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IMPORTANT NOTES: When you choose a topic please choose a smaller one so that you can have in-depth discussion. You may choose a topic from the above list or have your topics provided it relates to our course. Remember, it is the quality not the quantity matters in your essay. Please write a title page with the following information: (1) the course title, (2) topic of the essay, (3) your name and dates, (4) your email address.
Reading List

Ch’en, K. S. Kenneth, Buddhism in China, A Historical Survey. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1972. (Original 1964) This book details the historical development of Buddhism in China from its introduction in the Han dynasty through the period of the most creative maturity in the Tang dynasty and its decline and survival to the present. You can purchase this book from the University bookstore. (You can find this book in HKU main library (294.392 C51 3 copies) as well as in the Centre’s Special Collection (SC) BQ626 .C486 1972The book is available from HKU Bookstore for purchase.

Ch’en, K. S. Kenneth, The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, [1973] 294.392 C51 c 

Tsukamoto Zenryu, A history of early Chinese Buddhism: from its introduction to the death of Hui-yuan. Translated from the Japanese by Leon Hurvitz. Tokyo: Kodansha, 1985. 294.30951 T8

Wright, Arthur F. Buddhism in Chinese history. Stanford, Calif.: Stanford University Press, 1959. 294.320951 This is a very short but concise history of Buddhism in China.

Wright, Arthur F. 1957. “Buddhism and Chinese Culture: Phases of Interaction” The Journal of Asian Studies, Vol. 17, No.1, 17-42.

Zurher, Erik, The Buddhist Conquest of China: The Spread and Adaptation of Buddhism in Early Medieval China. 2 vols. Leiden: E. J. Brill. 2007 (Original 1959) This is an excellent book in which the author mainly examines Buddhism in China before Huiyuan in the fifth century. (University Library (UL) 294.392 Z96) (Chinese translation: 佛教征服國,李四龍等譯,江蘇人民出版社2003)  294.392 Z96  v.1

湯用彤,《漢魏兩晉南北朝佛教史》北京:北京大學出版社,1997。There are six copies of this text available. [] BQ636 .T36 2006  EBook also available

潘桂明, 董群, 麻天祥, 《歷史巻》, 潘桂明, 《宗派卷》, 賴永海主編,《中國佛教百科全書》第三歷史卷, 上海古籍出版社, 2000. [中] BQ626 .Z47 2000

中村元著,余萬居譯《中國佛教發展史》(上, 中)台灣:天華出版公司印行,1993。 [中] BQ626 .C6412 1984


杜繼文主編,《佛教史》的中國佛教史部分,北京:中國社會科學院,1993. [] BQ266 .F6 2006 

Read the following chapters:



第五章:第二節 隋唐五代佛教的昌盛與創造



呂 澂,《中國佛教思想概論》台灣:天華出版公司印行,1993。(The original title is《中國佛教思想源流》)

任繼愈主編:《中國佛教史》I, II, III, 北京:中國社會科學出版社,1998年。(從漢代到南北朝)
Theodore De Bary and Irene Bloom with the collaboration of Wing-tsit Chan, (eds) Sources of Chinese tradition. Vol. 1 & 2. New York: Columbia University Press, c1999. 951 D286 s

Journal of Chinese Philosophy, Editor Chung-Ying CHENG, published by the University of Hawaii, is a good Source for English articles related to Chinese Buddhism. HKU has both electronic and printed versions of the journal. Please make use of it.
References and Internet Resources
1) Dictionaries

A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms. Free for download. Edited by William Edward Soothill and Lewis Hodous. All the entries are in classical Chinese and the explanation is in English. You can download the entire dictionary from the following website for your private use: http://www.hm.tyg.jp/~acmuller/soothill/soothill-hodous.html

Digital Dictionary of Buddhism, eds., Charles Muller. Free for online checkup. This is an internet based dictionary similar to Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms, by Soothill and Hodous, but has much more entries. If you know the Chinese Buddhist technical terms, but do not know how to translate it into English, please visit Muller’s DDB website address: http://www.acmuller.net/ddb/ Users can access the search function with the user ID of "guest" (case-sensitive, no quotes), leaving the password area blank allowing 20 searches in a 24 hour period. To search Sanskrit and other terms containing diacritics, type in the term in simple ascii.
The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism. Free for online checkup. http://www.sgilibrary.org/dict.html This is the online version of The Soka Gakkai Dictionary of Buddhism that was published in 2002. There are more than 2700 entries, including cross references. The dictionary does not aim to cover the entire Buddhist lexicon. Rather, it is meant as a guide for readers of Nichiren' works.
Chinese Japanese Korean and Vietnamese English Dictionary (CJKV-English Dictionary). Free for online checkup. A Dictionary-Database of CJKV Characters and Compounds Related to East Asian Cultural, Political, and Intellectual History. http://www.buddhism-dict.net/dealt/ Users can access the search function with the user ID of "guest" (case-sensitive, no quotes), leaving the password area blank allowing 20 searches in a 24 hour period. To search Sanskrit and other terms containing diacritics, type in the term in simple ascii.

