Maryland occupational safety and health

Part I: The operator, personal protective equipment, pre-check, housekeeping, injuries, and site safety. 20 minutes Part II

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Part I: The operator, personal protective equipment, pre-check, housekeeping, injuries, and site safety. 20 minutes

Part II: On-the-job safety, job site hazards, excavation, shoring and sloping. 20 minutes
Chains, Cranes and Slings, Educational resources, Inc. (1989)- Inspecting and maintaining hoisting equipment, including metal chains, wire rope, nylon sling, and hooks. How to load, lift, and travel with loads. 11 minutes
Cranes and Lifting Devices, CLMI

The best equipment in the world isn’t safe until you learn how to use it. This is especially true with cranes and lifting devices. This video covers how to inspect the equipment to make sure it is safe to use. It also covers other basic rules when using cranes and lifting devices. 10:57 Minutes. DVD. Also available in Spanish.

Crane Rigging Safety, Wumbus

Everyone working near or with a crane needs to be properly trained in their area’s responsibility. In this video you’ll learn how to rig a safe lift. This includes selecting slates and hitches, setting up the rigging and stabilizing the load. 17:31 minutes. DVD.

Controlling the Load: Crane Rigging, Safety Series (2001)

It takes skills and knowledge to properly rig a crane. This video describes the basics of crane rigging safety and gives workers the knowledge they need to perform safely and optimally. 14:00 minutes. (English & Spanish). DVD

Crane Safety, National Safety Compliance.

This program provides basic safety guidelines and is designed for anyone operating an outdoor crane or working near them. Among topics discussed are pre-operation inspection, work area awareness, power line contact and crane stability. 13:00 minutes. DVD

Crane Safety Awareness for Site Superintendents, OSHA (1992) – Importance of understanding and coordinating design capabilities and limitations of cranes to prevent fatalities or project damage and to reduce operating costs. 8 minutes

Crane Safety: Lift Calculations, NUS Training Corporation (1994)- Demonstrates and explains how to use a load chart to do lift calculations. 12:16 minutes
Inspection, Care and Storage of Slings, Safetycare, Inc (1994)- Pre-use check, care of equipment, inspections, correct storage of equipment. 16 minutes
Mobile Crane Safe Operation, [English, Spanish, and Spanish subtitles], Summit Training Source - Keep your cranes productive, not destructive with Summit''s Cranes: Mobile Crane Safe Operations. Train your crane operators to operate their machinery properly to help reduce the number of injuries and accidents on the worksite.. 15:00 Minutes. DVD and support material kit
Operating Engineers, Florida AFL-CIO united Labor Agency (1989)- Safe operation, maintenance, housekeeping, crane boom, electrical safety, hydraulic machine operation, crawler operation, and scraper pans. 15 minutes
Overhead Crane Safety, Blueprints 2

This exciting, new program is designed to help you conduct a training session to ensure that your employees understand how to safely operate overhead cranes in your facility. By using the Instructor Guide combined with the training video, Power Point presentation and structured field session, this program will provide you with a complete basic training session for your employees. This program can be taught as a classroom session or as a self-study learning activity. 21:00 minutes. DVD

The Precision Machine, WIRECO (1987) - Construction and use of wire rope, understanding wire rope terminology. 18 minutes

Safe Operation of Overhead Cranes, Safety Care, Inc. (1995)- Inspection, hand controls, operation rules and shutdown procedures. 18:30 minutes

Safety in Rigging: Cranes, Types & Components, Construction Safety Association of Ontario (1984) - Mobile and tower cranes, selecting the crane for the job, case histories of accidents, guidelines to avoid accidents. 19 minutes
The Signal, safety Short Production, Inc (1989)- Hand signals for crane operators. 5:21 minutes
Color of Safety, The [English and Spanish], Barr Films (1988) - AN update of The Color of Danger. Rules for all kinds of lift trucks. Safety checks, mounting, dismounting, parking and load checks. 27minutes. Available in Spanish.
Construction Forklift Safety, National Safety Compliance

This program details forklift engineering principles, safe operating rules and operator maintenance. It is an excellent program to improve forklift performance and safety on the job site. 15:00 minutes. DVD

Forklift Basics, NUS Training Corporation (1992) – Understanding various forklifts, working dimensions and rules for safe operation. 18:27 minutes
Forklift Handling: Safety in Dangerous Situations DVD Coastal: 14:00 Minutes

(Also in Spanish)- Sometimes operators must handle forklifts in dangerous situations. This crucial video program will help operators avoid accidents by reviewing special techniques for special situations. DVD includes Spanish, English and Portuguese versions.

