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Materials of Art and Archaeology

Part IV. Instrumental Methods
Norbert S. Baer

Conservation Center

Institute of Fine Arts

New York University

September 2003


Part I. Inorganic Materials (2003).
Part II. Metals (1999).
Part III. Organic Materials (2003).
Part IV. Instrumental Methods (2003).
Part V. Environment (1999).
Part VI. Museology (2003).
Part VII. Dating and Provenance (2003).
Part VIII Library and Archive Materials (2003).
Part IX Stone (1999).
Part X. Dyes and Pigments (2003).

Cumulative Index

May be obtained from:
Conservation Center

Institute of Fine Arts

New York University

14 East 78th Street

New York, New York 10021

September 2003


Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy 1
Chromatographic Methods 1
Chromatographic Methods: GC 2
Chromatographic Methods: Ion 2
Chromatographic Methods: Liquid 3
Chromatographic Methods: PyGC 3
Chromatographic Methods: PyGC: Amber 5
Electron Beam Microprobe Analysis 5

Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy 6

Electronics 6
Emission Spectroscopy 6
General Instrumental Analysis References 7
Image Processing 8
Image Processing: Paintings 11
Infrared Spectroscopy 14
Kinetics 16
Laboratory Design 16
Laboratory Safety 16
Light Microscopy 18
Mass Spectroscopy 18
Mössbauer Spectroscopy 19
NMR Spectroscopy 20
Nondestructive Testing 21
Nuclear Analytical Methods 21
Optical Minerology 22
Optics 22
PIXE Analysis 23
Raman Spectroscopy 23
Raman Spectroscopy: Pigments 26
Scanning Electron Microscopy 28
Spectroscopy: General References 28
Statistical Analysis and Experimental Design 28
Thermal Analysis 30
X-ray Diffraction 33
X-ray Fluorescence 34
X-ray Radiography 36

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Chromatographic Methods

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