Mbs course List 2011-12

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MBS Course List 2011-12

All courses are offered on a semester basis. Candidates must complete eight courses by selecting two compulsory foundation courses plus six elective courses, and may select to offer a dissertation in lieu of two elective courses.
Foundation courses
BSTC6061 Early Buddhism

BSTC6002 Mahayana Buddhism

Elective courses

BSTC6006 Counselling and pastoral practice

BSTC6011 Buddhist mediation

BSTC6012 Japanese Buddhism: history & doctrine

BSTC6013 Tibetan Buddhism: history and doctrines

BSTC6020 Basic Pali

BSTC6032 History of Indian Buddhism

BSTC6034 Mindfulness, stress reduction and psychotherapy

BSTC6041 The Theravada Abhidhamma

BSTC6044 History of Chinese Buddhism

BSTC6045 Readings in Buddhist Sanskrit texts (Elementary) *

BSTC6052 Study of important Buddhist meditation texts

BSTC6055 Buddhist psychology

BSTC6058 Buddhism and Society

BSTC6066 Doctrines of the Early Indian Yogcra *

BSTC6068 Reading Pali Suttas

BSTC6074 The path of enlightenment – Fourfold Dependent Origination and profound prajna

BSTC6076 The Buddha-concept in Theravada Buddhism

New Course on Buddhist Art *

* Courses to be confirmed

The list above may be subject to change.

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