Match these with the numbers in brackets (1-54) in your timetable to learn about what is on offer. Nb santosa bazaar: a camp marketplace on Thursday and Saturday afternoons in the medium dome – bring and buy – all kinds of lovely things


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Match these with the numbers in brackets (1-54) in your timetable to learn about what is on offer.
NB - SANTOSA BAZAAR: a camp marketplace on Thursday and Saturday afternoons in the medium dome – bring and buy – all kinds of lovely things: if you want to have a stall please let Uma know.
54: DEVOTIONAL SOUNDS : EVERY MORNING and every evening : Bhajans & kirtan, Indian devotional singing (call and response and unison singing), with Habiba and Buddhenath every morning, and then with Bharati and Dinesh, Thrisha and Tabla Tom and friends in the evening.

Also Early morning Gayatri mantra and Hanuman Chalisa chanting with Uma – as the sun rises, facing east in the main circle. All welcome, join us when you can and stay as long as you are able.
1 Ashtanga Mysore Style - Michael & Rose

 Ashtanga Mysore Style is the traditional method of teaching Ashtanga Yoga in a self-practice format for experienced practitioners. Students practice the ashtanga series to their own breathing rythmn and the teacher assists and advises the student through the different postures. Please only attend with a knowledge of primary series.


Ashtanga Led Class - Michael & Rose

Ashtanga Led Class is a talk-through of the Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series, led by the teacher. Begining with Sun Salutations, leading through the standing and sitting sequences to the closing postures. This is a challenging dynamic class for students.

2 Integral Yoga -Manjula

Integral Yoga® is a path to the peace that lies within us all.  Swami Satchidananda is the founder of Integral Yoga®, which he describes as “a flexible combination of specific methods designed to develop every aspect of the individual.” Classes consist of asanas (posutres), deep relaxation, meditation and pranayama.

3 Hatha Yoga -Deepa

Deepa is an intuitive free flow yoga therapist and teacher. Her classes are about guiding her students back to their true essence by creating a fluid pracitce of asana movement and meditation invocations.

4 Iyengar Yoga - Carol

Beginners class –Tuesday / Intermediate class -Monday

We will be stretching the body, working for symmetry with the mind turning inwards as we listen with our 'inner ears' to what is happening internally. We will have the use of blocks and belts if needed to help us in the asanas (postures). Pranayama (breathing) and relaxation will end each session.

5 Dynamic Hatha -Giuseppina

My-yoga combines the traditional Hatha postures with a dynamic element that makes it fun and informal. There is music playing and we will use micro-movements and “tuning your body” techniques to open the body. Both gentle and energetic warm-ups will prepare us for the asanas and we will be ready to go with the flow. Full relaxation at the end will give you a deserved rest!

6 Baby/Toddler Yoga – Barbara and Uma

Integrated practices for parents, siblings and babies and toddlers to do together. Asanas, pranayama, relaxation and sound work. Some stories and images, and lots of fun. Suitable for families with babies from birth to about four years old or the young at heart of all ages.

7 Kids Yoga -Janine

Lots of lovely noisy yoga fun with games, bubbles and giggles.

8 Qi Gong -Jacob

Chinese energy medicine – gentle movements and self-massage. Done outside if fine.

9 Yoga nidra -Giuseppina

Yoga nidra is a powerful technique to relax consciously on the physical, mental and emotional level. You will lie on the floor with closed eyes and listen to the voice of the instructor. Powerful visualizations will help you to relax fully. You can focus your practice with a resolution to achieve any goal in life.

10 Kashmir Yoga -Nicole

An unusual, hypnotic and fascinating approach to yoga practice, using image and metaphore during asana to expand your awareness of energy and consciousness.

11 Hatha Yoga -Mel

My class would involve a little bit of chanting to open with, then Sun Salutations to warm the body up followed by some floor work, some balancing poses, standing poses, inversions and about 5-10 min of pranayama (nothing too advanced) then finished off with a little bit of relaxation and visualization.


12 -Yoga Games 5 plus year olds -Veronika

Many games are easily adapted to doing yoga. Duck, duck goose, Simon says, and follow my leader to name but a few. We are going to concentrate on playing as many games as we can, doing yoga without even knowing we are. Then we will have a story and a lie down to rest after all our exertions. This session is for children who can follow rules and can play more complex games.

