Media Release muratie wine estate’s iconic wines lauded locally and internationally including Platter’s 2013 Superquaffer of the Year for Melck’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

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Media Release

Including Platter’s 2013 Superquaffer of the Year for Melck’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011
The array of prestigious local and international awards won this year by Muratie Wine Estate underlines the significance of their recent rejuvenation. This included improved viticultural practices and the refashioning of the cellar, both to enhance the quality of their wines, yet at the same time adhering to the Melck family’s deep respect for the Estate’s rich heritage.
As Publisher Andrew McDowall elaborated on the theme of Platter’s SA Wines 2013, “Today much attention is focused on the nuts and bolts of wine, but rather less on the mystery, excitement and allure. With our emphasis this edition on ‘backstories’, Platter’s is looking to showcase the passion, dreams, challenges and successes which not only form the backdrop to the wines featured in the guide, but also make South Africa one of the most fascinating and dynamic areas in the world of wine.”
Nothing could be more appropriate of Muratie, with its myriad ‘backstories’ reaching as far back as the 17th century, as one of the oldest wineries in the Cape Winelands. The Melck family has recently honoured the Estate’s fascinating history by naming Muratie’s Iconic Wines after extraordinary iconic characters from Muratie’s colourful past, each with its own enchanting story described on the back label, thus ‘every wine tells a story’.
The Prestigious Awards Won This Year By Muratie Wine Estate Include:

Muratie Ansela van de Caab 2009:

Winner of a Gold Medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirit Competition

This cabernet sauvignon-led Bordeaux-style blend ((48% cabernet sauvignon, 41% merlot and 11% cabernet franc) honours Ansela, whose remarkable story is written into South African folklore as an icon of the struggle against the horrors of slavery at the Cape in the late 17th century.

Tasting notes: Rated 4½ stars by the Platter’s 2013 Wine Guide, this wine is described as “a handsome figure: opulent fruitcake perfume jumps out of the glass, gutsy and vibrant and packed with flavour. Well oaked but no hard edges.” It retails nationally for approximately R175.
Muratie Ronnie Melck Shiraz 2009:

Awarded a Gold Medal at the 2012 Michelangelo International Wine Awards

This wine, previously called Muratie Shiraz, was renamed to honour family patriarch and legendary winemaker, Ronnie Melck, who loved Shiraz.

Tasting notes: An intensely red wine with a violet edge, it offers rich floral and berry notes with hints of green peppercorns and gamey nuances, supported by a sweet spiciness with a vanilla, crème brûlée aftertaste. This wine was made to last 10 years, and retails nationally for approximately R100.
Muratie Alberta Annemarie Merlot 2008:

Winner of a Double Gold Medal at the 2012 Veritas Awards

Previously called Muratie Merlot, this wine pays tribute to a remarkable woman who, as owner of Muratie, was one of the first female wine farm owners in the country, and who, like fine wine, got better with age.

Tasting notes: A dense purple colour with cherry, cranberry and a hint of chocolate on the nose followed by blackcurrants and dark chocolate on the palate. A full bodied wine, yet subtle with well integrated oak giving it a lasting finish. It will drink well until 2016 and retails nationally for approximately R95.
Melck’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011:

Awarded the Platter’s 2013 Superquaffer of the Year Award

“In an ongoing focus on value for money, Platter's identifies a number of entry-level wines which are exceptionally drinkable and well priced. The best of these, like the 5 star candidates, go into a second round of “blind” tasting (without sight of the label) to select the Superquaffer of the Year. For the first time since 2007, the ultra-easy sipper of the year is a red wine – Melck’s Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon 2011 by Muratie Wine Estate.” Extract from media release launching the Platter’s SA Wines 2013

Tasting notes: This wine is noted in the guide as “a model of lively drinkability. Juicy black plums with a spice infusion, partial oaking well managed, leaving a curvaceous smoothness”.

This ‘superquaffer’, previously named Melck’s Red, retails nationally for approximately R50.

A visit to Muratie today, still guarded over by ancient oak trees, reveals a piece of history where time has largely stood still and the old-world ambience is almost tangible. The many and varied attractions at Muratie include:

  • Wine tasting daily between 10am and 5pm in Muratie’s rickety cob-webbed old-world tasting room

  • A new summer menu at the Farm Kitchen restaurant

  • Tours by appointment

  • Art gallery

  • The Melck family’s home-made preserves and jams,

  • Regular music concerts and art exhibitions

Tel: 021 865 2330



See below a collage of numbered photographic images with captions. Jpegs are available on request.

1 Muratie Ansela van de Caab 2009

2 Muratie Ronnie Melck Shiraz 2009

3 Muratie Alberta Annemarie Merlot 2008

4 Melck's Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

5 Philip van Zyl, Platter’s editor, with Francois Conradie, winemaker of Muratie, winner of Platter’s Superquaffer of the Year Award for the Melck’s Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

6 Muratie Manor House

7 Muratie’s old-world Tasting Room

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Muratie Wine Estate

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