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Partner with OSHA: New Ways of Working (1998). 12 minutes

Protecting Workers: How OSHA Conducts Inspections (1994). 18 Minutes (2copies)
Personal Protective Equipment: You’re Covered [Spanish], Coastal training technologies (1994) - Review of personal protective equipment. 17 minutes. VHS
Personal Protective Equipment: Awareness and Attitude, Wumbus

Personal protective equipment is the best way to protect your health and safety. Goes over the different types of personal protective equipment, their purpose, when and how to use them safely. 09:08 minutes. Also available in Spanish. DVD.

Personal Protective Equipment for Safety. Blueprints, Trainer’s kit.

Personal protective equipment is a simple concept that, when put to effective use, can prevent numerous injuries to your employees. This program provides an informative overview of the various types of personal protective equipment, what types of protective equipment is appropriate in certain situations, and how to correctly use each type of equipment. Includes trainer’s guide, CD-ROM and DVD. 10:00 minutes. Also available in Spanish

Real, Real-life Personal Protective Equipment, Coastal training Technologies (1993)- Interactive situations for employees to determine the type of PPE required for various tasks. Includes leader’s guide and employee handbook. 16 minutes
Eye Care: About Eye Safety, Bureau of Business Practices (1991)- Recognizing and identifying eye hazards, eye protection equipment, first aid, eye safety at home and recreational activities. 15 minutes

Eye Safety, Tel-A-Train (1985) - Three kinds of eye hazards and the specific type of protection for each. Proper first aid procedures. 20 minutes

Eye Safety: No Second Chances, Summit Training Source - Training on proper selection and use of eye protection works best when it also motivates workers to consistently use the equipment. Scenes from a variety of job sites show several situations where eye protection is needed and used correctly. 20:45 minutes. DVD and facilitator guide
Safety Eye Protection, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1994)- Types of safe and unsafe eye coverings and what to do if you have eye injury on the job. 6 minutes
A Foot Closer to Safety, Safety Short Production, Inc. (1989)- Foot Protection, safety shoe types and uses. 5 minutes
Foot Safety, Safety care, Inc. (1990)- Common foot injuries in the workplace. Control measures, administration control, and types of footwear. 12 minutes. Note; Graphic images
Foot Protection, [English, Spanish, and Spanish subtitles], Summit Training Source - Summit’s proactive Foot Protection training program demonstrates to your workers that safety starts from the ground up. Filmed on-site using real workers, Foot Protection presents multiple work environments where your workforce may encounter foot hazards. 15:50 minutes. DVD and facilitator guide
Hand Safety, Safety care, Inc. (1989)- Preventing hand injury, general hazards, mechanical hazards, contact dermatitis and protective equipment. 14 minutes. Note: graphic images
Hand Safety, Tel-A-Train (1987)- Recognizing and understanding hand hazards, and proper procedures to follow. 18 minutes

Hand, Wrist and Finger Safety, MARCOM. Video/DVD Training Program

To help remind employees of hand, wrist and finer problems that can occur, as well as what can be done to address these problems, this education and training program is designed to present the fundamentals of good hand, wrist and finer practices.

DVD 15:00 minutes. Includes quiz, poster, DVD and booklet.

Respirator Safety Revised, Tel-A-Train (1996)- The need for respirator protection and the importance of having the right kind of respirator for the hazard. 16 minutes
Respirators: Your TB Defense, NIOSH (2000)- A brief description of respirator use in regards to tuberculosis, intended for healthcare workers. 14 minutes
Respiratory Protection, Blueprints for Safety. Training Kit.