13 Hatha -James and Alice

Alice and James teach traditional Hatha Yoga, with a distinctly Indian flavour. They combine asana, breathwork, Kriya and Mantra to create a practice that is energetic and fun and which ultimately leads to a calm and peaceful mind. Their classes are suitable for beginners as well as those who have been practising for some time. Please come along... you are all welcome.

14 Voice -Morven

 An informal gathering where you are invited to join your voice with others to express your yoga through chanting and song. Just us, and our voices; open your heart, open your mind, open your throat and sing!

15 Teen Yoga –Helen / Suitable for ages 12 -18

'Ashtanga Vinyasa is a dynamic fast flowing style of yoga originally designed for teenage Indian boys - but teenage girls don't worry its great for you too!

Just bring a mat, a sense of humour and enjoy these introductory sessions to the yoga that made Maddona sweat!'

16 Kids Yoga - Connie

Fun classes for children of any age, parents welcome to join in. Yoga games, posture practise, stories and colouring. Input from the children greatly accepted. Focus on FUN!!

17 Beginners Ashtanga Workshop -Joey

An ideal workshop for those who have never done ashtanga before as well as those relatively new to the practice.

18 Sivananda -Jasmin

Jasmin Bahia will offer a Sivananda influenced yoga session, encouraging mindful awareness of the breath and body throughout. The practise begins with meditative relaxation and pranayama. Leading into preparatory work for the Sivananda style sun salutations, followed by standing and seated poses, with gentle inversions and closing with a deep relaxation.

19 Storytelling for kids - Sam & John

Story telling sessions for children based around the stories of hindu gods and the teachings of buddha. Sessions are interactive and fun! Approx 40 mins

20 Vipasana Meditation -Jake

Jake Dartington will offer meditation sessions based on Buddhist teachings. We will explore various aspects of mindulness meditation practice begininng with developing awareness of the breath and the body. From this basis, we will explore a broader sense of mindfulness that includes feelings, emotions and mental patterns. The sessions will also investigate how mindfulness practice opens up the possibilty of deep freedom in our lives.

21 Satyananda -Hannah & Ramdass (see 28)

22 Heart-opening Hatha session 1 -Morven

 An all-levels Hatha yoga class incorporating heart-opening Anusara's flowy, alignment based approach into traditional holistic Hatha yoga practice. Anusara principles of alignment offer you the opportunity to experience a deeper engagement in your pose, while the theme of the class helps you to sense your actual embodiment of the teachings. Session 2 –Morven - A Level 2 class which invites you to make deeper inquiries into the body and from this depth to joyfully push your boundaries further.


23 Iyengar Yoga –Amanda (see 4)
24 Vinyasa Flow -Nicchi

With her background in ashtanga,Nicchi has developed a creative,fluid style of teaching that uses the breath, sequences and music in a practice that feels like a moving meditation. Focusing on hip and back flexibility as well as balancing Vinyasa Flow is both uplifting and deeply relaxing. Tune in,be present and bliss out!

25 Backbending Class - Michael & Rose

 Drawing on classical Hatha Yoga backbending postures and the Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series this class allows students to focus purely on awakening the spine. Begining with backbending focused Sun Salutations, leading on to individual backbending asanas. This class is challenging as the postures are held and worked on deeply. Students only attend with prior experience of regular asana practice.

26 Yoga of Sound -Stefan

Using the voice and simple sounds we will explore the use of sound as a liberating and nourishing Yoga practice.

27 Ashtanga –Laura (see 1 & 40)
28 Satyananda Yoga

Satyananda Yoga incorporates the whole person, not just the physical body – it promotes the balance between body, mind, emotions and spirit. There is an emphasis on awareness and students are encouraged to learn about all aspects of their personality through yoga. By steadying the emotions and calming the mind, a sense of perspective can be gained, bringing a feeling of peace, freedom and inner strength. A typical class consists of asana (postures), pranayama (breathing practice), Yoga Nidra™ (deep relaxation) or meditation.

