (1993) – Basic principles necessary to eliminate injuries. 14 Minutos
Lockout/Tagout of Energy Sources, Coastal Video Communications (1998) – Controlling hazardous energy. Shut down, equipment isolation, control of stored energy, lockout/tagout devices, isolation. 27 Minutos
Lockout/Tagout Safety, Wumbus

Lockout/Tagout is a procedure to resist hazardous energy and a system to protect against the accidental starting of equipment while maintenance or services are being performed. This program covers the elements needed in order to control hazardous energy and maintain the workers safe. DVD. 13:45 minutes. Also available in English.

Los Andamios Fijos En Las Construcciones (Stationary Scaffolds In Construction), Costal. (1997) – Each year, 4,500 workers are injured and 50 workers are killed because of loose scaffolding. But with this instructive video, your employees can fortify their know-how of this equipment and enhance safety awareness. They’ll read detailed information on scaffold types, proper scaffold use, supporting rope, rated load capacity, direct connections, hoisting, fall protection and safe work practices. 11 Minutos. VHS.

Los Patògenos de La Sangre:! Protèjase Usted Mismo! ( Bloodborne Pathogens: Protect Yourself), Coastal Video Communications (1997) – ùtil para todo el personal de trabajo; EI VHB, el VIH y el SIDA; Què hacer en caso de accidente; Procedimientos necessarios para efectuar la descontaminaci~on correctamente; Importancia de la limpieza en el trabajo; Folleto para empleados disponible en Español. 15 Minutos

MSDS: Read it Before You Need it, (Las Hojas de Datos Quimicos) Coastal - The more you know about the materials you work with, the more you can protect yourself from their dangers. One way to understand these materials is to read their Material Safety Data Sheets, or MSDSs. These informational sheets tell you about a material's safety components, its dangers, and how to work with it safely.

Machine Safeguarding for Safety, Blueprints for Safety Training Kit

Using clear examples, this program illustrates how to identify and protect workers from hazardous equipment in your workplace. It illustrates the importance of machine safeguarding and outlines the steps you need to take to implement an effective safeguarding system. Also included are hazard assessment forms to help you evaluate your machinery and select proper guards. Includes 5 employee handbooks, training material and 2 DVDs. One in Spanish and the other in English. 12:00 minutes.

Maquinaria Y La Protección de Maquinaria,

Machinery and its Protection, Onsite Safety & Health Consultation Program. (2004) – La protección de las máquinas es esenciales para proteger los trabajadores de heridas innecesarias y prevenibles (manos & brazos triturados, dedos y ceguera). Este programa cubre los diferentes métodos para resguardar las máquinas y muestra una amplia variedad de técnicas de protección. VHS. 18:00 minutes.
Material Handling Safety. (La Seguridad en la Manipulacion de Materiales). MARCOM. Safety Meeting Kit Series. MARCOM's training products on "Materials Handling Safety" provides the information employees need to work safely when handling various types of materials. Includes quiz, training log, DVD, poster and booklet. 14:00 minutes, DVD

Montacargas De Tijeras Para La Construcciòn (Scissor Lifts in Construction), Coastal Training Technologies (1998) – Principios de levantamiento; Inspecciones; Controles; Electricidad; Operación. 9 Minutos

Permit Required Confined Space Entry, Summit Training Source, Inc. (1993) – Permit required confined space, permit space hazards, what is included on an entry permit, proper pre-entry procedures, attendant’s and entry supervisor’s duties, contractor procedures, rescue procedures. 21:17 minutes.
Personal Protective Equipment for Safety, (Equipo de Proteccion Personal ). Blueprints, Trainer’s kit. Personal protective equipment is a simple concept that, when put to effective use, can prevent numerous injuries to your employees. This program provides an informative overview of the various types of personal protective equipment, what types of protective equipment is appropriate in certain situations, and how to correctly use each type of equipment. Includes trainer’s guide, CD-ROM and DVD. 10:00 minutes. Also available in English.
Personal Protective Equipment: Awareness and Attitude, Wumbus

Personal protective equipment is the best way to protect your health and safety. Goes over the different types of personal protective equipment, their purpose, when and how to use them safely. 09:08 minutes. Also available in English. DVD.