This program is designed to provide your employees with the basics of respiratory protection. Revised to meet he new OSHA respiratory standard, the program alerts employees to the importance of protecting their respiratory systems and provides them with helpful tips for maintaining and properly using respirators. Also included is a clear explanation of the requirements of the OSHA standard. Includes trainer’s guide, CD-ROM and DVD. 12:00 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Respiratory Protection: Another World, [English, Spanish, and Portugese], Coastal - Breeze through the airborne dangers with this program. Comply with OSHA 1910.134 and help workers avoid exposure to hazardous substances, which lead to serious health effects and other chronic illnesses. The program discusses OSHA's Respiratory Protection standard, hazardous atmospheres, types of respirators, and fit testing. DVD
Respiratory Protection: Another World Trainer’s Toolkit, Coastal Training Technologies (1998) - Avoiding exposure to airborne hazardous substances that can lead to serious health effect and other chronic illnesses. Trainer’s toolkit: includes video, employee handbook, leader’s guide, 13 overhead transparencies. 19 minutes

Respiratory Protection: A Breath of Fresh Air, [English, Spanish, and Portugese], Coastal - Airborne hazardous substances may be lethal, but the dangers can be eliminated. This DVD will help you comply with OSHA's Respiratory Protection Program (1910.134) and its requirements: written program, respirator use, selection and maintenances, fit testing, seal check, breathing air quality, medical evaluations for the eligible and emergency procedures.

The Respiratory Protection Program: Employee Training, CLMI – This program is designed to provide your employees with the basics of respiratory protection. Designed to meet OSHA respiratory protection standard, the program alerts employees of the importance of protecting their respiratory systems and provides them with helpful tips for maintaining and properly using respirators. DVD. 16:00 minutes.
Using Air Purifying Respirators, Business Training Systems (1998) - Basic training aspects of sir purifying respirator selection, fitting and use. Includes trainer’s guide. 20:18 minutes
ASSE 2010 Professional Development Conference ProceedingsThis CD-ROM compiles the Power Point presentations of the companies represented at the 2010 ASSE Professional Development Conference.
Attitude Awareness, Core Media Training Solutions, Safety Shorts (2002)- Help employees understand how their attitudes and behavior affect job performance-especially where it impacts safety. This video shows how employee attitudes can foster unsafe behavior. With greater attitude awareness, there’s a better chance your employees will make behavioral improvements on their own. 27 minutes. VHS
Coaching Safety Performance: Job Safety Analysis, [English, Spanish, and Portugese], Coastal - Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is a way of planning ahead, a way to spot problems before they become accidents. A JSA focuses only on those steps that create a hazard to the safety or health of personnel. This program is designed to help prepare a JSA. DVD

Construction Disaster Drill, Medcor - Behind the scenes footage from one of the largest construction site disaster drills ever conducted. More than 500 people participated in this training exercise - most of whom did not know it was a drill. This video documents actual responses from contractors, fire, rescue, and media personnel. Viewers will gain rare insight into the construction safety profession and hear commentary from expert evaluators. 43 minutes. DVD

Container Emergencies: Cylinders, Emergency Film Group - This DVD is designed to provide information to emergency responders and industry personnel who work with or may respond to emergencies involving compressed gas cylinders. This program includes information on: cylinder construction, valves, regulators, and pressure relief devices, hazards and properties of compressed gases, the importance of pressure, safe transportation of cylinders, markings and labels, and emergency procedures. DVD, two copies.
Emergency Evacuation: Getting Out Alive [English, Spanish, and Portugese], Coastal Training Technologies - In an emergency situation, survival hinges on adequate training, preparation and an emergency action plan. This program explains several emergency situation responses, the importance of drills and the principles of RACE. It prepares your employees to handle any disaster - natural or otherwise.
Emergency Evacuations From Multi-Story Buildings, Safety Shorts (2002) - Emergency evacuations from multi-story buildings pose special hazards. Prepare yourself by learning procedures to follow in the event of a fire, bomb threat, significant chemical spill or other emergency that requires evacuation from buildings that are several stories tall or higher. 7 minutes
Emergency Preparedness, Blueprints - When and emergency happens at your facility, employees need to know what to do and react in a way that protects them from harm. Emergency Preparedness looks at 4 common types of emergencies: Medical, Fire, Weather and Earthquakes. Each of these are reviewed along with the common responces that employees need to know. 14:00 minutes. DVD