Forklift Hazard Perception Challenge, J.J. Keller & Associates (2004)- Interactive video teaches forklift hazard perception through a series of brief, real-life workplace scenarios similar to what forklift operators could face on-the-job. Trainer’s toolkit includes trainer’s guide, employee test sheet, employee skill card and training certificate. 50 minutes

Forklift Operator Safety Training, National Safety Compliance

Includes basic explanation of safe operations per OSHA requirements. Also provides a thorough explanation of weight capacity and unsafe operations. Includes training leader’s guide. 17:52 minutes. DVD

Forklift Safety: Real, Real-Life [English, Spanish, and Portugese], Coastal Training Technologies - Each year over 100 workers are killed, and almost 95,000 others experience serious injuries in forklift accidents. Taking the time to practice safe forklift operating procedures can protect workers from painful injuries and financial loss. This program will help you and your employees avoid permanent, life-threatening injuries. DVD

Forklift Safety, Wumbus. Also available in Spanish.

Meets mandatory training requirements for forklift operators on the job site. Details forklift engineering principles, safe operating rules, and operator maintenance. Excellent program to improve forklift performance and safety. DVD. 11:44 minutes.

Forklift Safety: Inspection, ITS Corporation (1996) – Inspection procedures and operational test. Includes wheel, rims, and tires, fuel systems, restraining devices, forks, uprights and attachments, engine components, transmission, hydraulics and cooling system, and operator control. 18:45 minutes
Forklift Safety: Operating Safely, Tel-A-Train (1990)- Safe operation to avoid personal injury and equipment damage, potential hazards. 20 minutes

Forklift Safety Operation, ITS Corporation (1996) – Five areas forklift operators must know: how a forklift works, capabilities of the truck, carrying loads properly, safe operation and driving skills, and knowing the operating area. Includes leader’s guide. 18 minutes ( 2copies include leader’s guide, 1 copy does not)

On the Go: Forklift, CLMI

To drive a forklift safely, you need to know how it works, how to inspect it and how to operatre it. This safety training covers all three of those elements for those and it is aimed for those who work and/or are around forklifts. 17:00 minutes. DVD

Powered Pallet Jack Safety, Blueprints. Trainer’s Kit

The powered pallet jack is of particular concern due to its simple appearance; many assume they know how to operate it, but its unique maneuvering and weight place the operator at a greater risk of injury. We focus on the safe operation of both the walkie style and walkie-riders. Additional topics covered include how the truck works, how to perform inspections, and how to safely operate the truck. Includes trainer’s guide, 5 participant handbooks, CD-ROM and DVD. 8:30 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Reach Truck Safety, Blueprints. Trainer’s Kit.

This equipment's flexibility makes it more important to understand how to evaluate rated capacity, pick and place loads and clear racking. These trucks have an articulated carriage that can reach, tilt and shift from side to side, requiring the operator to have a greater understanding of safe usage. Topics covered include how the truck works, how to perform inspections and how to safely operate the truck.. Includes trainer’s guide, 5 participant handbooks, CD-ROM and DVD. 9:00 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Safe Forklift Operation, NUS Training Corporation (1992) - Forklift stability, lifting, transporting and stacking. 15:47 minutes

Front End Loaders- Solid Waste Industry, The Film Library (1989) - Safety and responsibility for operating equipment. Hydraulic controls, awareness and caution.

20 minutes

Grinding Wheel Safety, Tel-A-train (1981)
Part I: How grinding wheels work, storage and handling, preparation and mounting. 22 minutes

Part II: Wheel mounting, safe operating practice, safety equipment. 20 minutes
Laser Safety, Coastal Training Technologies (1991) - An overview of types of laser energy and necessary precautions when working with of around lasers in industry and construction. Includes employee handbook and answers to quiz. 17 minute
Laser Safety Comes To Light, NUS Training Corporation (1988) - safe laser use, personal, safety officer, access control of a laser environment, engineering and administrative controls. 20:17 minutes
Landscape Safety Riding Mowers, Vol. 2, Siegel and Associates (1989)- Selecting proper equipment for the job, use of heavy duty, medium and small ride-on-mowers, proper equipment maintenance, care and general safety procedures. 26:18 minutes
Professional’s Guide to Lawn Mower Safety, Siegel and Associates (1989)- Safety for commercial walk-behind and ride-on mowers, cutting on slopes, proper equipment, operator’s manual, safe trailering of large mowers, maintenance tips, safety tips for gasoline handling. 20 minutes