Protección Personal Contra las Caídas, Costal

Personal Fall Protection: One Step Beyond –Each Year, on average, between 150 and 200 workers are killed and more than 100,000 are injured as a resulit of falls. This training program, which is based on Subpart M, will show general industry employees how to protect themselves from such fatal falls. DVD (13 min) and VHS (18 min) available in Spanish. DVD includes English, Spanish and Portuguese versions.

Personal Protective Equipment: You’re Covered, Coastal Video Communications (1994) – Review of personal protective equipment. 17 Minutos

Powered Pallet Jack Safety

Seguridad de Vehículos Industriales Motorizados Blueprints. Trainer’s Kit

The powered pallet jack is of particular concern due to its simple appearance; many assume they know how to operate it, but its unique maneuvering and weight place the operator at a greater risk of injury. We focus on the safe operation of both the walkie style and walkie-riders. Additional topics covered include how the truck works, how to perform inspections, and how to safely operate the truck. Includes trainer’s guide, 5 participant handbooks, CD-ROM and DVD. 8:30 Minutos. Also available in English.

Putting it All Together: Scaffold Safety, CLMI

This video was developed to train construction workers how to safely erect and dismantle scaffolds. 15:00 Minutos. DVD. Also available in English.

Reach Truck Safety. (Seguridad de Vehículos Industriales Motorizados) Blueprints. Trainer’s Kit This equipment's flexibility makes it more important to understand how to evaluate rated capacity, pick and place loads and clear racking. These trucks have an articulated carriage that can reach, tilt and shift from side to side, requiring the operator to have a greater understanding of safe usage. Topics covered include how the truck works, how to perform inspections and how to safely operate the truck.. Includes trainer’s guide, 5 participant handbooks, CD-ROM and DVD. 8:30 Minutos. Also available in English.
Resbalones, Tropezones Y Caídas: Dar Los Pasos Adecuados.

Slips, Trips & Falls: Taking the Right Step, Coastal

Slips, Trips and falls are a major cause of injuries both at work and at home. They can happen anywhere. Some injuries are minor, but others involve broken bones, serious back injuries, head trauma and even death. The good news is, preventing slips, trips and falls is not difficult. It takes a combination of being aware of your surroundings, practicing good housekeeping and using equipment properly. Covers: Preventing Slips, Trips & Falls. Also available in English. VHS. 19:00 Minutes

Respiratory Protection

Protección Respiratoria, Blueprints for Safety. Training Kit.

This program is designed to provide your employees with the basics of respiratory protection. Revised to meet he new OSHA respiratory standard, the program alerts employees to the importance of protecting their respiratory systems and provides them with helpful tips for maintaining and properly using respirators. Also included is a clear explanation of the requirements of the OSHA standard. Includes trainer’s guide, CD-ROM and DVD. 12:00 minutes. Also available in English.

Safety Presentations

Presentaciones De Seguridad, PTI (Power Tool Institute, inc) (2005) Includes four different parts, covering four types of power tools. Each of the four videos is available in English. DVD

  1. Power Tool Accidents-They Can Be Prevented (Accidentes Con Herramientas: Pueden Prevenirse)

A 19-minute video that addresses the importance of keeping the work area safe, electric safety, developing good personal work habits, and proper tool use and care. Includes interviews with emergency room physicians, people injured while using power tools and PTI safety experts.

  1. Circular Saw Safety (Seguridad Con La Sierra Circular)

A 25-minute video that addresses the importance of keeping the work area safe and developing good personal work habits while using circular saws.