Emergency Preparedness: An Employee’s Responsibility. Wumbus

It is an employee’s responsibility to prepare for an emergency. This video will use the acronym YIPPI to go over the five elements required in order to safely prepare for an emergency in the workplace. DVD. 22:49 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Emergency Preparedness: Knowing What To Do. Wumbus

Accidents in the workplace can occur anytime, any day and during any circumstances. This video will show what to do, how to recognize emergencies and how to react when one comes along so that the employee will know how to respond-the right way. An employee must be prepared to respond to any type of emergency since this will help save lives. DVD. 13:01 minutes. Also available in Spanish.

Emergency Preparedness for Safety, Blueprints for Safety. Trainer’s kit

Emergencies occur everyday, jeopardizing lives, property and dollars. If one of those emergencies were to happen in your place of work, would your employees respond appropriately? Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for a perfect response to every emergency, but this program will help your employees gain a clear understanding of his or her role if an emergency occurs on the job. The program covers fires, weather emergencies, earthquakes, medical emergencies, and more.. Includes trainer’s guide, 5 participant handbooks, CD-ROM and DVD. 14:00 minutes

General Work Practices, National Safety Compliance.

This program outlines basic job responsibility including safe work practices, housekeeping, safe lifting, personal protective equipment and meets requirements for training in exposure to general hazards. 12:00 minutes. DVD


Good Housekeeping “The Safe Approach”, Safety care, Inc. (1989)- Access to work areas, protective equipment, supervision, fire hazards, storage of materials and tools, trash handling. 10 minutes

Holiday Safety: At the Top of Your List, Coastal Training Technologies (1994)- How to have a safe holiday season. Includes employee handbook and answers to quiz. NOTE: Although this video does not directly relate to safety and health in the workplace, it does have good general safety practices for the home. 17 minutes

Housekeeping, Blueprints.

The importance of keeping your facility neat and clean is often overlooked. This award-winning program reinforces the importance of proper housekeeping methods and illustrates the multiple benefits of keeping your work site in order - from increasing safety, to being prepared for emergencies, to improving your image, to better utilizing your space. 11:00 minutes. DVD


Housekeeping for Safety, Blueprints for Safety. Training Kit

The importance of keeping your facility neat and clean is often overlooked. This award-winning program reinforces the importance of proper housekeeping methods and illustrates the multiple benefits of keeping your work site in order - from increasing safety, to being prepared for emergencies, to improving your image, to better utilizing your space.

Includes CD-ROM, training binder and participant handbooks. 12:00 minutes
Housekeeping & Teamwork in Industry, American training resources, Inc. (1999) - Safe housekeeping, storage of materials, equipment clean up. 18 minutes
Housekeeping On the Job Site, National Safety Compliance.

This program emphasizes individual responsibility, importance of housekeeping and how they can improve overall safety efforts. 10:00 minutes. DVD


Housekeeping Responsibilities, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1992)- Overview of housekeeping principles. 5 minutes
How to Conduct A Safety Meeting: A Part of Your Job, ITS Corporation (1990)- Planning and conducting a safety meeting. 15:05 Minutes

Job Safety Analysis, Safety Care, Inc. (2003)- The goal of a job safety analysis is to document how a particular job should be done safety. This program includes: how a JSA is performed; how to break down a job into basic steps; hazard identification, assessment and control. 10:30 minutes

Jobsite Safety Video, National Association of Home Builders.

The first ever English-Spanish jobsite safety orientation video for home builders! Two 20-minute videos on DVD, one in English, the other in Spanish, provide an overview of the key safety issues residential builders and workers need to focus on to reduce accidents and injuries. Based on the NAHB-OSHA Jobsite Safety Handbook, this DVD is intended to be used as part of an essential residential construction safety-training program.  It covers personal protective equipment, lifting safety, scaffolding, trenching and excavation, vehicles/mobile equipment, housekeeping, stairways and ladders, fall protection, tools and equipment, electrical safety and hazard communication. 20:00 minutes. DVD.

