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Faust Distributing Company is one of the largest family-owned wholesale beer distributors in Texas and one of the largest independent distributors of Miller Coors Brewing Company products in the United States. Faust service territory covers 13 counties and 9,700 square miles. Founded in 1957 by Don Faust, Sr. in Baytown Texas for $40,000, Faust now has $200 million in gross dollar sales selling 8,900,000 cases of more than 250 brands, 1,346 skus, and employing 330 people.

The company's mission is to maintain a high standard of excellence in the beer wholesaling industry while fostering an environment of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and fun. Their vision is to be recognized by their peers, suppliers, and retailers as the very best in the business because of their philosophy of superior services, innovation, character and culture, vitality, flexibility and fun.

The company has three branches located in Houston, La Marque, and Trinity, Texas. The Trinity branch services Huntsville and Walker County as well as Trinity, Houston, Angelina, Sabine, San Augustine, Polk and Montgomery counties.

Branch General Manager, Jake Haden, along with Sales Manager, Pat Zaiontz stated, "We believe being active in the Huntsville community and the Chamber of Commerce is vitally important to the success of Faust Distributing and its brands. Participation in Chamber events allows us to network with other Chamber members and offers sampling and advertising opportunities for the various brands that Faust Distributing Company sells."

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