The Korean Buddhist Canon: A Descriptive Catalogue. Free for download. [compiled by] Lewis R. Lancaster in collaboration with Sung-bae Park, Berkeley: University of California Press, 1979. This is a catalogue of Mahayana Buddhist Sutras in Sanskrit together with Tibetan and Chinese translation. It also lists the translators and date of Chinese translation. If you know the title of a sutra in Chinese, but you don’t know how to translate it into Sanskrit, then you can find it in this catalogue. A Hardcopy can be found in HKU Library XR 016.294382 L2  The electronic version can be found at: http://www.acmuller.net/descriptive_catalogue/. You can download the entire web version.

Dictionary of Pali Proper Names. Free for online checkup. Extremely useful for the study of Early Buddhism. http://www.palikanon.com/english/pali_names/dic_idx.html
Pali English dictionary. Free online search. This is the only largest Pali English Dictionary so far. http://dsal.uchicago.edu/dictionaries/pali/
《佛光大辭典》線上查詢 Free for online search for Chinese Buddhist Terms explained in traditional Chinese http://sql.fgs.org.tw/webfbd/
仏教学辞典Bukkyōgaku jiten. Taya Raishun 多屋頼俊 et al. 新版 (New Edition). Kyoto: Hōzōkan 法藏館, 1995.
佛教漢梵大辭典Bukkyō kan-bon dai jiten (Buddhist Chinese-Sanskrit Dictionary). Hirakawa Akira 平川彰. Tokyo: Reiyūkai 霊友会, 1997.  [R] BQ130 .B85 1997 used in library only.
中国仏教史辞典Chūgoku bukkyōshi jiten. Kamata Shigeo 鎌田茂雄. Tokyo: Tokyodo shuppan 東京堂出版, 1981.  [R] BQ610 .C48 used in library only.
A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China, edited by Charles Hucker. Stanford University Press, 1985. R 354.51001 H88 Used only in HKU library
2) Encyclopaedias

Encyclopaedia of Buddhism, eds., Robert E. Buswell, Jr., Ed. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2003. 982 pp. 2 vols. This encyclopedia describes the Buddhist world view, basic teachings and practices of Buddhism, as well as its different schools and sects. This Encyclopedia needs subscription, so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses.

Encyclopedia of Religion. Lindsay Jones, Ed. 2nd ed. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2005. 10735 pp. 15 vols. This Encyclopedia needs subscription, so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses.
Routledge Encyclopaedia of philosophy [electronic resource]. Edward Craig, ed. London: Routledge. Contains over 2,000 state-of-the-art articles, covering a broad range of topics in the philosophical canon, as well as philosophy from all continents and all periods. Includes fast and flexible searching capability, over 25,000 cross-reference hyperlinks and other features. This Encyclopedia needs subscription, so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses.
Encyclopedia of religion and ethics. edited by James Hastings, with the assistance of John A. Selbie and other scholars. Edinburgh: T. & T. Clark, 1908-21. 12 Vols. R 203 E56 e
Encyclopedia Britannica Online. This Encyclopædia needs subscription, so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses. http://search.eb.com/
Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Free, it contains a large number of papers in Buddhist and Confucian studies. http://plato.stanford.edu/
The Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Free. It contains a large number of papers in Buddhist and Confucian studies. http://www.iep.utm.edu/

RoutledgeCurzon Encyclopedia of Confucianism, 2 volumes, edited by Yao, Xinzhong. London and New York: RoutledgeCurzon, 2003. Main Library: R 181.11203 R86 Y25 V.1&2, SC: BL1840 .R68 2003 v.1&2

Encyclopedia of Chinese Philosophy, edited by Antonio S. Cua. London: Routledge, 2003. Serving as a gateway to Chinese thought, this resource introduces the significant historical periods of Chinese philosophy ancient and modern. All the major schools of thought are covered and their proponents, followers and critics discussed. Main Library: R 181.1103 E5 (SC) B126 .E496 2003
3) Academic Journals

