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Accidents Aren't Just One of Those Things, CLMI - This video is designed to raise awareness of the importance of following safety procedures. It uses several real life examples of situations where people chose not to follow proper safety procedure that resulted in catastrophic injury or death. 20:00 minutes. DVD. Also available in Spanish.
Accident Investigation – The Accident: What to do [English & Spanish], Coastal Training Technologies (1992) – Basic steps for investigating an accident effectively. 14 minutes
Accident Investigation – The Big Picture, Coastal Training Technologies (1999) - Discusses unsafe working conditions and will help your workers explore creative solutions and prevent future accidents. Includes: gathering facts and information; evaluating accidents; and writing accident reports. 19 Minutes, DVD
Accident Investigation: Examining the Details, Summit Training Source - When an accident occurs it may seem that the reasons are obvious, but the reality is the cause of an accident is almost always more complicated than it first appears. English and Spanish. 18:56 minutes. DVD and support material kit.
Accident Investigation: Who, What, When, Where, Why and How, Wumbus
Accident investigation is an important part of a supervisor’s responsibility and accident prevention. This program focuses on the importance of conducting a thorough investigation and why the information is necessary. When you understand the purpose, reason for the investigation and how the reports are used, it will make you a better supervisor and the time you spend writing reports. 12:45 Minutes. DVD

Incident Reporting: You Can Save A Life, Coastal - Using an “It’s A Wonderful Life” theme, this powerful video program teaches workers the importance of following acceptable safety standards, controlling hazards and reporting unsafe work conditions- before incidents become accidents. 16:00 minutes, DVD includes English & Spanish versions

Just the Facts: Accident Investigation, Safety Series (1991) - Every contractor agrees that safety matters! This video shows contractors how best to investigate construction accidents to prevent recurrence of similar accidents.

15:00 minutes DVD


Clearing the Air: Confined Space Entry, #403 CLMI training - This video discusses the potential dangers of confined space entry and shows how to enter confined spaces freely, 17:00 minutes, DVD. Also available in Spanish.
Confined Spaces: Risks and Responsibilities, Wumbus - Failure to closely follow rules, regulations and confined space safety standards can just about guarantee serious injuries and even death. This video program is designed to provide you with the safety basics involved in confined space entry. Covers the OSHA standard 1910.146 (d). DVD. 19:29 minutes. Also available in Spanish.
Confined Space Emergency Rescue “Prepared for success”, Summit Training Source, Inc.(1994) – How to pre-plan for a rescue, training requirements for rescue personnel, potential hazards in permit-required confined spaces and proper use of safety & rescue equipment. 15 minutes

Confined Space Entry, (Spanish language), Summit training Source, Inc., (1993) - Permit required confined space, permit space hazards, what is included on an entry permit, proper pre-entry procedures, attendant’s and entry supervisor’s duties, contractor procedures, rescue procedures. 27:17 minutes

Confined Space Entry, Blueprints for Safety (CLMI) - To avoid serious hazards associated with a confined space entry, employees must be quick-thinking and fast-acting with their response. In fact, according to recent studies, more than half of all confined space fatalities are would-be rescuers. A safe, easy-to-follow confined space program is life-and-death critical to the safety of your employees. Includes 4 participant handbooks, CD-ROM, trainer’s guide and DVD. 17:00 minutes. Also available in Spanish.
Confined Space Entry: Inside Maneuvers, Coastal Training Technologies (1997) - Basic requirements for entry in various configurations of confined spaces, sampling and monitoring, rescue techniques. Includes leaders guide, employee handbook, and answers to quiz. 23 minutes
Confined Spaces Entry, International Film, Inc., (1993) - Overview of OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.146. 29 Minutes
Dangers of Compressed Air, the, Safety Care Series - This video aims to increase people’s awareness of the dangers of compressed air and of the importance of using compressed air tools and equipment correctly to avoid injury. Examines the potential hazards and injuries that can result if the correct safety precautions are not followed. 9:00 minutes, VHS


Choice or Chance, OSHA – General safety and attitude awareness in the construction industry. 15:15 Minutes

Contractor Safety: It’s Everybody’s Business; Coastal- Accidents don’t have to happen. This program takes a look at a variety of ways to protect yourself and your fellow co-workers form injury when working in an environment where multiple employers are present. Cover: General requirements, fire, personal protective equipment, permit-required confined spaces, trenching and shoring, lockout/tagout, hot work and chemical safety. 20:00 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Handling, Installing and Bracing of Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses, Wood Truss Council of America (1996) - Industry recommended practices. 18 Minutes
Safe Work Practices in Construction, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1994) – Compliance with 1926.21 and basic safety responsibilities: confined space safety, machine guarding, electrical safety, ladder safety, housekeeping, lifting, lockout/tagout, tool and material safety and personal protective equipment. Includes industry-specific tips for welding and excavation/back fill. 11 minutes
Steep-Slope Roofing Safety: Don't Let It Slide, National Roofing Contractors Association (1998) - OSHA requirements for safety programs, training and fall protection for residential/commercial roofing projects, and type of fall protection best for different roof pitches. Includes employer's manual. 16 minutes

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