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Materials of Art and Archaeology


Part V. Environmental Science

Norbert S. Baer

Conservation Center

Institute of Fine Arts

New York University

December 1999


Part I. Inorganic Materials (2003).
Part II. Metals (1999).
Part III. Organic Materials (2003).
Part IV. Instrumental Methods (2003).
Part V. Environment (1999).
Part VI. Museology (2003).
Part VII. Dating and Provenance (2003).
Part VIII Library and Archive Materials (2003).
Part IX Stone (1999).
Part X. Dyes and Pigments (2003).

Cumulative Index

May be obtained from:

Conservation Center

Institute of Fine Arts

New York University

14 East 78th Street

New York, New York 10021


Acid Deposition 1

Air Pollutants 4
Air Pollutants: Carbon Dioxide 4
Air Pollutants: Carbon Monoxide 4
Air Pollutants: Fluoride 4
Air Pollutants: Hydrocarbons 4
Air Pollutants: Ozone 5
Air Pollutants: Particulates 5
Air Pollutants: Particulates: Museums 6 5
Air Pollutants: Radon 6
Air Pollutants: Sulfur Dioxide 7
Air Pollution: Control 7

Air Pollution: Control: Kinetic Studies 7

Air Pollution: History 7
Air Pollution: Product Literature 8
Atmospheric Chemistry 8
Atmospheric Monitoring 9
Atmospheric Monitoring: Monuments 10
Climate: Global Warming 10
Climate: Ozone Depletion 11
Economic Analysis 11
Environmental Data Bases 12
Environmental Policy 12
Health Effects 13
Indoor Air Pollution 14
Indoor Air Pollution: Diethyl Aminoethanol 15
Indoor Air Pollution: Museums 15
Materials Damage 16
Materials Damage: Brick 18
Materials Damage: Concrete and Mortars 18
Materials Damage: Glass 19
Materials Damage: Metals 19
Materials Damage: Paint 21
Materials Damage: Paper 21
Materials Damage: Pigments 22
Materials Damage: Polymers 22
Materials Damage: Stone 23
Materials Damage: Textiles 25
Materials Damage: Wood 26
Modeling 26
Personal Monitoring 27
Personal Monitoring: Product Literature 27

Storage of Collections 27

Acid Deposition

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See Also: Materials Damage

Air Pollutants

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See Also: Climate: Global Warming

Air Pollutants: Carbon Monoxide

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See Also: Materials Damage

Air Pollutants: Particulates

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