Asia Major. Academic Journal dedicated for the Asian study. All past papers are freely downloadable. http://www.ihp.sinica.edu.tw/~asiamajor/
Journal of Chinese Philosophy. Published by the University of Hawaii. HKU Electronic Recourses.
Journal of Indian Philosophy. Published by Springer Netherlands. HKU Electronic Recourses.
Journal Asiatique. Free. This academic journal is published in Paris for Asian studies. http://poj.peeters-leuven.be/content.php?url=journal.php&code=JA
The Eastern Buddhist. HKU Library. Published twice a year by the Eastern Buddhist Society in Kyoto. Japan, started from 1965. S 294.3 E13 B9
Buddhist Studies Review. Published twice a year by the UK Association for Buddhist Studies, started form 1984. Both printed and electronic versions are available from HKU Library, the electronic version is gradually uploaded to the web. Now the Journal is free for download from 1983-2005. http://www.ukabs.org.uk/ukabs/resources/journal-archives/buddhist-studies-review-vols-1-22/

You can also get it from HKUL Catalogue: 294.3 B927 S9

Journal of the American Oriental Society. Published by the American Oriental Society. HKU Electronic Recourses.
Philosophy East & West. Published by the University of Hawaii. HKU Electronic Recourses.
T‘oung pao: International Journal of Chinese Studies. Edited by P.-E. Will (Collège de France, Paris, France) and B. ter Haar (Leiden University, The Netherlands). HKU Electronic Recourses.
Journal of Buddhist Ethics. Free. This is a web based academic journal for free distribution. Web address: http://www.jbe.gold.ac.uk/
Journal of Global Buddhism. Free. This is a web based academic journal for free distribution. http://www.globalbuddhism.org/dig.html
Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. Free academic journal dedicated to Japanese religions including Buddhism. http://www.ic.nanzan-u.ac.jp/SHUBUNKEN/publications/jjrs/jjrs_cumulative_list.htm
The Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies is the leading interdisciplinary journal on Asia, Africa and the Near and Middle East. It carries unparalleled coverage of the languages, cultures and civilisations of these regions from ancient times to the present. Publishing articles, review articles, notes and communications of the highest academic standard, it also features an extensive and influential reviews section and an annual index. so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses. http://search.eb.com/
Western Buddhist Review. Free. It contains good academic papers for download. http://www.westernbuddhistreview.com/

Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies. HKU Library. Published twice a year, Wilmingtoon, NC : International Association of Buddhist Studies, 1978-

S 294.305 I6 A8

Contemporary Buddhism. HKU Library. Published twice a year, Richmond, England: Curzon, c2000- S 294.3 C761 B.
Buddhist-Christian Studies. HKU Library. Published once a year Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press started 1981.
《唐研究》Tang Studies. http://www.tangrf.org/index03.htm
歐亞學研究(Journal of Eurasian Studies). Free for download. http://www.eurasianhistory.com/cgi-bin/main/main.cgi?act=list;c=a02
東方文化Journal of oriental studies = Dong fang wen hua. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University, S  950 J8 O69 S9
中國文哲研究集刊全文下載,臺灣中國文哲研究所。HKU Library: 期078 153

http://www.litphil.sinica.edu.tw/publish/Bulletin_Catalog.htm Free for download.
4) Web Recourses
Accesstoinsight. Free. This is a website entirely dedicated to the teaching of Theravada Buddhism including the Pali Canon, Theravada text archive and sources. Most of the Pali texts are translated into English for free distribution. Website address: www.accesstoinsight.org/
Buddhist Digital Library and Museum. Free. There is a good collection of academic articles some with full texts in both Chinese and English. It is a good place to relevant academic articles for your study. Website address: http://ccbs.ntu.edu.tw/DBLM/index.htm please go to database.

Taisho Edition of Chinese Tripitaka大正藏. Free. If you can read classical Chinese and wish to refer to the original Chinese texts, please visit http://www.cbeta.org/index.htm. This website includes volumes 1-55 & 85 of the Taisho Edition of Chinese Tripitaka and volume 1-88 of Shinsan Zokuzokyo (Xuzangjing續藏經). Now the database is still developing.