29 Meditation on Subtle Sound - Stefan 1 hour sessions 7.30-8.30 am

30 Freestyle Yoga Youth -Andrea

10 am group for ages 8-12 / 11 am group for ages 12-16. The  focus will be on putting postures into a routine and on how to progress/advance each posture.... there will be some elements of dance and some partnering up too. Sun Salutations are followed by postures which are  taught individually to set up initial alignment and technique. We progress by putting the postures into a flowing sequence therefore adding creativity and an element of challenge... children use their initiative in devising their own flowing sequence to make it interactive and most importantly fun...

31 Scaravelli - Claudia

Following Scaravelli's form of yoga where the poses are adapted to the individual rather than the individual to the pose. Lengthen the body by the simple use of breath, gravity and relaxation. “ Be kind to your body and it will respond in an incredible way" Vanda Scaravelli

32 Yoga therapy - Full Movement Method (FMM) demonstration/talk

Talk / demo with Lisa on FMM a unique blend of deep tissue massage, joint mobilisations and applied yoga aiming to restore full mobility and relieve pain.


33 Laughter Yoga - Carrie

Short sessions - Come along & start your day with lots of chuckles and laughs.  We will gently waken up our bodies to the day with unconditional laughter.  We will experiment with our laughter to discover that inner laughing place that usually gets forgotten in the hustle & bustle of daily life. Longer sessions - Explore the possibilities of unconditional laughter. Life is serious and laughter may be the secret ingredient to maintaining your physical, emotional & mental equilibrium.  These lighthearted sessions will help you rediscover your inner laughing place and help you take the laughter back into your everyday life: they combine gentle physical exercise, with games and fun activities.  These sessions are also suitable for children.

34 Vinyasa Flow -Romy suitable for all levels of experience. 

The focus of the class will be an invigorating physical practice that incorporates other limbs of yoga such as pratyahara, pranayama and dharana into the fluid movement.  After challenging and purifying the body with asana and pranayama, the session will end with deep relaxation and a short meditation.  I try to make my classes fun, physically energising and mentally calming.  I will offer variations and modifications of many postures so as to accommodate injuries and varying levels of fitness/experience

35 Dynamic Hatha -Katriye

The yoga that we will be working on together is based on a formula of stretching,relaxing,deep breathing and increasing circulation and concentration. Yoga postures (asanas) exercise every part of the body,stretching the muscles and joints,the spine and the entire skeletal system. They also work on the internal organs,glands,and nerves,keeping the whole system healthy. By releasing physical and mental tension they liberate vast resources of energy.

36 Improvising Music for beginners and experienced players -Stefan

Improvising Music is a wonderful Yoga practice and art-form in itself. Enjoy the thrill of playing music with others and discover how nourishing and life affirming it can be! If you don't already sing or play an instrument, fear not, you soon will. Bring an instrument if you have one.

37 Tibetan Yoga -Amanda
38 Qi gong adventures for Kids with Lisa - Suitable for under eights. 

Gentle introduction to chinese yoga through stories and songs to encourage movement and fun.


38 Qi gong games with Lisa - Suitable for all ages 0-100+

Learn simple Chinese yoga exercises while having fun playing games like sifu says, wise man's walk and Chinese ball (testing your concentration, co-ordination & balance).

39 Hatha Yoga - Simon

This class includes: Sitting meditation, Asanas, Pranayama and Shavasana. Asanas are explored as a vehicle to reveal our inner awareness. A meditative approach is cultivated throughout. Each Asana manifests its own undulating dynamic, unique to the moment and pertinent to the individual who embodies it. "Camatkara! "-(Astonishment).  We awaken.

40 Ashtanga Led Class – Joey. Mixed levels, not recommended for complete beginners. This class is taught / counted in the tradition of Sri. K Pattabhi Jois, with an added emphasis on alignment in a field!

40 Ashtanga Mysore Style (See 1)
41 Yoga Nidra and Pranayama with Barry Elms

Relax and Energise: Wake up with some full-body energising practices, followed by yoga nidra (Satyananda-style deep relaxation) and finish with a simple but effective pranayama practice (breath/energy technique).

42 Yoga asanas with Sasha –

Drawing from Iyengar and Shadow approaches to yoga. A focused and profound practice.