Professional Guide to Push Mower Safety, Siegel and Associates(1994)- Common errors leading to accidents, including clearing the discharge chute, equipment and clothing, refueling, and tips for preventative maintenance. 21minutes

Tractor Safety Begins with You, Siegel and Associates (1988) – Dramatic re-enactment of the most common types of tractor accidents. How to avoid rollover tipping, how to operate safely on slopes. Importance of owner’s manual. 20 minutes
Basic Control About Controlling Hazardous Energy Sources, CLMI.

The focus of this program is controlling hazardous energy sources, such as high-pressure steam, electricity, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and the force of gravity. Understanding and controlling these hazardous energy sources in the workplace is critical to remaining safe while performing our many tasks each day. DVD. 20:00 minutes.

Controlling Hazardous Energy Sources, CLMI.

This program shows viewers the procedures they must follow to safely control hazardous energy sources when installing or servicing workplace equipment. Topics include types of energy sources, the company energy control plan, common lockout situations and authorized and affected employees. DVD. 12:00 minutes.


Electrical Lockout, Tel-A-train (1985)- For electricians, machinists, operators and maintenance personnel. OSHA regulations, physical locks and tags, voltage testers, relay contacts, electrical interlocks, control circuit, discharge of electrical components. 27:05 minutes
Hazardous Energy Source (Lockout/Tagout), National Safety Compliance.

This presentation explains the basic procedures, terminology and general requirements for Lockout/Tagout of hazardous energy sources. DVD. 10 minutes.


Lockout/Tagout Safety, Wumbus

Lockout/Tagout is a procedure to resist hazardous energy and a system to protect against the accidental starting of equipment while maintenance or services are being performed. This program covers the elements needed in order to control hazardous energy and maintain the workers safe. DVD. 13:45 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Lockout/Tagout[Spanish], Summit Training Source, Inc. (1993) – Basic principles necessary to eliminate injuries. 14 minutes
Lockout/Tagout: Affected Employees, Summit Training Source, Inc. (2004)- Provides employees with information on how to reduce injuries caused by improper procedures while working with machines. This program is ideal for all affected employees and includes training on: Importance of lockout/tagout; Overview of lockout/tagout procedures; Responsibilities of affected personnel. 14 minutes
Lockout/Tagout: Controlling the Beast, Coastal Training Technologies (1994)- Controlling hazardous energy. Training, notification, identification of energy source, personal locks and tags, start/stop test, restart procedures. (One copy available with employee handbook and answers to quiz. One copy available in trainer’s toolkit.) 19 minutes
Lockout/Tagout Control of Hazardous Energy Sources, NUS Training Corporation (1989)- Energy sources, control programs, procedures, group lockout and tagout. Training and inspections. 16 minutes
Lockout/Tagout, Hazard Alert, ITS Corporation (1989)- Zero energy state, training, notification, indentification of energy source, personal locks and tags, start/stop test, restart procedures. 5 minutes
Lockout/Tagout of Energy Sources[English and Spanish], Coastal Training Technologies (1989)- Controlling hazardous and stored energy, shut down, equipment isolation, lockout/tagout devices, isolation.27minutes

Lockout/Tagout Procedures, Summit Training Source, Inc (1993) - Why lockout/tagout is necessary, potential hazards associated with accidental release of stored energy, proper

procedures for lockout/tagout, special lockout/tagout situations, equipment startup and operation procedures, roles in preventing incidents. 15 minutes

Lockout Tagout Real, Real Life, Coastal Training Technologies (2000)- Designed to provide important information about safe locking and tagging, this interactive video program focuses on how employees can spot potential dangers before it’s too late. Trainer’s Toolkit includes leader’s guide and employee handbook. 18 minutes
Lockout/Tagout Safety Training, Long Island Productions (1995) - Demonstrates correct lockout/tagout procedures from shutdown to startup, with scenes from workplace environments. Explanation of lockout/tagout and contents of the OSHA standard; identifying energy sources; achieving a zero energy state; and use of tags and multiple locks 15:21 minutes
Machine Lockout: Controlling Hazardous Energy, Tel-A-Train(1989)-Lockout procedures to reduce machinery to zero state. Electric, hydraulic pneumatic, mechanical, gas, water, steam, chemical and thermal energies. 20:40 Minutes
Equipment and Machine Guarding, Safetycare, Inc. (1996) - Why guards are used, risk associated with mechanical hazards, requirements for effective guarding, types of guards, safe work procedures. 20 minutes
Machine Guarding, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1993) - Personal responsibility when working on or around machines and equipment. 27 minutes