Buddhasasana. Free. You can find many full text articles on Buddhism in English, but not all of them are academic so you have to be selective. The website address is: http://www.saigon.com/~anson/ebud/ebidx.htm
The Internet Sacred Text Archive. Free You can find the old texts of almost all major religions in the world in this site and you can download and copy the full texts if you wish. For instance, you can find the Sacred Books of the East. Website Address: http://www.sacred-texts.com/
Mahayana Buddhist Sutras in English. Free. In this site you can find some popular Chinese Mahayana texts in English translation. Website address: http://www4.bayarea.net/~mtlee/
NII Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator. Mostly Free. The National Institute of Informatics (Japan) has incorporated approximately 2.8 million full text articles (PDF) in NII-ELS, from 1,000 published academic journals . Currently NII has obtained permission of 271 academic societies. NII-ELS also provides full text (PDF) of Research Bulletins of Japanese universities. All of the full text articles incorporated in NII-ELS are available through CiNii along with bibliographical information on other academic papers.
Persée. Free, French Journals in French online, http://www.persee.fr/web/guest/home/

Persée is a program which was created for the digital publication of scientific journals in the field of the humanities. The entire printed collection of journals is digitized and published online through a portal which offers access to the collections as well as advanced functionalities which facilitate and enhance use of the portal’s resources. The journals are selected by an editorial board, thereby guaranteeing the collection’s scientific coherence. You can create your own account and use save your searches.

Early Medieval China Archive. Free http://www.aall.ufl.edu/EMC/
國學Guoxue. 收錄有上起先秦、下至清末兩千多年的歷代典籍4000餘種,總字數逾10億,近10萬卷,基本涵蓋了文史研究領域所有重要的文獻資料。Free for online reading and download. http://www.guoxue.com/
中國期刊全文數據庫(Web) 全文數據庫收錄中、英文核心期刊和專業期刊5,000餘種,學科內容分為九個專輯,包括理工A、理工B、理工C、農業、醫藥衛生、文史哲、經濟政治與法律輯、教育與社會科學輯、電子技術及信息科學。收錄時間由1994年開始。This database needs subscription, so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses.
JSTOR The Scholarly Journal Archive. This Archive needs subscription, so use it through HKU Electronic Recourses. http://www.jstor.org/jstor

Further Reading
General Reading on Chinese Buddhism

Barrett, Timothy Hugh. Li Ao: Buddhist, Taoist, or Neo-Confucian? Oxford University Press, 1992 (London Oriental Series, Vol. 39). X 181.111 L694 D1 B 

Buswell, Robert E. (ed.) Chinese Buddhist Apocrypha, Studies in East Asian Buddhism, Kuroda Institute,1990. 294.385 C5  Ebook available

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Ch'en, Kenneth, The Chinese Transformation of Buddhism. Princeton, N. J.: Princeton University Press, 1973.

de Bary, Wm. Theodore, ed., Sources of Chinese Tradition. New York: Columbia University Press, 1960. Pages 306-408 contain Chinese Buddhist texts, well-chosen and well-translated by Leon Hurvitz.

Dunnell, Ruth W. The Great State of White and High: Buddhism and State Formation in Eleventh-Century Xia. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 1996.

Ebrey, Patricia Buckley and Peter Gregory, eds. Religion and Society in T'ang and Sung China. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1993. Excellent set of essays, with an informative introduction, on the relationship of religion, culture, and social change at a pivotal juncture in Chinese history. 200.951 R38  Ebook available
Grant, Beata. Mount Lu Revisited: Buddhism in the Life and Writings of Su Shih. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1994. Shows the influence of Buddhist language, imagery, and ideas on the work of a major literary figure of the Sung dynasty.
Gregory, Peter N., ed. Sudden and Gradual: Approaches to Enlightenment in Chinese Thought. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1987. Excellent set of essays covering Ch'an, T'ien-t'ai, Hua Yen, and Chinese arts. 294.3442 S9 

-----, ed. Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1986. The heart of this book consists of scholarly essays on Ch'an and T'ien-t'ai meditation texts, and the connections between the two schools. [M]

Gregory, Peter, and Daniel A. Getz Jr. ed. Buddhism in the Sung. Studies in East Asian Buddhism, #13, Kuroda Institute, 2002. 294.3095109021 B92 G82    
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Lopez, Donald S., Jr., ed., Religions of China in Practice. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996. An anthology of readings that stresses popular religion, the interaction of the "Three Traditions," and gives room to minority cultures usually excluded from such anthologies. Best read in conjunction with an anthology, such as deBary or Sommers, that provides the more classical sources.
Mair, Victor H. Painting and Performance: Chinese Picture Recitation and Its Indian Genesis. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press, 1988. Excellent study of a performing art that came to China along with Buddhism and helped in its popular propagation.