43 Kundalini -Jaikartar

Jaikartar's passion and devotion,allows students to discover their own beauty, for themselves, by sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation in an extremely creative and dynamic way. Her classes are open to all levels and really access the joy for life these teachings can offer.

44 Yoga Nidra -James and Alice

Yoga Nidra is a practice transmitted to the west by Swami Satyananda Saraswati, in which the physical, mental and emotional systems of the body are completely relaxed. In this way, accumulated stress and tensions are released, and an environment of balance and stillness is restored in which healing and transformation are able to take place. Yoga Nidra is very relaxing and is the perfect antedote to the pressures and stress of modern life.

45 Acro Yoga -Jesse and Erica

AcroYoga FUNdamentals: -All levels, all ages, all people are welcome to join the AcroYoga Community. This workshop provides a safe environment to explore trust, connection and playfulness. Teachers will combine elements from Yoga, Acrobatics, and Thai Massage. The workshop can include: asana sequences, partner yoga, assisted inversions, basic partner acrobatics, therapeutic flying and Thai massage. After enjoying a sample of the many elements of the practice you will have first hand experience of what makes up AcroYoga. No yoga experience required, no partner needed. Come support and be supported.

AcroYoga Inversion & Acrobatics: -With the support of a partner we will embody support, receptivity and trust. Students will solidify spotting techniques in basic inversions as the foundation for acrobatics. The progressions lead to basic partner acrobatics cultivating strength and flexibility while working as a team. A playful, safe, supportive environment will empower the whole room to be upside down and connect to the divine! Recommended for students with an intermediate yoga practice.
46 Exploring Radical Openeness - Pete Yates

Radical openness to what is, whatever is, instantly allows the beatitude which is intrinsic to being alive and conscious into the foreground of one's life. In the first workshop I'll explain this and then show how it applies to sitting meditation. In the second workshop I'll show how it applies in a comprehensive Yoga session which includes sitting, simple asana and savavasana.

47 Chris Gladwell

Centaur yoga for divine mammals, through a practice of somatic intelligence.

48 Music, Mantra and Meditation -Jaikartar
49 Teen Yoga - Emma

Emma is offering a sparkling asana practice to music; a chance to connect to the calm and quietness within through the breath and the body and your own creative imagination. Emma has studied to teach both Ashtanga, Sivananda and the Tantric approaches to yoga. This has evolved in to an imaginative and flowing asana practice which improves strength and flexibility, whilst softening the heart. Come move and stretch, smile and relax.

50 Art in a Field with artist Paul Reilly

For all ages - and anyone who likes to experiment creatively with drawing and painting. Working on paper, with a variety of media, an inspiring session to enjoy! Outside if fine.

51 Ayurvedic Yoga Vinyasa – Yogini Uma

Healing yoga sequences tailored to different ayurvedic constitutional types. Gentle but effective, therapeutic work based on the teachings of Mukunda Stiles. Absorbing and highly enjoyable!

52 Kundalini yoga -James
53. Teachings of Babji and Dance ritual – Peter Taylor

The afternoon session is a talk and meditation on the teachings of the Maha Avatar Haidhakan Babaji. The evening moves from meditation into healing ritual dance ceremony drawing from the Native American Ghost dance tradition.

Evenings - Yoga Dance - Helen

The gift of yoga with the joy of dance. A divine symphony of fluid yoga with freeflow movement, dance, meditation, Taoist healing sounds, and magical music. Connect with our source, each other and the Universal Life Energy. Come bring your light, love and laughter as we journey together...

Evening – Shakti Dance with Anjali - Yoga based dance from the Kundalini yoga tradition – to enjoy!

Evening - Kirtan Concert with Narayani & Jason Kalidas - Meditative and ecstatic chants are led by Narayani’s deeply resonant voice. Sanskrit mantras are set to beautiful, yet simple, melodies with Jason’s dynamic Tabla rhythms and Bansuri (Flute). . Kirtan is an ancient and effective yogic practice of singing together to open the heart and connect to the self. The chants are easy to pick up and give a wonderful opportunity to discover the power of your own voice. No previous singing experience is required,


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