Judge, Jury and Executioner, Safety Short Production, Inc. (1989) – Individual responsibility for safety. 5 minutes
Preventing Injury Incidents on the Job Site, National Safety Compliance

Purposes of this program include increasing safety awareness and improving personal accountability for behavior on the job. 9:00 minutes

Preventing the Spread of Contagious Illness, Blueprints - This video presents information on the common types of contagious illnesses including H1N1 Flu, Avian Flu, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and Antibiotic Resistant Staph infections (MRSA). The program describes what the diseases are and the steps that people can take to prevent their spread and their potentially deadly effects. 15:00 minutes. DVD

Pro-Active Safety Attitudes, Coastal Training Technologies (2000)- This video underscores the importance of safety equipment and safety habits and demands that all employees take responsibility for safety. Includes: Prevention and protection; interviews with actual workers; and re-enactments of real-life accidents. Trainer’s toolkit- includes leader’s guide and employee handbook. 19 minutes

Remember Charlie, Phoenix Safety Management Inc.

Charlie’s journey from death’s door following a refinery explosion, to his position as the world’s leading presenter on why we all should follow safety procedures precisely.

 56:00 minutes. DVD. 2 copies available.


Safety Teams Summit Training Source, Inc. (1996)- role and responsibility of the safety team, including establishing objectives, individual and team responsibilities, importance of communication, and implementation and follow-up. 11 minutes

Sexual Harassment: You Make the Call, [English, Spanish, and Portugese], Coastal - Raise the awareness of all employees through the use of vignettes of subtle sexual harassment in a style designed to generate discussion. DVD
Superintendent/Supervisor Safety Responsibilities, National Safety Compliance.

This program assists supervisors in understanding their responsibilities, legal liabilities, potential exposure and improving supervisor’s safety performance on the job.

12:00 minutes. DVD
Step-by-Step: Job Safety Analysis, Safety Series (1993).

This video walks construction contractors and supervisors through a step-by-step process for identifying potential construction hazards on the job site. 15 minutes. DVD


Walking & Working Surfaces: Watch Your Step! VHS Video Coastal 19:00 Minutes-

This important program will train all workers about proper use of equipment and procedures on various walking and working surfaces. Complies with OSHA’s proposed 1910 Subpart I. Covers: Ramps, Scaffolds and Platforms. VHS. Also available in Spanish.

Working With Stress, NIOSH (2002) – The nature of work is changing rapidly. Now more than ever, job stress poses a threat to the well-being of workers and organizations. Through its research and educational materials such as this program, NIOSH is committed to providing the public with the knowledge to overcome this threat. 17 minutes.
A Basic Look At Scaffolds for Compliance Officers, OSHA (2000) - This video looks at some of the most commonly used types of scaffolds, associated hazards, and erection procedures. 18 minutes
Putting it All Together: Scaffold Safety, CLMI

This video was developed to train construction workers how to safely erect and dismantle scaffolds. 15:00 minutes. DVD. Also available in Spanish.


Rolling Towers: Mobile Scaffold, CLMI

Describes how to safely build and dismantle mobile scaffolds. Educates construction workers on how to work safely on mobile scaffolds. 13:00 minutes. DVD

Safety Guidelines for Frame Scaffolds, Scaffold Industry Association (1990) - Common sense procedures for erecting, using and dismantling scaffolding equipment. 18 minutes
Safety Guidelines for Tube and Clamp Scaffolds, scaffold Industry Association (1991) – Prep-Plan, erection, and dismantling. 19 minutes
Safety Series, Putting it All Together: Scaffold Safety, Safety Series (1996).