Mair, Victor, trans., Tao Te Ching: The Classic Book of Integrity and the Way. New York: Bantam Books, 1990. The best translation of this Taoist classic.

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Sharf, Robert H. Coming to Terms with Chinese Buddhism: A Reading of the Treasure Store Treatise. Studies in East Asian Buddhism, #14, Kuroda Institute, 2001. 294.30951 S531 c  Ebook available
Sommer, Deborah, ed., Chinese Religion: An Anthology of Sources. New York: Oxford University Press, 1995. More up-to-date than deBary, with a better balance on women. Includes not only readings on Chinese Buddhism but also anti-Buddhist writings by Confucian bureaucrats.
Takakusu, Junjiro, The Essentials of Buddhist Philosophy, Motilal Banarsidass Pub 2002. (Original Hawaii, 1947) This book presents and discusses the Buddhist schools and philosophy in China and Japan. The author presents Buddhist philosophy in an ideological sequence, not in its historical development. It is rather the systematization of the different schools of thought for the purpose of easier approach. (SC) 294.3 T13 

Teiser, Stephen F., The Ghost Festival in Medieval China. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1988. An excellent study of one of the most important festivals in medieval popular Chinese Buddhism.  294.3438 T2 Main library A 294.3438 T2  CAS

-----, The Scripture on the Ten Kings and the Making of Purgatory in Medieval Chinese Buddhism. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1994. Combines textual and ethnographic study to analyse the development of Chinese ideas on the trials one faces in going from one life to the next, and the role these ideas have played in religious practice.  294.3423 T2

Thompson, Laurence G., Chinese Religion: An Introduction, 4rd ed. Belmont, Calif.: Wadsworth, 1996. Places Buddhism within the panorama of Chinese religiosity.
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-----, "The Schools of Chinese Buddhism," in Kitagawa and Cummings, Buddhism and Asian History: 257-265. One of the most original essays in the book.

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-----, Kuan-yin: the Chinese transformation of Avalokiteśvara. New York: Columbia University Press, 2001.
First to Tenth Centuries

Gernet, Jacques, Buddhism in Chinese Society, An Economic History from the Fifth to the Tenth Centuries, Translated by Franciscus Verellen, Columbia University Press, 1998. Fascinating information on the economics of Chinese Buddhism and the co-opting of the tradition by the upper classes during the T'ang dynasty. Tends to side with the Confucians in regarding Buddhism as a burden on society. (SC) 294.30951 G37

Holcombe, Charles, In the Shadow of the Han: Literati Thought and Society at the Beginning of the Southern Dynasties. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1994. Focuses on the life and thought of a Buddhist monk, Chih Tun, as an example of the new elite class of literati that arose in the fourth century C.E.
Keenan, John. How Master Mou Removes Our Doubts: A Reader-Response Study and Translation of the Mou-tzu Li-huo Lun. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1994.  294.342 K26  ebook

Kohn, Livia, Laughing at the Tao: Debates among Buddhists and Taoists in Medieval China. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1995. Fine translation of a text of Buddhist-Taoist debates in the sixth century, with an excellent historical discussion of the political/cultural process by which Buddhism and Chinese culture adapted to one another during the period. 299.514 L37

Paul, Diana Y, Philosophy of Mind in the Sixth Century China: Paramrtha’s Evolution of Consciousness. California: Stanford University Press, 1984.
Robinson, Early Madyamika. Concerns the years around 400 C.E., the Buddho-Taoists, and the first serious Chinese attempt to master an Indian treatise system.
Tsai, Kathryn Ann, Lives of the Nuns: Biographies of Chinese Buddhist Nuns from the Fourth to Sixth Centuries. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 1994. Readable translations of the Lives of the Eminent Nuns, with a useful introduction.


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See also, Gregory, Traditions of Meditation, above.


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Modern time.

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Readings in Buddhist Sanskrit texts (Elementary)
(This course is equivalent to two single semester courses.)