Machine Safeguarding for Safety, Blueprints for Safety Training Kit

Using clear examples, this program illustrates how to identify and protect workers from hazardous equipment in your workplace. It illustrates the importance of machine safeguarding and outlines the steps you need to take to implement an effective safeguarding system. Also included are hazard assessment forms to help you evaluate your machinery and select proper guards. Includes 5 employee handbooks, training material and 2 DVDs. One in Spanish and the other in English. 12:00 minutes.

Machine Safety Guards, Safety Short Production, Inc. (1991)- Rotating, reciprocating, and transferring motion. Cutting and bending action. Punching and shearing. Fixed, interlocking, adjustable and self-adjustable guards. 5 minutes
Dealing with Manual Handling, Safetycare, Inc. (1989)- Proper lifting procedures. Control, balance and line of sight. Lifting unnecessarily, handling loads mechanically, dividing loads, excessive loads, and teamwork. 11 minutes
Defensive Driving: When Good Weather Goes Bad (2007). This DVD will take you through the different seasons of driving, common hazards and how to avoid them. Topics include: snow, ice, heavy rain, hydroplaning, high winds, fog, and glare from the sun. This program will also show you how to do a pre inspection of your vehicle. DVD. 17:00 minutes.
Driving- Risks and Responsibilities, Saferycare, Inc. (1999) Risks and cost of driving and the prevention of avoidable accidents. Includes trainer’s manual. 17 minutes
Highway Work Zone Safety: The Basics, Coastal, Inc. (1994) Highway construction poses threats only to your workers but also to pedestrians and drivers. Show them the way to on-the-road safety and comply with MUTCD regulations with this informative training program. This video covers: being safety conscious, traffic control devices, slowing down traffic, detours and closures and communication. 15 minutes. VHS

Servicing Multi-Piece Rims, OSHA, Special Spectrum (Late 1970’s) Hazards, OSHA standards, step-by-step procedures in changing tires and rims, cages and other restraining devices, charts and manuals available. 10 minutes (2 copies)

Robot Safety: Assessing Risks, Preventing Accidents. Robotic Industries Association (1991) - Safe practices for set-up, operators and maintenance. Stresses ANSI standards. 17:43 minutes
Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety, Safetycare, Inc. (1993) – Components, chain selection, sharpening the chain, setting the depth gauge, filling techniques, proper tension, personal safety, and operation safety. 17 minutes


Compressed Air Safety, CLMI

When used correctly, compressed air is a valuable resource that helps us do our job, easier, faster and safer. There are serious hazards associated with compressed air when used improperly. Covers the dangers of using compressed air to clean debris from a work area, the safety procedures and personal protective equipment needed when working with compressed air. This video uses real-life examples. It also talks about the effect of compressed air on your body. 17:30 minutes. DVD
Hand and Power Tool Safety, National Safety Compliance

Designed for all employees who use hand and power tools, this program places emphasis on individual responsibility, equipment care and safety rules relating to this equipment. 13:00 minutes. DVD

Hand and Power Tool Safety, The Training Network

A good safety attitude is the key to injury-free use of hand and power tools. Encourage our employees to practice proper techniques. This video covers: Inspecting tools before work, proper use of wrenches, safety hazards of power drills and hand saws and preventing shock from electric tools. DVD. 13:00 minutes.

