Menu of Choices for Student News


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Menu of Choices for Student News

Directions: Use the following menu items to complete warm ups while watching CNN Student News. On days when you may choose your option, be sure to write your menu choice on the warm up sheet. You must choose at least 4 different types of menu options on one two-week warm up sheet. Warm ups are worth 5 points per day.

Menu Option # 1 – 3 Facts

Write 1 fact of your choice about 3 different news stories (total of 3 facts). Complete facts consist of complete sentences containing the topic of the story plus at least one detail about the story.

Menu Option # 2 - Summary

Summarize one news story using complete sentences. Summaries consist of a topic sentence stating what the story is about, plus at least two details about the story.

Menu Option # 3 - 5 W’s

Answer the 5W questions about one news story. They are:

Who (is the story about)?

What (is the story about)?

Where (does the story take place)?

When (is/did the story take place)?

Why (is the story happening)? This is a detail about the story.

Menu Option # 4 - Opinion

Write down an opinion found in Student News or the topic of one news story. Then tell whether you agree or disagree with this opinion or story. Be sure to be specific about the parts of the story you agree/disagree with. Explain your opinion.

Menu Option # 5 – Muddiest Story

The Muddiest Story – Write a 3-5 sentence paragraph about the news story that leaves you with the most questions or that you found difficult to understand. Explain the points that you need to have clarified or that you found confusing.

Menu Option # 6 – What If?

What if… - Take one news story and ask the question, “What if this one event had been different?“ and state what moment in the story could have changed history if that moment had not occurred/changed. Then write a prediction about how you think the situation would have changed. Explain why you think your prediction would be true.

Menu Option # 7 – Three Key Words

Write the topic of one news story on your warm up. Then write three adjectives that you feel best describe one news story. Then tell why you feel those words describe the story. Be sure that the three words all have different meanings!

Menu Option # 8 – Ask Three Questions

Choose one important person in a news story and list that person on your warm up. Ask that person 3 important questions about their feelings or actions that are related to the story.

Menu Option # 9 – Give Advice

Choose one important person in a news story and list that person on your warm up. Then offer that person some advice (3-5 sentences) relating to the story that you saw in the news.

Menu Option # 10 – Cause You Care About

When you view a news story that talks about a cause you care about, give at least two details about the story, and then share your opinion about why you think that cause is so important.

Menu Option # 11 – Make a Prediction

Briefly summarize the topic of one news story (1-2 sentences). Then make a prediction about what you feel will happen regarding this incident in the future, and tell why you think your prediction is accurate (1-3 sentences).

Menu Option # 12 – Graffiti Notes

Write the topic of one news story on your warm up. Take graffiti notes containing at least 5 words, phrases, or pictures that help you remember the story.

Menu Option # 13 – That’s New

Write a new fact or definition on your warm up that you never knew before. Tell why you made a connection to this new insight. What does it remind you of or how does it relate to your life (3-5 sentences)?
Menu Option # 14 – Timeline

Make a 5 item timeline highlighting the important events in one news story.

Menu Option # 15 – Make a Connection

Compare one news story to another historical or personal event. Explain the similarities that you see between the two stories (3-5 sentences) and compare their outcomes.

Menu Option # 16 – What Would You Do?

Imagine you are a person in one of the news stories. Explain how you would have handled the situation (3-5 sentences). Is it different than the way it was actually handled?

Menu Option # 17 – Acrostic

Make an acrostic word poem using a word from a news story. All words should relate to the news story directly. Example below:

Operation New Dawn

Bringing home U.S. troops

About 50,000 troops still in Iraq

Mounting violence in Iraq as troops leave

Announced end to Operation Iraqi Freedom on Sunday

Menu Option # 18 – Opinion T-Chart

Make a T-Chart on your paper and fill it in explaining two opposing opinions on one issue. Be sure to be detailed in your analysis of both sides. Then explain what side you agree with and why. Example: Those who support the war in Iraq vs. Those who don’t.

Menu Option # 19 – Word Chain

Create a word chain on you paper and then write an explanation of the way the words connect with one another. Example below:

George Bush – War on Terror – Operation Iraqi Freedom – Barack Obama – Operation New Dawn

President Bush began the War on Terror after the 9-11 attacks. He expanded the War on Terror to include Operation Iraqi Freedom, freeing the Iraqi people from Sadaam Hussein. Barack Obama made a campaign promise to end the war in Iraq and is now overseeing Operation New Dawn, setting up a new Iraqi government.

Menu Option # 20Cause and Effect

Choose one news story that involves cause and effect, where one event caused another. Tell about that story using words like because, since, as a result, therefore, and due to. Then tell what you think could have been done to prevent or strengthen that result. (Example: Mining is a dangerous job, causing hundreds of deaths to miners each year. Due to a collapse of a coalmine in Chile, 33 miners were trapped for 69 days. In order to prevent further collapses such as this, Chile’s government will need to increase safety of the mines and inspect them carefully. Also, further advances in equipment designed to rescues miners should be developed.

Menu Option # 21 – Chronological Order

Choose one news story and describe it using chronological order. When describing it, use words like then, next, before, after, during, and finally.

Menu Option # 22 – Logical Order

Describe one news story and tell whether you used inductive reasoning (moving from specific to general) or deductive reasoning (moving from general to specific) in your description.


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