Ven. Prof. K.L. Dhammajoti

Tel: 3917-5047

Email: djoti@hku.hk

Schedule: 1st and 2nd Semester; Friday 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Class Venue:

CPD-2.42, 2/F, Centennial Campus (1st semester)
CPD-2.16, 2/F, Centennial Campus (2nd semester)
Course Description
This course is based on the reasonable assumption that the most interesting and rewarding way to learn Classical Sanskrit as a beginner is to actually read some simple Sanskrit texts that interests him, under the guidance of a teacher. Classical Buddhist Sanskrit texts have their own styles, idiomatic expressions and technical terminologies with which the student must first be familiarized. As the student reads, he is being gradually introduced to both Buddhist textual material on the one hand, and elementary grammar on the other.
In this course, the student will first be introduced to short passages selected on the basis of (i) simplicity in terms of grammatical structure and doctrinal meaning, and (ii) the existence of corresponding Chinese versions (particularly those translated by Xuan Zang and Kumarajiva). Hybrid Sanskrit passages will be excluded. As he reads the graded passages, all the grammars involved will be analyzed and doctrines explained to him. After a gradual build up, long passages from the Vajracchedik-prajpramit-stra deemed appropriate for the student’s level will be taken up for analysis.
Advantage will be taken from the fact that most students here can understand basic Classical Chinese, and some can even memorize most of the passages from Kumarajiva’s version of the Vajracchedik-prajpramit-stra. It will also be an advantage if the student already has some familiarity with the elementary Sanskrit grammar. However, neither familiarity with Buddhist scriptures and Classical Chinese nor knowledge of Sanskrit is an absolute prerequisite of this course.


Coursework (40%)

Mid-term test (10%)

Written examination (50%)

K.L. Dhammajoti (2012). Reading Buddhist Sanskrit Texts: An Elementary Grammatical Guide. Hong Kong: The Buddha Dharma Centre of Hong Kong
Course details and lecture materials will be provided by the teacher during the class.


Study of important Buddhist meditation texts

Ven. Sik Hin Hung

Tel: 3917-2847

Email: hinhung@hku.hk

Schedule: 2nd Semester; Tuesday 6:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Class Venue: CPD-3.04, 3/F, Centennial Campus
Course Description
Meditation is an integral part of the study and practice of Buddhism.  This course will read and study important Buddhist texts related to the practice of meditation from various traditions.  Passages will be selected from texts such as: the Satipatthana Sutta, Visuddhimagga, Sandhinirmochana Sutra (Sutra of the Explanation of the Profound Secrets, 解深密經), The Treatise on the Two Entrances and Four Practices《菩提達磨略辨大乘入道四行》, and The Three Statements that Strike the Essential Points by Garab Dorje.  Students will also be introduced to the actual practice of meditation.  

  1. To introduce some of the important Buddhist meditation texts from various Buddhist traditions.

  2. To enable students to see the differences and similarity of these meditation methods.

  3. To help students to read and study Buddhist texts on their own

Assessment (tentative):

(1) Two written essays of 3500 words each

Time Schedule



Content and discussion


Jan 22

The Buddha’s Experience: Samyutta Nikaya XII.65

Nagara Sutta--The City

The fundamental of Buddhist meditation, and the Satipatthana Sutta

Why meditation is an integral part of Buddhist teachings and practice? What is its relationship with the path of purification and the elimation of suffering?

Why the practice of the four foundations of mindfulness is “the only way” to purification and overcoming sorrow and suffering?


Jan 29

The Satipatthana Sutta

On mindfulness of Breathing and body movements


Feb 5

The Satipatthana Sutta

On the Contemplation of Feeling, volition and consciousness

Feb 12

No Class----Chinese New Year Holiday

Feb 19

Visuddhimagga, the Path of Purification

Study of the Description of Concentration – Taking a meditation subject


Feb 26

Visuddhimagga, the Path of Purification

Study of the Description of Concentration—Six Recollections


Mar 5

Visuddhimagga, the Path of Purification

Study of the Description of Concentration—Loving-kindness

Mar 12

No Class----Reading Week


Mar 19

Sandhinirmochana Sutra or "Sūtra of the Explanation of the Profound Secrets," 解深密經

Chapter on Analzying Yoga


Mar 26

Sandhinirmochana Sutra

Chapter on Analzying Yoga


April 2

Sandhinirmochana Sutra

Chapter on Analzying Yoga


April 9

Bodhidharma: The Treatise on the Two Entrances and Four Practices《菩提達磨略辨大乘入道四行》

The entrance of principle (理入) and the entrance of practice (行入)


April 16

The Sixth Patriarch Platform Sutra

Selected readings


April 23

The Sixth Patriarch Platform Sutra

Selected readings


April 30

Tsig-sum nèdék, The Three Statements that Strike the Essential Points,大圓滿椎擊三要訣

The Three Statements that Strike the Essential Points by Garab Dorje


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