  1. Table Saw Safety (La Mesa Vio La Seguridad)

A 19-minute video that addressed proper workspace setup, the basics of making cuts, general safety procedures, and proper maintenance.

  1. Miter Saw Safety (Seguridad Para La Sierra Angular)

A 15-minute video that addresses procedures when using a miter saw.
Safety, Everyone’s Responsibility, Phoenix Safety Management (2005).

This presentation highly motivates workers and management to work as a team and not as adversaries, ultimately creating a safer work environment. This is the same quality video as the 47 minute version above. It has been edited to meet your requests for a shorter version. The core message will impact the viewing audience and produce extraordinary results. 19:00 minutes. DVD. Also available in English.

Scaffold Safety video

Video de Seguridad con Andamios, NAHB.

Reducing accidents and injuries related to improper scaffold use on homebuilding jobsites starts with the Scaffold Safety Video. Use this video to train workers—in English or Spanish—on how to safely build, use, and dismantle the most common types of scaffolding found in residential construction, such as fabricated frame, pump jack, ladder jack, mobile, and aerial lifts.  This video highlights OSHA’s general requirements for scaffolding and identifies the key safe work practices that address the most common scaffold hazards on the jobsite.  The DVD contains two 30-minute videos, one in English, the other in Spanish.

Seguridad del Contratista: Un Asunto De Todos.

Contractor Safety: It’s Everybody’s Business, Coastal- Accidents don’t have to happen. This program takes a look at a variety of ways to protect yourself and your fellow co-workers form injury when working in an environment where multiple employers are present. Cover: General requirements, fire, personal protective equipment, permit-required confined spaces, trenching and shoring, lockout/tagout, hot work and chemical safety. 20:00 Minutos. Also available in English.

Silica Exposure: It Can Leave You Breathless, CLMI

This video highlights the use of silica in the construction industry, its effects on the body and how workers can protect themselves from the hazards associated with silica exposure. 13:00 minutes. DVD. Also available in English.

Silicosis: A Preventable Disease.

Silicosis: Una Enfermedad Que Se Puede Prevenir. (1999), MSHA. In this video we will see a doctor answer questions about the health effects of silica exposure. En este video vemos cómo un médico responde las preguntas de un empleadoacerca de los riesgos que representa el trabajar con sílice.14 Minutes. DVD includes English & Spanish version.
The Color of Safety, Barr Films (1998) – An update of “The Color of Danger”. Review of Safety rules for all Kinds of lift trucks. Safety checks, mounting, dismounting, parking, and load checks. 27 minutos
Trenching and Shoring Operations, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1994)- Definitions, oxygen deficiency and emergency evacuation stress factors (weather and soil conditions vibration/shock); support systems, trench boxes, planning and testing, shoring installation, inspection and removal. 13:06 Minutos


Walking & Working Surfaces: Watch Your Step!

(Las Superficies Para Caminar Y Trabajar) VHS Video Coastal 19:00 Minutes-

This important program will train all workers about proper use of equipment and procedures on various walking and working surfaces. Complies with OSHA’s proposed 1910 Subpart I. Covers: Ramps, Scaffolds and Platforms. VHS. Also available in English

Welding Safety: Safe Work with Hotwork, Coastal Training technologies (2000) – Hotwork operations play a big part in may operations. This program features various types pf welding and discusses vital safety precautions. Covers personal hazards; hazardous fumes and substances; and equipment safety. 19:00 Minutos

What Does The Term Silicosis Mean To You?

Qué Significa Para Usted la Palabra Silicosis (1998) Mine Safety and Health Administration. The video is designed to raise the awareness of silicosis in the workplace and to stimulate a discussion of the disease. 13:00 Minutes. DVD version includes Spanish and English versions.
Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm, Coastal Training Technologies (1994)

La Violencia En El Tranajo. Workplace violence awareness, prevention, and response. Includes employee handbook and answers to quiz. 25 minutes

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