Massey University College of Education Research Report

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Massey University College of Education Research Report

February 2003

This report was developed for the College of Education by
Institute for Professional Development and Educational Research

Collation and Layout: Janet Lowe

Massey University College of Education

Private Bag 11-222

Palmerston North

New Zealand

Phone 64 6 356 9099



This report from the College of Education covers the year 2001 and is based on the Massey University Research Outputs Database, to which have been added a list of academic staff, and a record of completed Masterate and Doctoral theses, together with a listing of the externally funded R & D projects undertaken by College staff. Building on the work documented in previous reports, the range of contributions to educational research and development documented in this report has been extended considerably. College staff generate a unique blend of work in Education, ranging across the spectrum from the very theoretical to the pragmatically applied, and including a wide array of work in the performing and creative arts. In terms of topic area, the report shows an ongoing engagement with all aspects of education, covering early childhood, the compulsory sector (primary and secondary), tertiary, adult and continuing education, together with non-school based education and training throughout the community. The research and development work of the College ranges across all aspects of education: administration; leadership; the basic processes of learning and teaching; psychological, philosophical, social and cultural issues and developments; policy issues; curriculum issues; and assessment.

Richard Harker


College of Education Staff 2001
Department of Arts and Languages Education

Head of Department

1995 Jill Brandon, DipFA DipTchg


Senior Lecturers

1989 Guy Donaldson, MA DipMusPerf Cant. DipTchg AIRMT

1976 Brian Finch, MA Auck. DipTchg DipSLT

1987 Paul Hansen, DipIndDes WP DipTchg

1994 Penny Haworth, BEd MA DipSLT DipTchg

1990 Winifred Jackson, BA Well. MEd DipEd DipTchg

1980 Ian Knowles, BA DipTchg

1994 Adele Lilly, BA(Hons) DipTchg DipSLT

1975 Graham Parsons, BMus (Hons) Well. MA Lond. DipEd DipTchg LRSM

1976 Campbell Ross, BA(Hons) Well. EdD Br. Col. DipTchg

1993 Harold Shepherd, MA DipEd DipBusAdmin DipBus(Fin Pl) DipTchg


1991 Jenny Boyack, BA Well. DipTchg ATCL

1986 Rhonda B├╝cheler, BA DipTchg

1995 Alan Cox, BA(Hons) MEdAdmin DipEd

1976 Paul Dibble, DFA (Hons) DipTchg

1999 Sally Hansen, BA Well. DipEd PGDipEd

1988 Faye Jury, BA MEd Cant. DipTchg DipSTN

1990 Marion Orme, BEd DipTchg LTCL ASB

1995 Denise Tohiariki, BEd BMVA DipTchg

1987 Mona Williams, BA Stan. DipTchg DipTESOL



1995 Anne Brown, MA Cant. DipTchg

1996 Rosemary Richards, BEd DipTchg TTC

Department of Health and Human Development
Head of Department and Professor

1975 Gary Le R. Hermansson, MA PhD CQSW DipEd DipSocSci Well.


Associate Professor

1976 John Kirkland, MA PhD Missouri

Senior Lecturers

1970 Whilhelmina J. Drummond, MSc East Ill. PhD Mich. DipRSC NCRS MRNZS

1993 Frances Griffiths, BA Lond. PGCE Birm. MGuidCouns

1970 Neville Kennedy, BEd (Hons) DipEd DipPhEd Otago DipTchg

1992 Peter Lind, BEd MA Cant. DipEd

1988 Anne Tuffin, BA DipTchg

1979 Sue Webb, BA (Hons) PGCE Brist. MPhil DipSupdeLangFr Bordeaux


1994 Barrie Gordon, MA Ohio DipPE Otago DipTchg

1991 Janet Gregory, MS Syr. PhD N. Carolina

1986 Anne Kingsley, DipTchg CertCouns

1994 Catherine Love, BA DipSocSci, PhD

1994 Barbara Maclean, RGON MA

1995 Dennis Slade, BA TTC

1998 Robyn Trotman, DipPE MS Utah DipEd DipTchg

1995 Sue Watson, BA DipEd Syd. MPhil (Ed)

1995 Kama Weir, BA Cant. DipTchg


1994 Ann Dowds, BEd DipSLT MA

1991 Barbara Groat, BA (Hons) Nott. BEd

1991 Catherine Nolan, BA, MA
Albany Campus


1994 Josephine Bowler, MA Lond. MEd DipEd DipEdPsych Otago DipTEFL DipTchg


1997 Noreen Sharp, DipTchg
Department of Learning and Teaching

Head of Department

1980 James W. Chapman, MA, Well. PhD Alta. DipTchg FIARLD



1992 Joy Cullen, MA Cant. PhD Alta. DipTchg

1988 William E. Tunmer, BS PhD Texas

Senior Lecturers

1992 Bill Anderson, BCom Auck. MPhil DipTchg CertOET Lond.

1987 Teresa Ball, MEd CertEd Leic. DipTchg

1990 Jill Bevan-Brown, BA Well. MEd DipTchg DipSTN

1992 Mark Brown, MEd DipTchg

1994 Roseanna Bourke, MEd DipEdPsych Otago DipTchg

1994 Jan Chapman, BA MEd DipSocSci DipTchg

1982 Guy Broadley, BA (Hons) DipTchg

1987 Kathy Broadley, MA DipEd DipTchg

1991 Barbara Jordan, BSc Well. MEdAdmin CertECE CertCouns NZPC NCert

1990 Jenny Poskitt, BEd MEdAdmin PhD DipTchg

1991 Jane Prochnow, BS MA West Mich. EdD North Ill.

1996 Tracey L. Riley, BS Delta MEd PhD Sth. Miss.

1988 Lloyd Shearman, BA DipTchg

1974 Alison St George, MSocSci DPhil Waik.

1986 Kathleen Vossler, BEd MEdAdmin DipTchg


1990 Kerry Bethell, BA MEd DipEd

1997 Janis Carroll-Lind, BA DipTchg DipSTN

1998 Keith Greaney, BA MEd PhD DipEd DipTchg

1997 Alison Kearney, MEd AdvDipTchg DipSTN

1987 Judith A. Loveridge, BA, Cant. MA, PhD

1994 Barbara Russell, BA (Hons) MEd CertEd Lond.

1999 Mary Jane Shuker, BSocSc Ottawa, MEd DipEdECE, AMC Montessori

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