Scaffold safety can be tricky, so AGC developed this video to train construction workers how to safely erect and dismantle scaffolds. 15:00 minutes. DVD


Scaffolding: Construction Safety Series, J.J. Keller & Associates, Inc. (1997)- Instruction for employees in recognizing and avoiding the hazards associated with erection, work on, and disassembly; safe work practices; and fall protection. Includes employee handbook. 18 minutes
Scaffolding Safety: Safe Work Practices, Summit Training Source - This program is ideal for all employees who work on scaffolds, and for those who erect and dismantle them. Properly erected scaffolds provide a safe elevated work surface to efficiently perform tasks when ladders or other lift devices are not feasible. English and Spanish. 12:21 minutes. DVD and facilitator guide.
Scaffold Safety, National Safety Compliance.

Basic safety rules, operating procedures and how to use scaffolds safely are covered in this training program that is designed for anyone who is working on or near scaffolding.

8:00 minutes. DVD
Scaffolds: Safety At All Levels, Coastal Training Technologies (1997) - This video covers the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.450 through 1926.454. Includes: pre-assembly inspection; assembly; safe work practices; and fall protection. Includes employee handbook. 18 minutes. Also available in Spanish. VHS
Scaffold Safety Video, National Association of Home Builders.

Reducing accidents and injuries related to improper scaffold use on homebuilding jobsites starts with the Scaffold Safety Video. Use this video to train workers—in English or Spanish—on how to safely build, use, and dismantle the most common types of scaffolding found in residential construction, such as fabricated frame, pump jack, ladder jack, mobile, and aerial lifts. 



I Could Have Saved a Life That Day, CLMI

Trains employees on how to maintain a safe work environment and save lives by preventing accidents before they occur. 15:00 minutes. DVD

Ticking Bombs- Defusing Violence in the Workplace, Long Island Productions, Inc. (1995) – a two-part video discussing workplace violence prevention and coping with workplace violence. Includes leader’s guide. 52 minutes
Threat Detector: Your Role in Preventing Workplace Violence, CLMI - This video program is a terrific means for training your employees on how to recognize threats in the workplace--before these threats lead to violent acts. You will be shown what threatening behaviors are and the red flags that may indicate the potential for future violent acts. The program includes a detailed instructor guide and 5 scenarios for classroom discussion. 16:45 minutes. DVD
Workplace Violence: The Calm Before the Storm, [English, Spanish, and Portuguese], Coastal - In one year alone, workplace violence accounted for one out of five work-related deaths in the U.S. This program is designed to help supervisors and employees identify the warning signs of workplace violence and prevent it. DVD
Workplace Violence: The Myth and the Mystery, CLMI

Dramatizes the need for recognition of workplace violence, causes and prevention.

15:00 minutes. DVD
Workplace Violence: Employee Awareness, AIMS Media (1994)-Employee awareness of issues related to workplace violence. 22 minutes

Workplace Violence: Recognizing and Defusing Aggressive Behavior, AIMS Media (1994)- Supervisor’s awareness of issues related to workplace violence, tools, to help recognize, diffuse, and prevent it. 27:24 minutes (one copy available with employee handbook and answers to quiz. One copy available in trainer’s toolkit.)

Construction Welding Safety, Coastal Training Technologies (1993)- Safe actions before, during and after welding processes. Personal protective equipment for the welder, and how to protect other employees near the welding zone. 10 minutes
High-Impact Welding Company, CLMI

Covers areas where welding may be prohibited, sparks, fire prevention, hazardous fumes in breathing zones, maintaining healthy breathing zones, eye protection, personal protective equipment, safeguards for electrical arc welding, conducting oxy-fuel operations safely and general safety tips. 15:00 minutes. DVD

Oxyacetylene Safety, Tel-A-Train (1980) - Safety for using gas welding cutting and heating equipment. 25 minutes
Safety Rules for Arc Welding, Education Resources Inc. (1991)- Safety awareness guidelines for operating arc welding equipment. 10 minutes

Safety Rules for Gas Welding, Education resources Inc. (1991)- Safe gas welding practices and procedures. 14 minutes

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