Landscape Power Tools, Siegel and Associates (1993) - Three of the most widely used power tools: string trimmers, power blowers and chain saws. Each tool individually demonstrated to show vest safety techniques. 20 minutes

Powder Actuated Tools, National Safety Compliance

This program describes the equipment, safety procedures, types of loads, potential hazards and the safe operation of powder actuated tools. 10:00 minutes. DVD

Powered Hand Tool Safety: Handle With Care [English and Spanish]. Coastal Training Technologies (2000)- Depicts the safe handling, required guarding and operation of powered hand tools. Includes employee handbook and answers to quiz. 19 minutes
Power Tools: General Safety, Safety Short Production, Inc. (1995)- Discusses operating procedure, electrical hazards, proper clothing, housekeeping and maintenance. 5 minutes
Safe Operation of Chainsaws, Safetycare, Inc. (1993)- Preparation, fueling, startup, lumbering, felling a tree, and felling cut. 14 minutes
Safety Presentations, PTI (Power Tool Institute, inc) (2005) Includes four different parts, covering four types of power tools. Each of the four videos is available in Spanish. DVD

  1. Power Tool Accidents-They Can Be Prevented (Accidentes Con Herramientas: Pueden Prevenirse)

A 19-minute video that addresses the importance of keeping the work area safe, electric safety, developing good personal work habits, and proper tool use and care. Includes interviews with emergency room physicians, people injured while using power tools and PTI safety experts.

  1. Circular Saw Safety (Seguridad Con La Sierra Circular)

A 25-minute video that addresses the importance of keeping the work area safe and developing good personal work habits while using circular saws.

  1. Table Saw Safety (La Mesa Vio La Seguridad)

A 19-minute video that addressed proper workspace setup, the basics of making cuts, general safety procedures, and proper maintenance.

  1. Miter Saw Safety (Seguridad Para La Sierra Angular)

A 15-minute video that addresses procedures when using a miter saw.
Tree Trimming Safety, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1994) – Chain saws, climbing equipment and ladders, aerial baskets and boom trucks, chippers, tree felling/bucking.

5:40 Minutes

Working Safely with Hand & Power Tools, CLMI

In many types of businesses, hand and power tools are used everyday. They make work easier and allow employees to be more efficient. This video will show employees how accidents can be tremendously reduced and reviews the various hazards that are associated with specific types of tools. 17:00 minutes. DVD

Flagging and Work Zone Traffic Control Safety, State Highway Administration (1990)- Setting up and maintaining traffic control devices, proper flagging techniques, and protecting road workers. 24 minutes (2copies)

Flagging: You’re the Director VHS Video Coastal 18:00 Minutes- The job of the flagger is crucial for preventing highway work zone accidents. However, flaggers are often not properly trained or not trained at all. This valuable program reviews vital flagging

procedures. Covers: Flagger requirements, proper clothing and equipment, flagger position and stopping and releasing traffic.

Unique Hazard of the Grain Industry, OSHA (1988) - OSHA training for inspectors on hazards on grain industry. 59 minutes
Computer Workstation Safety, MARCOM. Safety Meeting Kit Series

Reviews the safe use of computers, and offers practical solutions to many potential problems. Topics covered include: organization of work materials, maintaining “neutral” positions, positioning the back and torso, avoiding and relieving eyes & muscle strain and stress reducing exercises. Includes quiz, poster and booklet. DVD 18:00 minutes.

Office Safety, Safetycare, Inc. (1990) - Hazards in the office, fires, slips, trips falls. Office layout and design. 14 minutes (2copies)
Safety Orientation in an Office Environment, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1994)- Hazards in the office: falls, safe lifting, video display terminals, fire safety, good housekeeping and hazardous materials. 6 minutes (2copies)
Rear Loader Operations & Safety Source, Inc. – Safe operation of rear loading vehicles (refuse trucks), including pre-operation checks and vehicle safety. 11 minutes
Examining Fatal Shipyard Accidents: Hazards and Solutions, OSHA - This video is intended to raise industry awareness of the hazards specific to shipyard work environments. It provides accident examinations and discusses factors contributing to the fatalities. 16 minutes

An Ounce of Prevention, Oregon Veterinary Medical Association (1993), - One program of two units. 16 minutes each

Module I: For the employer- Helps the veterinary practice/owner identify hazards in the workplace and highlights the employer’s responsibilities in meeting OSHA regulations.
Module 2: For the employee- The rights of employees under provisions of OSHA standards, and an overview of veterinary practice hazards and preventive measures.
OSHA: An Introduction for Construction [English, Spanish, and Portuguese], Coastal - This program provides you and your employees with information on OSHA: its goals and its dynamics. More importantly, it gives you a crucial understanding of OSHA standards, inspection procedures and expectations, penalties and citations and company responsibilities.
OSHA at Work (1990) - Overview of the OSHA program. 22:12 minutes (2copies)

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